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Chapter 7

5th of April, 2:31 PM

Stable Lane, Annie's Grooming Parlor

"Nathaniel..." Soft lips osculated against the white fur on his neck. "Do you know what day it is?" The voice asked with a sexy purr, lips pulled back to reveal the sharp feline teeth he owned. They toyed with the flesh of his neck, which already had several love bites from last night's festivities. Nate groaned in pleasure as the black lion's lips began to move down his back. He crimped up into the fetal position even further as the scent of last night wafted into his nose; cum and wine. His boyfriend's tongue began to taste at his own remains that had dripped out of Nate's tail hole overnight.

"New years day?!" Nate squealed with a buzz of joy. He tried to get out of bed, but two large forepaws yanked him back down and took his breath away with one swift movement. "No... No, Nathaniel my pet. You stay down on the bed. I'm still not finished with you yet..." He felt a pulchritudinous, furry body climb on top of him and pin him down, preventing his escape; not that the otter planned on running from his love.

"Alex..." Nate giggled as he felt the lion's tongue dance down to his sheath with it's long libidinous strokes. "All last night and now you want more? How big-" Nate questioned, but stopped when he felt a light suckling on his sheath. "This is just a warm up Nathaniel..." Alex chuckled. The lion put a finger into Nat'es mouth and held his tongue down to silence him.

"Do you remember what we have planned?" Nate froze up when he heard the words echo in his skull, he knew how things would end if he let himself introduce his boyfriend to his parents; horror, blood, sirens and tears.. _"Let's forget about this whole coming out thing... It doesn't matter anyway." _Nate tried to say. "Of course I do. How get off me!" Nate growled jokingly, he tried rolling over, but was rewarded with an innocuous smack to the stomach that caused him to gasp. "Aww Alex! Come on! My parents might be happy that we're getting married, but if they find out about all this... The sex, the BDSM and what not, it won't go down so well." Nate pointed out. "I know..." Alex kissed his neck. "And if they do, I'll protect you." Alex promised.

With that, the lion climbed out of their bed, but not after assaulting Nate's sheath with a few more licks for good measure. Nate lay in bed for a while, teasing his used tail hole with both of his fingers as he waited for Alex to finish using the bathroom. "Mhh.." Nate grunted as he slipped his index finger inside of him, squishing some of Alex's leftover come out of the sides. "Fuck..." He grunted and carried on fingering himself until all of Alex's cum had been forced either deep inside his tailhole or onto the haematic bed sheets. Nate looked between his legs and saw his thick dripping erection along with all four of his fingers, pushed deep into himself. He giggled and slipped them out with a lewd squelching sound.

As Nate got out of bed, he nudged his pillow and felt the plastic hidden underneath. Nate's memory was jogged and the nightmares flashed before his eyes. Horror, blood, sirens and tears. "Alex..." Nate called out, the room, he had now noticed, was awfully dark and the black lion blended in to become invisible. Had he left the bathroom yet? Nate couldn't even find the door, or even the window. "Alex?!" He raised his voice when his boyfriend didn't respond. "ALEX!" The scene changed to that of him sprinting away from their home with horror in his mind, blood on his forepaws, tears streaming down his cheeks and sirens wailing away behind him.

A searing, killer pain shot through his ankle as the sound of a gunshot caromed off of the trees. He went down, hard, striking his head on a rock. "I'm sorry Alex..." He sobbed to himself as he rubbed his face into the ground, scratching and dirtying it further. "Hands behind your back!" Somefur shouted at him, the sounds of pawfall stopped behind him. There were at least two of them, more on the way. "Don't move!" The gruff voice barked the next command. "Head to the left!" Nate did as he was ordered, he hardly had the energy or a good enough reason to get up and attempt an escape. Cuffs shackled themselves to his wrists and fear took over. "No! Let me go!" He cried with tears in his eyes, whipping his head around. He screamed and screamed as he was dragged back into his nightmares.

Nate was unexpectedly jerked awake by a roar, "WHERE IS HE?" It came from the corridor and whomever had roared was approaching quickly. Nate splashed out of the bathtub, falling over and landing face first on the tiles in the process. "Sodom, calm down. I told Nathaniel to rest whilst while he could, he hasn't washed in months! He deserves to wash himself properly." Annie tried to explain. "WHERE IS HE?!" The doberman demanded again disregarding Annie's pleas. Nate dashed about, trying to find a towel, but was disrupted by forepaws seizing his waist in anger.

