Lyra's Father

Story by punjabgol on SoFurry

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The train station bustled with life as ponies went to and fro, all in a hurry to meet their friends and family who had just arrived on the latest train. An older stallion brushed past the crowd and out onto the open dirt of the small town of Ponyville, his harsh face relaxed into an easy-going smile as he walked away from the rabble. His name was Beacon Heartstrings.

He placed his brown suitcase down and patted down his white dress shirt. He had a dark green coat, and a light blue mane and eyes. His hair was swept to the left in a sensible style, perfect for working in an office environment. He surveyed the area for a moment, spotting a stand nearby with some low brow souvenirs and some maps.

Picking up his case he headed to the stand and took a map. He knew where his destination was, he just didn't know how to get there. "The maps are free bud," the salespony said from behind the counter. He nodded and thanked the stallion, wandering deeper into the town.

Everybody gave him a welcoming smile and a cheery wave. It was a far cry from his usual day working in Manehattan, where everybody was too self-absorbed or self-conscious to give each other a greeting in the street. In fact it was strange and alien to him, and he found himself shying away from their attentions until he reached the right street.

Thankfully the street was mostly empty, he made a straight dash for the front door of his darling little girl and knocked, his heart pounding in excitement, it had been so long since he'd last seen her in the flesh! Weeks of correspondence had led to this moment. He could hear the sound of hooves scrambling against the floor, the locks clicking, and finally the squeak of the hinges as the door was heartily swung open by a mint coloured mare.

"Dad!" she proclaimed with a beaming smile. She jumped forwards and wrapped her father in a tight hug, her petite arms not quite reaching around his mature chest. He returned the embrace in earnest, his thick arms easily encompassing the smaller mare. Lyra was very similar to her father, with a mint green coat and a white mane, she was petite but well proportioned. She usually wore a loose fitting jacket and a white tank top with blue jeans.

"It's good to see you too honey," he smiled. Breaking the hug and backing away, "Aren't you going to show me around?"

It brought a flutter of joy to Lyra's chest to see him smile again. She turned and walked into the main hallway of her home, closing the door behind him as he dragged his suitcase inside. "Did you bring your entire wardrobe?" she joked. The house was simply decorated, with light pastel colours and wooden furniture, nothing too fancy, but comfortable and warm.

"Near enough, you know what I'm like."

Lyra giggled and grabbed her father's hand, dragging him up the stairs and to a small guestroom across from her own. It was fairly spartan, with a small single bed, a closet and a desk on the left wall. He placed the case down on the bed, deciding to unpack everything later. Lyra had run off somewhere, so he took a moment to look out down onto the street through the window. Eventually she returned and pulled him away, "Come on, I've got to show you around town! It's really nice!"

"It seems like that, everybody was greeting me while I was walking over here!" he laughed.

"Yep, everybody knows everybody so we aren't afraid to say hello. Oh, we have to go see my friend, she'll love you," the mint mare rambled ecstatically as she opened the front door again. They walked in comfortable silence, Lyra wrapping her arm around his in a display of affection that wasn't lost on most who saw them.

"Slow down honey, I'm not going anywhere for a week yet," her father chided. "I came down here to relax and see my darling little girl, remember?" he chuckled ruffling her messy mane. She groaned as she stepped away and tried to fix it. Some of the other ponies along the way greeted the pair with no small amount of curiosity, which was soon dispelled as Lyra informed them that it was just her father who was in town for a visit.

Lyra hopped giddily as they approached her favourite stand, Bon-Bon's. The cream coloured mare was so busy serving a bag of sweets to a small foal that she initially failed to notice the tall stallion and her closest friend. After retrieving the bits from her customer, she did a double take as her eyes ran across them.

"Hello Bonnie!" Lyra cheered. Bon-Bon never liked the nickname, but she humoured her oldest friend.

"Hello Lyra, who's this?" she asked pointing to Beacon.

"I'm Beacon, her father."

"Yep! And I'm showing him around town, he's come down to stay for the week."

Bon-Bon tilted her head. She'd never seen any of Lyra's family before, and she seldom talked about them either. It was odd now that she thought about it. She always thought that Lyra didn't like them very much, but she had to reconsider now that her father was stood there smiling at his daughter.

"So, uh, Mr. Heartstrings. Where are you from?" she inquired while scanning the market for new customers.

"I'm down from Manehattan, it's a shame really; I never get the chance to visit like this."

"You've always been a city guy," Lyra added hugging his arm.

"I guess I am, but it's nice to get some new scenery once in a while."

Bon-Bon listened to the two of them and smiled. Lyra was always very perky and clingy, but it was something else to see her get along with her father like that. He seemed like a very nice stallion, but she couldn't help but wonder where Lyra's mother was. Bon-Bon knew that it'd be a risk to ask, so she decided to stay quiet.

