Safe and Sound

Story by Jeeves on SoFurry

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For twenty four hours Magnus has been held captive, though not entirely against his will. Now his captor returns, but not alone! :3

This story was written for Magnus Streifengrauer, it contains M/F and F/F sexual acts, minor drug use and orgasm denial involving consenting adults.

Safe and Sound

Magnus had been held captive for more than a day. Tied almost constantly to that same wooden chair in that same empty storeroom, naked and uncertain as to his eventual fate.

And yet, the fox/lynx hybrid was not afraid. A little worried, yes. Embarrassed and uncertain about his captor's plans, but not fearful of her. The otter whose husband ran the bathhouse he had been caught peeping into the day before had treated him well, all things considered. She had given him bathroom breaks, loosened his bonds to prevent any chafing of his wrists or ankles, and even hand-fed him some rather delicious food that she had apparently cooked herself. Indeed, if there was one thing that Magnus resented the otter for, it wasn't holding him prisoner. It was for teasing him so mercilessly. For getting him so worked up on each and every one of her visits to him, but not once letting him cum.

It had taken hours after the otter's first bout of tender torture for the flynx to settle down. For his arousal to wilt and come to terms with the fact that it wasn't going to receive the orgasm it so desperately needed. Now, even though she had not attempted to assail him with anything like the intense and rather extreme methods of that first occasion, it only took a moment in her presence to bring Magnus back to full arousal. When un-gagged, he had begged for her to touch him again. To make him cum by any methods she wished, even if it meant sliding that metal rod back into his cock and sounding him to climax.

He didn't care what she thought of him for feeling this way. After all, she'd caught him jacking off to the sight of her naked bathhouse clientelle, so the otter already knew he was a horndog of the highest calibre. She already had him at her mercy, not just because of the ropes binding him but because of the fact that she could easily call the police and have him arrested for his trespassing, never mind his peeping tom-ism. But if she would only let him cum... if she would only stop teasing him, and actually sastisfy his urges, the otter could have so much more than a horny teenage prisoner on her hands. She could have a willing, eager toy-boy at her beck and call.

Licking his lips, tasting residual traces of the incredible wild mushroom soup which the otter had made him for lunch, Magnus squirmed in his seat. He glanced down, and groaned in dismay as he saw the result of his recent repetitive train of thought. His cock was beginning to swell and stiffen once more, rising rapidly to full mast in eager, hopeful expectation. Refusing point blank to acknowledge that there was no way for its owner to give it the pleasure it craved.

Closing his eyes, the flynx tried to settle himself. To calm his body and attempt to come to terms with the fact that, as had been true for the past day, he was not yet able to achieve the pleasure he so desperately craved.

Rather than relaxing, however, Magnus soon found his eyes jolted open with shock as the door to the room in which he was being kept swung suddenly open, and from beyond it not one, not two, but a whole host of voices emerged. Laughing, giggling. The otter was amongst them, her voice the loudest and most cheerfully commanding of the bunch, but they all had the same kind of tone to their words. The same sense of strength and pride that came from success and stability and the money with which to live a very comfortable life indeed.

"Here he is, ladies. I told you I wasn't making him up!"

Turning his head towards the door, Magnus' already wide eyes bulged as he saw the otter ushering the women past where she was standing, towards his bare, exposed and currently aroused body. He watched as one by one the other females entered, all wearing the same cotton robes stitched with the logo of the bathhouse and very little else. A vixen. A badger. A skunk. All middle aged like their friend the otter, all with a degree of plumpness to their figures, and to Magnus' tastes all very beautiful indeed.

Blushing, giggling and pointing like school-girls rather than grown women, the three new females stood in a line before Magnus, staring at him with shameless excitement. They drank in every detail of his skinny, lithe bare body, a predominant amount of that attention fixated upon his plump balls and twitching, eager erection. They didn't say anything though, not to one another and certainly not to him. At least, not until the otter closed the storeroom door and padded over to join them in observing Magnus' hungrily trembling body.

"These are my friends. Say hello."

She smiled as the flynx bowed his head obediently, almost as if he was shy.

"H-hello, ladies."

In turn, she looked round at her companions and nodded encouragingly for them to respond. In unison, every bit as bashful as Magnus himself and still staring shamelessly at the young male's erect, exposed cock, they greeted him. Their voices were slightly breathless, their murmured words filled with intense excitement. Clearly they were far less experienced in this field... whatever this was, than their otter companion.


Stepping forward, towards Magnus, the otter reached into the pocket of her own bathrobe and withdrew something clenched in her palm. She soon revealed it, holding it up before the flynx's eyes between forefinger and thumb. It was a pill. A small, white pill without any identifying markings to give away its content or purpose. Behind the otter, Magnus could see the three ladies shifting and squirming where they stood. Nervous yes, but excited above all else. Clearly they knew what was going on; or what was about to go on between their friend and her captive teen toy.

Gently, soothingly, the otter addressed Magnus.

