The Wilds of Nature

Story by deltroon1986 on SoFurry

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Shiro was used with their owner's full Permission.

Varana and Crystal owned by me.

"Greetings, friends I have a tale I wish to share with you, please have a seat. *conjures a campfire with wave of her hand.* My name is Varana, I'm one of many gods of the forest. The story I wish to share is about love, opposites and how they all intertwine. Of course I have a part in this little tale also but, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's start with the beginning shall we?" She informed with a soft and warm smile.

Hidden deep within the mountains where time holds no sway, a small valley called Nyx exists. Gods, goddesses and various mythical beings call home, were the rules of mother nature are law. For a young tri tail kitsune his life is about to take a rather interesting turn. As Shiro awoke early one morning before the sun rose in the valley. Taking a moment to stretch and groom his fur back into place before exiting his den.

Elsewhere on the other side of the valley a young huntress had been on the prowl. For at least two hours before sunrise looking for prey that would last for a few days. To make matters worse her heat cycle had come out of nowhere in recent days. The urge to find a worthy mate and breed was driving her crazy. She's been doing everything to keep her urges at bay which no longer worked anymore.

Crystal reached back to grab her water pouch only to learn it was empty. Luckily there was a pond close by so she slung her pouch back across her shoulder. Before trotting off to the west towards the pond that's roughly an hour away. While Shiro was already halfway to the very same pond Crystal was venturing towards. By the time he got there the sun had risen just above the eastern mountains.

As he walked he picked a few handfuls of berries and munched on them along the way. When he arrived at the pond he took a moment to rest before checking the area. Making sure there weren't any threats nearby before he took a swim. Once he was satisfied he removed his loin cloth and back pack. Before Shiro finally jumping head first into the cool refreshing pond water.

When he came up for air he started scrubbing his fur clean before diving under again. This time around when he came back up he swam slowly towards shore. After he was far enough away from the water's edge he shook his fur out thoroughly. Next he ran his hands through his fur ringing out any remaining water from his fur. Shiro shook himself out one more time and decided to bask in the sun.

Little did he know as he was busy shaking himself dry, Crystal had arrived at the pond. She spotted him from across the way and simply couldn't take her eyes off of him. The question is did he notice the fact she's watching him sun bathe naked. So far he doesn't seem to be aware of anything going on around him. This would work out in her favor for the timing being until he leaves the area.

Sadly she wasn't paying any attention to her surroundings until the snapping branch ruined it. This got Shiro's attention instantly he jumped to his feet a second later. Right away he went to work scanning the entire surrounding area for any signs of danger. When he couldn't locate any signs of trouble he thought it best to leave anyway. Crystal cursed at herself silently for making such a stupid mistake like that.

She really got upset as he re-dressed himself and calmly started to head on home. Crystal knew she had to stop him before he got too far for her to track. So she swiftly and silently rushed after him like some kid of love sick teenager. Doing her best to get ahead of him then cut him off in the hopes she can speak with him. Shiro wisely keep all his senses on high alert as he made his way back home.

As he reached the forest nothing seemed to ping across any of his highly tuned senses. So he kept going while keeping his head on a swivel as he continued on home. Crystal sped ahead of him and found a safe place to lie and wait for him to walk by. While she waited the fire in her loins was starting to really annoy her. It got to the point her super aroused scent would give her position away.

By the time she got ahead of him her heat had finally reached the point she couldn't ignore it. She slapped her face real hard to distract herself long enough to surprise him. What she failed to realize was she wasn't down wind of him. As he sniffed the air he could smell her super aroused scent lingering close by. His instincts told him to track the female down and quell her heat like any sensible male would.

The only thing he didn't know was how far away she was and if other males had already picked up on it. So he decided not to track her down and continue towards his home. As he walked by her hiding spot Crystal knew this would be her only chance. She decided to make her move before anything else decided to ruin the moment. "Hello, there mind if I ask you something?" She wondered stepping out into the open.

Shiro jumped a little as she caught him off guard but, he quickly settled down. Though his tails were a bit of a different story, as the fur still stood completely on end. This gave him a rather silly appearance instead of long bushy tails. It was more like three huge fluffy balls of cotton attached to his butt. Crystal couldn't hide this strange smile as she tried not to laugh at his expense.

Unfortunately she just couldn't help herself, she fell to the ground and busted out laughing. Acting and feeling totally confused right now he didn't know why she was doing that. Until she sat up a little and pointed at his tails briefly before laughing even harder. Shiro looked behind himself and saw that his tails were still fluffed out. So he quickly un-fluffed them the best he could while she was distracted.

