Maggie's True Love

Story by C-PRIME on SoFurry

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The follow-up to "Seductive Sister" in where Maggie discovers that her true love was closer to her than she thought.

Maggie's True Love (Panda Couple...Twincest)

NOTE: This story takes place where "Seductive Sister" left off and is once again told from the female's perspective.

As I waited for my brother, I started to think about what it would be like if Max and I did become lovers. I thought about what it would feel like to have Max share my bed with me every single night, feeling the warmth of his body touching mine and his arms gently holding me close to him. I also thought about what it would feel like to have his horny cock touching me on a regular basis, feeling Maxy hump me softly while we were in bed together, not to mention the sensation that it would give my insides each time I allowed him to have sex with me.

These thoughts made me feel warm both inside and out, sensing my vaginal passage become a little excited for my brother as I thought about him a bit more. Not only did the thoughts of him in my bed on a nightly basis make me feel like pursuing a deeper relationship with Max, but the fact that it seemed as if his heart would be 100% loyal to me also made Max seem like a male I wanted to spend my life with. That was about when Max came back to the apartment and noticed me sitting on the couch while still completely naked. At that time, Max was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but those would be easy to come off of him if we were to have sex again. "Hi Maggie...I didn't know you were awake", he told me in a soft tone when he came through the door, making me smile as I decided it was time to let Max in on what I saw.

I walked over to my brother and placed my hands on his shoulders, looking straight into his eyes while our noses touched. "I saw what you did, Maxy. I watched you give away all of your porn to one of our neighbors", I told him softly while looking in his eyes. "Tell me something, Maxy. Did you give all your porn away just for me?", I added a moment later, testing to see what my brother's response was.

Maxy blushed a bit and felt a bit sheepish while I kept him close to me, not wanting to let him go for a least until I heard his answer. "Well, to be honest...yes, I did. I thought about what we did together last night and needless to say, I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, having sex with you alone wasn't the only reason why I gave up my collection", Max began to answer as his cheeks turned a little red. "The other reason why I gave it all up was because...well...I want to save all my thoughts for you. I liked sleeping with you again and I really hope that we can do that some more, but not just as twins...if you know what I mean", he added, making me smile as he gave me his answer.

My hands moved up to his cheeks as I made sure we looked into each other's eyes. "Are you telling me what I think you're telling me, Maxy? That you'd like to be my brother and my lover?", I asked in a soft tone, touching my brother's soft cheek fur lightly, making him blush a bit more at the same time.

"Yes Maggie...that's exactly what I want", Max answered softly before he did something I didn't expect him to do...he kissed me on my lips. This caught me by surprise for a second or two, but I had to admit it felt good to feel my brother's mouth touching mine. So, I took it even further and went as far as to put my tongue into his mouth, giving Maxy an even deeper, more affectionate kiss.

He let out a soft and playful growl, right before he grabbed at my tush and pulled me in close to his body, pushing his tongue into my mouth and swishing it around my own. "Yes! He really does love me!", I thought to myself happily, allowing my brother to kiss me intimately and hold me close to his warm body as I started to feel the bulge in his shorts touch up against my bare vaginal lips.

I could tell that he was getting turned on towards me, and I didn't mind it in the slightest. In fact, while we kissed, I brought one of my hands down towards Maxy's crotch and brushed it against the bulge, making his eyes light up while we kept kissing. Although it caught him by surprise, Max didn't pull his tongue out of my mouth. He just kept on swishing it around while mine moved around inside his, feeling the warmth of his breath in my mouth while our saliva mixed together. At the same time, I could also feel the inside of my vagina becoming rather wet and responsive towards Max's advances, growing eager to receive my brother's shaft back inside of it.

I knew that I had to feel it again, but this time around I wanted to watch Max deliver it to me and see the reactions that our union gave him. Besides, I made him promise that I got to choose which position we had sex in next time, and now it was my turn.

I stopped kissing Max as soon as I felt my vaginal walls spasm inward for a second, telling me that it was ready to receive. Fortunately, I was still on my yiffberries, so I was more than willing to let Max cum inside me a second time and let his sperm warm my womb. Once we stopped kissing, I looked into Max's eyes and smiled while both of my hands touched his cheeks once again. "Mmm...wanna go back to my room and 'play', Maxy?", I offered seductively, testing to see how eager he was to have sex with me again.