"Sorry, gotta' run Bonnie, there's still a lot to show him!" she manoeuvres herself behind Beacon and begins pushing him away from the stand. Beacon giving a meek wave as he's taken away to see somepony else.

"I could never keep up with that girl."

Beacon collapsed onto his bed, exhausted from a long day of being pulled around town by his daughter. He was getting on a bit, and at the age of forty his frame didn't quite have the same lustre as it used to. Having Lyra at twenty was a challenge, especially for a stallion just entering adulthood. But he wouldn't change any of it for the world.

He decided to unpack all of his clothes. He placed the suitcase onto the bed and unzipped it, before carefully laying out his wardrobe in an organized fashion. After he had categorized everything, he began the process of moving them into the cupboard provided by the room.

Everything said and done, he clapped his hands together at a job well done. What could he do now? He decided to go downstairs and see if Lyra was still knocking around. Her boundless energy kept him up late into the night when she was younger. Of course things were different now, Lyra was her own mare, with a home and a job.

A bitter smile dressed his lips as he entered the living room to find Lyra laid out on the couch in a pair of short boxers, and a loose fitting t-shirt that hung from one shoulder. He blushed slightly at the risqué outfit and sat down next to her on the far end. Lyra didn't seem to notice the effect her outfit was having on her father.

Inside his mind, Beacon was bashing himself for even daring to think of his daughter that way. This was the little girl whom he'd changed the diapers of for months on end before she was potty trained. He found himself focusing on those happy memories more and more as the curvy young mare stretch out with a yawn and leaned onto his shoulder.

"Hey dad," she whispered, draping him wide chest with a lazy hug. Her prominent breasts pushing up against his arm. Her face flushed red for a moment, her eyes glazing over. A feeling of dread settled in Beacon's stomach. He knew that look all too well.

"What's the matter honey?" he asked, secretly fearing the answer.

Her hot breath tickled his ear, which flicked in irritation. "I feel... so warm. Dad, what's wrong with me?"

Beacon kicked himself as he remembered what time of year it was. Of all the times he could come to visit, it had to be during his little girl's cycle. "You're... in heat honey. It's that time of the year."

A memory flickered across the surface of his mind. His daughter's first heat and the stress and drama it caused around the house. The squeak of the door as he snuck into her room, the smell of her scent in the air as he...

"Ooooh," she moaned. She bit her lip and tightened the hug. "Dad, please. Help me."

His biggest mistake.

"I can't, it's not right," he said, standing up from the couch and putting distance between the two of them. "You're my daughter! I can't take advantage of you like that!"

Lyra stood with him, shadowing his every step as he stormed up the stairs. "But I want to do it dad! Why did you help me in the first place if it was such a bad thing?"

Beacon froze in his tracks, Lyra walking into his back and losing her balance. He slowly turned on his hooves and stared at her in near fury. "Listen young lady, we agreed to never, ever mention that night to anyone; not even each other. Do you know what kind of trouble I'll get into if somepony finds out?!"

"But they don't have to know about it! It's just me and you!"

"I don't care! I'm not taking that risk again."


The air around them froze as Lyra covered her mouth. Beacon shuffled on his feet, shaking his head and twitched irritably every so often. His head hung low he spoke again, "I don't want to lose you too."

Lyra rushed forwards and wrapped him in another hug, which he returned. He stroked her mane and kissed the top of her head. "I'm sorry," she mumbled into his broad chest. "I-I just thought that, maybe you'd want to. And with mom being gone..."

"And that's my fault, I'm sorry honey. You're an amazing young mare, but you can do better than this old windbag."

With teary eyes she pushed him to arm's length. "No! Don't put yourself down like that dad. You're amazing too! You're handsome, and caring, and you have a daughter that loves you more than anything. So what if you don't get to see me much anymore? It just makes the time we do get together more special!

"And, I really wanted you to enjoy yourself. So I thought it'd be a good idea to invite you here when it's time for my cycle so we can enjoy it together!" "We can't do that honey, please..."

"No, I'm not letting you wallow in your room alone, you're coming to my bedroom with me, and we are going to fuck like the family we are. I don't care what the other ponies think, I love you, and that's all that matters."

Leaving no room for argument, she gripped the guilty looking Beacon by the shirt and dragged him into her room, (with a little help from her magic.) She pushed him back onto the bed where he sat as Lyra giggled melodically. Despite the situation, Beacon couldn't help but feel his semi-erect member rub against the fabric of his pants.