In an instant, he was slammed against the nearest wall. All of the breath left his body and he crumpled into a small ball beneath Sodom's feet. "YOU LITTLE FUCKING SHIT! WHY AREN'T YOU READY?!" Sodom howled as he pressed the sole of his shoe down onto to Nate's side. The otter twisted about, dirt from Sodom's shoe and the floor rubbed into his cleaned fur. "No! No!" Nate screeched incessantly as he made a plethora of strange noises that expressed his terror and discomfort. "Sodom..." Annie frowned as she watched from the door. "Do you need to be so tough on him?" "He disobeyed, he deserves it." Sodom stated. "If he's willing to get up and be ready in ten minutes, maybe I'll avoid punishing him." Sodom said directly to the otter. Pain erupted on Nate's ribs; Sodom was pressing down relentlessly. "Hear that, pet?!" Sodom growled. "Yes! Yes!" Nate cried, begging for his life. Sodom released him, but not before he kicked Nate in the small of his back to emphasize his dominance.

Nate brushed the dirt out of his kempt fur and shakily got to a standing position when Sodom took his paw away. "Where are the towels, Annie?" He bleated, not daring to address Sodom. "Two cupboards right of you, sweety." Annie smiled warmly. Nate didn't have time to thank her, he dived into the right cupboard and pulled out a towel. Just as quickly, he began drying himself. Sodom chuckled at how hurried the otter was, "Come along then, Annie; we can discuss payment." Sodom beckoned as he left the room. "He's just had a rough day." Annie explained and hurried after Sodom.

When Nate was dry, he dropped the used towel onto the table and grabbed a few brushes. Then he started down the corridor, looking for Sodom or Annie; he assumed that one of them would be able to help him with getting combed. He found the two of them in a small living room, huddled around a coffee table with mugs of green tea. The room smelt strongly of chestnuts and pizza; the latter smell coming from the open pizza box that sat next to Sodom's mug. "There he is." Sodom smiled, "Funnily enough, we were talking about you a second ago." Sodom smirked as he took a sip of his tea.

"You're costing me a lot." His tone changed on a dime to become aggressive, a vehement snarl hidden behind it. Nate flinched, ready to run at a moment's notice. "Oh don't pay attention to him, Nate. He has more than enough money, my prices aren't an issue for him." "I was talking about time. You've already put me behind schedule by fifteen minutes, it's quarter past twelve now and I strictly remember saying that you had ten minutes to get ready." "NO! NO!" Nate cried. "I tried master I really did!" He exclaimed. Nate found himself bowing down at Sodom's paws, kissing his shoes on instinct. "Aww, Sodom. What have you done to the poor boy? I've never seen such fear." Annie appeared to be on the brink of bursting out into laughter. "Oh nothing serious, it's in the voice really; say a few words and they'll tremble. Then again, you do need to show that you can deliver what you promised."

"Can I do that?" Sodom growled, not looking in Nate's direction. When the otter didn't respond, Sodom clicked his fingers in Nate's face and made him jump; hitting his head off the coffee table in the process. "Y-yeah! You can." Nate bit his lower lip to stop himself from crying. "That's what I like to hear. Up." Sodom ordered as he patted his knees. Nate clambered up onto Sodom's lap, lying with his head on the arm of the chair and his legs dangling over the other side. Sodom dug around in Nate's hair for a moment as if he were searching for something.

"Would you like a sip of my tea? It'll soothe out the nerves before we drive to the mansion." Sodom suggested, he sounded relieved. "I thought that you lived in a normal house.... You know, the one where I was last?" Nate cocked his head as he looked up at his master. "That's nothing more than a... testing ground. I need to make sure that my pets are loyal before I let them into my life completely. And you, I will say, are as loyal as I want you to be." Sodom chuckled. "Tea?" He put his cup to Nate's lips and made him drink slowly. Obediently, Nate drank until the cup was empty.

