Chapter 1: Settling In, Pt. 1 - Hot, sexy Dobermans! Oh my!

Story by Davasgo on SoFurry

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#2 of Fuckin' College!

Just a simple slice-o'-life type college story, following the antics of a few dormmates and their daily lives. There's comedy, romance, drama, and all that jazz!

[NOTE: While there's no outward sexual activity... yet... my stories have to be marked as 'adult' due to the presence / mention of man-stuffs! It's about college life, so there's gonna be some naked bits here and there.]

Sunday, August 23rd | 1:45PM | "Hot, sexy Dobermans! Oh my!"

Somewhere in a California college dorm, our hero Kavik embarks on his new life! What awaits him in college? Crazy parties? Endless booze? Wild sex?! Read on to find out!


Our to-be hero Kavik, a Siberian Husky of otherwise unimportance, wandered through the dorm hallway. 'Black Donkey' by famous pop icon Kitty Berry blared out of his earphones. His head bobbed as he strutted down the hallway, looking like the coolest dog on campus. Straggling behind him in each paw were big ol' black cases of luggage: clothes, bedding, the like! He eyed each passing door; every one of them had a certain letter-number combo associated with it. His target: 32C.

"29... 30... 31... Aha!"

32C lay at the very end of the dorm hallway. That means he'd have only one neighbor, whoever was in 31C. Hopefully they were cool! A big window lay at the end of the hallway as well, Kavik took a moment to peer outside and down below. Humans and beastmen alike roamed the campus. What kind of roomie would he have? A dude? A chick? A human, or a 'furry?' Most importantly, would they be hot! There was only one way to find out!

"Alright. Let's get this show on the road!"

Kavik let one of the bags free, popped out his headphones, and retrieved a small card from his pocket. Supposedly, that little thing would get him in to his room as well as act like a meal card. There were some other fancy things it could do, but he wasn't paying attention in orientation. All he needed to know was to swipe it through the card reader on a door, and it'd open!

...Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the case here. When he swiped it through the device, a bright red light flashed and it gave off a horrid buzz.


"Waugh?! Hey! Don't buzz at me, you!" Kavik yelled to the door-thing. He slid it one more time, only for it to make that awful buzz again. "FWAAAAH-- Stoppit! Ugh! Sounds like a friggen' Reaper from Mega Affect. Tryin' to indoctrinate me or something?!"

Kavik sighed and put the card back inside his pocket. He glanced down the hallway... Not a single soul was around. No one to see him in his moment of shame, but also, no one to help! He began to tug anxiously on the strings of his hoodie, wondering just what to do.

"Hmm... Should I go to the administration place and ask for help? Maybe I can just wait here for someone to come home, but then I'd look desperate and weird..."

_ _Though only seconds had passed, Kavik quickly grew annoyed. He stamped his feetpaws and huffed like an angry little hairball.

"This is dumb! I hate college. I give up."

Right as he was about ready to turn and head out, a noise came from inside... what sounded like a toilet flushing! His ears perked high, tail rigid and alert.

"...Aha! Someone is in there, alright! They must have been takin' a dook! Fwoof. Awkward. Hope it don't smell."

_ _Kavik laughed at himself and shook his head. Now seemed like an excellent time to knock. Far less annoying than that dumb buzzing machine, that's for sure.

*Knock knock!*

...No immediate response was given. He knocked again, and still nothing.

"Hey, what gives? I heard you in there!" Kavik shouted to the door, now pounding on it. "Lemme in, lemme in!"

Those bangs finally heralded an answer. A heavy, masculine voice boomed out from inside the dorm.

"Hey! Who's out there banging shit?"

Kavik gasped and froze! "Oh snaps!~ Maybe I shouldn't have pounded, dude sounds mad! But hey, at least I'm roomed with a guy." He imagined what his roommate would look like... A big ol' human? A burly bear? Either way, with a voice like that, he had to be hot.

