Bubble Buddy

Story by Fyreworks on SoFurry

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#4 of Pump Up The Jams

I came up with this little story the other day after chatting with some friends online, and figured it was about time I put it up here too. :3 Just a short one-scene story, filled with inflation, bubbly fun, mature themes, and the usual shenanigans found within the Squeakeasy universe. Enjoy!

(The Squeakeasy universe contains such stories as Squeak Show, and Pump Up The Jams. ^.=.^)

Bubble Buddy

It was Sunday evening, shops were starting to close up for the night, and the night owls were out in force. While some still needed to work the following morning, many others had flexible schedules. One such individual was hanging around a shop he'd heard about the following evening while dancing at the local Squeakeasy. Patrons of the infamous inflatable dance club often shared information about interesting new forms of entertainment, products, services, or anything else that might tickle the fancy of the average expandable citizen.

Jax, one such citizen, was browsing the shelves of a new shop to open up in town. He was a water dragon of average build for the species, namely tall and well toned. There were definitely taller lizards out and about, but at least he didn't have to stoop to get through doors. The sign above the doorway to the establishment in question proclaimed the store to be called Rise! Exclamation mark and everything, though the punctuation mark was stylized to look like a balloon. Fitting, considering the store offered inflatable conversion services, nozzle installation, pumps, compressed tank refills, and all manner of other inflatable paraphernalia. They also had a little display case filled with bottled iced coffee which were just to die for.

What so gripped the attention of Jax was a new item on display, the one he'd heard so much about while blown up to the size of a large building, bouncing around to some hard hitting EDM. It appeared to be bottles of bubble soap, like what you'd use for a relaxing day of blowing giant suds in the park, or something of that nature. Instead each bottle had a little picture of some animal or another on it, with a small display sign indicating that they were called Buddy in a Bottle. Each one apparently contained some kind of fancy new synthetic life, the perfect housemate for your average perverted and inflation-crazed citizen of this wacky city.

How they managed to convince an intelligent creature to confine itself in a bottle until retail sale was never brought up in the news or anywhere on the materials safety sheets, and is left as a puzzle to the reader. Bribery is strongly suspected. The lone staff member left for the evening clearly wanted to close up for the night, and cleared her throat a few time to encourage people to hopefully realize they were holding up closing time. Jax selected a bottle off the display at random, paid the somewhat patient and faintly squeaky looking otter for everything, and high tailed it out of the place before he got locked in for the night.

Slinking off down the block with purchase in hand, it took mere minutes to head up the stairs to his lofted condo, toss his keys into a bowl by the door, and flop out on the couch. Holding the mystery bottle up to the overhead lights, he read over the instructions on the back, and muttered aloud to himself.

"Contains one synthetic entity. Not for internal use. Use caution when expanding indoors. To begin, unscrew cap, stand back, and enjoy."

Shrugging, he popped the cap off and set the bottle down on his coffee table, hunching over a tad to see what happen. A visible film formed at the neck of the bottle the moment he removed the cap, and by the time he had it set on the coffee table a big thick bubble was already inflating itself up and into the room. It picked up speed as he watched, huffing slightly at the enjoyable sight of a round wobbly thing taking shape before him. Powered by some unknown force, the large mass of soap and air engorged itself up bigger by the moment, taking shape as it did. Instead of just a sphere, a vaguely reptilian shape began to take form hovering in the air above the bottle. A thick tail stood out before long, followed by hoof like feet, large hands, a very thick torso, and a large and lovely crest filled with little horn like bumps.

Finally a snout took shape in the form of a familiar dinosaur, complete with the unforgettable horns of a Triceratops. It was quite large, easily as big as Jax was, though far more rounded and full figured. It appeared to have no gender, at least nothing visible, and was mostly transparent. Perhaps best of all, it was filling his cubical condo with a lovely smell of fresh oranges, and a tinge of soap to complete aroma. The little plastic bottle fell over and appeared to be completely empty as the large poofy dinosaur finished forming, and Jax couldn't help but reach out to rub a scaly hand over the incredibly soft and somewhat moist surface of the dinosaurs stomach.

Cooing, and wriggling around, the large mass of bubbly dinosaur opened its eyes, and drifted down to a standing position before Jax. Rumbling, the slinky lizard found himself getting hugged tight by big thick arms and ample hands, face pressed into the bubbly surface and nearly overpowered by the smell of oranges. Tilting his bright golden eyes upward, he locked gaze with the bubbly creature, and smiled.

The dinosaur smiled right back, rubbing the back of the big lizards head, leaving head spines cleaner than they were a moment before.

"Well hello there, big boy. I guess I have you to thank for letting me out of that bottle. You don't seem all that surprised, so I guess word got around about us. That's good! The more of us up and about, the better. Now then, I don't know about you, but I'm in the mood for some fun. Wait here, I'll be right back."