"I've been good to you... haven't I? I've looked after you well and kept you out of trouble, after you were caught being such a naughty boy."

Whimpering softly, the flynx nodded. The otter smiled happily at his compliance, and continued.

"I'm glad you think so. I hope that means you trust me. That you know I'd never do anything to hurt you or make you feel bad. That so long as you are a good boy, and do as I say, I'll make sure you get exactly what it was that you came here for in the first place."

Her free hand dropped between Magnus' legs, the tips of her fingers just barely grazing the already damp, dripping tip of his cock. The flynx whined in desperate desire and bucked his hips, but before he could draw any more pleasure from the female's actions she had withdrawn her hand once more. In its place, the otter's other paw moved closer still to Magnus' face. Holding that little white pill before his muzzle.

"I want you to take this pill. To swallow it. I don't want you to ask what it is, or what it's gonna do. I want you to show my friends that you will trust in me to know what's best for you. And if you do... I promise, the four of us are going to have a really good time together."

Eyes sparkling with devilish glee, the otter began to inch the pill ever closer to Magnus' muzzle. The flynx hesitated at first, his first instincts telling him that it was madness to take some unknown medication from a woman whose name he didn't even know. But then he thought about what she was saying. Thought about what she was offering him. He thought about his situation; bound and restrained, unable to escape, yes, but more importantly unable to pleasure himself.

If he didn't do what she said... maybe she'd stop finding him so entertaining. Maybe with her friends disappointed, she too would lose interest and let him go.

And if he did obey her, and the pill she was offering him didn't hurt or kill him, then what? More teasing? More sexual excitement? More time spent here, surrounded by strange women who might want to do any number of strange and exotic things to his bare, young, virile form?

Shivering with excitement, the flynx opened his muzzle wide and stuck out his tongue, openly accepting the otter's invitation.

Maybe he was crazy... but Magnus didn't want this mad ride he was on to end. Not quite yet, at least. And if the cost of potential fun with not just the otter but all these beautiful women was showing a little faith and trust, then that was precisely what he would do.

No sooner had he felt the little white pill settle upon his tongue, the flynx drew it back into his muzzle. He swallowed without delay, blushing slightly as the trio of women standing behind the otter squealed with glee, while the otter herself just stared at him with an almost proud grin upon her face. Clearly she had been uncertain as to whether Magnus would be happy to go along with her plan, and seeing that he was had probably just earned the male some serious points with his captor.

Before long the otter returned to her friends' sides, and together the four middle aged women stood watching Magnus. It was slightly embarrassing, having four ladies simply staring at him as he sat there, aroused and unable to either cover himself or even to act upon his desires. Red as the flynx's face may have been beneath his fur though, he was enjoying their enjoyment of his bare body. As the minutes passed by, each of the women began to squirm and shuffle where they stood, until after a short while the otter took the initiative and began to untie the cotton fastenings of her robe. Within seconds she was nude, her plump, pleasingly rounded brown furred form exposed both to Magnus' gaze and that of her friends. She widened her stance slightly, parting her legs, and with a teasing lick of her lips brought her left hand to bear against the curve of her pubic mound. The tips of her fingers were just able to curl around to the base of her crotch, and oh so subtly and gently began to rub and tease close by to the sensitive flesh of her pussy.

The sight of the otter masturbating in front of not just him but her other friends swiftly brought Magnus to a new level of arousal. He began to pant hungrily, to shiver and tremble with anguished anticipation. Indeed it wasn't long before Magnus came to realise that what he was feeling was almost certainly more than simply a result of the otter's exhibitionism. No matter how hot she was, the way he was feeling was so much more than just a result of what he was seeing. With every throbbing pulse of his rock hard cock, the flynx already felt as if the otter's pussy was wrapped tightly around him. Squeezing, milking him, pleasuring him to a state of maddened rapture.

Except... she hadn't started to fuck him. She hadn't even touched him since feeding him that pill.

Magnus' eyes widened.

The pill.

That had to be it. The reason for the way he was feeling. The sudden intensifying of his arousal beyond what even his own desperately needy body believed it was capable of without direct stimulation. The otter had fed him some form of libido enhancer, viagra or something similar... maybe even stronger.


Magnus groaned aloud as he watched not only the otter touching herself, but the other ladies now beginning to peel off their robes and start fondling their own bodies. The other three were clearly less experienced in this sort of simultaneous voyeurism and exhibitionism than the otter, scarlet blushes upon each of their cheeks as they nervously glanced from one another to Magnus and back again. Desire soon overcame their embarrassment though, and just like the otter each of the other ladies began to pleasure and tease themselves to the sight of the flynx squirming and throbbing where he sat bound to his chair.

The more time passed, the more desperate Magnus became for the otter to act. To do something. It may only have been five or ten minutes that the four women had been standing before him, giggling and murmuring happily amongst themselves as they leisurely enjoyed the sight of his young, virile body lusting over them, but to the flynx it felt like a lifetime. His need for satisfaction, for outright pleasure was still growing. Still intensifying. Already blazing like wildfire within his loins, pre drooling down the straining length of his cock in a constant stream, flowing over his balls and dripping down onto the chair beneath him.

