PREY: Case File 001 - The Rat Maze

Story by Skipai on SoFurry

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#44 of 1998-2019 Stories

First story in a new Vore series. A male cat goes in to make some quick money on a scientific experiment. He has no idea what trouble he is about to get himself into.

Author note: The following story is an adult story based on vore. If you are unable to read this type of material then you should stop right now. Any comments are welcome whether you like the story or feel that there was something you would like to see improved next time around. So please use the comment box at the end of the story. This I can use to improve for the next time around and hopefully make your reading a more enjoyable time the next time you read one of my works.


Sammie sighed as he looked down at the forms that were prepped up on his knee. The harsh un-natural light that beamed down from above made the white paper looked as though it had aged and become a sickly yellowish in colour. He looked up to where the female hare was busy typing away on the computer behind the security window, who paused and looked back towards him and gave a soft smile before she resumed back to her work. He muttered to himself. "Sure, just fill all this in, so much for easy money..."

The hare stopped typing as her ears twitched and with a cough, she spoke. "Well, that's up to you dear, you can either fill that in or just go away." Sammie hissed under his breath, but the hare just smiled at him. "You can't touch me here, so I say again. You can fill those forms in or go away and don't get paid." With a reluctant sigh, Sammie bit into the end of the pencil and then began to fill out the form.

The sound of claws rapping over plastic keys began again as frowned, he thought to himself on how he wished he teach that hare a lesson. Instinctively he felt his temper rise, the claws slowly starting to slide out from his fingers and he paused, took a deep breath and felt them slowly retreat back into their furred home. As time went on, Sammie worked through the forms until with a last flick of the pencil, he finally finished and placed the forms to the side. He lifted his right paw up to give the side of his neck a rub and winced as he heard a rather disturbing crack which made the hare stop for a moment with her typing. Sammie saw her lift up a receiver and pressing a few buttons spoke into it. "He's finished the forms.... Yes... I'll send him in then..." As the receiver was placed back down again, the hare nodded and spoke. "You may enter now, take the forms with you."

The sound of paper rustled as Sammie grabbed at the clipboard and pushed himself up from the chair, he was thankful that he could get up and move. The whole writing in an uncomfortable position was bad enough, that he gave one final glare at the hare and that desk, and then continued on his way to the door that she pointed towards and knocked.

"Come in." Came the voice from the other side, Sammie took hold of the doorknob and turned it as he walked through. The office was quite nice; lots of antique furniture and in front of the desk were two very big red leather chairs. At the other end of the desk, he saw the occupant that owned the office and he felt the hairs start to rise up along the back of his neck.

"Hello, I'm Doctor McVinzil." The rat stood up from his chair and reached over the desk with his paw. "I heard you were interested in taking part with our scientific experiment." Sammie slowly stepped forwards with a nod. "Yeah, I could do with the money." He went and sat down and didn't shake the paw that was offered. With a questionable look, the rat slowly withdrawal his paw and sat down into his chair again, then leant over slightly. "I take it you filled out the forms?"

Sammie tossed the forms across the desk so that they landed in front of the rat and nodded. "Yeah, I did." He looked about as the rodent looked through the pages until he moved them to the side. "All is in order, Sammie. After the experiment is done, then you will get paid. Are you ready?" Doctor McVinzil saw the cat nod his head and he got up from his chair. "Excellent, come follow and we shall get started."

As they walked, Sammie noticed they weren't going out of the same door that he could hear the hare tapping away on the keyboard while another voice was talking to her; he felt his heart feel for the person as he heard her say. "Just fill in these forms, it shouldn't take long." He remembered that was hours ago but that thought drifted from his mind as he saw the rat open a part of a bookcase that was in fact a door. "No dawdling now, follow." Doctor McVinzil said as he motioned for Sammie to enter into the stairway. "Just head down the stairs and the experiment will begin. Good luck now."

