The Desert Mage

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The Desert Mage


The wordslinger

First, heres the deal. This story contains depictions of intense scenes of violence and dark rituals. So, if you don't want your eyes to burn out of your skull, don't read further. Second, Kahn, Kryn, Thomas, and the city of Rog'osto and all those there within belong to the well-loved and respected writer Teiran. Lynel, Chapel, Andine, and many of the dark beings that crawl around in the furry world belong to me. This is sort of a aftermath story in which Lynel the necromancer, after turning Andine into his servant, turns his black eyes upon Rog'osto. Chapel, the desert mage, finds out about his brother's plans and tries to intervene. Will he succeed? Read to find out!

In a boat about 3 leagues from the shores of Rog'osto...

Andine, the pirate lord, awoke from his unconscious state as cold water slashed over his body. Sputtering and spiting the salt water from his mouth, he looked up to his attacker. Kneeling next to the now shivering pirate, Lynel said, "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bacey."

Finally noticing the dull ache in his wrists, he looked at his right, to see his wrist pinned to the wooden floor of the ship with a scalpel. Eyes widening in horror, he opened his mouth to scream, only to have Lynel clamp his hand over his mouth. Putting his finger to his mouth, he said "Shhh, everything will be all right. Soon your be part of our happy family."

Hand still clamped in place, he reached next to him, and picked up a curved piece of metal, two nails sticking out of the sides. Placing it on Andines neck, he removed his other hand, and before the former lord could be screaming in pain and fear, he ran his thumb over both of the nails. As the nails screwed into the half collar, then his neck, Andines eyes widened, gurgling as the long nails tore through his throat. As the blood began to flow out his mouth, Lynel took a large mouthpiece, and placed it Andines mouth. Holding it in place, he ran the thumb of his right hand over the nails, causing them to screw into his jawbone, holding it in place.

Taking another piece from the bag at his side, he put over the pirate lord's eyes. Rubbing the four nails, he watched as the screwed into Andines eye sockets and his forehead. For a few minutes the body twitched then lay still. Placing his head on Andines chest, he listened for a heart beat. Finding none, he removed the scalpels from his arms, and picked him up in his arms. After laying him on a nearby table, he picked up a bowl full of strange red liquid. As he began to paint a symbol on the faceplate, he started to chant. After finishing his chant, and his symbol, he stepped back to admire his handy work. For, a few seconds there was silence, then with a sharp intake of a rattling breathe, the body rose, and turning to Lynel, stared at him with the empty sockets where his eyes used to be. Grinning coldly, the necromancer said "Happy birthday."

Outside the city Rog'osto, deep in the desert...

A giant desert scorpion, tail poised to strike, turned its six eyes to the figure standing before it. With a speed like greased lightning, it struck, poison from its stinger glistening in the burning sun. Easily sidestepping the stinger, the desert mage drew his zatoichi, and cut the tail of the would be hunter. Screeching in agony, it began to back into the sand, its white-gray blood spewing from his now ruined tail. Pointing his staff at the bug, Chapel said "Fry, mother fucker.' And fire engulfed the scorpion, causing it to curl into itself, screeching as it died. Sheathing his sword and laying the staff across his shoulder, Chapel said to himself "Well that was fun.' Then whistling cheerfully, he began to make his way to the city.

Atop the tower of Seer Kahn'tresh, Kryn was awakened from his slumber by a scream of terror. Leaping from the bed he and his lovers shared, he ran into the adjacent room. Seeing Thomas lying huddled in a corner, he ran to his side, and kneeled next to him. Drawing the young fox to his chest, he gently stroked the back of his head as he began to sob in his arms, and for awhile they merely sat like that. Soon Thomas had calmed enough so he took him by the shoulders and pulled him away gently. Raising his chin slightly, he looked him in the eyes and said, "Thomas, what happened? Whats wrong?"

Leaning against Kryn feathered chest, calmed by his lover's heartbeat, he said, "Remember I told you Khan was trying to teach me how to use my shadow?"


