Who are furries, definition

Hello everyone, anthro.fr contributor here! Investigating search engine queries that lead to this website gives funny results. It seems people have many questions about furries, so here are some answers. Disclaimer: this is my own point of view on the furry fandom. It can change over time, and other people from the community will have different POV. Take this info with a grain of salt. Also, I'm not a native English speaker, so my phrasing will sound unnatural. I hope it will at least be interesting or funny to read.

So! For short, the furry fandom is a community of people gathering around the concept of anthropomorphism – making animals more human-looking. Like Zootopia or Beastars whose characters stand on their feet and build societies, or The Lion King, whose characters speak like humans - when they don't stand on 2 feet / paws like humans, we call them ferals.

So "a furry" can mean "a person from this community", and also means "an animal character with human attributes".

In terms of activities, most people like art – furry artists are beloved people here. A lot of furries pay to have their fursona drawn. Fursona? It is the name of our "inner furry character". Not all furries have one. Some have many. Most have one.

But art isn't the only thing: some furries gather into conventions, like Eurofurence (Berlin), to meet each other. Some will build or purchase costumes of their fursona. We call these costumes "fursuits".

And many will just have the furry fandom as an excuse to drink beer, play games, and do many other activities that aren't furry-specific. And it's perfectly fine!

What is a furry convention

A convention is an event that spans multiple days (usually 3-5) in a privatized hotel. It can be a few hundred to 10k+ people (USA). During this time, many activities will be organized: talks, dances, games, artists' alley. Many unofficial activities also happen: people go to eat and drink together, or organize parties during the night. These events are usually private – you purchase your ticket 6 months upfront and usually can't purchase a ticket on-site. Expect a ticket to be at least 300 euros, including nights, breakfast and events.

Flüüfff 2021 – video © anthro.fr

How much does a furry costume cost

A fursuit ranges from 700 euros (head only, or head + 2 paws + tail for a few hundreds more) to 5000 euros (full-body). They are handmade based on your character and your measurements. A duct tape dummy is an usual first step in this process.

How to draw a furry

This is the second most requested thing. I'm not an artist, but I speak with many of them. You should probably ask a better-informed person, but here is my answer:

Drawing Option 1 – The hard path

This option is difficult and requires you to work at least a bit every day. The result will be impressive in the end, but it is not for everyone.

  • Proceed through the Draw A Box lessons (can be done for free). In the end, you will be able to draw animals.
  • Then learn how to draw humans. Focus on their anatomy (skull, muscles), because you will need it to...
  • Merge animals and humans. Start from the animal, and add human attributes (standing position, eyes, gestures)

Drawing Option 2 – The hobby path

This option is less stressful. And no problem with that. We don't have to be serious about all our activities. For this path:

  • Search images of an animal you like
  • Imagine him/her as a Zootopia person
  • Draw anything with him/her that you would like to see from other artists

Rinse and repeat, and stop when you don't enjoy the process anymore.

Am I a furry, what makes someone a furry, how to become a furry

You probably have hints at this stage of this page. As similarly said in Urban dictionary, there is no gatekeeper to be a furry. No need for a quiz: you are one if you want or feel it. You are a newcomer and you don't know where to start? Take a look at online communities. Barq is a dating app that is friendly to people only willing to meet other ones – no pressure on the dating side. You can also meet people via art websites like FurAffinity (art-centric) or SoFurry (text-centric). And like 99% of websites / apps in the fandom, all these options are entirely free.

Furry and sexuality, furries and LGBTQ, gender identity

Many people aware of furries are also aware of their sexual aspect. I mean, as an example this very network is mostly NSFW / porn. See it the same way you see hentai for the anime/manga scene. Are all furries in it? No. Are a lot of them in it? Yes. And no trouble with that. Furry kinks are numerous, you will find many things you could not imagine, many things you'll like, and many things that will disgust you. Advice you will often see in the fandom: "learn how to use a blacklist".

Furries are also very LGBTQ-friendly. You won't have any trouble here whoever you are, as soon as you respect consent. A lot of people use their fursona to explore their gender identity and sexuality.

Why are people furry

This question is funny but I kind of understand it. Furry is suspiciously specific. Having people like cartoons is understandable, but why so many? TBH, I don't know. I mean, being one myself, I am happy to see many fellows here. Here are some guesses: open-mindedness, you can be anything, exploring, testing things. It is also a way to exit our sometimes boring world.

How do bird furries kiss

Best question ever! I don't know. It's probably complicated. You can search for beak kissing on e621.net.

And now, what?

Explore texts on fse.anthro.fr, SFW images on e926.net, NSFW images on e621.net (or e621.anthro.fr if you are on mobile). Install the Barq app to meet people. Go on FurAffinity to meet artists and many other people. And feel free to join anthro.fr Telegram channel to discuss with us!

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