"Aren't we a pig?" Sodom teased as he lowered the fine china and placed it on the coffee table. "Now, now Sodom. I saw you forcing that down his throat." Annie chimed in with a grin. "Do you want me to make some more?" "That won't be necessary; I think that it's time I made my leave. My other pets are probably done resting by now. How much do I owe you? A few hundred?" Sodom asked casually as he took out his wallet. "Five hundred for every session, as per usual." Annie answered, thrusting out her forepaw and waiting for the cash. "Off." Sodom ordered to Nate, the otter stood up with Sodom. Sodom stretched out a forepaw to Annie and dropped the notes into her forepaw. "Thank you." Annie smiled as she counted the money. "Try not to let his fur get too wild again; he almost broke the shaver this time."

Sodom chuckled. "Where is Nate's jumper?" He glowered with sudden realization. "Ohh... There was a tear in it, so I binned it." Annie lied. "Annie, the tear was a cut-out; for his tail. It was supposed to be there." Sodom frowned. "Nevermind... I suppose that it won't matter, we are staying in the limousine after all." "We're going in a limousine?" Nate's eyes lit up. "Did you expect me to drive a quaint, little Morris?" Sodom smirked. "Have you ever been inside a limousine?" "A bunch of my friends and I hired one for our school prom." Nate answered "I'm sure that it won't be able to compare to my limousine. Velvet seats, a selection of wine..." Sodom sighed to himself as he started to mentally list all of the luxuries he had.

"Alright Sodom, don't come in your pants." Annie howled with laughter. "Get going already." "Best thing since sliced bread." Sodom smiled back. With that, Sodom squeezed Nate's forepaw and dragged him towards the door. "I'll see you when I see you." Sodom called to Annie as he hurried towards the door. "Bye!" Nate blurted out as he nearly fell over. "Safe journey! Don't let him get so squalid again!" Annie wished to them as she left the main room, most likely to clean up Nate's mess.

As soon as they got onto the streets of Nence, Sodom pulled Nate in closer and covered the otter's sheath. In addition to this he put an arm over Nate's breastplate to hide his nipples. "The limousine is just around the corner, stay in front of me. I don't want anyfur trying to have his way with you." Slowly, his arm began to move away from Nate's upper body to allow him to move, but Sodom's forepaw didn't move from his sheath until they started walking again. "Master, you're right behind me. I don't think that..." "We're in Nence, pet. There are plenty of creeps who'd assault you even if you were surrounded by body guards. That and if you're behind me, they could grab your arm, cover your mouth and take you away without me knowing. Stay in front, where I can see you." Sodom stressed. Nate didn't disobey and hurried around the corner to where the limousine was parked.

Sodom opened the door for Nate and ushered the otter inside. "I'm just going to tell the driver where to go, you get comfortable." Sodom explained as he leaned into the limousine. He closed the door and left Nate to observe the tony interior. Sodom certainly hadn't been lying when he'd described the decorations to Annie. Velvet seats were an understatement, they felt so soft that they must have been made of the clouds, sheep wool and fluffy blankets. "You get comfortable." Sodom's words rung in Nate's mind, that was an order he wasn't interested in disobeying. He sunk back into the eggplant colored velvet and look at the expansive, opulent space he was sitting in.

Cup holders were built into the ridge to Nate's left and there a few more behind his head that were large enough to hold the most exotic wine glasses or a small bowl. Nate put his forepaw through one, it went down to about his wrist; he giggled like a cub. There was a bar opposite him, equipped with a variety of different glasses and an even bigger set of wine bottles. Nate got up and read the labels of a few, they were all brands that Nate had never heard of. Nate could imagine Sodom hiring a bartender for the limousine, he seemed to be the type of furson who got other furs to do the menial tasks.

There were speakers dotted all around the limousine that were either connected to the flat screen TV that hung on the far wall or the radio that Nate had spotted. "I didn't take you for a wine connoisseur." Sodom chuckled when he saw Nate kneeling in front of the wine cabinet. Nate opened his mouth to apologize, but the doberman interrupted. "No stay, pet. It makes this next part easier..." "Do you want a blowjob?" Nate inquired, shuddering already. He stayed perfectly still, even his head was frozen in place. "In a limousine? Not a chance. I like to be stationary when I'm serviced, I get travel sick very easily." Nate admitted. "Yet you have all of this alcohol in here?" "For my guests mostly. That and imbibing delectable wine tends to cure my sickness, strange isn't it?" "Do you... get drunk often?" Nate whimpered as his fear of vituperative furs came to light.

