Captain Jarak Panther Role Play Intro

Story by Captain Jarak Panther on SoFurry

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A column of blue sparkling blue light appears in the center of the room, and when it dissipates, there is a 6'5" green eyed 300 Pound Male Anthropomorphic Panther with a muscular build standing there wearing the late 23rd Century Uniform of a Starfleet Officer. There is a gold Starfleet logo pin is on the left front side of the uniform jacket, and gold rank pins on the sleeves, and another on the right shoulder of it identify him as currently holding the rank of Captain. He reaches back, and pulls his communicator from his belt, flipping it open"Independence, I'm probably going to be here for awhile, but I'll contact you when I'm ready to go, or if I need an emergency beam up. Captain Panther out."Satisfied that his ship received his message, he flips his communicator closed again, and clips it back onto the back of his belt.