Wish Gone Wrong

Story by Kalan on SoFurry

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It was on a day like no other that Tahral's world changed. It was a day that started with the slow and measured pace of filling up the harness of his donkey with worn and polished driftwood that he found in a valley that had once upon a time been a lack. While fuel for fire was scarce in the desert, it was still called for by the men who could afford grand clothes and vast houses with many open rooms, such as a sultan and those that he favored. He had spent his life from a child gathering wood here, the secluded spot was jealously guarded by his family that made a decent living in gathering the driftwood to sell. Well, perhaps a decent living for some, he had no illusion that his life was one of comfort and joy for himself or the woman that he loved. They had a home, true, they were able to afford food and clothes, they were able to have what they needed to survive, but Suresha was not satisfied with what he had to offer.

Perhaps that was why he spent so many hours gathering wood, far longer than his father ever had, his donkey following behind placidly without any seeming care as long as he was given grain to eat. Suresha had grown up the daughter of a wealthy merchant who had given in to her every whim. He had loved her from the day he had met her, and somehow that love had won her over, but that did not mean that she was content with him. She constantly commented that she wished she could have more, that he could provide her with a better home, better land, better everything that she might desire. He had tried to give her that, but even long hours provided him with just a little extra to give her small tokens. She valued them, he had no doubt, but they were not what she truly wanted. She desired more, and if he could not give her more...he knew it would only be a matter of time before she found a rich merchants son.

He labored long into the evening as he always did, but on this day he spent more time struggling to get large branches cut down and logs split so that they could be saddled on his greying donkey. It was dark by the time he was finished and he was forced to deal with that darkness or else risk burning some of his yield for the day. The ancient lake bed was pitch black with only the glittering stars at the horizon to show him the way out, making his donkey bray unhappily at being forced to walk in the dark. The night was cooler, making Tahral huddle down in his loose vest and pants, dragging out a cloak to wrap around himself in the hopes that he would not freeze as the temperatures plummeted. Perhaps if he had left when twilight had started he would have never seen it, or would have thought it the last rays of the sunset, but as he walked he came to see a bright sliver of light shining from just beyond the valley floor.

It wasn't just silver, it was metallic as it glowed and cast light to the small uneven surface in front of it, a disturbing sight. The dark haired man gripped the bridle of his donkey and furrowed his brow as he regarded the phenomenon. Archer jerked at his reins unhappily, the donkey not interested in glowing lights or the darkness, instead interested only in his warm stable and some food. The man waited for the light to fade or to reveal itself to be the edge of moonlight from the sky, but there was no moonlight, there was only the darkness and the glow that seemed to grow brighter. He tugged at the reins again and the donkey snorted angrily, setting his ears far back on his head as the man started forward.

"Hush, we will only look and you will be fine." He murmured to the beast of burden, rubbing the whiskered muzzle with his palm. "Come, it might be something of value."

The last he said mostly to himself as he veered away from the path that would lead him from the valley exit and to the glowing entrance. His mind wasn't simply filled with the promise of wealth or a prize, it was also filled with the knowledge that it was night and the desert was near the edge of this valley. There were hungry ghosts that prowled the desert, screaming and shrieking for souls of the living to torment and claim. His own grandfather had seen one, a man in tatters and shrieking as his face had been clawed as if he had been mauled by jackals. Tahral every nearly turned back to his safe path, he should have, but the glimpse of gold light began to mingle with the silver, and he refused to allow himself to have cowardice be the reason he missed a treasure.

It took him the better part of a cold hour to get across the valley, but in doing so, he was able to calm the worst of his fears. The donkey had long since lost the battle to go back, instead, the beast s tromped behind him and occasionally gave him a bite of complaint as they left the direction home was in. By the time he was half a dozen feet away, he got a glimpse of what was glowing gold and silver beneath the darkness. The rocks hid most of it, the dark jagged edges provided a decent cover that would have protected it during the day, but it glowed at night. It was a door, a door the size of a large man and edged with glowing metal the likes of which he had never seen.

"You stay here." He dragged the donkey to the edges of the rocks where he could tie off the reins. His eyes were locked on the door, the scrollwork and glint of metal beneath the glow.

He had heard legends of places like this, places where there were hidden pockets of old palaces or estates, but he had never seen them. He left the donkey to walk before the door, flinching a little at the glow that was nearly bright as day once he got behind the rocks. The door was roughly cut, for all that it was beautiful, it held the appearance of being made to fit the opening of a cave instead of a proper home. He reached out and touched the door lightly, brushing smooth fine wood with his finger tips and gliding upwards towards the glowing metal dubiously. He had never seen it's like in his life, nor could he say why it glowed, but his mind bubbled up with visions of wealth the likes of which he had never dreamed of possessing. Wealth enough to give to his lovely young bride, wealth to live at ease, wealth where he would be able to afford a fine horse instead of a broken down donkey.

_There aren't even hinges. _ He thought with bitter disappointment.

He touched the metal, the moment he did, Tahral nearly yelped out in terror as he felt the shock that leapt from the metal to the tip of his finger. He jerked them back, terrified to see them wounded, but they were whole and where his fingers had touched words began to appear. He was not a learned man, he had never been taught anything more than his basic numbers for trade and the Holy Qur'an, and only then the script that pertained to his life as a lowly worker. The lettering above the doorway appeared in brightest gold and pulsed, for a moment it was little more than nonsense, squiggles that he could not understand, but it was not so.

A shrine. _ He deflated himself unhappily, if it were a shrine there was nothing for him here. It would be an affront to God to enter and carry anything away. _It is just my lu-

_ _

His thought was stopped by Archer's wild angry bray and the ground under him shuddered and shook, nearly throwing him to the floor as he reached out and grabbed at the rocks to stop his fall. The shaking made the sand shift beneath his sandals, the rock work fell down along the side of the mountain, some of them hitting the ground before the great glowing door was obscured by dirt that fell down to the ground, flowing in sheets so that the glow was gone entirely. Tahral hid from it automatically, the world was cracking open, he was about to die beneath a rockfall! He had come before the great God's treasure and now he must pay the price! The donkey brayed louder, bucking and yanking at the reins.