Slowly Sammie began to walk down the steps as the rodent watched, before he turned and headed back into the office. Behind him, the cat could hear the door being closed and then locked as he carefully walked down each of the spiral steps. "So what experiment is this anyways?" While he thought about this, the lights in the corridor went out quickly. "Hey! What's going on?" He cried out as his arms reached out towards the walls to each side of him and sighed when he felt them. He stood still as he waited for his eyes to adjust and slowly the darkness began to fade slightly away, just enough for him to see the steps in front of him and he stepped down.

It was the click that reached Sammie's ears, and then the whole world went a completely different angle. His foot paw slipped as the step turned downwards and he felt his legs go from underneath him as he landed onto his back, then his head slammed into the stone. Sammie didn't have time to ponder this, even as his paw reached up to rub the back of his head. "Fucking hell..." He felt himself go round and round until the slide vanished and he fell down until he landed once again onto his back. "Dammit..." Sammie said to himself as he sat there. "Okay... Mental note, for one that hurt like hell, for two... Let's not tell this particular story on how I didn't land... Ow... On my feet."

With a hum, some lights above came on and followed throughout as far as Sammie could see, he was in some stone corridor. He looked up and back a bit as he saw the opening in the ceiling and he slowly pushed himself up from the floor with a painful look on his face. He took a step towards the opening and looked up with a frown. "What is this?" As he thought, he reached around and rubbed his sore back before he bent and heard his spine pop. "Ah, much better..." He continued to look up and then he saw the opening slid itself shut. "Fuck..."

Since the only known opening he knew about had just closed on him, Sammie walked about as he moved along the corridor and he stopped at one of the turns and then smiled. "Oh so this is a maze, alright this I can do." He felt himself feel confident as he turned and walked down the corridor to his left, then he turned right and came to a dead end. He turned about and back-tracked to where he was and then took the right way. Slowly he walked through the maze as he ventured to one dead end to the other. "How big is this thing?" Sammie began to wonder as he continued along the corridors as he made some progress and some setbacks.

Over the next few hours, Sammie had travelled far, at one point he wondered if he should turn back and head to where he had entered the maze but even that had failed. Eventually he leant against the wall with a resignation look on his face, all the confidence had flowed right out of him. "Crap, I'm lost... Shit..." He muttered as he looked about again and slowly walked onwards until he reached a cross roads. "At least this is new." He said quietly to himself as he looked down each one, his mind wondered which would be the right one to lead him out of this mess he began to think he had gotten himself into.

The first one he went was to go to his right as he walked down this new corridor, his prideful walk had slowly died down to a tired regretful slow pace. This didn't help when he came to a dead end and he felt his body sag as though someone had just put a huge weight all around him. "Damn, feel like I've just signed up for a fat role and got a fat suit on me..." Sammie sighed as he fell back against the wall and sat down. "A rest, just for a moment..." Slowly he nodded off and fell to his side as his head rested against the corner of the two joining walls.


What woke Sammie up with a start was unknown but somehow he felt uneasy and looked about the corridor in front of him, nothing seemed to be out of order as he slowly pushed himself back up onto his feet. But something was wrong as he looked and took a step. "Ow!" He looked down at his foot paws and blinked. Someone had come while he was passed out and undressed him. He was completely naked now, but then he saw that nothing had happened with his claws. He lifted up a hand paw and tried as much as he could to try and get his claws to come out but nothing happened. Both of his hand paws and foot paws were in pain, his foggy mind had taken a while to register it as he felt pain in his mouth.

Sammie felt his ears jerk up in shock as his furred finger went to explore why he was feeling some pain in his mouth and felt that his teeth had been ground down to become blunt. He quickly pulled it out and covered his mouth with his paw as he looked around and took another step then turned back around and threw up onto the floor. The realisation that he must've been drugged at one point during the time he was asleep came to him, but he was out for how long? That he did not know. He slowly walked back towards where he knew he had been when he was last awake and came to the same crossroads, or was this another one? Sammie frowned as he felt the headache throb all around the front of his temples and he reached out to grasp the wall to steady himself.