Swishing and wobbling off to the washroom like it owned the place, Jax was left sitting there with quite the visible tent in his shorts, rumbling softly to himself. Everyone at the Squeakeasy had been quite right, the bubbly creatures were certainly fun to have around. He wondered what exactly the squishy dinosaur had in mind, as everyone he knew had merely informed him he'd enjoy himself. He got his answer before long, as the orange mass of bubbly Triceratops came back into the room, clutching an armload of cleaning supplies. It was chugging down bottles of bubble bath, swallowing bars of soap, and even guzzling some cleaners meant to wash up the shower.

A faint hissing and groaning caught his attention as the sultry looking dinosaur stepped closer, and Jax noticed it appeared to be getting bigger... Before he had much time to do anything about it, the walking bubbly dinosaur had him snatched up in its large arms, and he could feel the creature expanding bigger by the moment. Huffing and rumbling as the delightful softness mixed with the wonderful smells, he felt like he was going to spray his shorts as he was rubbed all over. Before long the massive creature was half again as tall as he was, and was tearing his shorts off with big fingers.

Naked and groaning with pleasure, Jax was hugged against a living wall of bubbly flesh, as the critter expanded ever larger in the middle of his condo. It was an open planned cube 10 metres to either side, with tons of head room whenever he felt like having an evening of puffy fun. No doubt it would serve this evening quite well. Something began to press against the back of his head as he was hugged tight by the inflating bubble dinosaur, and he looked up to see two large breasts begin to swell up from the creatures chest. His feet were knocked to either side as a rather impressive shaft and balls began to sprout out too, rising up to very ample proportions as the huge orange creature began to express both female and male sexual characteristics. He was forced to straddle the huge squishy shaft, with a well rounded belly practically enveloping his back, and growing breads smooshing either side of his head. With his own engorged maleness rubbing up against the much larger one he was currently riding, he could only smile and rub his hands and feet over whatever he could reach. This was obviously the correct choice, as by the sounds of it he was driving the giant hermaphroditic dinosaur wild with lust.

His sofa and coffee table were shoved out of the way by hir giant expanding legs and tail, and a rapidly rounding rump and belly. Huffing, Jax found himself getting rubbed against a hyper sized bubble dick with one large orange paw, while the other one rubbed and squished over what of him shi could reach. The big gal was definitely in control of the situation, as shi ballooned larger still, and was ultimately forced to start hunching over against the ceiling. Rounding out to massive proportions, the massive dinosaur exploded out hir joy into kitchen, splattering a goopy and bubbly stream from that massive shaft. It fizzed and lathered freely where it landed, filling the room with free roaming suds.

Dragging him up hir massive stomach, and up between two weather balloon like bubbly boobs, the obviously pleased dinosaur grinned impishly, and planted a puffy smooch into the snout of the lean lizard. He puffed up a tad thicker all over, and ultimately lost his own sticky load all over hir ballooned belly. It was absorbed through the bubbly hide like a sponge, added to the expanding mass of dinosaur without a single drop wasted. Shi winked at him as what little space left in the place was ultimately taken up by giant bubble dinosaur bloat, spectators outside having long since noticed something huge smooshed up against the floor to ceiling windows, and expanding through exterior vents to the outdoors.

Panting with lust, and tail swishing around, Jax looked up as his own head hit the ceiling, squashed there atop a massive wall of inflated flesh. From the faint groaning and extra transparency, it was clear that the living bubble was likely approaching hir limit. The partially inflated lizard didn't know what to expect, so he took a deep calming breath and leaned close to the incredibly puffed up face of his new slippery friend.

"That was... amazing. What do I call you, anyways? We didn't get much time to talk before... all this."

Blushing faintly, a most curious thing to see on a living bubble, the huge creature smiled and took a moment to speak properly around such puffed up cheeks.

"You may call me Moro. And you're welcome, I had fun too. Now hold on tight, this next part is sure to delight..."

Gripping a double armload of expanded bubbly flesh tight, Jax felt himself sinking in deep as the pressure built, and ultimately Moro burst with a wet splat. All was gone in the blink of an eye, and Jax tumbled down onto the sofa below, just barely missing landing on the floor instead. Bouncing softly, and absolutely covered in moist soapy remains, the lizard could only lay there painting and groaning, still very much standing at attention.

Odd squishing noises began to emit themselves from all around him, as the soapy slime left all over the room began to bubble away, moving together into a pile nearby. As he watched, once more a giant bubble took form, and rapidly shaped itself into a full-figured Triceratops yet again. Still expressing multiple genders, and looming over him slightly with a tad extra height, the large hermaphroditic bubble dinosaur grinned and winked, and stepped over to pick him up off the couch with both arms. Shi was strong for a living soap creature.

Jax could only smirk as he was cuddled up into the pudgy mass of super soft dinosaur, who was already turning to take them both into the washroom for more intimate adventures.

"Moro... remind me to buy stock in the company that brought you into this world."

The huge creature threw hir head back and laughed aloud as shi took hir new playmate into the washroom, for some filling fun and a proper wash up. Moro was fairly certain there had been another bottle of bubble soap in there to play with, and it was such a shame to just leave it sitting there unused.

As the washroom door closed, the last rational thought Jax had was that he definitely wasn't making it into work tomorrow...

-Tombfyre 2015

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