Tahral might have remained there in front of the door if it hadn't been for his donkey. The braying animal was answered by a high pitched whinny from high above the edge of the valley. The young man jerked forward, jumping forward to grab the reins of his donkey as he realized that the thunder wasn't coming down from God, but from the sound of hooves hammering along the ridge of the valley. He jumped towards his donkey and untied the reins from the rock and heard another wild whinny from above. There were no horses in the valley, nor the desert, not unless they were ridden by men. And if they were ridden by men. He felt a surge of energy and fear as he hauled the donkey from the door, struggling the rush of fear that gave him the energy to bolt.

"GET THE TORCHES!" A voice cried as he dragged his donkey behind several boulders and piles of drift wood, far enough away that he merely saw shadows flickering in front of the door as the horses came down from the wall. "BRING UP THE FIRE!"

There were dozens of men, all on horseback, they swirled and moved about, horses pranced and reared, snorting and side stepping in the shadows. The men on them looked deformed by the darkness, occasionally he could spot the flash of metal and blades at their sides. He very nearly stood up, he had never seen anyone in this valley, it was supposed to be a hidden place, but caution kept him down as the men dismounted. They were close enough that he could hear them, but their voices were muffled and strange, and most of his attention was fixated on keeping his donkey quiet. If the small beast brayed out, the might come to see what the cause was, if they found the cause...

"Bring up the saddle bags, sharply now!" One of the men snapped out. "Achtal, go and check the safe path, make sure we were not followed. I did not like the look of the guards that followed us."

"Get the horses to shelter." Said another.

"Is this all we got? Barely enough to account for the lost sleep!" Someone else piped up.

As Tahral scrunched down against the ground, he watched the shadows of the men passing something heavy towards the man that seemed to be in charge. The young man had never been particularly clever, but even he knew what he was seeing as he heard the loud rattle of coins and gems hitting the ground. The talk of the path and guards cinched his knowledge. They were bandits. There were pockets of bandits all along the caravan trails, though the sultan had tried more than once to eradicate them with his guards. The man shrank down all the way back against the rock, his heart leaping into his throat with fear. If they found him they would kill him, he had no doubt about it. There would be no mercy from such men, especially not if the door he had found was where they hid their stolen wealth.

The men talked for quite some time, they were laughing and boasting of who they had killed, what they had stolen, their voices loud enough to make him breathe out a sigh of relief. Even if he moved they would not hear it above their din as they spoke of wealth in terms that made his eyes widen. Piles of gold and silver, jewels of the rarest color. It was more wealth than he had ever imagined, more wealth than he could think of owning in a hundred life times. He kept his donkey's head tucked down close to him, struggling to hold the grey head close to his side so that he could try and keep the beast quiet, the bray would be the one thing that could reveal him.

"OPEN SESEME!" One of the men yelled the words, making Tahral jump slightly, his eyes widening as the door began to swing inwards with a loud groan.

Light flushed through the valley, only partially hidden by the rock work, as the door was opened up all the way, showing a glimpse of a long tunnel lined with more of the glowing metal. The light revealed the men with far more accuracy than before, but he wasn't looking at the men, he was looking at the satchels that they were hauling towards the door. They were partially open, not enough that he had a gauge on what they were all filled with, but enough that he felt envy rising up to nearly devour him. He saw chains of gold and silver, glittering gems that caught the light, they were overflowing from the leather pouches that were hauled by the men to the open door. The loot of a life time in their hands, barely twenty feet away from him and he could do nothing about it but huddle beside his donkey in the darkness.

He watched them closely, one by one, seven satchels were filled with the jewels and precious metal. Just one of them would have given him enough wealth for a life time, but he was held trapped by his own fear and survival instinct. His eyes went to each bag, straining to see what was hidden within as they were hauled down the open hall revealed by the door. How many more riches must they have hidden within? This was obviously not the first raid, nor the second, it all seemed to move smoothly, as if they had done this a hundred times over. It was the perfect place to hide wealth, no one came to this place, not truly, he had never seen another person. The cave would be hidden during the day and the glowing door only revealed at night. And at night... only jackals and fools prowled the desert, and he knew which of the pair he was.

As he watched them hauling the bags into the opening of the cave, the lust for the gold birthed an idea that he never would have considered had he not be struggling for so long simply to make a handful of extra coins. His avarice grew as he saw a glimmer of a decorative lamp jutting up from one of the packs, a lamp carved from purest ivory and silver, even from a distance he could see that hundreds of hours must have gone into its creation. It was something of untold wealth and luxury, something commonplace turned into something rare, something that he longed to own.

This was no temple, no holy place, no matter what the heading was above the door. This was a place desecrated by thieves and their loot, their crimes painting the place with sins. It would be a wise man who knew that there would be no sin in taking what they had already stolen. One could not steal from thieves, it would be there for the taking for anyone who could claim it. One might even argue that it would be his duty to remove it from them. Tahral's chest tightened as he watched the men continue to unload their wealth, passing the heavy packs from person to person. Would it truly be such a sin if he took what they had? Would they even be able to find out when they had untold measures of wealth? They need never know. . . as long as he took items that were common, like coins, they would never realize he had stolen anything at all.