He let out a playful growl and took me by surprise, carrying me in his arms and walking back to my room at the same time. "Let's do it!", Max answered excitedly, holding me close to him while I placed my arms around his upper body as he carried me to the bedroom. Once we were there, Max dropped me off over by the bed, setting me down on the mattress gently before he stood at the side of the bed and took off his clothes. The instant his shorts came off, I saw Maxy's fat and stiff penis stand straight up, dripping with precum from the tip.

"Wow! Do I really excite you that much Maxy?", I asked curiously when I saw his stiff panda cock, seeing that it seemed to be ready for sex the instant he stripped naked. He let out a playful growl and immediately pounced on top of me, grabbing my arms and pinning me to the mattress. I felt his length rub against and then poke at my vagina, getting a little bit of precum on it when it touched me.

"More than you'll ever know, Maggie. I love how you felt when we did it yesterday and now I can't help wanting to do this with you every day", Max answered, causing me to blush a bit. At the same time, I continued to feel that tip of his pushing against my vaginal lips, trying to find its way into my opening as I watched my brother pant a little bit. That was when I remembered what I told him yesterday and got an idea.

Before he could penetrate me, I grabbed Max's arms as best as I could and looked him in the eyes. " much as I'd like to have you on top of me right now, I was wondering if maybe I could be on top of you this time around. Besides, you still owe me from last night, remember", I explained to my brother, hoping he'd remember what we talked about and would understand my decision.

His penis kept touching my vaginal lips, reluctant to pull away from them to change positions. I could understand why Maxy didn't want to stop, but at the same time I wanted to take things at my own pace this time. He let out a sigh and eventually pulled back before climbing off of me and then the bed altogether. "Alright...if that's what you really want, I'll do it for you", he answered as he got up from on top of me.

Once he was off of me, I was able to sit up and climb off the bed where I took a moment to stand next to my brother and give his stiff cock a squeeze with my hand. "Relax Maxy...there's nothing that doesn't say we can't do it more than once today", I explained calmly to my brother. "If you let me ride it now, I'll let you be on top of me later. I'll even let you do it from behind again if you'd really like", I offered my brother.

Max blushed when I told him this, also reacting a bit to the squeezing that I was doing to his panda cock. I saw it twitch in my hand before a fresh droplet of precum appeared at the tip, indicating that my brother was ripe for being milked. "I'd much rather be on top of you and look at your cute face while we do it, Maggie. I want to be able to hold you in my arms while we make out and listen to your moans when I fill you up", he commented back to me.

I gave my brother a kiss on his lips and released the grip on his maleness afterwards. "No problem, Maxy. Besides, it feels so much better when we're close to each other anyway", I answered softly while staying at my brother's side. "Now then, why don't you lay on your back and get comfortable. Then, once you're ready, I'll join in", I suggested to my brother calmly.

I watched him follow my suggestion as he climbed back onto my bed and got into position. Once he was laying on his back, I saw Max's cock stand straight up for me, still dripping with precum from its tip as it twitched a little. I felt my insides spasm again, feeling very moist and warm for my brother's shaft, ready and willing to have it back inside me as I climbed on top of him.

I let my vaginal lips touch his penis, rubbing against it a little bit to start out with while I looked down and saw my brother close his eyes and moan softly from the touch. I felt the pulsations in his powerful length underneath me, showing exactly how strong it was and how eager Maxy was to have sex with me again. " feel so big and strong down there, Maxy", I commented softly, continuing to rub against him a bit and glaze his length with my warm juices. Even though we both felt ready to do it, I wanted to savor the moment a little. I wanted to add a little bit more fuel to my brother's fire and see if I could coax him to produce an even bigger climax than he did the first time we had sex.