Now filled with excitement and anticipation, Kavik bounced up and down and all around, his tail swooshing about with the motions.

"Helloooo~ I'm here to move in~ I'd like to come in please~"

"Alright, hold it."

The husky shivered with anticipation, the moment of truth was at hand!

The door opened, revealing a crazy-huge Doberman on the other side. The guy was so massive he had to duck down just to fit through the doorway! Massive, colossal, whatever you want to call it... The guy was friggen huge. On top of that, he had crazy-mad muscles to back up his height, too. Biceps the size of manhole covers and abs that were the stuff of dreams. His body was almost too perfect.

"...Okay, wow, holy snack-attacks! You're hella tall!" Kavik blurted out, instantly feeling embarrassed after. Not the best introduction, for sure.

Dober-guy just huffed a laugh and folded his arms over each other, further accentuating his manly muscles. Though his size was intimidating, somehow he gave off a warm, friendly vibe.

"I get that quite a bit." he said all nonchalant. "I can never understand why."

"Haha! Yeah! I wonder!" Kavik nodded and gained a large goofy smile. Great! This guy had a good sense of humor! But now he was stuck on how to respond. He wanted to retort with something witty, but his attention was stuck on that body...

"C'mon, Kavik. Don't be weird. Don't look at his junk." Too late. He was already lookin' right down there.

In all seriousness, though. Seeing such an enormous person - a human, a beastman, or otherwise - wasn't very common. Speaking of unusual things, the guy's pattern was reversed from that of a normal Doberman; the majority of his body was a brownish color while the more muscle-y parts were darker. On his right bicep resided some kind of tattoo; two long rectangular lines that circled the girth of his arm. A military tattoo, maybe?

"Hrm! Strange fur! I wonder if that's natural? And what're those bar things on his arms...?" Kavik tilted his head, forgetting for a moment the hunk of muscle before him was, y'know, an actual person.

"You know, it's rude to stare." The taller canine said in a mostly joking tone.

Caught! Kavik practically crumpled with embarrassment.

"Oh goodness me, I'm terribly sorry. You're just... Wow. I mean you're just so-... Wow."

'Sexy' would be the appropriate word Kavik wanted to say. But the Doberman assumed 'tall' was the word being reached for.

"It's fine. I get this a lot from new people." Dober-guy nodded and looked to the husky's luggage at his sides. "You're here to move in, right?

Kavik nodded quickly. "Yes, true! Did my stuff here give it away?"

"Nah. I was told to expect a dorky looking husky." The Doberman's eyes narrowed, sizing up the smaller canine. "...Meinkraft sweater, geeky glasses, nice hair... Yep. You're the guy." He nodded and held the door open. "I'm Bayno."

"Well hello Bayno! I'll take that as a compliment!" Kavik rooted his arm and smiled wide, his tail swished and swooshed about with glee! "I'm Kavik! Or Kavie. Or Awesome-Dog 2000. But that's only on the weekends."

Bayno upped his brow and huffed. "...I think I'll stick with Kavik..."

Eesh, awkward... Kavik's ears wilted at that response. Seems he might have been a little too weird, too soon.

"S-sorry... I'm just a little excited, is all..."

"Not at all. You're fine." Dober-guy waved a paw and gestured to the luggage. "Do you need help with those?"

"Nope! No thank you! I can handle these, for now." Kavik pushed up his glasses and nodded. "But I may have some bigger things later."

"Not _too_big, I hope. Well, come on in."

"Thank yoooou!~" Kavik's tail fluttered with excitement and he headed on inside.

...Almost immediately he was disappointed by just how tiny the place was. Did it seem so small because Bayno himself was so big? No, it really was incredibly tiny. It housed an OK-sized couch that stretched wall-to-wall, a smaller white armchair, and a dark coffee table. A large arched window lay on the wall behind the couch, offering some light into the room. That's it.

"Mmm... hmm!_Nice, uhh... nice place...!" Kavik said. In reality he was freaking out over how small it was. _"My closet at home was bigger than this...!"