"Well, I had finally managed it today."

Surprised, the griffin said, "So? When Khan told you about that spell, you were ecstatic."

"Its not the spell' the young said shuddering. 'It was what my shadow saw. While it was traveling, it showed me a boat with a particularly strange magical aura. While it went into the ship to see what the aura was, I felt... I felt like someone's hand was crawling around inside my head. Then i saw who was doing it."

Wrapping his arms around Thomas again, Kryn said gently, "Who, who could you have seen?"

"It was a human, handsome, as far as humans go. Well built.'

"Sounds like a wet dream to me,' the griffin teased.

"But what scared me,' Thomas continued, ignoring the Kryns word, 'was his eyes."

"His eyes?"

"Yeah. They... they were like looking in a deep well. Black as pitch. But what made me truly terrified was the feeling of something behind them, something I couldn't identify."

Getting up, Kryn walked over to a table and poured Thomas a drink. "Well, it was probably only a dream, right?"

Taking the offered cup, Thomas smiled and nodded, still unsure of Kryn words.

Within the chamber of Lynel, the necromancer felt the clawing hands of a young mages shadow crawling into his room. Closing his eyes, he let his shadow roam, feeling its hands dig into the intruding shadow. For a second nothing, then he saw through the eyes of his victim. The feeling of silk across his fur, the smell of incense. Chuckling darkly, he reached out to grab the young creature's mind, then came to a wall, and the feeling of being torn apart wrenched through his body. Falling to the floor, he writhed and screamed, the pain to much for even the most seasoned of warriors to bear. Then, as suddenly as it had come, it stopped, leaving Lynel in a cold sweat and for the time in his long life, afraid.

Getting shakily to his feet, he clutched his head, feeling a migraine setting in. Slumping in his seat, he tried to comprehend what had just happened. Never before had he felt such raw power. And the smell of the one he tried to possess....

Underneath, in a temple lighted by the magefire of the gathered mages, a council was underway. I will not speak of all that was discussed, of things past and present, for that will take days, but i will speak of the final piece of business, and how the three lovers were made allies of Chapel's.

"Please my brothers' a elderly mage in brown robes pleaded, voice cracking with age. "This city is a home of thousands of innocent creatures, and i love each of them as if they were my own sons and daughters. We must help them!"

A sharp crack sounded through the temple, as another mage stepped forward. Running his fingers through his beard in annoyance, he said "Enough, Injar. While we respect you, and we love you as if you were our true brother, but we cannot risk helping these mortals yet again."

"This is true!' a mage in green robes said bitterly. "We have offered our wisdom and power to these mortals many a time before, to only have them proudly march into disaster."

"But...' Injar pleaded.

"Enough! The decision is made!' a mage in deep blue robes cried.

"Really, Enoris?" A voice sounded through the temple. Turning to the source of the sound, the saw a young looking human leaning nonchalantly against one of the pillars. Continuing on, he said "And without hearing my two copper pieces?"

"Chapel...' Enoris growled. "We have already made our decision."

"Strange, isn't it,' Chapel continued, ignoring the mages words, "That the council gather to discuss my protection of the Shining Isles. Is it because you are bored with your own tasks? Or is it to perhaps to stop each other from interfering?"

Enraged, the green robed mage pointed his staff accusingly at the desert mage. "Silence, impudent hatchling! You are out of line!"

"Really?' Chapel crossed his arms, and smiled smugly. "And what are going to do, graybeard? Spank me as you did in my youth?"

"Perhaps,' the mage said, now clutching his staff in both hand, 'someone should remove you."

Smile vanishing from his face, the Desert mage stood stock-still. Then slowly reached behind him and drew his staff. Speaking slowly, carefully weighing each word, he said "You dare question my decision, Janar of the Black Mountains?" Seeing the look on Chapel's face, all the mages, for the first time in their long lives, were truly afraid. Fury etched his face, the power of his magic coursing through the room, Chapel of the Flaming Isles turned his eyes to Janar, and let his magic slam full force into him. Reeling as though from a heavy blow, Janar fell to his knees clutching his chest.