Sodom started searching Nate's head again. "If you're worried about me striking you again, I'm very sorry about doing it before. I suppose that I do get carried away when something riles me." Sodom sighed and stroked Nate's neck wit his other forepaw, he kissed the otter's head as if he were a newborn cub. Nate sniveled and kept quiet. "On a side note, well done for being smarter than the average; I sometimes forget that you're from more of a.... educated background. Now stay still; I didn't get a good look at your scalp when we were in Annie's parlor." It was a lot to take in, but Nate got a slight grasp of what was being said.

"Is this about hitting my head off of the table? Master, I'm fine..." "I was only checking. Now lie down on your side." Sodom commanded, already pushing against Nate slightly. Obeying, Nate set his head down on the soft carpet, but soon his head was slightly lifted by Sodom's forepaw. "Not a good pillow, I know, but that carpet doesn't look as comfortable." Truthfullly, Sodom's rough paw pads made things much worse, his neck was bent awkwardly, the sharp tips of Sodom's claws dug into the side of his head and it was hard to look over at him. Sodom began checking Nate's side. He bit his lower lip. "I'm sorry for bruising you pet... I'm sorry." He apologized, trembling almost as he leaned down to kiss Nate's side. "Tell me if it starts to hurt, we'll get you some painkillers." He began rubbing Nate hypnotically before the otter could protest.

"Shh...." Sodom whispered to him as he started to caress Nate's naked, matchless body. He got in front of Nate as he lay down and crouched. "Master's very sorry." He informed as he lifted Nate's chin with his forepaws and scratched it gently with a single finger. "Understand?" "Of course I do." "Pet... I know that I haven't told you this before, but from now on try not to use words. Nod, bark at me and do other feral things to communicate with me. I'll be kind and say that you only have to do that starting from tomorrow, since I'm sure that we have a few things to work out." Sodom smiled and began petting Nate's head softly. "Good boy." He pouted his lips as he spoke and made Nate feel embarrassed, he wasn't exactly used to such intimate, but demeaning attention.

Sodom stood up and squatted over Nate, he took a hold of Nate's shoulders and for a second the otter was terrified that Sodom would slam his face onto the carpet. Memories flashed in front of his eyes, "No!" Nate squealed and shook violently. He tried to rise and flee, but Sodom's grip kept him down. "It's only a massage." Sodom chuckled at Nate's nervousness as he began to knead Nate's flesh with his thumbs. "There's no reason for me to hurt you.." Sodom assured him. "Mhh...." Nate bleated again even though his shoulder muscles, along with the rest of him, were beginning to relax. "O-okay." He responded and put his head down to rest. "Tell me if hurt you." Sodom requested, but Nate was already too far gone to respond. A minute later, Sodom took his forepaws away. "I'll give you a proper massage when we get back to my mansion." Sodom promised. "I hope that this will make up for abandoning this massage." Sodom reached into his pocket and pulled out a collar swiftly.

He crouched down to get in front of Nate's face and spoke firmly. "Can I collar you, pet?" He requested and lifted it forwards, towards Nate's neck. Nate suddenly felt rather hot and sticky underneath his fur. "S-sure..." He agreed. Sodom fastened the leather collar around Nate's neck and made sure that it was comfortable. "If it rubs too much, let me take it off." The leather felt heavy around Nate's neck already, he touched it and found that were several rings for attaching leashes among other things. "Master will get you something lighter and something more personal in the future, but that's the only one I have for now." Sodom promised as he prodded Nate's collar. "You can't see this right now, but they say 'bitch', 'pet' and 'whore.' I'll be calling you by them a lot, so I need to know if you're alright with me using those words. Are you?" Sodom scooped Nate up in his arms and stood up. Nate nodded to confirm that he didn't have anything against the names, he then cradled himself against Sodom for the brief few seconds in which Sodom had him in his arms.