Lyra wasted no time in falling to her knees in front of her father, unzipping the slacks he was wearing and pulling them down to his hooves. She licked her lips at the sight of the big bulge already forming under the white fabric of his underwear. Her lithe fingers poked through the hole in the fabric and fished out his thick, black cock.

Even semi-flaccid Lyra was left shocked by the sheer size of it. She'd experimented with a few boys before, but her father was a real stallion. She shivered as her mind reminded her that this was the cock that brought her into the world. She carefully began to stroke up and down the leathery skin, occasionally tugging at the ring of flesh that was partway down its length. Her father let out a hiss and leant back, rubbing his hands through her mane in need.

She could feel the dampness in her panties becoming more and more prominent, and she hadn't even tasted him properly yet. Leaning in she took a big whiff of his masculine scent, sending another shiver of anticipation down her spine. She opened her muzzle and wrapped her lips around his fat flare, licking its surface and tasting the pre-cum that he had already started to leak.

Beacon gasped out her name as she slowly sunk deeper and deeper onto his massive rod. Eventually it touched the back of her throat, forcing her to quickly pull it out as she gagged. She coughed into her hand as Beacon looked on with concern, she was a big girl though and could handle a little bit of roughhousing.

Lyra ripped down his underwear, the fabric rubbing against Beacon's sensitive dick. He let out a gasp and leant back again, content to let his darling daughter continue. Her throat bulged obscenely as she tried to get as much of his shimmering cock down at once as possible.

Her hands danced up and down his thighs, occasionally gripping the shaft and giving up a strong pump to accompany the feeling of her soft, wet maw. Her hands dipped low, clutching his apple sized orbs in a tight grip. The lathery pouch could barely contain his virile balls, which pulsed and tensed in her hands as she played with them.

Lyra's mind was alight with possibility. Such a stud could easily douse the flame inside her, and possibly give her a strong, healthy foal to raise. The fact that the stud was her own father was the furthest thing from her mind as she was being throat fucked by him. It was no wonder that her mother shacked up with him in the first place.

She could feel the pulse of his shaft, the feel of his thick veins with the tip of her tongue. She wanted more. Beacon was very nearly at his limit, his balls tensing and pulling up closer to his body as he prepared to release a wave of the cum that he had been holding for many, many months. Lyra dealt the killing blow by looking up and making eye contact.

Seeing his own daughter like that was too much for Beacon to handle. He let out a loud, dominant grunt and gripped the back of Lyra's head to ensure that she didn't waste a single drop of his gift. The tip of his cock flared inside of Lyra's mouth and spurted nearly a gallon of warm cum directly down her hungry windpipe.

Lyra's eyes rolled back from the sheer eroticism of the moment. Being held down and violated by her own flesh and blood. She had dreamt about this moment since their first encounter when she was just a teenager. She glugged down as much as possible, but eventually she had to pull away. She gasped as the last few dregs spurted from his still hard cock and stained her face and t-shirt.

She brought a finger to her face and wiped away the excess, popping it into her mouth and sucking on the digit. The salty fluid tickled her taste buds and further enflamed her puffy lower lips. Her fingers slipped under her much too small shorts and rubbed along her soaked lower lips.

"Inside me, now," she demanded. She threw away her shirt, revealing her perky, gravity defying d-cups that looked even more prominent in comparison to her lithe body. She swung her wide hips as she climbed onto the bed with her breathless father. She slid her hands under his shirt and began to slowly unbutton it, her hands roaming over the muscles that flexed under his fur.

She purred, even now he liked to look after himself. She cupped his chin and lent in, wrapping each other in a tender kiss. His large hands romanced over her plush body, feeling her chest and thick flank. Beacon couldn't believe how much his little girl had grown up. He peeled away her shorts and tossed them to the floor, finding that Lyra had forgone wearing anything else in preparation.

He pussy made it clear that she was in heat. The skin around it being flushed a deep red, and a steady trickle of mare juices leaving a distinct minty scent in the air and made his cock throb with need. Instincts began to take over Beacon's rational side, all he wanted to do was breed this desirable mare and leave her with a swelling stomach.

He snorted and pushed her down, ass facing up. Lyra trembled with anticipation as she felt his breath on her neck. "Do you want it honey? Do you want me to give you a foal?"

"Y-Yes. Please yes!"

He chuckle and poked his flared head against her lips, the sensitive flesh rubbing against each other. "What will your friends think? Getting knocked up by some random stallion. They'll never know what really happened, something even worse."

"Oh fuck!" Lyra shouted as he slowly began to part her pussy with his cock. It was by far the biggest Lyra had ever taken, the mature stallion's old age doing nothing to stem his endless virility. She could feel ever vein pass by as it charted a path deep into her nethers. Beacon took it slow, mostly out of concern for his daughter. All of those other stallions were just teenagers, she'd never taken a real stud like him before.