Walking to the circle, eyes still on Janar, he continued. "You dare challenge my appointed protection of these lands, Janar?" Again, his magic slammed into the mage, and he fell on his back, writhing from the pain he was facing.

Putting the head of his staff three inches from Janars face, he hollered in rage "And you dare to challenge me on my own domain!"

Holding his hands in defeat, Janar said pathetically, "Please Chapel of the Flaming isles, Forgive me!"

Taking the staff away, Chapel took a few steps back, and hung his head in shame. "No, my uncle, their is nothing to forgive." Getting on one knee, he said, "I am the one who should ask for forgiveness." Rising shakily to his feet, Janar dusted off his robes. After picking up his staff, he put a withered and wrinkled hand on the top of Chapels head. "Oh, my child. You are in turmoil, but fear not, it shall pass in time."

Motioning to his brethren, he and five of the other mages walked out, leaving Injar and the young mage alone. After a moment, as the echoes of the parting mages died out, Chapel rose and looked at the man who had raised him, but he seemed to be deep in thought. For moments that felt like eternities, there was silence, then Chapel said softly, "Father, was what I did in err?"

Coming out of his revelry, Injar looked at Chapel, who looked so much still like the boy he had raised and taught, then laughed, his mirth echoing through the halls. Walking over, he put a hand on the desert mages shoulder, and said "No, my boy. Janar has always questioned your position, and your power, but I see you proved both to him today.' Growing serious, he said "But, we are concerned about Lynel. It was said long ago you shall choose three allies by the Oracle, but have you?"

Grinning, Chapel said, "I have. Khan."

Shocked, Injar said "Khan. Son of none other then Kronos?"

"That's the one."

"Why him though? Surely there are thousands of other more qualified allies."

Shrugging his shoulders, the desert mage said "Perhaps there are. But, first and foremost, he's available."

"What do you mean?"

Grin widening, Chapel said "I did a great service for his father, and we all know how dragons hate to be indebted to anyone, even when they've been long dead. So, I told him he and his descendants for a fifteen generations would be in service to me. Boy, did he hate that."

"I bet he did,' Injar said, chortling, "But what of the other two?"

"Perhaps they will reveal themselves in time, father."

"Nonetheless, what if Khan refuses?"

Grinning wickedly, Chapel said, "I can be very persuasive."

Crossing his arms in front of him, the elder mage said "I remember when you got like this over bedtime. One time you stayed up for three straight days"

Lynel sat in his chair in his new found home, the blood of the family he had just killed shining in the new days sun. Humming as he shined the tiny hooks, he looked up from his work when a small moan reached his ears. A wolf, no doubt the father, hung from the ceiling, the hooks attached to the chains going through his wrists. Placing the newly polished hooks on a table next to him, he rolled it over to the now hanging wolf. Taking a hook, he began to make his new minion.

Thomas walked through the busy streets of Rog'ostro, saying "Pardon me," and 'Excuse me' as he made his way to his former home. Coming to the threshold, he was hit by nostalgia, remembering the first time he had seen Kryn, right at this door. Climbing the stairs, he remembered all the times he and Kryn had fought, and coming to the only room in the building, remembered the moment that bound he and Kryn to e each other forever. Wiping a tear from his eye, he kneeled next to the moth-eaten bed, and felt around on the floor next to it. Feeling a small indent in one of the stones, he clawed into the sides and lifted the loose rock. For a minute he rummaged around the hole, then with a sigh of relief, pulled out a gold chain with a small locket on it. Sensing someone behind him, he turned, and felt a sharp crack on the back of his neck, and he sank into darkness.