The urge to throw up again, came over Sammie as he stumbled forwards and he grasped onto the other wall before he fell right onto his face again. Sammie sucked in air as he fought the sick feeling and over the next few minutes he was slowly able to get himself to stand up straight without feeling himself wanting to topple over once more. As he walked down the left passage now, opposite from where he had woken up he continued to turn and move about as he found a few more dead ends and slowly he began to smell something. Sammie paused as he slowed down, each step that he made brought him ever closer to the source of the stench and he felt his stomach churn again. When he turned the next corner he stood there as he saw the scene in front of him and abruptly he keeled forwards, dropped to his knees and threw up once more.

Sammie spat onto the floor as he looked back up again and felt a cold shiver run up along his spine. He saw a rather decomposed fox which looked to have been half eaten, parts of the body were missing. He wasted no time and got up as best as he could and scrambled the way he came until his nose couldn't smell that foul stench anymore. He looked at the only direction that he hadn't gone down when he reached the cross section again and slowly he walked down it very cautiously now. With every noise that he thought that he heard, he turned around to check, felt his heart race and gulped. "Must calm down." He thought as he continued on his way through the maze, but this time any dead ends that he came across was met with a terrified look, he didn't want to be anywhere near a dead end.

The thoughts ran though his head as he remembered the sight of the fox which made him shiver and slow even further as he came towards another corner and began to press his back against the cold stone wall. As he ran his hand paw over the stone it left a moist paw print each time. As he got closer he could hear something, which made his ears twist to the direction he was crawling along the wall. The nearer he got, the slower Sammie moved as his hand paw slid across the stone wall and left a strong musky scent behind. When the furthest tip of his fingers reached the corner he stopped, before he moved even slower to inch his head towards the corner and carefully he risked a sneak around the corner.

What he saw, was another dead body, but much fresher than usual. He slowly moved into the corridor itself as he looked at what seemed to be a ferret, half leant against a pipe against the wall. All around the floor was a thick layer of blood that was slowly drying away. Sammie moved very slowly and carefully as his ears moved about to catch any sound and they turned to the ferret as he heard something from without the body. The entrails were ripped and rested against the dead ferrets legs. This time around, Sammie wasn't ill from the sight, he had seen his fair share of this sort when he went hunting himself. He slowly touched the badly scratched head of the ferret and moved it slightly.

Within an instant, Sammie backed away as he fell to the floor as a small rat shot out from inside of the ferret and hissed at him loudly. It was in that time that Sammie had reacted and grabbed the rodent with a paw, pressed down as hard as he could to keep the rodent still and smiled. "First time I had some good luck." He curled his fingers about the rodent and lifted it up but halfway up he saw the rodent look down and bit into the nearest finger. "Ow!" Sammie cried out as he shook his hand paw about before he spun around and slammed the rodent against the wall.

With the advantage that he had while the rodent was stunned, Sammie grinned as he held the rodent in his paws, lifted it up and bit into the neck, then he frowned. His teeth weren't able to get a good cut through the neck, so he pulled and tugged while slowly the rodent began to wake up again, wriggling about as Sammie hissed in between the rodent form. With a muffled cry, he could feel the rat inside bite into his tongue which brought an instant reaction of anger from the feline who pressed hard with what remained of his teeth and twisted the body around until he heard the neck snap. Sammie was then able to bite through and tore the head from the body and swallowed it whole.

It was then as he was drinking the spurting blood from the rodent, his muzzle lips pressed up against it that his ears turned to another sound. Sammie slowly removed the rat from his mouth as his fur got splattered with the last feeble spurts of the rodent blood and looked down the corridor to there the sound was. Maybe another had survived and he was about to see someone else, maybe one who had answers.

With hope in his heart, Sammie walked down the corridor towards the sound he could not see what was causing it, he bit into the rat and pulled at it to take a bit more of the meat, half attempting to chew it while bits fell out of his lips, dribbled down his chin, chest and belly before he swallowed. When the feline reached the corner and turned around it before speaking. "Hi there...." He felt his paw that held the half eaten rodent slip from his fingers as it landed onto the ground with a thud.

