Ian's Interview: Absolution - Part 1

Story by IanWolf on SoFurry

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#3 of Ian and London - Main Story

K, first part. How do you think his interview is going to go? (Word of warning: If you don't care for story progression, well, why are you even here? (Relax, I'm just joking ;D ))

Ian's Interview - Part 1

I had waited until my London had fallen fast asleep.

He was so peaceful, laying there with one paw beneath his head and the other clutching the soft, thick comforter to his chin.

I looked at the clock which gave off a blue glow. It read, 3:47. The two dots flickered rhythmically, drowsily.

I would have loved to curl up against his body, wrapping my arms around him, holding him as close as possible to me. I would normally put my head right above his. Sometimes he would bury his face into my neck. I loved the feeling of his breathing, gently wafting over my downy throat fur.

I had made sure I had laid far enough away from him as to not disturb him this time. We had done a lot the previous afternoon and I knew he would be fast asleep for quite some time.

Hopefully, my 'interview' wouldn't take more than an hour or two. It was at 6 which gave me a few hours to get there and to prepare.

I admit I was somewhat nervous. I'm sure you would be too if you were in my situation.

I slowly crept out of that comfy bed. I was kind of sad I didn't get to sleep on it considering we only had the hotel for 1 night. It felt really comfortable.

I swung my feet off the bed. They landed on a soft, warm carpet that covered most of the bedroom.

I cringed as I slowly got up off the bed, trying desperately not to make it creak. I breathed a sigh of relief as I now stood, stark naked.

London and I had relaxed for the past few hours in a hot tub that was on the roof. We had been provided with gowns so putting back on our clothes didn't really make much sense. Besides, I was used to sleeping naked at this point.

I stretched my arms out as I carefully walked to the door that led into the crazy bathroom. Apparently it had a door connecting to the bedroom and to the living area; covering all the bases I guess.

I walked in and reached for the switch which I thought was the light. I turned it on quickly, shutting the door behind me so I wouldn't wake up London.

I walked over to the sink which was next to the toilet.

The back half of the room was dedicated to the shower where London and I, yesterday, had made love. Cleaning that wall was fun, by the way.

I walked over to the toilet, took a leak and then moved over to the sink. I made a face, realizing I wouldn't be able to wash my hands this one time. Oh well.

I looked into the mirror with a serious expression on my face. I wanted to look at least somewhat presentable, though that's kind of hard for me. I'm not one to get all fancy. As a pup, whenever my parents had to go to these meetings, I always had to get dressed up too if they brought me along. I hated it!

And I guess I still do. It's just now I didn't have anyone to tell me what to do. Even London was pretty chill with everything.

I can't recall him ever telling me to do something, though he did get angry that one time when I accidentally tracked in a lot of mud and didn't clean it. He had forced a mop and bucket into my hands.

I smiled at the thought. I made sure to make a show out of it, bending down with my rump in the air if I had to manually scrub a part that didn't come off as easy.

London had jumped me even before I was done, ripping the towel from my paws and throwing me up against a nearby wall. It seemed our interactions often ended like that now-a-days, though we still enjoy plenty of time together where we just bond.

I guess the two have just slightly evened out in the past 2 weeks.

I stepped back a little, checking myself out in the mirror. I had always prided myself on my appearance. Trust me, I'm not vain or anything, I just always enjoyed my curviness.

My flat stomach combined with the roundness of my butt created a natural, sexy hour glass shape.

My eyes landed on my groin, which I guess was average. London doesn't seem to mind it, though I guess I really haven't used it much in our relationship yet.

No matter. Even if he does wish they were bigger, he hasn't said anything yet, and plus he seems to like the rest of me anyway, so I really don't care too much.

I twirled sexily, making sure to flare out my tail. I smirked, knowing that would have made London's jaw drop.

My butt, my tail and my mouth seems to get London the most worked up. I wonder what other fetishes he has. "Oooh," I thought, licking my lips as I had just gotten an idea for my next turn to date.

It was going to be a good one.

I made some cut posses in the mirror, then walked over to the panel. Without thinking, I flipped a switch. Suddenly, a loud whirring sound emanated from a vent in the ceiling.

"Shit!" I said, fumbling to turn the switch off.

I hit it, quieting the annoying, terrible noise.

I quickly turned off the light and walked over to London to make sure he was still sleeping.

"Thank God," I mouthed, seeing his chest rising and falling like normal.

I grabbed at my backpack and walked into the living room, making sure to close the door before turning a nearby lamp on.

I pulled out a tux I had gotten a few days ago. I know, I already told you I hate these things. But don't worry, because I had made sure it would catch the eye. You know, considering it was a bright pink.

I grinned at the pink tux. "So me!" I exclaimed, slightly louder than I had wanted.

I put my paw quickly over my mouth.

I put the tux on over a lime green shirt. Then followed some plaid dress pants over a simple pair of boxer briefs.

I shook out my arms, "So fancy!" I said quieter this time.

I put on a pair of white dress shoes.

I practiced my smile, showing off my white canines.

Grabbing my backpack with my computer that had my presentation on it, I walked toward the door, knowing I still had some time to kill.


K, I'm going to stop really extra short today. Sorry for that. I'm just so busy lately, that I know if I don't release something today I might not be able to release anything tomorrow. Due to this piece being slightly shorter than usual, I'll be able to easily finish the other half for tomorrow.


Sincerely, IanWolf


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