My Personal Star Part 9

Story by Solerodis on SoFurry

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#10 of My Personal Star

Ah, the sappy conclusion finally rolls around. Hope everyone enjoyed the ride

When Valin woke up, everything was blurry. He blinked slowly, but his vision only increased a little bit. Looking around, he saw a form slumped in a chair by his bed. As he moved around, stretching and rubbing at his eyes, the form moved, grabbing his hand and squeezing. "Who...who's there? And what time is it..."

Martin lifted Valin's hand and kissed it. "It's your sweet little otter, though I don't know how sweet I am anymore." Valin looked at him, confused. "Your father told me how you ended up here, so...I beat up Seth. Especially because he tried to keep me away from here, saying I belonged to him." Valin's fist clenched and he tried to sit up, but failed with a pained groan. "It's fine, I promise. I hit him extra hard for you. Just like you taught me to."

Valin grinned and chuckled, groaning in pain as he did. "Good boy. Did me proud. Just wish I could have been there to see it. Who knows if I'll ever see again..." Valin rolled his head to the side, trying to avoid looking at Martin as tears started to form in his eyes. "That bastard might have taken a big part of my life from me. I'll just have to remember how cute you are."

Martin reached up and tugged Valin's head back to face him. Leaning over the wolf, Martin planted a kiss on each eye, and then a deeper one on his mouth. "You'll be fine. The doctors say you'll have most of your sight back within a couple of weeks. And even if you don't get it back, I'll still love you. This won't change us. Just makes me your eyes, and heart."

Valin sighed and smiled, trying unsuccessfully to pull Martin onto the bed with him. The wolf finally contented himself with another kiss, blushing as his fathers walked into the room on the display. "So...any chance of getting out of here today? I mean, it was just my eyes." Kriv chuckled as he nodded.

After a couple of months, Valin's sight had all but returned. He missed only a few classes, but was easily able to catch up. And, with the approach of spring break, Valin grew more and more excited, leaving Martin curious and wondering. The week before, Martin finally trapped Valin in their room and made him talk.

"So, what's at your parents' place that's so exciting that you're bouncing off the walls every time you think about it? Are they having some huge party or something and you're planning on showing me off?" Martin had Valin trapped on the bed, gently running his hands through the wolf's chest fur as they talked.

"No, we're not going back to the house. Not right away. I have other plans...better plans." Valin trapped Martin in a kiss to stop the questions. "You'll just have to wait and find out. I promise, you'll like it even more than anything else I've given you."

That weekend, Valin and Martin piled into the car which was already filled with supplies. Martin looked confused as he took in what was in there. "Cooler, tent, food, blankets...we're going camping?" Valin nodded, but put a finger to his lips. "But..." Valin shook his head and cranked up the radio, laughing as he took off down the road.

At the campsite, the two quickly set up the gear and staked out the land. They had found a spot towards the top of a hill, giving them a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. As night fell, the couple gathered together next to the fire, snuggled up under a shared blanket. Sitting there, Martin finally couldn't contain himself.

"So, what's the big surprise?" he asked, tickling Valin until the wolf answered.

"Just wait. And keep your hands to yourself." Valin leaned over and nuzzled Martin's cheek. "If you wait, you'll see why I made you come out here." Even as he spoke, the sky lit up as a massive meteor shower began, filling the sky will a myriad of colors and designs. "See? Second most beautiful sight on this hilltop. The first is sharing a blanket with me."

Martin blushed, hugging Valin tightly. "A star show with the star of my life. I couldn't ask for a better date, or a better man." Valin hugged him back, smiling widely.

"Go on. Make a wish upon a star."

"What could I wish for? I already have you."

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