There in front of him was the largest rodent he had ever seen in his life, well that wasn't true. Sammie had seen large rodents before but they were like him, not the type that had just fallen out of his paw. It was pure muscle, all brown fur that was matted with the usual things rodents have on their fur, dirt, grime, fleas that Sammie could see just hopping about. He took a step back and saw the rodent look at him with those dark black eyes; the tongue came out as it licked over its sharp yellow stained teeth. Then one of its paws moved forwards, the sharp claws clicked onto the stone floor.

Sammie continued to match each step backwards as he saw the rodent make a move forwards, his mind raced ahead as it put all the pieces of the puzzle together, the dead he had found must had been victims of this...this thing. He looked down at those rodent hands, they were large, the claws were long and sharp and he felt a cold shiver that ran up along his spine. He thought, was this what prey felt? Sammie decided that he didn't like it, but he felt the urge to turn and run build up from the pit of his stomach. He knew that if he ran, this thing would give chase.

So Sammie played the most terrifying game of his life, he liked this game when he was on the other side but now it wasn't as fun as he had joked and laughed about with his friends. He slowly reached out to the wall as his arm moved a bit behind him to the side and felt it. The rodent came to a stop to where the smaller half eaten rodent laid on the ground and nudged it with his nose, before he engulfed it completely, chewing it as his whiskers moved about. Sammie didn't stop though, he wanted to get as much distance as he could risk from this monster.

The rodent started to move forwards again, wet drool started to drip down from his mouth as he came up to where the dead ferret was and clawed at it, the ferret toppled over onto the ground with a sickening thud when the head landed onto the stone floor. Sammie felt the end of the wall and knew it was the corner. He slowly went around and then when he saw the rodent go out of sight he turned and ran. The battle for flight had won over his mind to remain calm, he has lost the fight and now he acted as any other prey species would have. Sammie hoped that he could get as much distance as he could from the rodent before it had realised just what had happened.

With each step, the claws clicked onto the stone floor as the rodent continued to move forwards, his nose twitched as it could smell the scent on the wall and pressed its nose onto it. When he saw the cat move around the corner and out of sight, the rodent swirled his ears around and heard the footsteps had quickened. It licked his sharp teeth and then walked forwards, it would seem that the hunt was indeed on as it moved his head down and saw the same sweaty paw pad prints on the stone floor. With a slow lick, the rodent tasted the scent of feline and moved around the corner, his long tail trailing behind him.

Sammie reached another corner, he had turned around several corners and none of them had led to a dead end, but he felt his heart race upwards, the pounding was intense in his neck as he held it with a paw and tried to take slow breaths in and out but he felt himself shake. He felt the ears on his head fall back; this wasn't fun at all anymore. Sammie held onto the wall, but felt it shook, it was only when he looked at his hand paw that he saw that it was in fact that and the rest of him that shook alongside it.

It was then that he could hear something in the maze that made his stomach lunge upwards, the clicking of the claws on the stone floor. Sammie felt his head explode in panic and he suddenly lost his fight to contain his stomach as he threw up once again. The contents he had eaten sprayed against the stone wall as the slightly digested rodent head slowly slid down the rock slabs until it hit the floor with the rest of the vomit. Without wiping his mouth, the feline turned and ran again, panic stricken as he frantically tried to search for a way out of this nightmare.

The big brown rodent was still a fair way away in the maze but the feline was leaving such an easy trail to find as he stopped now and again and sniffed the scented paw prints, even the times when he stopped and turned his head to where the cat had placed a hand paw onto the wall of the maze, the rodent licked it with his tongue, then quickened his pace. When he turned around the corner, he could see that the cat had relieved himself of the meal he had saw him earlier, he moved closer as he sniffed the vomit on the floor and began to lick it up, his tongue lifted the crushed rodent head and he chewed it. All of this made him become excited as his penis began to swell underneath him, more drool dropped to the floor and he looked ahead and ran as fast as he could after his prey.