Heavy. That was the feeling Thomas had as he awoke. From the fur on the tips of his ears, to the claws on his paws, he felt heavy. And as he opened his eyes, the light coming in through the window of his former blinded him. Blinded for a second, he opened his eyes again, letting his blurred vision clear. But when it did, he wished he hadn't. Standing over him was the most grotesque being he had ever seen. It appeared to have once been a canine of some sort, but the sides of its mouth were drawn back by hooks and wire, giving it a eternal snarl of pain, or perhaps rage. Its ears were pinned to the side of its skull, and its eyelids shut with thread. From the tip of its ears to the collar of its blood soaked shirt, the flesh was torn away, leaving nothing but the exposed muscle underneath. Seeing it kneel next to, the young fox tried to move away, scream, anything but look into the horrible face, but he couldn't. Watching in horror as it raised its hand, he saw hooks shoved where its claws once were, their curves shining in the sun shining through the window.

Shivering in disgust as it lay it hand on his chest, he growled in pain as he felt on of the pierce his shirt, ripping through his fur and flesh.

"Wolf,' he heard a voice say 'That's quite enough.'

Looking up, he saw a tall man standing over him, and as the man kneeled next to him, he felt like his heart was going to explode from his chest.

Placing his elbow on his knee, Lynel layed his chin on his palm. "Your much more pretty in person"

Letting his arm drop, he said in a voice barely above a whisper 'You know, everyone in this city deserves to die. Khan, Kryn, the sultan and his consorts, everyone."

Feeling the necromancer's cold hand on the top of his head, Thomas shuddered inward, but could do nothing else.

"Everyone,' Lynel continued,' But you. You are unique, special. Why don't you come with me?'

Pressing a finger on the fox's lips, he said "No need to answer now. Just think about it."

Seeing a bit of string around Thomas's neck, he let his finger draw down his muzzle and neck, coming to a stop at the knot of the crude necklace. Drawing it slowly from the young fox's shirt, he saw a golden feather tied in the middle.

"Well' the human said 'A momento. Perhaps from a pretty little gryphon?"

Seeing his victim's eyes widen, Lynel knew he struck a nerve

'Perhaps,' he continued thoughtfully 'We should be rid of him...' as he looked up at his servant, he felt something with a strength close to steel grasp over his wrist, he looked at the furry hand of the fox grasping him. Looking at his eyes, he felt fear as the vulpine spoke, his voice like nails scraping over a sword

"Don't..... Touch.....KRYN!!!!!"

And with that statement, Lynel felt a pain as like no other rushing through his arm as Thomas's magic hit him. It froze it burned, black lines like the fissures of a dry wasteland coursed there way from the tips of his fingers to his shoulder. Screeching like a demon from the deepest pits of hell, he pulled away from the creature that caused him such agony. Energy spent, Thomas let his arm drop next to him. Leaning against the wall, he looked at his arm, and to his horror saw the lines had not even slowed their progress, much less stopped. Knowing what must be done, he gritted his teeth, and dug his fingers into the dying flesh. Roaring in pain, he ripped the arm from his body, and tossed it to the ground. For a few seconds, the appendage twitched and flayed, fingers curling and uncurling, until it lay still, smoke and the stench of rotting flesh billowing from it as the flesh and muscle started to burn from it.

Placing a shaking hand over the spurting stump that was once his arm, Lynel amazingly smile.

"Well, my precious little vulpine, you have wounded me, a feat achieved by few. To our next meeting." With that, he bowed, and disappeared, his servant with him. Powers drained to the point of death, the young fox closed his eyes, the last thing he saw on his mind was his lovers face.

On the streets of the city, a beautiful golden gryphon walked, drawing the eyes of all, drawing sigh from many both males and females. Stretching his wings out, feeling the warm rays of the sun, Kryn closed his eyes and smiled, feeling as though nothing could ruin the day. Stopping in front of a stall, he smiled at the bruin behind it.

"Hello Ursa,' he said warmly, looking over the fruit before him.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite birdie!' the elderly bear said, rising from her sorting.