"It's a wreck. I'll clean later."

Kavik tugged anxiously on his ear. The place wasn't so bad... The table was littered with a few empty McDandy's bags and some Starlux cups, but that's about all. Maybe that's one good thing about being in such a small place? Easier to keep clean?

Bayno crashed onto the sofa and made himself right at home. A black laptop lay on the junked-up table, already open and flashing with... something! No sound could be heard. Kavik let himself be a little nosy and began wondering what he was watching...

"...You just going to stand there all day?" The Doberman asked, eyes glued on the screen. "Come in, and close the door."

"Whoop! Right away, sorry."

Kavik zoomed inside the confined zone and closed the door behind him. There really wasn't much room to move around, so he just... kind of stood there awkwardly. His ears and tail wilted like a sad little flower.

"So tiny... How can anyone live here..."

Though Kavik was freaking out, Bayno seemed used to the dorm's small confines. If anything, he was comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that one of his paws found itself snuggled comfortably inside his boxers, cupped around his you-know-whats.

"Sheesh. This guy really just does not care, does he?"

Now more inside, Kavik's nose caught a whiff of a familiar smell... That of sweat and musky-man-junk. One thought immediately came to his mind.

"...Oh. My gosh. He was fapping before I came in... This guy - that I've JUST met - had his wango out and was smackin' the kraken. Jesus, take the wheel... I CAN'T HANDLE THIS."

Kavik clapped his paws together and tried to avert his thoughts.


"So?" Bayno finally looked up, ears alert.

"I'm guessing the rooms are..."

"Down that hallway, to your right." Bayno's grope-y paw emerged from his boxers and pointed. "Middle door is the bathroom. Your room is the door on the right side."

"OK! Hallway to the right, door on the right. Simple."

"Sure is."

Like that, Bayno went back to his business. Kavik was about to go check out his room, but his legs froze. Though his mind said 'go and adventure' his dirty-parts said 'stay and oogle.' It was impossible to keep his eyes off the Doberman's body.

"What is with this guy... He's so comfortable seeming! Has he been here long? Must be used to living with other people, or he just don't care at all." Kavik spied the outline of a bulge in the Dober's boxers. "...And to think, just moments before I entered, he had his dangly-wang out, stroking it with the fury of the gods themselves..."

Kavik soon became aware he was staring, but... it was hopeless. He couldn't stop himself. Besides, Bayno was so invested in the computer. There's no way he'd notice something so harmless as a little stare, right?

Wrong. Bayno had long since noticed and glanced back over, this time with a confused look.

"...Do you always stand around looking so lost and helpless?"

Uh oh! Cover blown.

"Hm? Oh! No! I was actually meditating just now."

"...With your eyes wide open?" Bayno asked, knowingly.

"Yeah! It's all the rage these days." Kavik feigned innocence, a dumb smile slapped itself across his muzzle.

"Oh, okay then." Bayno sputtered in a teasing tone. With a roll of his eyes he dove back into his laptop.

"Okay, I am going to check out my room."

"Bye." Bayno flashed a one-handed salute to see the husky off.

So comfortable, so confident! Kavik took up his baggies and drudged down the hallway. "...Was he flirting with me? Hmmm. Him? GAY? No way. ... Well, maybe bisexual. I bet he gets both the dudes AND the ladies swarming him. With a bod like that? Oh yeah. Deffo."

The husky reached the hall's end and stood outside his door, taking in the moment. This was it... time to see how big (or small) the room would be! Kavik opened the door aaaaaand...!

...No surprise. The room was an utter disappointment. A tiny, mostly blank room with two small twin sized beds and a nightstand for each. That's it. ... Wait, _two_beds?

"Sheesh. Talk about small. But why are there two beds? Bayno said this would be my room, and I'm assuming he has his own--OH MY GOSH!" Kavik's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden discovery! He dropped his luggage right in the entryway and zoomed over to something.