Sammie could hear those rodent paws hitting the floor from a distance as they slowly began to quicken and get loudly. In a panic he looked at the three branching off tunnels and took the one right in the middle, he felt his heart beat against the back of his throat, and then panicked as he saw the tunnel go dark up ahead with no lights. He reached out as he slowed down and began to walk along the path and found that it was going downwards slightly. Up ahead he could see more light and he quickened his pace until he ventured into a circular room. As he looked about, he felt his heart sank when he saw that there was no exit and that it stank of rodent, he had ventured into the lair of the rat.

The rat continued to follow the scent as he looked to where it led and gave a happy squeak, he had never had one find his lair before. He slowed down and walked into the tunnel as a door began to slowly rumble over, it closed off any escape with a loud thud. The rodent made his way down the slope; drool fell from his mouth as he dragged his huge balls along the floor, his dick pressed in between the two large orbs and the stone floor as it left a trail of pre.

Sammie felt pure terror as he saw the rat emerge from the only exit, the dark eyes locked onto the cat as his mouth drooled, opened and a tongue rolled over his glistening teeth. As the rat approached, Sammie stepped backwards until he was pressed against the wall. He saw the rodent swing his tail about side by side as he got up onto his hind legs and stared at him with hungry eyes. It was then that Sammie felt something how and wet splatter near to his foot paws and he saw that he had just pissed right there.

The rodent's nose shifted about as he caught the stench of the urine and took another step closer. Sammie could feel himself pressed up against the stone wall and wished he could take another step back, but the rock was unrelenting in his wishes. "No, go away." Sammie said as his eyes looked to the left and right for any signs of escape. As soon as he returned his gaze back to the rodent it charged and Sammie pushed himself off from the wall and rolled to his right.

He ignored the pain in his elbow when it landed on the hard surface and scrambled up, he felt the hand paw of the rodent brush past his tail as he kicked off and ran towards the only exit. Sammie could hear the rodent from behind as it hit the wall, turned around and kicked off from it, his paws scrambled onto the rocky floor until his claws had gained traction, it left small scratch lines as it ran off with a wicked smile on his face.

The run up the slope made Sammie gasp for breath, his entire lungs and heart were pleading, desperately for him to stop, of which his muscles echoed that sentiment but his mind ignored, he could hear the rodent catching up fast from behind in the dark tunnel and he looked behind him while he still ran forwards. All he could see was the reflection of two eyes that came ever closer towards him and he gave a whine. It was at that moment that he ran into the stone that had closed off the passage and with a sickened thud; he fell backwards as he moaned in pain.

Sammie saw the rat slow down as he held his head in his paw and groaned. He could see three, no five rats as they all moved through each other until they came to a stop and sniffed at him for a moment. Slowly he felt the rodent move over him until the foul drool from his snout dripped over his face and the long tongue slid out before it licked his face a few times. Sammie made to move his hand paw to try and shove the snout away but missed as he picked the wrong rodent he could see and then felt the strong rodent paw grab his arm and pushed it down onto the stone floor.

The rat moved and grabbed the other arm and pushed it down so he could continue to lick at the feline that lay underneath him on his back, he looked vulnerable as he continued to lick and savoured the taste of cat. Quickly the rat let go with one of his hand paws, grabbed the neck, then the head and he quickly slammed it into the floor twice to keep the feline from fighting too much. Sammie groaned half-conscious now as he saw more rodents swirl about in his vision, alongside some pink fish that swam around them. Slowly the rat turned around in the tunnel, his long tail reached out and curled around the upper torso of the feline and slowly he dragged the cat back down the tunnel into his lair.


When Sammie started to wake up again, his head throbbed in pain as he tried to get up but there was a huge weight on top of him. He could feel the wetness that dripped onto his head, rolled down over his eyes as he opened them to find that it stung. The feline whined as he tried to look out but his vision was blurred, but he could make out two dark black shapes that ran out from the sides of him. He tried to move, but he found that the weight on top of him had him pretty much pinned down.

The rodent was asleep but as soon as he felt movement underneath him, he slowly woke up and smiled as he felt the cat squirm more. This only excited the rodent even more, he never had such a worthy opponent before and all the running about had turned him on, not one had managed to make it to his home and his thick rat cock slid out from its sheath. The rat began to shift about on top of Sammie who suddenly stopped with his movement and this frustrated the rat so he bit down onto one of the ears. This made Sammie cry out in pain and redouble his attempts to scramble away.