He set him down on the sofa before slipping his lap beneath Nate's head. "Comfortable? I can take my suit off if you'd prefer to have my fur has a cushion Or would my underwear be softer?" Sodom suggested, lifting slightly to unbuckle his belt. "Your trousers are fine." Nate replied urgently, mostly because he wanted Sodom to have on as many clothes as possible. "Could I get some clothes though?" "When we reach the mansion. I'll get you some underwear, but nothing more. Boxers, briefs, panties or a thong?" Sodom listed, was that a smirk on his face? "Boxers." Nate answered with hesitation. He flinched. "Wha- what do you want me to wear master?" "I think that boxers will suite you nicely... You're small, but not feminine..." Sodom debated. "Maybe I'll have you wear lingerie in the bedroom, but boxers for every day. And how about a vest top when it gets cold? Or maybe a hoodie..." The doberman started picturing Nate in different outfits. "Unless you'd like to walk around in full bondage? Actually..." Sodom smirked even more. "Naked. You'll be naked regardless of the temperature. Collar on at all times... A cage? Yes. Plug? Better." Sodom came to an agreement with himself. Did Nate's input even mean anything?

"I'm sorry pet, I do that sometimes." Sodom apologized as he chuckled to himself. "Would you like a drink?" Sodom inquired as he bent over, bring his stomach awfully close to Nate's face. "Uh yeah!" Nate managed to respond despite being squished by Sodom. "Beer?!" He got in when Sodom moved back. Sodom nearly roared with laughter. "Beer?!" He repeated, head thrown back and mouth wide open. "Pet, you can afford wine now. You don't need to limit yourself to cheap drinks." Nate scoffed, "Alex and I could afford wine, we just both decided that it's crap." Sodom nearly gagged on air. "Well then, pet. It seems that I'm going to have to educate your taste buds. Sit up. It's very bad to be drinking whilst you're laying down." Sodom put up an arm behind Nate's back and helped him to a sitting position in which both of his legs were stretched to the far end of their compartment.

"Good boy." The doberman smiled and slowly started to rub Nate's back. "Very good boy." "Master, all I did was sit up." Nate blushed, getting a back rub wasn't too bad at all. It was hypnotizing almost, feeling rough paw pads glide down either side of his spine. Better yet, there were no barriers of cloth between him and Sodom's paw, nothing to hide his pleasure. "I like to reward my pets for every little act of obedience, no matter how small. If you do something without questioning my authority, it's commendable. You're getting this back rub because you asked me what I wanted you to wear. But I may have to punish you for disliking fine wine." "I haven't tried any yet. We only really had cheap wine." Sodom's ears perked up as if he was offended.

With lightening reflexes, he poured some wine into a glass, there was barely enough in the glass to taste the liquid. "Let it sit in your mouth." Sodom advised, "You need to let it sit to get all of the tastes. That's how you drink wine." Sodom brought the glass to the edge of Nate's lips and tipped it slightly, so that the crimson liquid ran down Nate's lips and into his throat. He stopped it from going any further and flinched as he tasted it. It was foul, all he could taste was alcohol. "Ugh!" He exclaimed in disgust as he swallowed and wiped his chin with the back of his forepaw.

"Bad boy!" Sodom barked, smacking Nate on the of his nose before gripping his jaw and forcing him to look in his direction. Sodom placed the wine glass in a holder as he stared down Nate, who was struggling to understand his mistake. "But!-" Were all the noises Nate made. Sodom pushed Nate's jaw shut and shook him violently. "No! You'll have proper manners whilst you're my pet. We don't wipe our mouths with our forepaws, we use a handkerchief. If I see you wiping your mouth or your forepaws without a handkerchief again you'll be in full bondage before you can apologize." Nate expected Sodom to back off now that his point had been proven, but what happened made him writhe in fear.

Sodom collapsed onto him, arm thrust against Nate's neck and the other forepaw holding him to the seat. Nate started flailing, "GET THE FUCK OFF!" He howled as he kicked and tried to lash out at Sodom, to no avail. "WHO'S THE ALPHA?!" Sodom screamed back, the veins on his neck strained and his face turned red. "HUH?!" Sodom pushed his arm forwards to make Nate gag. Nate's attitude changed quickly as a response to the flaring pain he felt as Sodom's claws dug into his thighs. "YOU ARE, YOU ARE!" Nate howled in a different way. His kicking stopped and all he wanted to do was curl up to defend himself. "Repeat yourself." Sodom growled. Without a second of hesitation, Nate whimpered as his head bowed to Sodom. "You're my alpha, master."