Two large Legend of Zorldo posters hung on what appeared to be sliding closet doors. Huzzah for having a place to hang his clothes, but Kavik was far more interested in the decor! He nearly squealed like a pig in excitement, bouncing up and down with unlimited fervor.

"FFFFFF- Must... resist urge... to FREAK the heck out! Windwalker AND Minora's Mask! What! These are hecka rare promotional posters! Don't flail, Kavik. Dude out there already thinks you're a weirdo, don't be even more weird... Don't... flail!"

Try as hard as he might, Kavik was having an internal geekgasm overload. It seemed like enjoying such types of video games in college would be taboo, but here they are! Proof it's okay to be geeky! Now more observant of his surroundings, he saw what appeared to be a DS3 game system and Pokémans cartridges on the furthest nightstand... Another nerd occupied the dorm, too!

"No way these could be Bayno's... Nah. Of course not! They must belong to someone else! But who? More importantly, how could any more than two people live in such a small place?!"

So many questions! Kavik calmed down and composed himself, brushing off his hoody and flattening his head-hair. Once done he sauntered out to the living room for some answers.

...Shucks. As he came out, Kavik saw the Doberman had put some headphones in, looking even more focused to his laptop than ever. How could Kavik get his attention? Wave? Dance? Flail around helplessly?

Neither, just standing there awkwardly did the trick. Eventually Bayno noticed him and withdrew his headphones.

"...Hm? Yes?"

Kavik hopped in surprise. "Oh! Hi! Uhhm... Mind if I sit down?" He gestured to the chair, to which Bayno nodded.

"It's there for a reason. Just try not to shed too much."

"Okay! I can do that! ... Or won't do that! Either way!" Kavik took a seat, cursing himself for being so awkward. "So, uhh... There's stuff in my room! Two beds! Am I sharing it with... someone?"

"Pau. He's a panda." Bayno spoke quickly. "He'll be your dormmate."

"Pau? Like... Zoom Zoom Pow, by the Dark Eyed Z's?"

"Sure..." Bayno nod-shrugged and started to put the headphones back in.

"Oh, uh, err?!" Kavik leant forwards and held out a desperate paw. He had more questions!

Bayno stopped and raised his brow. He withdrew the headphones with a grunt and threw them on the table.

"...What now?"

"Augh! Shoot, that was rude of me, and now he sounds mad..." Kavik yanked on his ears, realizing his fault. "Ahh, uhm. N-nothing. I'm sorry. That was rude. Sorry."

Bayno shook his head too and closed the laptop. "You're fine. You already got my attention... What did you need?"

Kavik's sad little ears pressed against his head, sinking down into the chair some. He felt 'on the spot' in a way, but mostly just embarrassed... The last thing he wanted was to be a nuisance.

"Ahh, weeeeell... I just got here today... How come it seems like you and this Pau guy have everything all set up already?"

"We live here. We have been since our Freshman year. This is our home." The Doberman stretched out his muscles with a hum-groan before coming back to a rest and continuing. "Normally only freshmen would have access to dorms. But UCS is experimenting with something more permanent. It's one reason I came here."

Kavik nodded. "I... guess that's why you're so comfortable here, then."


Another bout of silence filled the room. Kavik tried staring anywhere but at the Doberman's junk. Certainly easier said than done, Bayno was all sprawled out on the sofa. Quite a prominent outline was made visible in his current position...

Kavik shook the dirty thoughts from his mind. "Ahem, so... There are three of us? Four of us?"

"Four." Bayno replied, stern sounding. He leaned forwards and gave a curious stink-eye. "They would have told you that during orientation. But you weren't listening, were you?" He spoke in a knowing tone, Kavik was had.

"I was paying attention! Really!" Kavik quickly said with a perked look. "I listened to it all! ... B-but, I was kind of distracted by my phone during some bits... I dunno! It got kinda borin' at some parts."

The Doberman fell back onto the couch and huffed. "Of course. And now you're going to ask me everything you should have known already."