_Suresha would have everything she ever dreamed of and more. . . _He drew in a breath and rubbed the soft muzzle of his donkey as his intent solidified. There was money there for the taking and he... he had the magic words.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Suresha stared at the soft vibrant purple silk that was pooled on the table like a spill of purest color, it ran over the edges and fell down. It was a wealth of soft material, enough that she could buy their small house two times over and had money to spare. It was out of place in their humble home and meager surroundings, just as her newly acquired gold bracelets were out of place when set against the rough woven fabric of her shirt. She hadn't seen such silk before, not even within her father's home when he had given her trinkets and presents to lure a rich husband with. The silk she had gotten then had been plainly colored and taken from outfits instead of fresh and never used bolts of material that her fiancée had brought to her.

"Where are you getting this. . . ?" She murmured softly and reached out to brush her fingers along the edges, the nearly wet feel of the silk delighting her even as she lifted her eyes towards Tahral.

In the past few days he had brought her any number of expensive gifts, all of them far more wealthy than anything she had ever seen. There first gift had been a gem the size of a robin's egg, perfect and flawless, something she had thought was merely carved quartz until she had held it up to the light. She hadn't known what to say, she had been speechless and that had been the only beginning. He had brought her a necklace of pure gold with small rubies decorating them and perfume that had been richly scented with myrrh. It was far beyond what she knew he could afford, far beyond what her father could have afforded, and she had no idea where it was all coming form. He did not work any extra time that she saw, in fact, he had spent the last few days carefully staying around his home, trying his best to push her towards accepting him as her husband.

She had always loved Tahral, he had no interest in her wealth or family, he simply loved her for who and what she was to him. From the time they had been little they had bonded together and felt a strong draw to each other. He was her friend, she cared for him, he had always been a part of her life. True, she found it hard to look at his life and realize that she would be expected to have the same situation as he did, especially true when she considered just how different her life would become. She would be forced to live in his small home, a home that was filled with rough hand made furniture. Her clothing would become patched and worn, with only one outfit good enough to be considered 'decent'. Her father would not support her, not with a lowly man who gathered fire wood for a living with an aging donkey at his side.

"I will always find a way to give you what you deserve." Tahral murmured as he smiled at her, a small secret smile that teased the edges of his lips. "Do you not like it?"

"I do, it is very. . . lovely, but where did it come from?" She persisted, rubbing the fabric between her fingers, delighting at what it felt like.

"Does it really matter?" Tahral answered, a smile on his lips as he leaned forward to playfully trail a finger right over the silk. "All that matters is that you are happy."

She picked up the fabric, it was so heavy, there had to be enough material here for half a dozen dresses as long as she were careful, it had to have cost enough gold that could have easily supported him for many months. There was no earthly way that his gathering of wood could have led to this wealth, not unless he had found trees spun of precious metal and gems, but if that wasn't how he had gotten the money. Her stomach lurched as she looked up at the man she loved, his pale brown eyes like spots of gold in his tanned face as he continued to smile at her expectantly. He looked so innocent and young, wide eyed and gentle, but all she could think was that there had been rumors of bandits running up and down the caravan paths. Bandits that had grown worse, grown bolder, that had taken more from the sultans and his people than could be measured.

He can't be a bandit... He would never be a bandit... but. . . _She swallowed as she looked at the young man. A young man that she had repeatedly pressured to find money somewhere, to find a new profession, to make money enough to support them both. _I did this. . .

"You stole it. . . " She breathed out and swallowed the lump in her throat. "Tahral, I never meant for you to become a bandit. . . I never wanted you to. . . The sultan will take your hands!"

"No! No, Suresha, I did not steal it as you think!" The young man jumped up and opened his hands a little bit. "It is nothing like that."

"There is only one way to steal it!!" She insisted, her face flushing hotly with anger as she watched her lover gesturing at her. "I did not mean for you to steal this! I never meant that! Only that you should learn a new trade, or become a merchant, anything besides become a thief!"

"You do not understand!" Tahral's voice broke slightly. "Please. . . please let me explain to you, it is not so bad as you are making it!"

"How is it not so bad?! You have stolen, you are a wanted man, Tahral." Tears rolled up in her eyes as she stared at him, anger rising in her breast with her fear. "You have made me a part of it, they will take my hands to for you have given me your spoils."

"No, please, come with me. I will show you and explain it all! You will see." He moved towards the door, his hand gesturing towards her wildly.

She had loved him since they had been young, but now she stared at him as the stranger that he had become to her. If they came for him they would have no mercy on her, they would have no mercy on anyone except for those that suffered from his theft. She wanted to storm away, to go and report him to the guards, but she loved him, she had always loved him. She forced herself to follow him as he beckoned her towards the back of the house, doing her best not to feel the utter despair that rose up in the back of her throat.

~ ~ * ~ ~

"...and they have much there, mountains of wealth, all for the taking, I promise you! They have piles of it, more than you could ever imagine. They will not miss what I've taken." Tahral explained, trying to keep his voice calm as he showed her into the room just behind his small stable.

He had only taken what he thought he could get away with without being noticed. His donkey hadn't been able to carry great weight on his back, there had been no way to laden him down with everything he might have wanted, but two saddle bags had been enough to have near immeasurable wealth by his current standards. He had taken nearly all coins that could be taken without worry that they would notice at a simple glance, though he had also taken a few of the poorer necklaces. Even the cheapest of their jewelry had been exotic and priceless when compared with what he had been able to afford before. The only thing he had taken that might have been missed he had done so out of sheer avarice, the lamp that he had seen from the night before.

He couldn't say why he had wanted it so badly, but as he had stuffed his saddle bags full he had come back time and time again to the lamp carved of silver and ivory. He hadn't been able to take his eyes from it, just to see it had been to want it, despite knowing that he shouldn't take it, that they might notice it was gone, he had wanted it. He had wanted it to the point he had overrode that caution and listened to the voice in his head that had told him that no one would be able to find him. They would never know he had been there, they could not find him. That had been the voice that had snagged up the lamp of all things and the moment it had been pushed into his bag he had felt as if he had accomplished something important.