After a few moments, I felt my brother's hands move down to my hips, grabbing onto them firmly. Then, he started to hump me back, allowing his penis to rub against my clitoris and outer lips as I was continuing to rub against him. The sensation felt quite ticklish towards me, and it made my vaginal walls quiver even more, washing over with plenty of warm juices to let my brother slide deep inside me. At the same time, the pulsations in his cock got a bit stronger and it seemed like he was becoming more aroused sexually. This made me think that if I kept doing what I was at that moment, I'd make Maxy cum before he even had the chance to get inside of me. That was when I thought that it was time for me to stop rubbing against him and let Max's cock back into my passage.

As soon as I stopped moving, I reached down and grabbed onto my brother's shaft, pulling it towards my vaginal lips and letting the tip of it touch them. I continued to move it around a bit until I felt the tip pass between my outer lips and touch my opening. Once I was ready to accept it, I looked down at Max and saw that he was looking at me. "Are you ready for this, Maxy?", I asked curiously, feeling a fresh spit of precum pass just inside my vagina. It seemed as if his penis was answering the question for him, but I still wanted to hear it from his mouth first.

"I'm more than ready for you, Maggie", he answered back a moment later while smiling as he kept his grip on my hips tight, letting his tip push against my opening and begin to slip through it. However, before he could get it in on his own, I beat him to it and sat down on his lap, sending the throbbing and thick length deep inside my passage at a slow and methodical pace. As I sat on his stiff cock, Max moaned happily with pleasure while a strong spurt of precum reached far into my passage, warming it a bit more as soon as it touched my insides.

I kept moving down on my brother's length until I had it as deep as I could get it and placed my hands down upon his chest. I was ready to start riding him, but Maxy had other ideas. Before I could start moving on his shaft, he tightened his grip on my hips a bit and started to hump against me, letting his cock move through my vagina at a moderate pace. The rubbing of his length touching my insides felt so good that I just accepted what he was giving me and let him go at his own pace. " feel so strong and thick!", I commented happily, enjoying his maleness as it massaged my vaginal walls.

He let out a playful growl as his grip on my hips tightened a bit and I felt his maleness move through me a little faster. "Mmm...yeah...I love how you feel too, Maggie. You're so warm and tight around me...mmm...makes me feel glad that I have a sister who's as sweet and sexy as you are", he told me a few moments later.

His words made me blush a little, but also made me smile. I never expected Maxy to say that he thought I was "sexy". "Did you really mean that, Maxy? Do you really think I'm sexually attractive?", I asked curiously, even though it seemed like his thick maleness and spurts of precum were answering that for him.

At that moment, I felt one of Max's hands move from my hips to one of my breasts, touching it gently while Max kept humping me. "Ahh...yes, Maggie...I do", he answered back while moaning from his sexual pleasure. "In fact, you're the only female that I want to do this with", he added, making me blush some more when he told me this.

I couldn't help smiling when Maxy told me that I was the only one he wanted, it made me feel as if his love for me would never die. It also made me wish that he wasn't my brother so that I could let him give me cubs when I was ready for it. Still, I loved Maxy deeply and I felt like he was the one I was destined to spend my life with. It no longer mattered what our parents might think if they knew about us doing this, all that mattered was that Max and I were happy together and we wanted to keep it that way. That was when I decided to climb off of Max's penis as I got a new idea. Of course, he was taken by surprise by me suddenly getting off of his erect penis.

"Maggie...what's wrong? I thought you wanted to do this with me!", he exclaimed before I reached down to kiss my brother on his nose and press my body against his, letting my warm crotch brush against his still hard and aroused penis.

"Don't worry Maxy, I still want to have sex with you. I just thought that you might want to change positions before you cum inside me", I explained to my brother while touching one of his cheeks with my hand. "Why don't you get up from the bed and let me take your place. I'm ready to let you be on top of me now", I offered softly, deciding that I wanted to feel him go all the way with me now that he confessed that I was the one he truly loved.

Max smiled and kissed my lips before sitting up on the bed while I rolled over to the side of him, waiting for Max to get off completely so I could lie in the spot where he was. He soon got off the bed and I quickly got into position, opening my legs wide for my brother, giving him a good look at my dripping wet panda pussy. I heard him growl passionately once more as he moved back towards me with his maleness throbbing with desire, spitting a little bit of his warm precum on my vaginal lips. "That's it, Maxy. Put it back inside and climb on top of me. This time, I don't want you to stop until you're finished", I coaxed, soon feeling the swollen tip of his length touch my outer lips for a second before it found my hole and started to slip back inside of me.