With his long tail, the rat moved it around as the tip wrapped about the feline's tail and pulled it to the side, this made Sammie whimper as he tried to push upwards with all of his strength but the rodent kept his weight on top of him. All the struggles from the cat rubbed his rear against that cock that throbbed with thick pre-cum that oozed out of the slit as it smeared over the hair fibres and onto the pink

Sammie squirmed about as he slowly began to get his vision back, his mind cried out in pain as he felt the rodent move about on top of him and then he felt the sensation of something hard, hot and wet press up against his anus. He squirmed about more in panic as he felt the rat start to add more weight and in that panic the cat tensed up as his pucker clenched tightly.

This excited the rat as he drooled more, then he slipped out his tongue and licked at the back of the feline's neck, drawing the hair upwards as it matted and remained to stay upwards. When the feline tensed up more, he could feel that he couldn't get his dick into that anus and he just added more pressure before he felt his thick cock push into the feline, the head slowly slipping inside as the rat takes the feline roughly.

With a loud meow, Sammie hissed as he felt his rear passage being taken so roughly, so feral that he scrambled more but felt the large rat on top of him too much to do anything. He tensed up again and felt that was the wrong thing to do as his entire back cried out in pain as it couldn't tense up around that thick shaft that had inched its way into his rear passage.

Due to the roughness and the eagerness of the rodent, even for an adult cat underneath him, he was still big enough to cause some pain and also damage as when his dick came out slightly, some streaks of blood were on the shaft, then the rodent pushed in again, much further this time around as it made the feline underneath him cry out in pain, humiliation as the body squirmed about. This only encouraged the rodent; it had been a long time to get something so willing to fight back against him with his struggled attempt to stop it. As such, the rodent slowly closed his teeth at the back scruff of the neck and with his hand paws he wrapped them about the cat.

Sammie felt the rat bite through the scruff of his neck, the tears began to run down his furry cheeks as the thick arms wrapped about him and then he felt himself being lifted upwards. The rat grunted as he shifted his tail to go behind him for balance and pushed himself up onto his foot paws and stood there with Sammie locked against his front, the thick cock halfway into the cat as the rodent let go but quickly bit into the right shoulder. With a loud scream, Sammie squirmed about as he felt the rodent move his hand paws about his torso, his long fingers stroked about his chest and belly, then with use of his sharp claws he dug them in as he cut thin lines near the lower belly and once they got enough grip, he used his strong arms to pull the cat down as his hips thrusted upwards.

As the blood dripped down from his shoulder, it trailed along the fur, same for the long cuts as the rat slams his entire length into the tight passage and begins to fuck in earnest now, blood dripped down the shaft and over his large balls as it dripped onto the stone floor to pool. Sammie squirmed and cried as he had never expected this for an experiment. The cat could feel those claws shift about as he felt them cut into his skin more, the thick cock that pulled out and rammed back in again and that horrid sensation of that tongue that was lapping over the wound on his shoulder, the rat was drinking his blood.

All Sammie could feel was pain and being handled by a rat, he felt angry, ashamed and terrified that such a monster could ever exist, to be treated in such a way by a prey species. His whole body cried out in pain as he felt the rat move his hand paws to create more scratches over his body, the blood that leaked down from the cuts as his anus stretched until he felt the entire thick rat cock slam into him repeatedly from those strong leg and hip muscles. Then suddenly he felt the bite around his shoulder tighten even more and a stinging sensation in his rear as the rat spurted his thick rat cum deep within his bowels.

Then came the sound of the rat which growled, followed by the rumbling sound from his stomach and Sammie felt the rodent lift him up as he was un-ceremonially pulled off from that rat spunk covered cock, the whole shaft was thick with white cum and red blood. The rodent tossed Sammie onto his back on the ground and dropped back onto all fours, his snout was red as it dripped blood, the tongue lapped over his red teeth as he moved over to where Sammie laid as he groaned. The feline anus had been stretched and leaked the thick rat cum, as the rodent walked over and bent down to nudge the erect cat cock with his nose, it hadn't spurted and the rodent just licked at it with his tongue.