"You took it from thieves." Shuresha whispered and opened one of the saddle bags to look inside. "You stole from them?"

"They stole from others, it is a fitting punishment for them." He asserted and tried to feel confident as she reached down and picked up the jutting handle of the lamp. "It is not stealing from someone who does not deserve it, it is taking from thieves."

"From thieves who will come after you!" She snapped angrily, her eyes widening a little. "Do you understand that they will come after you and kill you? You must take it back! You cannot keep this!"

She was waving the lamp around as she spoke, her voice breaking slightly as she did so. There was an obvious panic in her eyes as he stepped back, looking away from her hand on the lamp and bristled angrily. She had been the one that had wanted him to bring more money into their relationship, she had been pressuring him to find another job, to give her the life that she wanted. Had she thought that it would come at no cost? That he would just find a new trade that would bring in money without sacrificing something.

"How would they come after me? They do not know who I am!" He retorted angrily. "They will likely never know that this is missing. They have piles of jewels and coins, I only took a small amount compared to what they have amassed."

"Do you think they don't know what they have?!" Suresha clutched the lamp close to her. "They will know within a matter of days that you have stolen from them and then they will kill us both. Do you have no sense?!"

"It was you who wanted this life, I have given it to you, you will be wealthy and happy for all your days and you wish for me to take it back?" He answered, growing angrier at her by the moment. "I have given you exactly what you asked for."

"Asked for?! I have never asked for this, especially not when they will hunt us both down!" She yelled at him, shifting her hands along the lamp as she took a step back. "Better that you had learned to be a merchant like my father."

"Do you think I did not think of this?!" He answered back sharply, sucking in a breath to try and keep himself from screaming at her. "I need money to make money, to purchase and to sell! Now we will have this money. You may be happy, you will be given all that you wanted and never mind how I had to obtain it. All your wishes will come true now!"

"My wishes?!" Suresha answered. "Will you grant me my wishes if I wished you to find an honest job?! I wish you were a flea riddled camel in a caravan before I would wish this hell you have given us both!"

The lamp had begun to glow at the start of their talk about wishes, the silver on it glowing pure white as it vibrated in his lover's hands, but as it glowed and cast shadows over them both, their own argument had blinded Tahral to what was happening. He was putting together his retort when suddenly the tip of the lamp erupted in a spill of silver light that made Suresha cry out and fling the lovely thing to the ground with a resounding clattering noise as she jumped towards him. The silver smoke billowed out, twisting and rising, stretching out in the small room behind the stable, and as it billowed out, it began to reform itself into the vague shape of something almost human. Arms grew out from either side, a head appeared with dark glowing gold eyes, the body became longer and leaner, towering above both of them as their argument turned to silence.

"Your wish, is granted." A voice rippled from the smoke, spilling outwards as the smoky hands lifted up and suddenly stretched out to either side. Monstrous and strange.

"Wait. . . what? No!" Tahral protested and jumped forward, pushing his lover behind him. "What are you?!"

There was no answer, the four words rippled through the room as the arms were spread wide and silver smoke began to billow from the finger tips to curl down towards him. He couldn't dodge away from it as the tendrils stretched towards him, reaching and twisting, the movements starting to twine around the edges of his body. He pushed his lover away from the thing as the djinn's features became more demonic and strange, sharp edged and brutal as they looked him over and there was a brush of finger tips that ran over the edges of his face, his shoulder, the smoke twisting around him and twining with the sweet scent of spices coming with it. He reached out, swinging and batting away it, doing his best to chase it away from them, but the smoke only grew thicker and heavier, impossible to dismiss with wild shakes of his hand.

He stumbled backwards further, Suresha managed to get to the opening of the stable before the smoke swallowed him up, drawing him into the surging brush of heat and fire, magic and flames that lapped against him. The smoke was choking him, swallowing him and making it hard to see or breathe as he heard his lover crying out his name. The sound of it was filling his ears as he looked wildly towards the door to see her leaping backwards to safety, at least safe from what was happening. He felt lashes of warmth crossing over his chest and stomach, bands of it growing by the moment and spreading wider as the smoke lifted him up from the ground, his feet lifted away as he kicked out wildly, kicking against the air while his back bowed.

His clothing began to tear away from him, ripping apart by the smoke that snapped against him, the seams tearing away as the magic twisted around him and where the smoke touched things began to happen. He could see the silver glowing against him and his skin, revealing the dark tan lines and paler skin along his chest before it started to show something growing up from his skin. At first, it was just a bare hint of change, the texture of his skin growing softer looking by the moment, thickening as fur sprouted up from his skin, rich and plush looking. He struggled against it, but this was nothing he could fight, or stop, the fur spread along his chest and beneath his skin, it reached up along the line of his neck and pushed through the collar as his shirt tore away. The strips fell away like a peeled a banana, except this revealed his bare upper body to the crafting magic. The thick tendrils wrapped around his neck, nearly choking him as he felt as if he were being pulled and tugged, his head lifted upwards in the air from the force of the pull.

His vertebrae began pop and sound off as they were tugged, lifted higher in the air, pulling outwards one by one, stretching his chin up higher in the air so that he was left feeling his head draw away from his body. His skin was being coated in the fur, it tickled and itched as his legs were stretched outwards and pulled in front of him, dragging so tightly that he could barely come to terms with the feel of it. It was like he was being drawn like loose wet hide, his legs and bones lengthening while he cried out. His shrieking cry turned into a bellow as his neck grew long enough to start to curve and arch, turning into a slender S shape when he reared backwards, leaving him looking down at his strangely small seeming body.

