A Time to Bond

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Kyle and Damian wait for the moment that can show each other their love after their father, Marcus, goes to work. What they didn't expect was for him to come home early. When Damian forgets to keep quiet Marcus goes to investigate only to show them how it's done by punishing them both in the proper manner.

Note: This is a fully edited republished short story. Please Enjoy

     Summer was always the best time for Kyle and Damian. School was out and they had all the time in the world to do as they pleased when their father, Marcus, went to work. They played outside with their friends during the day time and spent time on their computers while their father was home from work but when he went to work the fun would begin.      Both the boys were a mixed breed of half wolf half tiger and it showed by their markings. Their father was pure wolf and their mother had been a tigress. She passed away from the Feline Aids Virus she had gotten in her youth when she traveled to her homeland. Since the virus had been species specific Marcus never caught it and the kids never received it due to being half wolf. After Elaine died they had to move into a one bedroom house where the boys shared a room and Marcus slept on the couch. Even with the job Marcus had it was all he could afford until the two boys got jobs. Kyle was eighteen and Damian was sixteen. Kyle had a job for a while but since they moved away from where he had been working, and didn't have a car, he had to quit to look for a local job.      "Well, boys, I'm off to work." Marcus said to the boys as he usually did before leaving the house. He picked up his hard hat which was covered in coal dust and headed for the door. "I'll be back before dawn." He said shutting the door leaving the two teen's home alone. They both looked at each other and grinned knowing they were going to be by themselves all night.      "Let's play a game, shall we?" Kyle said to his little brother.      "Let's." Damian agreed before following his brother to their room. The room in general was cluttered with a couple bean bag chair and the paddles to their PlayStation 3, which sat against the wall near the door. Their only bed was a bunk bed where Kyle slept on the top and Damian under him. It seemed to be the way they always liked it, always. Kyle knew how to treat his little brother well and did so showing him every night what little brothers were for and the same kindness would be shown in turn.      They ignored the PlayStation and didn't even bother heading to the closet to find a board game. No, they had something else in mind completely.      "What game shall we play tonight, big brother?" Damian asked as he stripped of his clothes. Kyle did the same but before Damian could get his shirt off, after removing his pants, He was forced against the wall and bitten on the shoulder. Damian gasped and yelped at the loving touch from his older brother. Kyle let go after a few moment then licked his brother's neck and spun him. Damian wrapped his arms around his big brothers neck throwing his shirt away. His heart raced knowing full well what Kyle had in mind.      "It's time little brother knew his place in the pack." Kyle growled then picked his brother up and carried him over to the lower bunk. Damian laid, spread eagle, on the bed while Kyle went to the corners and took the hidden cuffs to each limb. Being playful Damian tucked his tail between his legs making Kyle have to force it away before being able to get to the soft pink hole. The older brother leaned down and licked at Damian's tight star pressing his tongue in to help lube it up before he took the plunge. The warmth of his hole was pleasant and would feel even better around his hardening shaft. He couldn't wait to slip it in as he had done a few nights prior while their father worked.      "Oh, big brother." Damian whimpered licking his lips. He struggled against the restraints wanting to hold his big brother. Kyle pulled away from his little brother's tail hole and licked his own lips savoring the scent of his brother's musk emanating from around his balls.      "Yes, that's good little brother." He panted rubbing a hand down his chest fur only to stop at his hard shaft to rub it for a moment. He brought his other hand up to his maw and spit into it before rubbing it over his shaft. Since they couldn't get lube of their own they had to resort to other means which was fine since it seemed to work well for them.      Kyle growled lowly as he pressed the tip of his member teasingly against the tight opening. Damian shivered and struggled once again against the restraints as if he wanted to resist but knew it was inevitable with what his big brother would to do to him.

