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The story of my characters and their early life

Date: December 20th 2048Location: UnknownP.O.V: Private Taser                The air is still......, a swat van pulls up in front of a gigantic base. Armoured soldiers rushed up to the van, they helped to carry out the injured men and a heavily armoured man(Bulldozer) that had a big wound on his appendix. Taser was wearing a blue set of riot armour and a black riot visor walks to his room,  he had a M4A1 with no mag, he reached his dorm room and used his fingerprint. The door opens as the soldier steps inside as he takes off his armour and helmet, he sets the equipment an rifle on the couch as he goes to the kitchen. The dorm room was pretty big which was four times the size of a hotel room and much fancier, he took out his laptop and logged in. He clicks on a folder which says [Journal], he plays his music Now that I've Found you by Martin Garrix. He makes the volume to a medium percentage and starts to read his past.       Taser's flashback*Date: August 14th 2024Location: San JoseP.O.V: Frankie "Oh my goodness, it's a whole new life." Hi, I'm Frankie, well people and furs don't call me that anymore in a long time. My parents and I were moving to a new school, my mother was a tigress and my father was a lion. Several weeks since we moved in, I made new friends to a pig, three wolves, and a goat. We were bullied but we watched each other's back, we never pay attention to the human and furry girls in our school. Up till our teeny years though, I was talking to a new fat kid named Chris we met and warmly welcomed, I saw a beautiful shewolf, she had red stripes and neon blue eyes. Her name was Roza, the head cheerleader and dancer of our school, I blushed as she was talking to two females I knew, a blue and black cat named Kishara and a yellow Lynx whose name was Pumzara. They were talking about going to the Annual Autumn Ball but they can't find a date, "Hey you should go ask her" says Chris as he gets his textbook, "Yeah man, go ask her. I already asked Pum to go with me" says Jackson which was the locker beside Taser, he was a grey wolf with green markings. Charger, the white wolf with blue tribal stripes was going to get his lunch that his mother made for him, "Yeah, I already asked Jacey" he says in a elegant tone. Two minutes went by as we all finally got our things for the next class, a group of humans and lynxs came up to the girls. Their leader was a boy named Fang, the school bully and a real pain in the ass to Taser and his friends. "Hey sugary tits, ready to go out with me? as he grabs Roza's butt. She scoffed and slapped his face, "Fuck off dickhead, I don't even like you" . This got Fang mad and he started to punch her in the jaw, Pumzara and Kishara tried to defend her but started to get

beaten. I looked in horror as me and my buddies went up to face them, "HEY! YOU GUYS STOP BEATING THEM!!!" Jackson shouted, the hooligans turned around. "What are you going to do huh?" snickers Fang as he licks the cheek of a bruised Roza. A lynx started to kiss a really bloody face Pumzara as Kishara was being slapped. This caused Jackson to grip his fist and growl, he dropkicks the lynx who was kissing her, slamming his feet into his cheek as the force hurls the goon to the wall with a loud bang. Charger went up and started to use fast strikes and elbow blocks against a boy, the human shrieked in pain as he punches Charger's elbows.  All of us knew krav maga, an advanced self defence martial arts, I learned it too. I lunged towards Fang, grabbing Roza into my arms, I pushed her where Chris and Longshot the third wolf with white fur and orange markings defended her against three lynx and a boy, both using elbow blocks and high leg strikes. I did a leg sweep which tripped Fang down to the floor, I did a jump reverse side kick, slamming the heel of my toe into his nuts.  Meanwhile Carter who was one of our friends, kicked the two holding Kishara, bringing her to safety as he simply took down the two boys in five seconds. I grabbed Fang and slammed my fist into him, blood dripped from his nose and mouth as I threw him to the two Longshot and Chris that were facing. Fang got up slowly as the bully group made a run for it, I kicked him hard again as he ran.         After school, all three of the female's parents agreed of them staying with us, Charger went with Jacey to go get some Coffee, Longshot and his girlfriend Karlie which was a lioness made out in a guest room, since my home was a beach house and we had lots of rooms. Roza was snuggling beside me "Thanks for defending us, how can we thank you?", I looked up to Jackson who had a bandaged Pumzara kissing his cheek as she sat on his lap facing him.  "Would you like to go to the ball with me?" I asked, "I loved to" she replied, the female giggles and kisses me directly and rests her head on my shoulder. Chris meanwhile was...KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK        End of Flashback*Taser P.O.V               "Hey buddy, we're in the game now" Charger nods to Taser, the man nods and puts his gear back on as Charger took one final look at a picture of Jacey. We walked to the lobby as we met up with Chris the bulldozer of our team, Jackson our marksman. We stopped and saluted to the memorial and it said Longshot on one of the graves. Taser puts a picture of Kishara to make him happy. Shieldy, the shield of our team gets on the gunship as the others were strapped in. The man salutes one more time as he runs to the gunship, strapping into his seat as it lifts off, the hangar doors closed. *ten minutes of flying later "Gensec team 11,

prepare for landing. The Elites checked their weapons as Carter who was wearing the same helmet but with a different armour that was green, which indicates as sergeant. The hangar opens, Taser had his rifle at the ready. The platoon descends into the riot, "GO GO GO" Charger says as him and his two clone troopers started to fire stun rounds at a group of looters. Chris starts to fire, Carter and the Elites fire their guns, I raised my rifle at the nearest protestor and fired my taser rounds. This was no riot, it was the beginning of corruption....

Zootopia's Secret part 1

"Charger.......Charger......Charger......C-CT....4...5.....71...." that was the only thing he could remember, he was a clone trooper. CT 4571, nicknamed Charger served in the 501st Legion, assigned to Captain Rex's platoon, he fought many wars from...

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