"I'm glad you're amused though, excuse me for being direct. Why on earth were you following me, miss?" He stated as she regained her composure. Crystal got back up on her feet and looked at him, while his expression was less than pleased. She lowered her gaze from his while her ears did the same a second later. "Look, miss if you're not going to say anything than I'm going home." He replied turning to leave.

"NO!" She barked in a panic. This caused him to stop and turn around to look at the mountain lioness curiously. "You might find this rather hard to believe but, I find you very attractive. As for why I've been spying on you, honestly I wish there was a reason." She said a moment later. Shiro studied her strongly for a moment to sense any deceit. When he couldn't find any he took a deep breath before saying something.

"So what exactly do you want from me anyway?" He wondered as her ear perked up. Crystal tried to run through several possible replies before she settled with the truth. Hoping that when she spoke he wouldn't be mad or turned off especially at the fact she's in heat. As she went to respond his nose was sniffing the air rather strongly. Strangely enough his musk began to mix into the air fueling her scent even more.

Just like two super magnets of opposite poles, the two furs locked together and couldn't be pulled apart. Shiro ran his hands firmly all over her tight firm butt, earning murr of approval. While Crystal rubbed along his well muscled chest and stomach. Both furs could no longer hide their lust from each other any longer. Since Shiro's erection was pressing lightly up against Crystal's soft furred belly.

"Oooh! What do we have here?" Crystal purred wrapping her hand gently around his throbbing erection. Shiro moved one of his hands away from her lovely backside. Moving slowly up her side, up to her perky bust and brushed his fingers across her erect nipples. Gasping sharply as he began to play and twist her nipples gently. While she stroked his thick nine inch length at a firm pace.

Both lovers wanted to take this further but, staying out in the open would be a problem. Not wanting to ruin the wonderful mood, he convinced her to follow him back to his place. She complained at first but, he was right so she agreed to go with him. Shiro's home wasn't very far from their current location and once inside. Both lovers wasted no time ripping each others clothes off and resuming their foreplay.

Shiro pulled her close then started kissing along her neck and down along her shoulder. Before moving back up towards her chin then going back down towards her chest. Crystals whole body shuddered as his warm lips trailed down between her breasts. His hands moved down along the contours of her body. Causing her to lean firmly into his touch and where ever his mouth kissed.

"OOOH! PURRRRR!" She moaned as he nibbled gingerly along her belly. He also scratched around the base of her tail earning a much stronger purr from her throat. Moving himself down towards her highly aroused sex and giving it a tentative lick. The jolt of pleasure she got from it made her entire body tense right up. Taking a moment to register her super aroused scent, before dragging his tongue slowly across her swollen folds.

Crystal thought it best to lean against the wall for better support and leverage. While he drove his long canine tongue into her hot passage causing her to moan. Shiro wasn't very experienced in the bedroom but, he knew enough to get by. So he was relying on what he remembered from his previous relationship four years ago. Though till this day he still doesn't understand where he went wrong.

He decided not to dwell on it anymore since, he felt a strange connection with this woman. Crystal was lost in a heavenly fog of pleasure as his tongue ventured deeper into her sex. She reached down and placed her hand on his head then pushed him away. "W-w-wait before this goes any further I need to know something." She said quickly calming down. Shiro looked into her soft teal eyes and waited for her question.

"I'm not looking for just a male to quell this burning in my loins I want a life partner. Can I count on you for the long run or should I get dressed and go elsewhere?" She wondered. Shiro got up off the ground before he gave her a response. "Okay, how will I know you won't up and leave me without a solid reason why?" He countered. His return question caught her off guard but, it certainly said a lot about him.

"You've been hurt by a past relationship I gather and not to shock you this is my first. Though I've been rather selective making sure I choose the right male for me. I'm interested in the long haul not something that'll last a couple of months. So I ask again are you in interested in just sex or a life partner?" She pointed out. He didn't say anything right away he embraced her and whispered his response.

"I'm looking for the very same things you are my love that is, if you'll have me." He said with a weak smile. Crystal was over come with emotion as she held him tightly against her. From there she led him towards the bedroom in the back of the den. They laid down together on the soft padded cot and cuddled for a good while. Thoughts of rekindling the pleasure didn't matter anymore for the time being.