While it moved back into my passage, Max climbed over my body, pressing his against mine as the two of us were soon face-to-face with our noses touching. I felt his arms wrap around me from behind while I placed my hands on his tush, grabbing it and pulling him closer to me, letting me feel all of his maleness as it throbbed and pushed against my vaginal walls. "I love you, Maggie", he told me softly once he was in position, keeping his stiff cock in place for the moment while a fresh spurt of precum hit against my cervix, causing it to quiver a little from the hot sensation.

I blushed and smiled while keeping my legs wide open, making it easy for my brother to deliver his maleness to me. "Mmm...I love you too, Maxy", I answered back, taking a moment to kiss him on the nose right before he started to hump me again, this time at a more vigorous pace.

I felt his thick penis moving through my vaginal passage, rubbing against it constantly while it twitched strongly and produced spurts of warm and slightly sticky precum, touching against my cervix. There was no doubt in my mind that Maxy's thoughts were exclusively on me, especially with the way he seemed to become thicker inside my canal while he was humping me. It made me want to milk him again, to feel his sperm splash all over the inside of my uterus and feel it cling to me.

I made my intentions to my brother clear as I moved one of my hands up to the back of his head and pulled him in close to me, right before I put my tongue in his mouth and started kissing him deeply. I heard and felt the soft growl of my horny brother the instant I kissed him and soon felt his tongue go into my mouth, moving around with mine as we were fully united. This made me feel warm all over my body as Maxy kept drilling my vagina, pushing his tip as deep as it would go one moment and then pulling almost all the way back a second later, giving it an intense massage.

As Maxy and I kissed, I closed my eyes and had a vision that had been inspired by my brother's vigorous humping. I saw myself a few years from now, wearing a wedding dress and in the arms of my brother as he carried me to a suite in some random hotel. On my hand was a diamond ring, indicating that Maxy and I were a married couple as I saw him carry me into the room and place me on the bed. He climbed on top of me in my vision and we shared a deep kiss, much like we were right now.

"Oh Maxy...why didn't we do this years ago?", I thought to myself, once again lamenting losing my virginity to Lucas when it turned out my true love had been living under the same roof I had been for several years. However, that wasn't the only thing I saw in my vision. A little later on, I had a vision of myself with panda cubs in my uterus, twins just like Maxy and I. In the vision, I felt my brother come up behind me and place one of his hands on my belly and touch it softly.

"Did Maxy and I make those cubs together?", I wondered in thought while blushing a bit as I was snapped back into reality, feeling the thick and aroused shaft of my brother moving rapidly through my tight passage while he kept kissing me deeply. I heard him growl softly while he was doing this, making the inside of my mouth vibrate a little when he did, indicating that he was getting close to his orgasm.

As I kept feeling my brother's shaft plunge deep inside me, I went back to the thought of being pregnant with cubs again. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to have cubs with Maxy. I felt like he was totally loyal to me and I also felt that he would make a good father. However, once again, there was the concern about doing this with my own brother. Not only were there potential risks associated with inbreeding, there was also the problem of what we were going to tell our parents if they found out that Maxy and I bred together.

Still, I loved my brother and I was more than willing to have him as my mate if he wanted. However, before I let him know how I felt, I wanted to make absolutely sure that Max was willing to keep me as his one and only mate. That was when I stopped kissing him and placed one of my hands on his cheek.

Although Max continued to hump me when I stopped kissing him, he slowed down somewhat and didn't push it in as deeply as he did before. "Maggie...why'd you stop kissing me? I was really enjoying that!", Max commented a few moments after I stopped kissing him while I looked into his eyes and touched my nose to his.

"Maxy...did you really mean what you told me earlier...about how I'm the only female you want to be with?", I asked my brother calmly, looking straight at him while I waited for his answer. His arms held me tight and I listened to him growl softly in response.