Growling playfully, the gryphon rebuffed 'Watch it, old lady.'

Waving a finger in front of his beak, she said 'You better watch yourself youngster. I raised myself five fine sons, and watched over more then my fair share of my friends children, and i know how to deal with ruffians like you, even at my age.'

Raising his hands in mock defeat, Kryn laughed and said 'Speaking of males, how's your husband doing?'

Shrugging her shoulders she said "Ah, you know Borin. With his weak joints, he ca... Oh my God's!'

Confused at her statement, the gryphon looked quizzically at where she was staring. A young vixen struggled down the road, blood dripping on the ground from the wound on her arm. Running to her as she began to fall, he caught her in his arms. Seeing her sobbing, Kryn asked softly 'What? What happened?'

Struggling to speak she spoke haltingly, 'That.... Bastard.... He stole my.... Baby...'

"Which way did he go?'

Raising her arm, she pointed down a alley, and said, 'down that....' and with that, she fell into unconsciousness.

Kneeling next to him, Ursa took the vixen in her arms, and growled, 'I'll take care of her. You go find that bastard."

Nodding his head, Kryn spread his wings and took off. Not even a few minutes after he helped the female, the scent of nostrils filled his nostrils. Landing in a large open area, filled with nothing but a few empty crates and the smell of drying blood, he looked around for its source. Hearing a lullaby being hummed behind him, he whirled around, wings thrust out to their fullest in challenge in challenge, hackles raised. Placing his paw on the handle of his blade, he looked and saw a man sitting on a pile of crates, face hidden in the shadows, singing softly to the cub in his arms.

"That song...' Kryn said softly.

'Was the one i sang to you when we were both children' the man rose, exposing his face, and Kryn wished with all his soul he hadn't. A mask covered this beings face, spikes and screws jutting from it in places, dried blood staining its shine. Paw dropping from the handle, Kryn said softly 'Andine... I thought you were....'

"Dead,' the monstrosity finished 'Well, I survived your betrayal, and soon after became the servant of Lynel...'

Hackles raised to there fullest, Kryn started to draw his blade, then stopped as the former pirate lord took out a knife, and placed it next to the infants throat.

Taking a seat on a crate, Andine said "Lets talk."

Rocking the cub gently in his arms, taking a sick thrill as he felt it shiver in fear, Andine continued, 'Brother, something is about to happen. The board is set, and the pieces are moving. My master Lynel wishes to see you on our side of the board."

"As a pawn' Kryn sneered.

Ignoring him, Andine continued 'What do you say, brother? It could just like the good old days, you wouldn't even have to change like me."

For a second Kryn stood still, and then smiled warmly at the memories of he and his friend.

"Andine,' he said 'You are my brother. For years, we fought together, ate together, laid against one another in the cold nights, and I did and still do love you.'

Putting his paw over the handle of his weapon, he said sadly 'But not only I, but also you have changed. The friend I had, the Andine I knew and grew with, would never harm a child'

Shaking his head sadly, Andine rose and where his eyes once were looked over at Kryn "I always knew you'd flake.' He said bitterly. Pulling the now screaming fox kit in his hand like a quarterback with a football, he yelled 'Catch!' and with that tossed the child.

Dropping his now drawn sword with a clang as it hit the stones, Kryn fell backwards, hissing as the ground behind him scraped his wing and back as he slid. After catching the whimpering cub in his arms, he jumped to his feet, looking around, seeing no one. With a hiss of annoyance, he picked up his sword, sheathed it, and went to return the child.

Chapel walked through the door of the one room apartment, and after a moment scrying, found out what happened. Kneeling next to the fox, he leaned forward and pressed to fingers against his neck. Feeling a steady pulse, he rose and after flipping Thomas over his shoulder, said "Boy, you sure did a number on Lynel, didn't you?'

After descending the staircase to the street below, in a way that can only happen in these stories, our favorite magi bumped into our favorite gold gryphon. Literally.