Shiro leaned up and grabbed the blanket at the end of the bed then cuddled underneath it. As they held each other tight and sleep slowly drifted it's way into their embrace. A large shadow was flying towards a hillside cliff coming by to pay him visit. When she landed something seemed to stand out as she walked towards the entrance. Lying strangely all over the entrance were clothes.

The scent of female in heat answered one question as she quietly made her way inside. When she reached the back of the den, what she saw next was rather sweet. Granted seeing a mystic and a mortal cuddled close in bed brought back many memories. A small weight lifted from her chest seeing Shiro holding her so warmly. Perhaps there's more to this young mountain lioness than just her looks alone.

As she stood there watching them, she though it best to wait in another room. Granted judging from the strength of her scent they're going to be in here for a while. Not that she minded sometimes being in heat is a royal pain in the tail. Especially when tracking down a decent and caring male can be so annoying. Luckily for her, her life partner of seventy-five years was waiting at home for her.

Before she could find a place to sit down anywhere the sounds of making out filled the air. Until Shiro sensed someone else in his den and thought it best to investigate. As he walked into his dining area the poor fox nearly had a heart attack. "Lady Varana, what brings you here?!" Shiro asked clearly shocked. She smiled as he ran back into the bedroom to put some clothes on.

"The reason behind my visit is I wanted to introduce you to someone I thought you'd like. *he re-entered the dining room.* Though seeing as you found someone there's no sense in bringing you to meet her. She's certainly a keeper for a mortal, though if you break her heart I'll break you in half." Varana warned poking him hard in the chest. Shiro agreed richly with her statement knowing all to well she'd do it.

"So how's hubby been I haven't seen him in a while?" Shiro wondered trying to change the topic. Naturally she caught on to his little ploy but, decided to play along. "He's doing well still able to keep up with this wolfess that's for sure. In any case I'll let you two get better acquainted, so have fun and I'll see you later, Shiro" She replied as she left his den. The young kitsune felt bad for Varana's husband most of the time.

Granted he was one lucky guy to have such a woman in his arms every night. Though when she's on the war path there's no safe on this planet you can hide from her. Despite having a violent temper fifteen percent of the time, she's a very loving woman. Always willing to help anyone in need of food, clothes, or a place to stay. She reminds you so much of your own mother it's really heartening to know.

After she left Crystal over heard what Varana had said and was more than happy to see it through. She hooked her arm around his neck and dragged him back onto the bed. Quickly pinning his head between her heat soaked legs and shoved his cock into her mouth. Before he even had a chance to even say hello to the lovely woman. Not wanting to waste a minute she began sucking his semi erect cock.

Sending a tidal wave of pleasure up Shiro's spine like a dynamo causing his body to convulse. She clearly wanted to breed and nothing was going to get in the way of that. Shiro was feeling a little confuse but, the pleasure coursing through him. Let's just say he listened with his second head and decided to join in the fun. Driving his long warm tongue deep into Crystal's very sensitive folds.

"OH, YE...UUHHH!" She purred in satisfaction. As his tongue continued to explore her passage driving her mental with euphoric bliss. This male was certainly the best she's ever had since her past suitor only cared about their needs. So she kicked them out without thinking twice on the subject which upset them. Of course they tried to assert their dominance over her which didn't end well for them.

They all limped away holding their crotches where their egos happened to be at the present time. Naturally that earned her a bit of a bad reputation among the male population in her area. <Talk about a shock that young woman falling for Shiro, who'd a thought.> Varana thought as she found a place to sit. Sadly the sounds of their passionate love making didn't go totally unheard. Naturally when others went to investigate and saw Varana close by they left.

Seeing a goddess like her hanging around is normally a good sign but, sometimes the opposite. It isn't wise to get to curious about what's going on directly behind her. As she sat there the sounds of sex and passion grew louder that images could be depicted. Varana is normally a straight laced woman she can keep such distractions at bay. This time around her mind was in a place it seldom goes unless her husband is around.

The lude images going through her mind were driving her curiosity crazy but, she ignored the urge. Sex to her was always a high privacy sort of thing and should remain as such. Granted it's been a couple of months since her last good bedding. Before she could clear all those naughty images from her mind. Sounds of a male and female joining in the most intimate way possible shattered her resolve.

She had to get out of there before her own urges really started take over her mind. So she rose to her feet and spread her massive bi-golden wings then took to the air. Reaching a safe altitude and flying directly home to soak in some ice cold water. When those two are done mounting their brains out she'll return. Meanwhile she's going back home Shiro and Crystal are breeding like mad.

