Experimenting with her friend.

Story by Luna NightShade on SoFurry

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okay, guys, just something I thought of this morning and decided to post a short story about it, nothing special really, but it's better than nothing I guess. enjoy and if you'd like to see more of this, I will do some more detailed stories of this when I am moved and settled down in my new home.

Ps: Please give me some tips and point out any misspells or typos for me to fix, anything that helps my writing improve is better than not improving at all:3

Audra groaned annoyingly upon hearing the words coming from her mother's mouth. her going on about how she should only date other felines and not to go crossbreeding, but Audra could careless. and eventually her mother took a deep sigh, before storming off downstairs.

Audra laid in her bed, covered up in her comfy blanket, whiling she watched the door for a moment. she never understand her parent's concern about crossbreeding, as long as Audra loved her mate, then she wouldn't mind what species they were.

She thought about her secret boyfriend, a husky with a black coat and white underbelly. he was so adorable, she could barely ever stop thinking about him, just the thought of him drove her crazy, and most nights she would masturbate thinking about him, which was a lot...

soon enough after laying in bed for over an hour. she suddenly sat up fast. exhaling a deep breath, she hopped out of bed, and went straight for the bathroom to take a show. undressing herself fully, you would notice that she were a beautiful colored, snow white leopard with black black and gray stripes. while her tail was spotted with black dots.

She took her time in the shower, one of the reasons being because of how much she loved the feeling of her fur being drenched in warm water. while the other being so that she may have some privacy while she thought about today.

She were finally going over to her boy friend's house, which was pretty great, since he were only 19, and lived by himself. and her being 18. still lived with her parents. so they would have quite awhile to do whatever they felt like with each other.

of course, she would need an excuse to get out of the house, so when she finished showering, she got dressed into a simple outfit, consisting of a v-neck T-shirt and some blue jeans.

once ready, she happily left her room, practically running down the stairs, although stopped herself from running so that she wouldn't bring up any suspicion with her parents.

she walked towards the door, and luckily for her, her parents weren't around. so, without hesitation, opened the door and stepped outside. before poking her head back into the house for a moment

"Hey mama, i am going to go hang out with my friend, she wanted to show me something. i'll be back around 7 tonight, is that alright?" she shouted towards her mother, although knowing full well that what she said with half a lie and half the truth

"yes darling, just be careful and don't be gone all night."

Upon hearing the reply, she smiled brightly. and closed the door, before turning and walking down onto the sidewalk, and then making her way down her neighorhood and towards her boy friend's house

Soon enough, she walked down to a large white colored house, and smiled brightly, before she walked into the yard and went over to the door. and ringing the doorbell. after a few minutes of waiting, her boy friend opened the door. and smiled brightly.

"oh, hey Audra! i forgot you were coming over.." He blushed slightly, chuckling nervously and rubbing the back of his head while looking at her, she was wearing a decent outfit, while he just wore shorts

"hey Chris! you look like you were sleeping, but i don't mind at all. actually i like it." She smiled brightly, and walked into the house, before hugging him tightly, and kissing him for a moment as a way to say i love you.

"So, what were you doing dressed in such a way?" She asked with a rather perky grin on her lips.

"Nothing much really, just relaxing, watching tv. the usual i guess. i wasn't planing anything, but if you'd like, i don't mind doing what you'd like to do."

"Oh well, i just wanted to cuddle with you, we can watch tv though. that is fine, as long as i get to enjoy your fluffy warmth."

"You always make me feel so special Audra. let's go then, i was watching some random show anyways, i think it was bones. but i can't remember."

He smiled, and wrapped his shoulder around her, nuzzling into her neck and face happily while they walked, and when they got to his couch, he sat down against the back, and laid down, before patting beside him, indicating for her to join him, which she happily agreed to and got onto the couch with him. once they were both settled in, he flipped the tv on, and of course. it was bones that was playing.

once he turned it on, he placed the tv remote down onto the stand beside the couch, turned to face Audra's neck, and wrapped an arm around her side. pulling her closely against his chest fur and smiling warmly.

He nuzzled into her neck, muzzle and wherever he could find fur, acting more feral then actual anthro. but she didn't mind, she loved his feral side. it made him so unique and special, especially when it came to snuggling.

Audra giggled and wiggled around playfully, nuzzling back up against the husky's nuzzles and joyfully purred at the feeling of his wet nose pressing against her neck,

Soon enough, the two grew tired, and they laid there quietly, Chris holding her tightly against his chest, while she closed her eyes and started dozing off.

She loved this, snuggling with her lovely boy friend, without the fear of being punished or not being able to see him anymore, not needing to worry what her parents think about cross specie dating, and now, she had no worries. and soon enough fell asleep in the strong arms of her love, a beautiful husky who loved her as much as she loved him.

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