His arms pulled forward, straining and thickening as the elbows moved higher up along his body and the wrists further away, it was all out of sorts that change. The hide here was softer and smoother, shorter looking as it reached towards his wrists. His fingers were thickening and swelling, bulging out obscenely as if he had been bitten by some sort of bug, but the swelling wasn't painful. It itched and throbbed in time with his heart beat as he struggled and swung his head, but his elongated neck made it a wild movement that dizzied him. His jaws began to stretch and change, they pulled along the length of his chin and pushed outwards as he bellowed out again, the sound animalistic and loud as he made it, nostrils flaring open wide, sucking down another breath before he was forced to feel the way that his body was changing. What was happening? What curse was this?!

"Ahhh do not fight it. Relax into it and it will go easier." The rippling voice from the djinn filled his ears as his nose began to bulge between his eyes.

It was jutting out far into the air and weighing down his head so it sagged forward along his elongated neck while his teeth began to shift inside of his mouth. His lips grew fat and heavy, sagging forward from his muzzle with the split tip spread to either side and rising up while his nose flattened down towards the line of the former muzzle. His ears began to grow longer as his entire body started to swell. He saw the glowing eyes of the djinn that shaped him, the looming body above him as his chest began to grow wider and wider, pushing outwards. His legs were flexing and pressing beneath himself, curling downwards as they grew wider along the line of his hips. The pants twisted and tore, ripping apart along the seams in a rush of pressure that was painful as it bit around his growing waist. His back was arching higher in the air as it bulged upwards, his vision blurring and changing as he was soon stripped of his clothing entirely.

His hands began to change, his feet changed, thick heavy toes joined together, padded and layered, they were split right at the tips and grew larger and larger. He was weighed down by them as the hard nailed toes formed, the hair sprouting between the cloven feet. These weren't the hooves of a beast of burden or even that of a deer, he was being given the shape of a camel. An ugly, hairy, bellowing camel! The thought was humiliating, and terrifying, as he lost his toes entirely, the shape of his leg adjusting for his new form. She had wished him to be a camel, that's what she had said when she had held the lamp, and now. . . now he was becoming one!

Suresha was watching him, his cheeks flushing hot and humiliated as he saw her staring at him as the pants fell down to the ground revealing every nude inch of him to the girl. He tried to cover himself, but his arms had become large and heavy, they were bending in all the wrong directions as his hips began to grow stranger and bulge up in the air. His back was growing upwards in the air, peaking and swelling with more muscle that was growing by the moment as he tried to keep himself decent. Every attempt to do so was lost as he felt his shaft and balls hanging in the open air, the fur traveling down his changing legs as they grew longer by the moment and his long head and neck were able to look down along his lower body. As his shape changed, so did parts of his anatomy that made him want to shriek in protest and dismay.

"It would be unwise to grant a wish that would allow my Mistress to have a violent and dangerous male." The djinn murmured through his mind mockingly, caressing over him.

_Unwise?! I am a male! _He thought frantically, casting a look towards his fiancée, she looked suitably horrified, eyes wide and frightened as she regarded the changes.

"Please! STOP!" She tried, her voice shrill with panic, but the djinn's laughter was the only answer as the changes continued to speed up.

"I cannot stop until your wish has been granted."

Thick puffy nipples began to rise up between his hind legs, he saw them pushing up from his body, soft and plush looking, with a fuller milk sac around the edges as they jutted up to either side of his hind legs. They grew darker red, pale pink towards the base, but it was the sight of his cock and balls changing that left him breathless. His cock began to draw backwards, pulling between his legs and growing smaller by the moment, the tip starting to grow thicker along the foreskin as he was rolled on his back in midair. He bellowed his protest to the djinn that controlled the change, not that he was listened to at all. There was no one to give him hope as his balls began to draw backwards towards his body. The pressure grew as it pulled in close, dragging tight to his inner thighs, almost painful feeling as his chest grew larger and thicker, barreling out. He didn't care about those changes, he didn't care about the way that his body was changing, the real horror lay between his haunches. Because haunches they were.

His balls were hidden as they drew upwards, his stomach roiling as the nipples and udder grew more pronounced by the moment, puffing up in the air, swollen and sensitive feeling, plush and full, weighing down along his body while his balls faded away. They were shifting inside of him, his entire lower body was starting to change and shift, becoming different on the most base level possible. His stomach felt swollen and odd, the warmth spread through his lower belly while his dick began to grow fatter and smaller, nearly fading from view before it started to split apart. He shuddered and watched as his foreskin grew fat and thick, the bud of his prick pulling between them, changing into something that was more like a set of fat full cunny lips. He had that view, she had that view, there was nothing male between her haunches.

She shuddered while the smoke and magic slipped from her body and she was dropped towards the ground. She kicked and swung her neck about, the small area behind the stable now seemed even tinier as she filled it with her bulk and rammed into the sides of the tables and shelves, spilling coins and treasure to the ground around her feet. She rammed backwards as her lover moved away with a yelp, avoiding being smacked with her large hairy body. She could feel the last tingle of the changes kissing through her, her body throbbing and quivering with an edge of unwanted arousal. She folded her rounded ears down to her head, bellowing her anger and fear before her girlfriend grabbed at her head, running up. Suresha's familiar touch grabbed around her neck, clinging there and pulling her head down to swell of her bosom.

"It is alright! PLEASE! CHANGE HIM BACK!" She called to the djinn, her fingers gliding along the former boy's furred cheeks as the shadowy creature looked down at both of them.

"If you wish to have the beast made into a man, you must wish it, O Mistress." The creature bowed his upper body, making Tahral flinch backwards as it came too close to him.

_Thank God. _ He thought fervently as his lover nodded her head and opened her mouth to make the wish that would gift him back his human body.

The words did not come from her, they did not burst free to give her relief, instead, they were stopped and her eyes widened in terror as there was the sound of thunder and the sight of dust rousing up along the edge of their desert home. Tahral bellowed and lifted her head up high as she saw dozens of horses leaping and jumping, running along the line of the dunes and rushing towards them. Men on horseback, armed and wearing flowing nondescript robes clung to the creatures' backs as they charged towards their home. She did not need to be human and have sharp eye sight to know who and what they were, he knew immediately as they ran down the line of the fields.