Falling to his tail with a yelp, Kryn looked up angrily at the one who knocked him down, and see who was on his shoulder like just some slab of meat, he leapt to his feet, growling angrily. Chuckling, Chapel raised his hand, and said 'Relax, I'm not here to fight. Here,' Chapel deposited Kryns love into his arms, and rubbed his shoulder 'I'm getting to damn old for this' he grumbled, then with a nod, started for the tower of the seer.

Keeping pace with him, Kryn said, 'Who are you? What are you doing here? Why did you have Thomas? Wha....' and stopped mid word as the human turned and looked at him hard to make him squirm uncomfortably, then said 'My name is Chapel. That's all you need to know for now.'

For a few minutes, they walked the busy streets, Thomas asleep in Kryn's arms. After moments that passed for what seemed like eternity, they stopped in front of the gigantic tower that was the seers. Shielding his eyes, Chapel looked up at the gigantic penopticon, and whistled appreciatively, saying "What a piece of work. I see Khan is no better then his old man.' Turning to Kryn, he walked over, and placed a hand on the forehead of the young fox in his arms, feeling his head burn beneath his fingers. Locking his eyes with Kryns, he said "Ok wingcat, heres the deal. Take Thomas up to the top of the tower, and get him in bed. I'll see to him when I get up there.'

Looking worried, the griffin said "Where are you going.'

Smiling, a expression the gryph, along with his lovers would learn to hate, Chapel said 'I'm taking the long route.'

After the distressed griffin took off, Chapel placed his hand against the walled, and it crumbled to the ground revealing the room behind it. Walking in, the walled closed up again, and guards started to fill the room, swords drawn, armor clanging to the shields. Grinning, Chapel brandished his staff, and said 'Let the fun begin.'

Kryn placed the wet cloth in his hands onto the young fox before him, and hearing someone behind him, turned and watched helplessly as Chapel kneeled next to the bed, looking intently at Thomas. Distress starting to turn into full blown panic, eyes blurring at the thought of the loss of his love, he managed to push out from his tightening throat 'Will... he be ok?'

"I don't know. His mind is in another place, filled with creatures doing gods know what to him. What I'm about to do will about as pleasant as pulling teeth, but it has to be done.'

With that, Chapel fell silent, and placed his hand on the foxes forehead again.

Darkness. All about darkness lay, covering Thomas in fear and cold. As he sat up, he saw something moving in the shadows, and he screamed as he was tackled to the ground. Looking up, he saw a strange creature on top of him, his body much like Khans in weight and height, but scaleless and furless, little more that mottled gray skin with black circles all over it. Its head resembled much of a goat, but large fangs were exposed as it opened its mouth, and said 'Ah, another one to join us.' As Thomas tried to crawl away, he was flipped on his stomach, and felt the shirt torn as the creatures claws ripped through it, just missing the fur and flesh underneath. Feeling the claws dig into his pants, he started to sob and plead, which just enticed the monster more. Soon, the fox lay nude and shuddering on the floor, clutching himself and sobbing. Taking his tail, the creature pushed it viciously and placed his cock against him, then stopped, and stood looking behind him.

Chapel stood there, a power pouring from him that made the beast feel uneasy. Still confident, the creature said "Well, it has been long since a human has been among us, but' he crouched low as he spoke 'We do not suffer your kind to live.' And with that, it leapt across the darkness, only to be knocked back as the mage smashed a fist into its nose. Sprawled on the floor for a moment, stunned, he rose slowly and looked incredulously at Chapel.

"How? How are you so strong?

"Because demon,' the mage said as light began to fill the room, causing the demon to bend over in agony, everywhere the light touch bubbling and scorching ' I have faith in the light.'

Clawing the ground, the demon writhed and screeched the agony more then any of his kind could bear. Ignoring his pleas, Chapel walked over, and put his foot onto the side of its head.

"Welcome to oblivion.' And with that, he pushed in, and the husk of a being crumbled to dust.