Chapter 1: Escape

Story by mature1996 on SoFurry

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#2 of Not Your Master

Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm willing to improve.

This is an unusual story about Mind control. I would like to precise that all the characters are major and technically willing.

Toby is the son of a rich family. His life is about to change as he had gotten kidnap the day of his 18th birthday. Three days later, another young man will enter is life, and his mind. The event that will go on that day will change their live forever.

My name is Toby Wargner. I am the second son of Nicolas and Catherine Wargner, rich owner of Wargner's co. Like the rest of my family, I am good looking with our blue eyes, our blond hair and our slight skin color. Hitler would have said we were of the Arian race, not that my family believe in what he was trying to do. My big brother Michael always has been the future president of Wargner's co., but I never minded. That doesn't mean I will be left with nothing. I will inherit all of our parent's wealth, but the company which will go to my brother of course. I will own 40% of it nevertheless, so I would never be in need. Of course, all of this also means I'm a trophy boy, always there to put my father in a good position.

I have a great memory, so I 'm always over average at school, except in math were I'm in the average. I'm also really great in sport, which is the only area were I'm better than my brother. Not that I mind. My father always has been proud of both of us, saying that it's nice to have a sportive and a future manager in the family. He always say that he did a better job the second time, because I've never gotten home drunk, nor party to hard nor had one of my ex-girlfriend break a windows with a brick, which my brother all did. In fact, unknowingly to my father, I've never had a girlfriend or had been attracted to a girl, nor a boy for that matter, nor even had any sexual desire. In fact, I haven't even felt the need to "touch" myself, even now that I'm an adult. That brings me to today, the third day after my 18th birthday.

Three days ago, I've been kidnapped, most likely to ask for a ransom. I've been put in a cell much like the one we would see in movies, somewhere in a facility I don't know. I'm able to see the city outside, but I don't know exactly where I am. I've been pulled out of my cell twice already to speak with my family and tell them I'm alright, only to be put back in. Every time my parents paid, they would raise the price. I've never practice any violent sports, so I can't defend myself. There is no hope left. I will never get out of here.

There is always hope as long as men never stop to believe.

Wait a minute, I'm not the one who the one who thinks of that. Of course not. It feels so good to not have to think. But I have to think. If I don't, the other will have to stop helping me think. But it feels so good not to have to think.


The connection had been cut, but it's back now. That sudden cut had been the cause of an intense pain, but it's gone now that the link is back. If I don't try to think, I could stop forever, which is not a good thing. I have to focus, because there is no time left for the other to cut the link again. But it feels so good to not have to think. But I have to, if I don't, the link will become too strong to be easily cut, and my mind will be crushed. But it feels so good. ...


Shit, I've lost him. No time to break the link though, so I will have to do all the thinking. Since I'm driving to the site for the extraction, I can't fully concentrate to control him, I will have to emulate him and send him some info on the way. I can't have him conscious of his situation because he will take too much of my attention to answer. So let's start.

My name is Toby Wargner. Of course that's my name. I now realize that I've been standing still for almost 30 second, so I should start to look around. I'm prisoner in a cell in the east wing, and the closest exit is in the west wing. I suddenly realize that I know the layout of the building, but how is not important. I put my ear on the door only to ear footsteps coming closer. The door opens soon after, as a gigantic man enter the cell. I need to pass over him, but I don't know how.

Crotch, abs, left knee (he's already hurt there, so it breaks when he it), upper cut, head on the ground.

I don't know what had happened to me, but the kidnapper is lying on the ground dead, or at least unconscious. Not that I mind. There are other men around here, and I must have made enough sounds to attract them soon. I start to run for the west wing. Halfway through, a man as big as the other stand in my way

Just jump on him. With your masse and your speed you should at least knock him on the ground.

I continue to run, letting the guard on the ground. I've reached the exit, and now I'm on the parking lot getting in the back of a van that took off as soon as I closed the door. The inside of the van was off the most unusual. Only the first row of seat has been kept, except for a seat back on the side wall. In place there was a small bed on one side, and a computer on the other. The whole thing looks like it's out from a spying movie. But the thing that got my attention was the driver. The driver was a man, and I could only think one thing as I've seen him:


Chapter 2: Empathy

"Master!" "Shut up. I can't turn you down yet, but please stay silent as I drive" I will do as he asks. Of course, because he's my master. "I've said shut up. That is also good for what you think. I can read it, and it's disturbing." My master was...

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