Sodom released his grip on Nate and watched as Nate squirmed away to check himself for injuries. "Pet." Sodom patted his lap and half-expected Nate to try to escape, he even had his forepaw wrapping around the remote that sat in his pocket. Instead Nate settled on Sodom's lap and began nudging his leg in appreciation and submission. He was rewarded with a rub on his neck. "Good boy!" Sodom exclaimed. "Roll over and take a nap on master." Sodom ordered. Nate obeyed and found himself looking at Sodom's grizzled chin again. "Now then... You get a belly rub for being a good boy. Do you want that?" Sodom looked down at Nate. On instinct alone, Nate stuck his tongue out like a dog and nodded, he even started curving his forepaws and positioning them in front of his shoulders.

Sodom didn't waste a second, he was stroking away at Nate within the second. He smiled warmly as Nate giggled. "What? Are you ticklish?" Sodom grinned massively as he moved his forepaws to Nate's armpits. "STOP!" Nate howled with laughter as he threw his head back and pushed against Sodom's arms. He kicked with his legs as he writhed to be free of Sodom's tickling, but Sodom wasn't going to give him up easily. It took a minute for the both of them to become jaded. The tickling died back down to gentle strokes, leaving Nate panting for breath."Bastard." Nate cussed under his breath, Sodom decided to let that insult slide.

"Now then..." Sodom mumbled as he reached over to the bar and took out even more bottles. "You may have hated young red wine, but what about the older liquids?" Sodom poured Nate another glass to imbibe. This wine was a dark brown, it looked foul. "No thanks." Nate tipped his head away from Sodom, desperately trying to avoid the drink. "Pet..." Sodom rumbled, half way between a growl and his normal voice. "Sit up." Acquiescing, Nate sat up and gulped as something cold pressed against his lips. A moment later his mouth erupted with taste, he rapaciously swallowed it all happily. "That wasn't too bad." Nate commented, he was about to wipe his maw with the back of his forepaw, but stopped. "Can I have something to wipe my mouth with?" Sodom produced a handkerchief from his top suit pocket and dabbed at Nate's mouth it. He left it on the side for Nate to use later.

The two carried on tasting wine together until every bottle had been tasted, by then Nate was feeling a little more giddy then when he'd started out. He hiccuped and laughed at the surprising noise. Somewhere between the tenth and fifteenth glass, Nate had put his arms around Sodom's neck and was now sitting on his lap with his legs dangling over the side. He occasionally kissed Sodom, treating the doberman to a taste of numerous different wines. He didn't seem to mind too much, but even he found it hard to stand Nate's drunken breath.

"Aww! Come on! There must be more!" Nate moaned, kicking his paws and nearly falling over. Sodom supported the otter and kept him on his lap. "No. You've tasted everything in here and you haven't fallen in love with a single one." Sodom pointed out. "I'm not wasting my wines if you're not going to truly enjoy them. How many times did you immediately swallow?" Sodom frowned. "I dunno. Every time?" Nate burst out into laughter. "I don't think that I swallowed the red wine." "Pet, there were several variations of red wine and I know for a fact that you didn't taste any of them." "Well I'm sorry, but when you're smashed you don't taste nothing!" Nate said his words with a slight gurgle, making it hard to understand him. "Right then. I'll just assume that you didn't taste any, so to be sure I'll spank you at least..." Sodom started to count the bottles, his mumbling had confused Nate. "WHAT?!" Nate shouted in the doberman's face, the dog flinched in anger, his ears flattening for a second. "I COULDN'T HEAR YOU!" Nate leaned in and cupped his ear. "I said that I'm going to spank you later for every time you swallowed or spat it out. Which means..." Sodom began counting the bottles at the bar aloud.

"5, 102, 149, 481, 4, 4, 4, 414, 444, 145..." A gormless Nate called out , but seemed to get stuck on the number four a while. "What comes after 4?" He giggled, spraying Sodom with more bad breath. "FIVE!!" Nate screamed at the top of his lungs. Snapping on a dime, Sodom lashed out with his forepaw again. It collided with the tip of Nate's muzzle and made him cry out in pain. Nate opened his mouth to complain, but caught Sodom's glare. Despite the fact that he'd lost his mind to alcohol minutes ago, he understood that Sodom's look meant trouble. "You big bully..." He mumbled and settled down for the first time in a while. He crossed his arms like a grumpy cub, but didn't speak up for a while. Sodom resumed his counting.