_No... no the bandits! _ She turned, almost forgetting her panic at the state of her body and tried to shove against her lover firmly, her nose stuffing forward and knocking Suresha from her feet so she stumbled back against her newly furred side.

"Tahral!" She hissed out and the smoke began to fade away, the Djinn's form turning to wispy vapors as the bandits stormed into their courtyard and home, the horse's frothing and snorting wildly.

"SO! This is the thief that would steal from Malfazar, Lord of The Desert!" One of the men bellowed, one on a fine grey stallion that pranced and turned. "It is you who have taken my treasure from my cave and desecrated my honor."

Tahral stood, frozen, as the man eyed Suresha with interest that he wasn't containing in any way, interest that lingered over her body and slipped down the front of her with a low appreciative rumble that had her clutching against the camel fur. The djinn was faded away, disappearing into nothing but cloud vapors and air, flitting this way and that. The man on the horse was handsome, older and grey haired, his eyes sly and dark looking as they slipped over the young girl and he dismounted from his horse. Beside him rested a great curved sword, sheathed in finest gold and silver, a treasure in and of itself, but a deadly one.

"I stole nothing from you!" Suresha protested, her voice high pitched and fearful. Tahral's heart bled, she could only low out an angry sound that meant nothing to these men.

"Oh? And then... who did, my lovely one, when I find you hear standing in the midst of my coins. And my lamp..." The last was spoken with avarice and anger both, they purred from the strange man while Tahral sucked in a breath.

Suresha glanced back at him, her eyes wide and panicked, neither of them knew what to do. When she had stolen the treasure she had never dreamed that they would find their way back to him. He had assumed they would look in vain for a man who would have the boldness to rob them, a master thief, a rival, someone who was not a lowly tradesman.

"Speak to me girl, and tell me true, where is the one that stole from me." The thief advanced on her, his smile tight and fierce, threatening with every movement as he came closer. "Give me his name and I will leave you in peace."

"I..." Suresha swallowed, her eyes growing wider the closer the man came to her. "You would not believe me even if I told you true."

"Try me, girl. You would be amazed at what I might be, especially considering that you have stolen my most precious treasure. My lamp." His voice purred the last words and Tahral jerked her head up in shock, ears folding down along her head.

"I..." Suresha cast a look towards her changed lover. "He changed into the camel."

"The camel?" Malfazar let out a deep rich laugh, booming out with delight as the former man glared at him and tried to take another step back. "You turned him into a camel?"

"Yes.. I mean no! I did not mean to, I only spoke without thinking!" Suresha hurriedly amended as Tahral tried to make herself small under the eyes of the bandits.

"Well, my lads, it looks like we will not spill blood today." The bandit drawled out with a slow smile on his lips. "Why should we waste such a perfectly wonderful set of circumstances as this? Bring me up a spare lead and halter, we'll take our fine camel to market."

_What?! _ Tahral let out a bellow of protest, but it was drowned out by the sound of laughter that came from the gathered men.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Suresha had never been so frightened in her life as she had when the lead bandit had swung her up and onto her saddle, a lead placed on Tahral had forced the camel to follow behind the leader and two of his men. She had spent the ride pressed uncomfortably close to the man who had talked with a lazy lilt to his voice, mocking her as he took them the long route to the city. Tahral was forced to walk behind them, the former lover struggling to keep up as best that she could, but she hadn't done so gracefully. There had been a grand bit of amusement when they had found out that the young man had been changed into a very female camel. She hadn't wanted to listen to half of the comments they had made about Tahral, even the mildest made her cheeks burn in abject embarrassment and they talk hadn't even been about her.

The city was little more than tents that were set up in a circle that surrounded a few permanent stone buildings. The winter months made sure that the traders had come to town and set up semi-permanent camps to allow for various trade and to save money verse traveling across the desert. It wasn't as cold as it grew in other parts of the world, but it was still unfavorable when it came to long distances. She had come here often as a child with her father, but now she was escorted into the city by the men who had captured her. Malfazor was cocky and smug as he guided them to a position just off the main walkways, where the poor could settle and sell their wares in peace and without paying high stipends to the sultan.

"Why have you brought us here?" She asked in a breathless voice, flinching a little bit as the man lifted her from the saddle and set her onto the ground. Tahral rumbled behind them, her lover fitted with a heavy rope halter that hung from his long muzzled head.

"I have brought you to make our little thief pay." Malfazor answered and stepped back as his men secured the camel to a thick pillar near the side of the walkway. "I am a fair man. To have stolen from me he must have some skill, but I would be remiss if I did not make him earn a chance to join my men."

"You want him to join you?" Suresha answered, struggling to imagine her kind young lover as any sort of bandit or thief.

"Perhaps. But, I will leave that up to you." The man gave her a sly look, the fringe of his cropped beard just a bare line along his jaws. "You will sit here with our lovely little camel and sell her wares, you must sell to at least five people."

"Her wares? What wares? " She began in confusion, but the man waved her words aside before she could say anything else.

"I will leave it to you to decide what you will sell. You will make enough coin to repay her debt to me." Malfavzor inclined his head. "But I will make sure that you both understand the rules of this little test, you must sell enough to repay me, two dozen pieces of copper and two bits of silver, but you may not behave with tricks. You cannot have her perform like a cheap trained animal, you must sell something she can give you. You have one day, and at the end of that day, as long as you have gathered the money I will allow you to wish for our little thief to be returned to her proper body and she will be allowed to join my band."

"That.. that is too much. What if we don't make it?!" She looked wildly at the camel who was staring with large brown eyes that showed the fear hiding there. What could she sell on a camel? The thick wool?