Ouch. Bayno sounded somewhat irritated... Kavik tugged at his ears, his nervous trademark, and shook his head a whole bunch.

"Wha- No, no! Err, it's okay. I'll learn on my own! I'm sorry."

"I don't mind helping. Just don't rely only on me."

Kavik shifted around some. The Doberman's tone was flat, and his gaze was _relentless..._But in some weird way, despite how he spoke, he did seem genuine. Either way, it was always intimidating talking to new people, especially when they're half-naked giants!

"...Okay. Well... ahh..." Kavik looked back to the dorms. "...You and the... the other guy... not Pau, but the other other guy..." Kavik gritted his teeth together. He could not talk right today. "...You all were here before me for a while... Does that mean I am replacing someone?"

Bayno nodded. "You are." His answer ended there.

"...I seeeee~ Who am I replacing?"

"Someone unimportant. Before you ask, he dropped out."

Hmmf... Kavik fluttered his brow and huffed. Not exactly the best answer, but maybe it was a sore subject. Best to move on.

"Hm, well. If I'm sharing a room with someone, do you share one, too?"

"I did. But he dropped out too."

So many people dropping out! Kavik began to question the competency of this school and its students.

"...Sheesh. Everyone seems to leave. Is this a bad school?"

"No, not necessarily." Bayno stretched out his legs now, some parts of him let out a loud crack! "UCS is a party school. People come here to waste their lives. Fuck around and such. But it's a good school if you focus."

"Well, I'm sure you focus a lot! You seem... smart!" Kavik forced a wide smile but was beating himself up inside. "WHY CAN'T I TALK TO NEW PEOPLE."

Bayno offered a shrug. "I suppose so."

A thick tension filled this air, alongside that familiar awkward silence. Kavik kept his smile, trying to seem nice and innocent. The obligation to hold a conversation was real right now! As he glanced anxiously around the dorm for a topic to talk about, something about the Doberman caught his attention.

"...Whoa. Dude, your eyes are hecka cool...!"

Bayno blinked. "...What?"

Kavik began blinking now too, confused and entranced.

"They're_red_...! Like, super-duper red! Do you wear contacts?"

"No...? These are just how they look...?" Bayno sounded a mix of modest and confused. Kavik on the other hand was completely entranced.

'Super-duper' red wouldn't do justice. Sure, unnatural eye colors were more common in beastmen than humans, but Kavik had never seen such an intense red before. It was like staring at the surface of Mars, the little ripples in his iris looked like a dark star gone supernova far off in the distance.

"Wow, that's so cool... It's like a mini universe."

Bayno didn't seem to mind so much at first, but once Kavik started to lean forward and get all up in his biz? That started to bother him. He blocked his face with a massive paw and shied away.

"Hey, I'm glad you think they're cool, but ease up a bit..."

Kavik jolted with embarrassment! "Oh gosh, ack! Err! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be weird!" he zoomed back to his chair and flailed helplessly. "I was just so, so, uh! So entranced! I didn't mean-"

"Hey, hey, it's fine. Just don't be weird, alright?"

Kavik nodded profusely. "Yes, don't be weird, got it. Sorry. Got it."

Awkward, for sure... Kavik began planning his escape route. Maybe he should go unpack and leave Bayno alone. Or, perhaps he could be ballsy and try to fix the situation? A quick topic change, yeah! That could work?!

Whatever his plans, it'd be no use. Bayno opened his laptop and quickly shouted an expletive.

"_Fuck!_It's already past 2:00? I'm late."

"Wha- huh?"

With blazing speed the Doberman hopped up and tore ass down the hallway, leaving Kavik behind in the dust all confused. A class, perhaps? No way, it's Sunday! Maybe he had a hot date.

Kavik aimlessly glanced around the small room before meeting the still open laptop...

"Ooooh... I wonder if I could sneak a peek of what Bayno was so interested in... Probably something hecka dirty." A quick peek down the hallway showed a clear coast. "Now's my chance. Let's see..."