"Of course I did, Maggie. I wouldn't fib about something like this. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives...feeling your warm body touching mine as we share a bed together, only this time not just as brother and sister", Maxy answered back as I smiled and kissed his lips.

"Maxy...I want to share my life with you too. You're the only male who I trust enough to have sex with me and you're the only male I want inside me", I answered back, letting Maxy know that I was as interested in him as he was in me. "It doesn't matter to me what Mom and Dad might say about us being together like this...we're both adults now and we're both living on our own. It's time for us to start doing what we want to do", I added before kissing my brother on his lips again. "Mmm...and right now, I want you to fill my insides with your warmth", I mentioned to Max softly, hoping that he'd be inspired to finish what he started.

He growled happily and started to plunge his cock deep inside me again, going at full speed while moving from side-to-side slightly with each inward thrust. Each time it went into my canal, I felt a strong pulsation in his maleness, followed immediately by a stream of precum that now passed through my cervix.

I reached down to Max's butt again and grabbed it tightly, holding him as close to me as possible down there while his massive panda cock vigorously rubbed against my vaginal walls, making them quiver and tighten around him. " me how much you love me, Maxy!", I exclaimed, attempting to coax him to cum inside me some more.

His length kept plowing through my insides repeatedly, reaching far into my vaginal passage as the pulsations became more intense and the flow of precum stopped. My brother both moaned and growled excitedly while he was doing this, showing just how much he enjoyed being inside of me. Then, with one last inward thrust, I felt the explosion of his hot and thick cum rush through my cervix and splash against the inside of my womb. It quickly spread throughout my uterus, clinging to every part of it as if it were glue, filling me with millions of his little "tadpoles".

As soon as I felt Max begin to inseminate me, I kissed him on the lips again, putting my tongue back into his mouth while my hands remained on his butt, holding him close to my lower body while he filled me. He quickly joined in the deep kiss as the rush of his semen seemed to intensify a bit when his tongue went back into my mouth, making the pool of his seed inside my womb grow larger at a faster pace.

His second orgasm inside me felt more intense than his first, and it also seemed like there were more sperm in this load than there were in the first one as well. I didn't know why it seemed like this, but I didn't mind it in the slightest. In fact, deep down I felt like this was a good thing and it actually made me think about how it might feel if I let Max be the one to make me a mother in a few years. I felt that if I was ever going to have cubs the natural way, Max was the only one I would allow to put his sperm inside me. I didn't want to be artificially inseminated, I wanted the full experience, and if that meant doing it with my brother I figured it might be worth taking that chance. Either that, or we could just adopt.

I felt the rush of his semen fill me for several moments, leaving behind a large pool of it in my uterus by the time he was finished. Almost every drop of his cream landed directly in my womb, meaning that it would stay inside there for quite some time after he pulled out of me. I liked this sensation a lot, and I looked forward to receiving it from Maxy again and again.

Gradually, Max started to settle down as I felt his thick panda cock soften a bit inside me. He also stopped kissing me, but looked into my eyes while he waited to pull out, touching my cheek with one of his hands. "Mmm...from now on, I want you to cum inside me each time we have sex together. I want to feel all of your warm and gooey cream sticking to my insides, just like you've done to me now", I playfully told Maxy, making him growl softly.

"You don't have to tell me twice, Maggie. You feel far too good for me to want to pull out anyway", he answered back as it seemed we were in agreement that we would continue to have sex the natural way.

Max remained on top of me until his shaft slipped out of my passage, leaving behind little in the way of a creampie, since most of Max's load was still deep within my womb. After he pulled out, Max stayed with me in my bedroom, laying at my side with his hand touching my own as both of us relaxed after sex. My mattress was a bit small for us to be laying here like this, so if Max was going to sleep with me again we'd need a larger mattress. There were a few other things that we'd have to work out while we lived in the apartment, such as which one of us would have to move and what would become of the spare bedroom after the moving was complete. However, none of these were particularly important at the moment. All that I really cared about was that Maxy was at my side and that we loved each other. That is how I wanted things to stay for us. I only hoped that Mom and Dad would understand how we felt once we told them about our wishes.

To be concluded...

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