Eventually, he couldn't bear it any longer. Magnus cried out in frustration, begging the otter for mercy as she shivered in delight, teasing at the swollen nub of her own clitoris.

"Please. P-please... touch me."

Turning to her friends with a grin, the otter seemed to consider Magnus' proposal for a few moments before answering him.

"How? How do you want me... want us... to touch you?"

A deep, fevered whine escaped Magnus, his hips bucking helplessly and the chair squeaking against the concrete floor.

"Any way you want. J-jerk me. Ride me. S-sound me again. Stick that rod i-into my cock... all the way in. Anything, just please... touch me. Make me cum."

Again the otter seemed to think about what Magnus was asking, before once more looking towards the female figure beside her. The otter's skunk companion blushed and whimpered with nervous excitement as her friend stepped into close proximity. She bit down on her bottom lip as the otter's arms encircled her own plump torso, and let loose a long, lingering moan of delight as one of the otter's paws rapidly descended between her legs; displacing her own fingers as they started to tease and rub at her pussy.

As if taking the cue from the other two women, the remaining pair of ladies joined together in their own tender twosome. Vixen and badger embraced and began to fondle one another just as the otter and skunk were doing. Their moans grew louder. Their gasps and visible shudders of pleasure growing all the more regular and powerful. It was only when a desperate whimper from Magnus echoed around the room some thirty seconds later that any of them seemed to recall that he was present.

Grinning, pecking her skunk friend upon the side of the muzzle and continuing to gently finger the other woman, the otter beamed at Magnus with a devilish twinkle in her eyes.

"Poor boy... you really must be horny by now. I remember my husband the first time I gave him one of those pills, many years ago of course. Even though I didn't hold him back, even though I was there for him from the very first moment, he must have fucked me four or five times, and cum twice as many himself at my hands and my muzzle, before he could even begin to think straight again. Those were some long, fun nights."

Magnus let slip a desperate yelp, the idea of fucking all these women back to back, unrestrained and wild, sending his already twitching, dripping cock into a frenzy of throbbing convulsions. Still though, he hung on the otter's every word as she continued to address him.

"I can't imagine how tough it's gonna be for you. Sitting there, watching us as we play. As we enjoy ourselves. As we wear each other out and get off over and over to the sight of you sitting there, wanting us but utterly powerless to take what it is you crave."

The flynx's eyes bulged. He wailed in anguish, crying out to the otter in confusion.

"B-but... you said... you said I'd get what I wanted if I was good. That we'd all have fun together! Y-you said it. You promised."

Not only the otter giggled this time, but all the women. It was their leader, Magnus' captor, who answered though; beaming knowingly from ear to ear as she did so.

"I think you might have heard what you wanted to hear. What your cock wanted to hear. Yes, I said I'd give you what you came here for. And if I remember correctly, when I caught you, you were watching a bunch of naked women."

She gestured to herself and her friends, still fondling one another.

"I believe I've more than satisfied that part of my promise. As for us all having fun together, I think you need to work on your basic mathematics. I said the four of us."

Again she pointed to herself and each of her companions in turn. Otter. Fox. Skunk. Badger. Four of them.

"I'm taking care of you, and I fully intend on treating you well. But don't forget, little one... you broke into the grounds of my bathhouse. You tried to jerk off watching my customers as they relaxed in an atmosphere they expect to be peaceful and private. Good behaviour since then or not, you still need to be punished for what you did. And since I don't intend on turning you over to the police... I think this is the only fitting way to see justice done."

For a few moments the otter stopped focusing on Magnus, returning her full attention to her skunk partner and making the other woman wail in delight as she swiftly and briefly began to plunge her fingers into her lover at breakneck speed. The skunk convulsed. She tossed her head back against the otter's shoulder and let loose a wild scream as her whole body stiffened and began to twitch violently. The orgasm struck her hard and fast, and continued to wrack her body even as the otter removed her fingers from the other woman and playfully slipped them into her muzzle. Only then did her gaze return to Magnus, slurping the juices from her digits before speaking to the needy male once more.

"I'll let you go, don't worry about that. And I'll let you cum too... eventually. But when you do, it won't be because you want to. It won't even be because you need to. When you cum, it'll be because I want you to cum."

Lowering her now clean fingers from her face and wrapping that arm around the skunk's body for a second time, the otter drew the blushing, still trembling female into a tender kiss. Close by, the vixen and badger's own moans of pleasure were reaching near orgasmic levels themselves. So much so in fact that once her lips had parted from her companion, the otter had to raise her voice to be heard over the other women's cries of ecstasy.

"But until then... until you've learned the true meaning of control and obedience at my hand, you'll watch, and you'll wait."

The otter stared deep into Magnus' eyes, and giggled as she saw the simultaneous horror and lustful admiration staring back at her.

"And by the look of things, no matter how much you hate it... you'll love me for it, too."

By Jeeves

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