I was a Teenaged Pornstar (11)

Story by Gruffy on SoFurry

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#11 of I Was a Teenaged Pornstar

I was a Teenaged Pornstar (11)


Crisp and the guys have gone to the big mall to look at some new clothes and...stuff!


Crisp stepped into the fitting room and expected the fox to hand him the shorts, but instead of that the fox - and the otter! - simply stepped into the box as well and Lane squeezed the folding door shut behind them.

"Wow, guys!" Crisp yelped in surprise at his two buddies sliding into the small fitting room with him,

"Plenty of space here for all of us!" Marco smirked, both sounding and looking cheerful like only a fox could. "And it's always more fun when you've got a style judge with ya..."

"Definitely!" Lane grinned.

"Uhh...isn't it a bit crowded here?" Crisp questioned shyly.

"That makes it only more fun!" the otter stated with a wink. "So...go on! Take those shorts off! Let's try the new ones one!"

"Oh..." Crisp's ears flicked quickly. "B-but I'm not wearing any underwear...lol...I couldn't find any that fit..."

The otter giggled.

"We won't tell if you won't," Lane mused.

Marco handed the shorts over to the otter and proceeded to tug the waistband of his own pants down to how the top of his own plump sheath for the wolf.

"And I'm not wearing any, either," the fox grinned before he tucked himself back into his pants.

"Lol!" Crisp yipped. "Guys...someone might come on in and..."

"Come oooon..." Lane pouted sweetly. "We know it's impressive enough! We've seen it! Thousands of guys online have seen it, heh! Both soft and hard!"

Crisp started to blush furiously.

"Not that we're looking, really...just...heheh..." the fox said.

Crisp shook his head a little.

"You guys are naughty," he said quietly.

"Are we?" the fox sounded innocent.

"Awww..." Lane stated. "You think?"

"A bit, yeah, I think," Crisp said, though he couldn't help at smile a little at their silliness.

The two giggled, perhaps too loudly considering they were supposed to be covertly hiding in the fitting room along with the wolf, but they didn't seem to mind the possibility of being discovered. Crisp decided that the only way to get out of the situation would to do what they had suggested him to do would be to try on the shorts, hence, he turned a little and began to pull down his own borrowed shorts now. He knew that the two other furs were watching intently, enjoying the little strip show - and turning away from the truly did nothing, since the big mirrors none the less gave them a sight of the wolf's swollen sheath and his dick peeking out from the top. Crisp felt his blush re-double when he saw his own boner, and knew that his friends were very much seeing it too.

"So...uh...shorts, please?" Crisp mumbled.

"Here you go!" Marco clipped the clothes hanger off them and handed them over to the wolf. "Remember to try them especially for the fit...though I bet it'll be...pretty snug on all sides..."

Lane licked his lips, and Crisp let out a cute little meep as he took the offered garment and bent over to pull them on.

"Murr..." he could hear the fox comment.

Oh, boy, Crisp thought, gosh that, thinking about the eyes on his butt. Pulling on the shorts didn't help at all, really, considering that they were of the extremely snug, stretchy kind that pulled up to his butt crack and squeezed his boner into a big bulge on the front.

"Hmm, let me help you with the buttons!" Marco announced.

Crisp didn't have time to resist before the fox's fingers were on him, to snap on the buttons on both the tail flap side and the fly to secure the skimpy shorts onto the wolf's hips.

"Hmmm...but now you have to take off the shirt so that we can properly see how it fits properly!" Lane noted.

"Definitely!" Marco gave Crisp's butt a little pat, which caused the wolf's tail to swish curiously.

"You sure that's necessary?" Crisp asked.

"Uh huh, who's the stylist here?" Marco pleaded.

"Buh...okay, guys..." the young wolf said. He shucked off the shirt and knew that he was then standing there only in his borrowed sneakers and the shorts he was trying on, boner and all poking at the fabric that truly left little room for imagination about the contents of the said garment.

"Sweet!" Lane said. Before Crisp managed to utter a single shy word, the otter dug out his phone and snapped a photo with its camea.

"Dude!" Crisp yelped.

"Come on...turn around to see that butt for the camera..." the otter said, aiming his camera.

Crisp started to blush even more furiously.

"Guys, this is crazy!" he said.

"Noooo," Marco said, "It's just fun...come on...think it's like one of the photo shoots...showing off that cute little tush of yours..."

Even Crisp found that word to be childish when used to refer to someone's backside, his own included. The naughty suggestion made his tail flick from side to side, however, brushing along his ankles and tightly covered butt.

"We're gonna get caught..." Crisp whispered.

"Not if we're quick...heheh...who knows, maybe the studio would even buy these photos, or maybe use them as an idea for a scene to film..." Lane said, "just think about it, innocent young college boy in a fitting box with two kinky porn stars..."

Crisp had to admit, it did sound kinda sexy, and more than that, very naughty, too.

"I don't really look all that sexy..." he said shyly. He was aware that he still bore the bruises from being beaten up, and felt self-conscious about being watched this closely now by his friends.

"Of course you are sexy!" Lane said. "Sexy and..."

He snapped another photo.

"...and super cute!"

"With a really cute butt..." said Marco, leaning down so that it seemed he was spying on the posterior in question, tail wagging about.

"Uh...guys..." Crisp mumbled.

"So..." Lane waved the camera," can we see the butt?"

"Pleeeease?" Marco pouted.

"Alright then, but just quickly, okay?" Crisp relented. He did want to be nice to his friends, and make sure that they didn't feel bad about anything he did.

"Now we're talking!" Lane chirped. "Just turn round and...I'll do the rest, heh!"

Crisp swiveled on his footpaws and looked at himself shyly from the mirror in front of him. He saw his own reflection, and the apparitions of his friends, crowding the little changing booth. Both were smiling broadly, especially so when their eyes ogled at the young wolf's rear that was now pointing at them, swishy tail and all.

"Oh, nice...yes" said Lane, and the flash went off on the phone, "such cute buns..."

He gave them a one-pawed pat, and Crisp's tail flew up in the air and brushed against both of his friends in the progress. They only let out breathy giggles as a result. Lane snapped a few more photos, too.

"And now one where you pretend you're bout to pull them down...pleeeease?" Lane pleaded. "That's bound to be so hot!"

"Shouldn't we be going out of here already?" Crisp asked, looking over his shoulder at his friends.

"Well as soon as you pose, I can get the photo taken," Lane said innocently while he brandished his phone. "Come on..."

"Uh...alright..." Crisp's ears flicked back and forth, "like this?"

He hooked his thumbs under the elastic of the shorts and he leaned forward a little and raised his butt in the hopes of them nailing the photo on he first try.

"Lift your tail a bit...there's not all that much space so gonna try to get the best angle..." Lane spoke in concentration, playing the director for now.

"Ah...like this?"

Crisp curled his tail a little and wondered just how ridiculous it must have looked like, especially with his paws positioned like they were. The phone camera went off again.

"Oh, super cool!" Lane giggled. "One more..."

"H-hurry," Crisp felt himself blush almost worse than before.

There was another blinding flash, and then the otter pocketed his phone.

"These are so much fun," Lane said.

"You're not gonna show them around are you?" Crisp asked worriedly.

"Only to Roger and Leo to make them envious," Lane said.

"Ohhh..." Crisp mumbled.

"Okay, sexybutt," Marco swatted the boy's ass, "let's go and find you some other shorts to try...and maybe some briefs...heheheheh!"

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