Kavik leaned closer to the laptop... closer... closer...!

" HEY!" Bayno bellowed out from behind!

"Huh who what?!" Kavik flailed and turned! Caught?! ...Phew, no. Bayno was still in his room. "Y-yes? What's up?!"

"I'm heading out! I won't be back until later. Keep the door locked and don't let anyone in who's not me or Pau!"

"Yessir! You got it!" Kavik looked back to the laptop, temptations filled him... But before long Bayno appeared from around the corner, squashing his chance at nosiness.

While being half naked was a decent sight, his current outfit wasn't half bad either. Bayno now sported a brown leather jacket paired with a black undershirt, dark camo pants and equally dark combat boots. He almost looked like some off-duty military guy.

"Now. I'm serious." Bayno began, messing with his jacket sleeves. "I'm sure a friend of mine is going to be stopping by soon. His name's Heidenreich, he's a douche-y looking Rottweiler. When he does come by, tell him I'm not here. If he asks if I want to do anything? Tell him I'm not interested. Ignore anything else he says."

"You're not here, you're not interested, ignore the rest... Easy enough! I can do that!" Kavik hopped up off the chair and gave a salute, in reference to the new duds.

"Alright, thanks. Good looking out." Bayno clapped the husky's shoulder and scooped up the laptop, nodding on his way out. "Don't mess the place up."

Kavik kept the salute position until Bayno departed, the door closed with a _click!_and like that, he was alone.

"...Darn, he took the laptop. I wanted to snoop through his search history." Kavik thought aloud. Peering around the dorm, there... wasn't much else to do now. His class didn't start until tomorrow, and he didn't bring any of his game systems. What could he do to kill time?


Kavik hopped onto the sofa and gazed outside the window to the campus below. Being a Sunday, there was barely any traffic at all. Everyone was either in their dorms or off campus entirely. Things wouldn't pick up until tomorrow.

"...Hm. There's almost no one out there now..."

After a few seconds of blank staring, Kavik swooped around and flopped.

"Wellp. I'm bored."

He fell back into a resting position, letting his arm and leg drift off the side... Even upside down, the dorm didn't seem any bigger. Then again, why should it? Kavik thought about this to himself some, then about Bayno... Ooh... naked Dobermans... Always good thoughts...

Soon the blood began rushing to his head (the one on his shoulders) and a feeling of lightheadedness overcame him. "Blaaah. Headache. Guess I should go unpack or something..."

With a wide stretch and a big ol' yawn, Kavik hopped off the sofa. When he traversed down the hallway, he stopped at the fork near the bathroom and looked to Bayno's door. It probably didn't have a lock on it. Should he snoop? Or should he be a polite dormmate and mind his own dang business?

To be honest, Kavik really wanted to do the former, but it wasn't in his nature to be_that_ invasive.

"Hmm... Maybe next time..."

Once inside his room, he figured... hey, maybe snoop around there some instead? Get to know that Pau guy? He obviously had a passion for video games, something they shared. And he was tidy, too! His bed had sheets on already, all tucked in nice and neat. The other bed was completely bare. That one was Kavik's.

"Humf... No pillows, no blankets... no nothing!" Kavik had brought his own bedding, but ugh. That meant he'd have to unpack it all. "TOO MUCH WORK!" Kavik dove headfirst into the bed and crashed, literally. For being so small, it was pretty actually comfortable.

Some time passed. Kavik began daydreaming about what the rest of his college life would be like. Though he knew it was unrealistic, he imagined the stereotypical image projected by those comedy movies: crazy parties, endless parties, plenty of sex...

Before long Kavik began to drift in and out of sleep. He'd woken up far too early that morning to prepare for college life... But now what else was there to do? Unpack, maybe? Nah. That could wait. For now, he'd get some much deserved rest.

Kavik flopped to his back and threw an arm over his face, drifting off at record speed.


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