Eventually he met a dead end, his flare pushing up against the entrance to Lyra's womb. "You're so big," she panted under him.

"I could never say no to you honey," he mumbled, pressing his strong chest against her back. Lyra couldn't help but feel safe in his strong embrace. With that he slowly began to piston his hips, gradually pulling more and more of his length out before burying it again. Lyra bit the pillow as erotic contractions wracked her body.

Lyra was tight, very tight. Beacon hadn't had a pussy like this since her mother. He always knew that she took more from her than him. She fit like a glove around his girth, allowing him to really enjoy the feeling of his medial ring rubbing against her engorged clit with every entry. A thin layer of sweat had settled onto their bodies as their activities grew more strenuous, matting down their fur.

"Breed me, please. I want a little piece of you to keep for myself," Lyra begged. Beacon was all too happy to oblige her request and began to go faster. His fat balls slapped against her clit, doubling the stimulation she was receiving. Beacon wasn't keeping count, but he knew Lyra had climaxed at least once from his pounding.

He gripped her midsection and flipped her over, sitting on the edge of the bed with Lyra in his lap. Not only did it allow them to hold each other closer, but it also meant he could get even deeper. She bounced up and down on his lap before stopping for a moment, "I want to see your face... when you impregnate your daughter," she moaned lustfully.

She twisted around to face him, his cock still buried deep inside her. Her breast pushed up against his chiselled pecs as she moved her hips up and down, the lewd sounds of their bodies meeting drowning out everything else. She kissed up and down his neck, her nails scraping red welts down his back as she drowned in pleasure. He leant down and planted kisses on her breasts, occasionally nibbling one of her pink nipples.

"Dad, please, give me a foal!"

Beacon could feel the end of his rope rapidly approaching, and he wanted to go out with a bang. His balls churned as they producer another batch of virile seed to pump into the sexy mare he was bedding. He reached down with his hands and rubbed her clit as fast as he could, Lyra screaming in euphoria as another orgasm hit her.

Beacon grunted, and with one final thrust he pushed as deep as he could, his flare expanding to fill her cavern. A burst of seed pushed through her cervix and entered her womb, no doubt fertilizing the singular egg that resided there. Lyra panted as she felt her own father pump her to near busting, the excess seed from his second orgasm dripping from where they were connected. Lyra's stomach bulged slightly as Beacon finished the best orgasm of his life.

Lyra couldn't help but fall limp as the adrenaline wore off. Her body was all tuckered out from cumming one too many times. As if he were handling a delicate flower he laid her down on the bed and kissed her on the head, just like when she was a child. He then took his place beside her and put his hand in hers.

They played with each other's fingers, content to stare at the ceiling as they regain the ability to speak. Lyra was starting to leak out onto the bed, he really did stuff her full. With a sigh she rolled over and hugged her father's arm once again. "That was pretty good," she smirked.

"Pretty good? I thought you'd passed out halfway through," he huffed indignantly.

She stroke his body with a hand and lazily closed her eyes. "Well, we still have the rest of the week to keep trying." Beacon could feel his loins stir slightly at the implication. He was looking forward to the rest of his stay.

Lyra hummed happily as the sun streamed through the kitchen windows. She was stood by the stove, happily cooking breakfast, although her now bloated midsection made it harder than usual. She rubbed one hand over her bump and smiled to herself. It was to be expected that her week long tryst with her father would result in a new member of the family, especially after he insisted on pumping her full every night.

Something that continued, even after she told him the good news.

She felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her, a gentle kiss being placed on the back of her neck. She giggled and blushed, before turning and lightly slapping Beacon in the chest. "Don't distract me, or you'll be getting charred leftovers," She warned.

The first change came from her father, who insisted on moving to Ponyville to be close to his pregnant daughter and support the "single" mother. He easily found work in the town hall as a personal assistant to the mayor, meaning he could help both morally and financially.

He backed off and moved back to the table, picking up his newspaper and reading the headlines. Nobody suspected a thing about how Lyra's baby son had come about. Lyra had carefully constructed a cover story involving her heat and a drunken one night stand with an anonymous stallion. They also went to great lengths to keep their relationship secret.

Bon-Bon had chastised her for her carelessness, but was supportive of her friend's decision to keep the child. She even promised to help out when her father couldn't be there. Lyra couldn't be happier, with her father and lover close by, and the prospect of a foal on the horizon, she felt on top of the world.

She felt a little kick and gasped. "Dad! He kicked!" Beacon rushed over and placed his hand against her stomach, feeling the movement of their child inside. His initial hesitation all but evaporated as he saw the joy on his daughters face.

He'd do anything for her.