Thrusting his manhood in and out of her clutching passage like a jack hammer. Driving both her and him into greater heights of pleasure that can be experienced occasionally. Pleasure is ten times more intense when a female is at the peak of her heat cycle. Right now both lovers are far to enthralled to care about anything else. Their passionate moans and howls grew louder as time kept ticking.

At the pace Shiro was setting it wouldn't take much longer for either lover to cum. Crystal did everything in her power to hold herself back from cumming to early. Sadly her mating instincts were fighting fiercely for control over her body. A fight which both lovers would soon lose as their climaxes reached their breaking points. Shiro was thrusting into her clamping sex like mad trying to push her over the edge.

Seeing when she pops it'll be the very spark he needs to fill her fertile womb with his seed. Sensually running his hand down her body and teasing her outer lips. While his cock slammed against her cervix, sending even heavier amounts of pleasure screaming across her body. Crystal just couldn't take it anymore she needed to cum by any means necessary. That's when Shiro gave her throbbing clit a good firm pinch.

The sudden jolt of pleasure caused her body to lock up, while her entire body convulsed. Her inner walls clamped down so hard around Shiro's cock after his knot entered one final time. Locking the two lovers together in a tight embrace that would last a while. As his potent seed erupted forth into her womb like a fire hose. Coating every single inch of her fertile womb like it was a blazing inferno.

By the time the two highly aroused lovers actually came down from their nirvana the sun had set. Sleep was pretty much instant the second that last drop of Shiro's seed trickled out. Crystal was out like a light huddled close to Shiro's body enjoying the after glow. Shiro called upon a small amount of reserve energy to lay there and watch over her. As she slept soundly in his arms, Varana returned to speak with him.

Luckily this time around he covered their naked bodies as she entered the room. "Well, judging from the scents and sight before me I take it you two had a lot of fun. You do realize you have to marry her since you mounted her while she in heat." Varana pointed out. He nodded that he understood the laws of in place for all anthro folk. The wolfess was silent for a moment before she spoke once more.

"That's good the reason why I came by earlier was to introduce you to someone. I figured you would really like to have you as their mate but, that might be a bad idea. For now you concentrate on the task at hand when her heat has gone come visit me. We'll discuss marriage and make sure your home is modified accordingly. Considering she's probably carrying your pups or will be in a few days." She smiled.

"I can't explain it Lady Varana but, there's something different about her. Its hard to put this answer into words even I can understand though I'm sure you can. Having her here with me so close not as my mate but, as something far greater. Does this feeling make any sense to you Lady Varana?" He informed. The wolfess knew the feelings he was having all to well and they were powerful.

"Love is something that can never be explained clearly in words alone my dear. To express it thoroughly is to let your heart be the one to guide you down the path. Seeing you finally on this road does my heart good that you're way to a long and happy life. I'll talk to the other immortals about extending her life span unless you say otherwise." She replied. Shiro looked down at Crystal sleeping soundly beside him then looked back up.

"In all fairness Lady Varana that's a call I think she should make not me. Though I'm fine with you letting them know about the possible situation but, I'd like to ask her first. Before thrusting anything on her without getting her side of the situation." He stated logically. With that being said Varana leaned over kissed his forehead and quietly left. While Shiro shuffled down, held her close and drifted off to sleep himself.

Over the next few days Shiro and Crystal spent most of them breeding like horny teenagers. When her heat finally subsided he talked to her about having her life span expanded and marriage. She was excited about the fact he wanted her to marry him as for the other thing. That she wanted to take some time and think over it very carefully. He allowed her all the time she needed to think it all through.

After a wonderful wedding ceremony Shiro and Crystal were pronounced life mates. Their honey moon was wonderful and when they returned Shiro's home was expanded. For when their pups are born they'd have plenty of space to grow up properly. Crystal declined to have to life span expanded saying she preferred doing things the natural way. Everyone including Shiro and Varana respected her choice to remain mortal.

"Like all good tales my friends this story has come to a nice ending I believe. Thank you all for coming by and sticking around to listen to my little love story. Before you all go you must be wondering what those two are doing today. The last time I paid them a visit their pups were getting ready for school. Well anyway this is the end of the tale, goodnight to all of you, may you enjoy the unknowns of life." Varana said as the campfire fades into the darkness of the night.

The End.

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