Star Trek Story Chapter 1

Story by Captain Jarak Panther on SoFurry

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The Miranda Class Federation Starship U.S.S. Independence NCC-1776

slowly made it's way through space at impulse speed. On the bridge


the ship everything was calm, and quiet other than the usual beeping,

and humming of computer consoles. Sitting in the Captain's Chair was a

6'5" 300 pound muscularly built male Anthropomorphic Panther with dark

green eyes. On his lap was a log recorder.

"Captain's log, Stardate 9521.6. We've just finished establishing

peaceful relations with the native people of the Nimoy system, who

contacted us, just as we were passing through their region of space. How

they knew we were in their sector, I'll never know. I beamed down, and

met with their leader, a rather frail elderly gentleman by the name of

Leonard. Leonard expressed great interest in his people joining the

Federation, so now, the Independence crew, and I are on our way back to

Earth for a long needed rest after having been out here in space for

four years without a break. This will give me time to present the

petition of the Nimoyians to the Federation Council purrrrsonally. I

hope the Nimoyians will be allowed to join.

 Captain Panther

picked up his his 12 String Acoustic Guitar from the nearby Guitar

stand, and started strumming it as as a subspace signal came through.

Communications Officer Lieutenant Natasha Wyatt answered the call.

"Captain. Urgent message from the Excelsior."

"On screen," Captain Panther told her.

The screen turned on, and the visage of Captain Sulu, and his bridge crew could be seen.

"Hikiru. This is certainly unexpected, but not unwelcome," the Panther

said. It is then that he saw the rather grim expressions on the

Excelsior bridge crew's faces, so he put his guitar back onto it's stand


"What's going on?" he asked.

"Bad news, I'm afraid, Jarak" Sulu told Captain Panther. "Praxis has exploded."

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Captain Jarak Panther Role Play Intro

A column of blue sparkling blue light appears in the center of the room, and when it dissipates, there is a 6'5" green eyed 300 Pound Male Anthropomorphic Panther with a muscular build standing there wearing the late 23rd Century Uniform of a Starfleet...