Sammie tried to bat away the head of the rat but yanked his paw back when he felt the pin pricks of the teeth against his shaft, that and the growl that the rodent had emerged deep from his throat. Then once he had placed his hand paw back away, he felt the rat lick again at his member that throbbed. A hand paw moved and placed itself on the left hand side of his chest, the claws scraped at the fur and flesh underneath and the feline cried out as he felt himself being cut once more but his cock throbbed and spurted pre. After a time, he felt his cock throb and then spurt his cat spunk into the rodent's muzzle as it licked and suckled it down hungrily.

It was then that Sammie felt the sharp rodent teeth close over as his dick was bitten off, he screamed loudly as the rodent tore into the fleshy tube and ripped it off with blood squirting all over his face, he chewed as he felt the blood spurt over him, his entire head and snout was covered as it dripped down over his matted fur. The second bite took care of the feline's balls as he tore off the scrotum and chewed it happily.

Sharp claws then tore at the belly, the sound of his skin being ripped apart felt sickening to the cat but his mind was overloaded with pain, he half turned his head around and vomited again, his whiskers dripped with the foul stomach contents as he moved his head back to the front once more and this time he punched out. Sammie managed to get one or two good hits to the nose but the third missed and went into the waiting maw of the rodent as it bit down onto this left hand, the bones could be heard being crushed as the cat continued to scream in pain as he pulled and he saw his hand paw remained hidden between the bloody maw and was left with a spurting stub at the end of his arm.

With another pull, the rodent gets the belly to open up as his hand paw reached in and tugged out the intestines, his bloody paws yanked at the long meaty tubes as he bit down and began to eat them as the cat laid on the ground and bled out. All the time Sammie felt a darkness that had started to form at the back of his mind, it threatened everything as he fought to stay alive, but that darkness had started to cloud over him, it stalked to rob everything he was and for the first time he felt what every prey he had killed in the past felt in his or her last moments of being alive.

The last moments that Sammie saw before his vision started to close over like an old fashioned television set, the darkness came from the outside as it closed around with the vision slowly got smaller until it was a very small circle was that the rat ducked his long snout into the opened belly and began to push his snout up to bite and chew at the organs held within, long claws gripped at the body as they dug into the skin, then darkness overwhelmed Sammie and he passed away.


Doctor McVinzil looked at the monitor as the hare receptionist stood just behind the seat and watched the scene unfold as the rodent continued to eat the dead form of the cat. "Hmm, it would seem that another had failed." The hare nodded her head. "So cocky predators but faced the other side and they just fail to win." Doctor McVinzil turned his chair to face her and crossed his arms. "Something tells me you have a personal grudge against this one?"

The hare nodded. "He killed my husband last winter."

"I see." Doctor McVinzil said as he turned back to the monitor and turned it off. "Well, back to work, who's next?"

The hare looked down at the note pad that she held in her paw and lifted it up. "We have a Johnson outside, a wolf. Quite cocky, thinks that he can beat any tests some nerdy scientist can come up with. He's a jock."

"Now, now..." Doctor McVinzil smiled. "I'm sure he will be quite pleasant, show him in please."

"Of course." The hare said and walked out of the office as Doctor McVinzil straightened his tie and placed both paws onto the desk and smiled, waited patiently until he heard a knock on the door. "Do come in!" He called out with a wicked smile that turned to a friendly one as he saw the door open up to the next victim.


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# **The Chocolate Bunny** Copyright Skipai 2014 to present Day. Authors note: Warning, this story contains vore specific material that should not be read if you are against such material. Cast: Pete - Rabbit Jad - Otter Len - Fox \*\*\*...

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Jat'von tells a tale of his past

**This tale describes what happened to his mate, the power the loa had bestowed on him and the ultimate price for such. Most of this was only told to a very few trolls who were with him at the farm in Arathi, so it's pretty much still not publically...

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