     "Struggle all you want you're not getting free, not yet at least. Now, be a good little boy and take all of your big brother." Damian screamed out in pain at first as Kyle shoved his whole barbed and knotted shaft deep and hard. Damian tried to fight against the restraints even more wanting now to push his brother off of him yet at the same time wanting to hold him closer to him making it much easier for the large half-breed to take his abused hole.      Kyle didn't even stop to make sure his brother was alright he was in too much bliss to even care. Before Damian had a chance to adjust to the intruding shaft Kyle already started to pound his hole hard. Each thrust forcing itself against the swelling prostate sending Damian close to release. The feeling was more than stimulating and it became unbearable as he tried to stem the flow of wanting to release his seed all over them both.      "Oh god, Brother, please stop." Damian cried through streaming tears trying to flail his bound body but making no progress with how well he had been tied to the bed. Kyle stopped for a moment then dismounted his little brother. Damian breathed a sigh of relief and watched as his brother walked over to the closet reaching up to the high shelf searching for something. The little brother wasn't sure of what he had been after but went wide in the eyes when he saw a ball gag.      "No, don't. He cried trying to get free now. He loved his brother but a ball gag would make things difficult sine he couldn't tell his brother if he's in pain. Kyle grabbed his little brother's muzzle and forced it open enough to shove the ball gag in then proceeded to belt it down behind his head.      "There, that should keep you quite while I finish." Damian tried to protest but couldn't do anything with the gag in his maw. Kyle remounted the bed and pulled the bound brothers tail out of the way before re-lubing himself with some fresh saliva then slid back in deep making his little brother gasp in pain and pleasure through the ball in muzzle. The harder Damian fought the more Kyle enjoyed it. He would thrust in hard fast and deep making sure to hit the now swollen prostate with much enjoyment wanting his little brother to cum hard over both of them and hope he would have more than enough to fill him later.      Kyle was so sensitive now that he couldn't help but moan with every thrust taking his sweet time as he got close and closer to climax. It started to become unbearable so he leaned down straddling his brother and sped up his rhythm while biting down on Damian's shoulder. Unable to hold himself anymore he let go of his brothers shoulder and cried out in spasms filling the tight hole with his hot stickiness. He started chuffing sounding close to a purr as he felt his brother relax under him and felt his own brothers warmth spew out covering both of them.      "Such a good little brother." Kyle panted. "If I let you go will you promise to be good?" Damian nodded also panting. Kyle thought for a moment and realized he forgot something.      "I'll let you go in a moment but first..." He thrust hard one last time trying to shove his knot in the tight space making his brother scream out and cry from the pressure until finally his knot popped in locking them both together.      "Now you have to wait a while." He said laying down on top of Damian. Good thing the bedroom door had been shut for at that moment their father came home. Kyle looked at the clock. It wasn't time for him to come home yet. They couldn't let him find them like this so they stayed quiet.      "Boy's, I'm home." Marcus yelled through the house. The wolf had placed his faux leather jacket and hard hat on the coat rack. He didn't look to happy. When he had gotten to work he found out that he hadn't been scheduled for that day but before they sent him home they made him do one or two quick little things then gave him some money on the side. At least now he could get some dinner for the three of them. It wasn't like their cupboards were bare. Far from it. He just didn't feel like cooking. Since the boys didn't answer him he figured they went to bed early so he laid down on the couch and turned on the Television. To finish watching the movie he left in the DVD player.      Kyle and Damian waited for a while before trying to move again. Kyle was finally able to pull out of his little brother since the swollen knot had subsided. Trying not to make a noise he undid the restraints from the corners of the bed and hid them. Damian removed the ball gag from his own muzzle licking up the saliva that had accumulated around the ball and spilled out of his muzzle. Kyle padded over to the door and pressed his ear against it seeing if Marcus had heard or suspected anything. From the sound of the TV it looked like he was preoccupied with something else.      Damian snuck up on Kyle with his hands behind his back and waited for just a moment. When Kyle went to turn back around to say something he was shocked to find a ball gag shoved in his own muzzle and tied behind his head. Before he could do much of anything else the little brother had him pinned on the floor with his arms behind his back tied up with a towel. How he managed to tie it up with as thick as it was or even where he had even gotten the towel was a mystery. Damian leaned down and whispered into his big brothers ear.      "My turn." Kyle was still on his knees with his face planted into the floor. It was one of Damian's favorite positions. He wasn't as rough as Kyle was but he made sure the bound brother felt every little thing. He started the same way by first licking and probing the exposed hole with his tongue but this time he reached under his brother and rubbed his soft hand over the pulsing shaft as it dripped with cum. Damian rubbed his hand over the dripping mess and collected some of it to use on his own shaft as lube instead of lubing up with saliva. It felt good to the touch as he rubbed his own shaft now covered in his brothers cum.      "Don't struggle, dad might hear us." He whispered to his big brother as he got to his knees. His brother had been with many others, besides Damian, so sliding in was effortless. None the less, regardless of how loose he felt the warmth felt welcomed and the smooth feeling of his shaft sliding in and out of the soft interior drove him to the edge. Damian shivered and pumped his brother just wanting to get off soon since since their father was just on the other side of the door asleep, or so they hoped. The little brother let out a howling cry and shoved his knot deep in his big brother whose eyes went wide in terror. He forgot how loud his brother came and was sure Marcus would have heard that, and he did.      "What's going on in there?" Came the voice of their father from the next room. Damian tried to pull out but found he was tied tight. No matter how hard he pulled his knot was just too big to pull out despite his brother being loose. With a squeak the door swung open and Marcus stood there in shock and disbelief. He wasn't wearing any pants. Sometime during the evening he had taken his pants off thinking he had been the only one awake trying to get comfortable. He hadn't expected to find the boys awake and in the middle of something.      Markus started to get hard and he tried to hide it. He knew what they had been doing and was turned on by it but he wanted to show them a real lesson in mating but wondered if he should punish them instead. It dawned on him he could do both. Since they wanted to mate one another he might as well show them by taking them and punish them at the same time by having to take his thick knot.      "So you guys want to play around and mate one another, huh? Let me teach you a thing or two." He noticed that Damian was tied with his brother so this would be easy for him. He got down on his knees and felt up the half-breeds tail hole. It was slick with seed streaming out and dripping on the floor. He smiled thinking how easy it would be to just take him there. He lifted Damian's tail and tucked his shaft up under it sliding in quick first but soon it became difficult since he was so much thicker. Damian gasped and tried to cry out but once again his muzzle was shut by his father with one hand.      "Now now, Damian, you need to learn your lesson." Marcus said thrusting up to the top of his knot. The teen had tears running from his eyes since he couldn't express the pleasure he felt even as he had his hands on his father's forearm. With every thrust Damian spurted more seed deep in his brother being his swollen prostate had been hit every time. The teen's balls had pulled close to him already but they were reaching the point of being emptied to the point of shooting blanks.      Marcus grunted at the tightness feeling every inch of his insides, loving the hot feeling of his son around him. Climaxing came soon for the father since he hadn't been with anyone in some time and would cum hard, so hard the little teen would feel it for a week. Marcus shoved every last inch of his being in the tight hole past his half swollen knot with a satisfying pop. It swelled making Damian struggle and tighten his hands into a fist from the exerted pressure spreading his hole. A wave of heat filled his insides pushing past his inner hole and into the large intestines having nowhere else to go. At least he would be getting some good protein.      "Just relax my son it'll be over soon." Marcus cooed into Damian's perked and twitching ear. "As for your big brother, thank you for binding him up for me. I don't want him to struggle too much." Damian was able to slide out of his brother dripping cum all over his hole and down his exposed balls.      "Aw, you've made a mess. Now you have to lick it up. It's only polite to clean your brother now." Marcus released his son's muzzle and forced him down into a position where the boy could lick up the mess. Damian hesitated for a second then sighed with a wince at the pulsing feeling of his father in him. Like a good little boy he licked up his own seed not liking the taste but he had to obey his father or he might do something more drastic. He didn't want to think of what his father could make him do though it couldn't be anything good.      Kyle's eyes rolled to the back of his head at the feeling of the rough tongue on his balls. He started to get hard again wanting to get off but he didn't know if that would be possible not with what his father wanted to do.      Marcus pushed again into Damian's hole before pulling out, knot and all, making Damian scream again but before he could Marcus had his hand around his muzzle. It didn't take long for the pain to subside and Damian started to get tired from over exertion. When he could relax he slid over on his side and curled up taking deep long breaths trying to rest up from everything he had experienced.      "Now it's your turn." Marcus said rubbing his hand along Kyle's rump and pushing his bushy tail out of the way. Kyle's father dripped with seed as he found a good angle to force himself. The teen whimpered at the new pressure forced upon him. If he hadn't been loose before he would be now. The length wasn't the problem it was the thickness. Kyle soon settled into the feeling of his father's shaft pounding his stretching tail hole and moaning into the gag still in his maw. Saliva pooled from it and disappeared into the carpet while his own shaft dripped more and more pre still mixed with the seed from earlier.      "Mm, you feel even better than your little brother." Marcus moaned slowing his thrusts. He wanted to savor the moment but still pressed hard against Kyle's prostate till he started to cum again spilling onto the floor in a messy pool. Kyle's ears flattened and he started to pant with every fresh wave pouring from his already sensitive shaft. He didn't know how much more he would be able to take but finally it was ended when his father shoved in hard one final time popping his thick knot in tying with him and filling his insides past full spilling into his intestines. Kyle struggled against the towel binding his hands behind him trying to get free. The position started to become uncomfortable. Marcus looked down and decided to let his son free from the bondage but he wasn't going to be able to get away from being knotted. Kyle pushed himself up into his hands and moaned pushing back more on his father's already knotted cock wanting more but realizing there was no more to give.      Time seemed to go by fast for the two. Marcus was able to slide out of his son and fall over exhausted and this time not from work. Kyle stretched his back out hearing a few cracks from being on his knees for so long. He looked over at his father who had started to doze off then at his brother, who had been asleep for a while. Damian looked peaceful but Kyle knew he would enjoy the thoughts brewing in his head right now so he shook his younger brother awake and whispered into his ear. Damian grinned from ear to ear then yanked his shirt off sliding in behind his father waiting for his brother to slide in from the front. Marcus was unaware of their plot to seduce him now but wasn't at all surprised when they both took him from the different sides. He lifted his leg helping them to gain a vantage angle in his hole. He moaned and petted each of his sons in turn while they alternated their thrusting. Before either of them could release though they shoved in as hard as they could locking, double knotted, in their father's tight hole. The pressure mounted from the feeling of the knots and the hot feeling of their combined seed. None of them wanted the moment to end. They each held onto the other and fell asleep with the scent of sex lingering in the air.