"Then we will take the price in the meat of your camel." Malfazor answered with a low laugh and touched his blade. "I am sure this will motivate you, my dear. We will be watching, be sure that you follow the rules. At the end I expect my money and my thief to be humbled."

Suresha gaped at the self styled lord of the desert and swallowed, the thought of killing the camel was outright murder. They knew that it was a young man trapped in that body, there was no hiding who was really there. She would have wished him back in a heartbeat if she had just been able to grab the lamp. There was little hope for that at this point, the man had already taken the lamp and secured it away from her reach. Their only hope was to play by his games and hope that she would be able to pay them back, if her lover became human again at least then they could run away. Somehow. She turned her eyes towards the camel and advanced on her, step by slow step, reaching out to catch the lead as the large eyed beast stared at her with terrifyingly intelligent eyes. They were fixated on her expectantly, as if she assumed that Suresha would have the least little idea on how to make all of this work out.

"If you hadn't taken the lamp we wouldn't be in this mess." She spoke without thought, angrily, seeing the camel jerk her head up.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Tahral was miserable and hurt as she watched her lover move the blanket out into the market place, the look in her lovely eyes making her flinch away. She hadn't meant for it all to go this wrong, she had simply wanted to give Suresha everything that she needed to be happy. She had wanted to give out gold where she could, or jewels, something to show the young woman just how much she loved her. The bandits had humiliated her the entire walk here, mocking her for her changed body, making comments about being able to see under her tail and the hidden set of cunny folds. One had even grabbed one of her teats and pinched it! If she had simply been changed she could have handled this, but the blow to her esteem from the thieves made her want to shrink in on herself. It was bad enough they had been there to laugh as she had struggled to learn how to walk with her new legs.

"I will have to sell your coat, it is thick enough.." Suresha said after a moment and Tahral flinched a little when her hand reached out and stroked against the heavy hump. "Perhaps if we just find a buyer and shave you."

Shave me? _ She thought in affront and looked back at herself. She was covered in thick winter pelt, it was heavy and shaggy, insulating her well enough that even the day heat didn't bother her, it kept the cool out just as it would keep the heat in. _Why did he set such an impossible task?! There is little on a camel one can sell for wealth!

"CAMEL WOOL! CAMEL WOOLD FOR SALE!!!" Suresha began to sing out while Tahral considered her furred sides.

The call was familiar, most of the people tried to call attention to their wares by crying out to people passing, but she still tried to ignore the sound of her lover trying to sell something that was a part of HER. If someone bought the wool she would have to be shaved. She couldn't imagine what it would feel like to have a blade scraping along her tender body. The people crowded the streets and passed by, most of them seemed to be on errands or coming to sell items themselves and as such had little time or interest to look at camel wool. The hair itself wasn't worth much, not in this particular season and certainly not while she was still wearing it, but it was the only thing that could be offered from her. She nervously pulled and yanked at the halter, jerking her head and stepping, the thick cloven hooves felt so strange as the toes spread open wide and the tough padding and nails made everything feel quite numb to her touch.

There were some few that stopped by and gave a few glances at her, but obviously they didn't think she was worth even making an offer or inquiring about a price. It gave Tahral more time to feel her new body and the new pieces of it that were terribly exposed. There was weight where there never should have been, especially between her haunches were the plush full udders were drooping heavily down to the ground and the nipples jutted downwards at the thick plush milk sac. It was distracting, just as distracting as the knowledge that there were a pair of cunny lips hiding between her legs, just beneath the ropey tail that was hanging down to the ground. They were plush and full feeling, her tail sometimes bouncing against them when it moved the wrong way, but hiking it up wasn't an option unless she wanted to end up flashing half of the pathway. It didn't matter if they only saw an animal, what mattered was the frail feeling of pride that she felt.

"You are selling wool?" An older man stopped at the booth, his hair greying and features weathered as he looked back towards her. He was dressed in soft wool clothing, a jug held in one hand that was empty given the fact that he was easily swinging it around and nothing was dribbling free.

"Yes, selling her wool. I will even shave her for you." Suresha responded with a nervous dip of her head. "It is very fine wool, very thick and worth its weight in gold. Even a sultan would find himself honored to have such quality."

"There is no market for wool, girl." The man shook his head in amusement. "The caravans have brought enough that you would be better selling her dung for money, there is no profit to be made. Especially not with one camel."

_Dung? Good god no. _Tahral thought while chewing on her tongue a bit nervously.

"It is all I have to sell, sir, I am dire need of money and I cannot sell her and be without her." Suresha murmured and looked down as if ashamed. "I must sell what I must at what price I can get, if you would make an offer I would happily consider it."

"I have no need of wool, girl." The old man waved the hand with the jar. "But I see she is full, I would gladly pay for her milk if you would sell it."

"Her milk." Suresha echoed and her eyes flicked back towards Tahral with a touch of nervousness. The former boy tried to swing her haunches away to escape the eyes staring down between her haunches.

"Yes, she is quite full. Did she lose her calf?" The man came forward. "I would give you seven coppers for a jar of her milk."

"Seven coppers?" The girl gave another look, a curious flick of her eyes that made Tahral want to bellow out to give her own input on the idea of milking her.

_I would rather spend the day relieving myself for fuel for fires! _She thought with force, waiting for her girlfriend to tell the man that there would be no such deal.

"I would sell her milk for 10 coppers, a jar is very big and you may milk her until she is empty." Suresha countered while Tahral gaped at her in affront and disbelief, stomach twisting in a sick feeling. She couldn't do this! The money wasn't worth milking her, the very idea of fingers reaching down to at her puffy nipples was enough to make her want to try and cross her hind legs together.

"Ten? If she fills my jar entirely, then yes I will pay that amount, but if she can only fill it part of the way up then you will have to be satisfied with seven." The older man countered with a wave of a hand, leaving Tahral pulling back as far as she could on the lead.