"Thirty five." Sodom announced. "I'll be spanking you thirty five times consecutively and a dry fingering for that behavior." Sodom frowned, chastising his pet. "Well!" Nate swallowed again and pointed a finger at Sodom. "I'm going to cum everywhere!" Nate announced. "And if you do that, you'll be getting much more than a spanking." Sodom warned, but the words fell on deaf ears. Already Nate was going back to laughing and bumping up against Sodom, nuzzling him in a less than sweet way. It was frustrating, annoying and was gradually stoking Sodom's anger. "Pet..." Sodom growled, baring his teeth. "Fuck off!" Nate laughed with a hiccup. "Head down pet." Sodom spat, "Go to sleep before I knock you out." "Do try it!" Nate howled, getting his words horribly confused. Sodom didn't back down from Nate's accidentally challenge.

He got the otter in a choke hold in the flash of an eye, one arm around his neck to cut off his air flow whilst the other held his forepaws to his legs. "SODOM!" Nate choked, in a way that seemed too dramatic to be real. His face bulged out much too fast and when Sodom released Nate's forepaws he began clawing at his face instead. Sodom rolled his eyes; there was no way that Nate was actually being strangled. Sodom sat back, relaxing as Nate's struggling made him ever so slightly hard. Suddenly, the flailing stopped and Nate slumped in his arms. Alarmed, Sodom shot up and shook Nate. "Pet?!" He cried out, worried that he'd misjudged Nate's breathing. Before he got down and gave Nate the kiss of life, the otter came back to life with more energetic laughter. "YOU FUCKING THOUGHT I WAS DEAD!" Nate laughed, rubbing his neck to soothe the pain. "I didn't..." Sodom smiled, in truth he'd thought exactly that and his fear had kicked in almost instantly upon realizing.

Nate went on incessantly, boasting about his successes and Sodom's failure. Although it was rather cute watching Nate blow up his pride as he stumbled over words and long sentences, Sodom couldn't help but to avoid the annoying twinge that set off in his brain. "Bed." Sodom growled, pressing Nate's forehead to get him to settle down. Nate refused like a cub, "NO!" He crossed his arms and opened his mouth wide. "NO!" He repeated. "No." Sodom looked at Nate, "Pet..." He purred. "Be a good boy and you'll get a treat." Nate shook his head again. The next part was Sodom's favorite.

He reached behind the sofa, fumbling for something. Nate craned his head and caught the glint of something sharp. "DON'T KILL ME!!" Nate howled as his refusals became begging. He repeated that sentence, unable to think of something better. What Sodom produced was far from a butcher's knife or a pin, but was a syringe filled with an unknown liquid. His screaming changed, "DON'T FUCKING DRUG ME! GET OFF!" He kicked the syringe, knocking it from Sodom's forepaw. Sodom didn't bother with restraining Nate's kick, he dived in for his neck and gripped him by it as he drove his knee down on Nate's stomach. "STOP!" Sodom ordered. "Let it happen otherwise I'll drug you with something harmful." Sodom warned as he released Nate, not bothering to make Nate claim that Sodom was his superior.

He plucked the syringe from the floor, grabbed Nate who was trying to scarper and dug the needle into Nate. He burst into tears, exaggerating his pain. When the syringe was empty, Sodom put it back where it belonged and pulled Nate closer to him. "It's only a tranquilizer." Sodom assured him, stroking his pet's back. "It'll make this trip easier, I promise." He said softly as Nate sniffled. He carried on stroking the otter as the chemicals began to make him fall asleep.

Sighing at his pet, he made sure that Nate was in a comfortable position before he himself lay back and observed the sleeping mustelid with happiness.

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Police Dogs

# Prologue ## Central Tort Police Station, Tort ## 6th of March, 10:00 PM * * * "I don't know how it happened..." The cadaverous white tiger mumbled nervously, his paws shifting from one stance to another. His forepaws were clenched between his...

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The Deal

# Chapter 6 ## 4th of January, 4:00PM ## 3 Sugarbreed Mountain * * * "Do you know what to say?" Gale inquired as their rose red car struggled to climb the uneven mountain road. The wolf had been sweltering under his collar for the past 4 hours, he...

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