Suresha nodded her head, the look one of resignation as her eyes swung back to her changed lover and made the former boy shake her head back and forth rapidly to try and show her disapproval for the idea. She didn't want this, it shouldn't have even been entertained! Her ears flattened as far down as they went while her partner moved towards her side and took the jar from the man. It was large looking and heavy, but she handled it easily as she moved a hand up to stroke along the long furry neck. The touch was light feeling as beautiful young woman leaned forward and whispered so softly that it was hard to hear her even with her improved senses.

"We have to pay your debt, please, it will all be over soon." Suresha gave her a pained look, one that Tahral returned. There had to be another way to pay off the money, something else they could try to get it.

If the man had come for her, she would have struck with her cloven hooves, but it was Suresha who slipped along her thickly furred side and leaned against her, the shoulder pressing against her side firmly as the hands slipped down lower. There was a light stroke, one that ran down beneath the length of her belly and fingers brushed right towards the drooping teats that were jutting down low to the ground at the tip of the swollen udder. She let out a groan in reaction to the touch, she hadn't imagined that the tender teats would be sensitive, but the touch grazed right along the sensitive swollen buds to make her suck in a shocked breath. The fingers felt along the edges of her swollen udder, curling upwards towards the base while the jar was dipped down beneath her belly and chest. She side stepped, but her lover followed her, swinging in closer with a soothing sound.

The fingers were gentle as they kneaded long her nipple, squeezing and pulling lightly, dragging along the length with a light pull that sent a shudder through her body and a sense of pressure that was building as the fingers kneaded and pulled along the swollen udder. It was warm feeling, hot and the skin drawn tight over the flesh that Suresha began to massage and squeeze, pushing her fingers all the way up to grind against the milk sac and then pulled downwards with a pull that forced the pressure to build at the tip of her nipple. It made the former boy suck in a breath, her eyes wide and ears burning red as she was being watched through the entire proceedings. The man was standing right in front of them with a friendly look on his face as the fingers gripped harder against her teat and squeezed, tightening almost to the point of pain as the milk was forced right up and against the narrow opening of her teats.

It was a shock when the pressure was relieved suddenly, the tip being compacted before a stream of rich milk was sprayed out and streamed out into the jar with a metallic sound as it hit the bottom. Her fingers worked back up to the base of her teat and squeezed down again, pulling along to send out another stream of milk from her full udder. She closed her eyes, she didn't want to see the man watching her as the fingers kept working over her teat, dragging the milk down along the length of the ducts to stream into the jar with a wet sound as the stream was pooling down into the bottom as the woman she loved kept working. Her teats were warm and full feeling, but some of the fullness was being lost as the teats were squeezed out in another creamy rush and the fingers worked up to cup against the full udder. The soft skin was stroked, drawn up around the base and pulled downwards again, reddening the tip of her nipple and sprayed out yet another rush.

It continued, the working of her nipple constant and unrelenting as stream after stream of milk was sent down into the container and made her side step and shudder in reaction to the gentle rubs. It wasn't really painful, it was strange feeling, almost erotic in the way that she was being caressed and teased over, the squeezing pulls making her body flush warm in the oddest places of her body. They weren't the normal sensations of arousal that made her tail twitch and hike slightly, they were centered further back as her girlfriend pulled again, the gentle squeezes keeping up with a steady caress that forced the milk to spray out in a heavy stream. Every tug and pull made her flinch slightly, the uncomfortably swollen teat never left alone as Suresha kept building up the pulling squeezes emptying the sac rapidly as the jar was filled.

There was no preparing for when the girl reached over and caught the other teat in her firm fingers, the sudden grip making her grunt and suck in her breath as the nipple was dragged and pulled. The squeezing pull dragging against her that made her ears fold tight to her head, her eyes shut and she shuddered as the pumping movements were strangely erotic as they worked along the length of her nipples. The tips were reddened and aching feeling, the gentle squeezing sensations working in a way that wasn't exactly nonsexual. She had her stomach giving little leaps and shivers, the movements having her tail shudder and twitch, flipping higher up in the air and then dropping it down again.

"Well, at least you were correct about how much she can produce, she is quite talented. I am sure that you have misjudged her worth if you were simply happy to sell her wool in this market." The man spoke with an admiring tone, one that made Tahral flinch in humiliation. "By the size of her udder she could even do a bit more."

"I needed her milk, but if it will get me the money we need, then I will have to make do." Suresha responded in a soft tone, another drag and pull along the nipple made her suck in another breath, embarrassed beyond all reason.

"Yes, but look at how much she gives, how thick, it is a shame that you keep it to yourself when you might purchase a goat, true the milk would not be as rich, but it would still feed you." The customer continue, the last few streams filled the jar entirely, easily reaching the edge and sloshing over a touch.

"Then I would have two animals to feed and care for." Suresha responded, valiantly trying to sound reasonable as she offered the jar to the man. "Ten coppers."

The man reached in his pocket amiably for the coppers. "Well, you could sell her, she is a fine producer and looks to be a good beast."

"I could never sell her." Suresha immediately responded, not even pausing to think about it as the man gave her the coins and took his jar back.

"Really? My Master would be interested in such a camel, he is always looking to expand his stable and while we have two fine males and he would be interested in starting to breed on his own." The man held the jar with a smile on his face. "Perhaps you would be willing to sell her for two silver bits? It would be more than she is worth, true, but to make sure you do not suffer her loss."

"No." Suresha immediately responded, making Tahral let out a sigh of relief, glaring at the man who was attempting to buy her. Buy her?! She was not for sale!

"No? I would promise you that she would have a good life, she would have a fine stable and home of her own. She would want for nothing. Four silver bits, and I will allow you to have your choice of goats to replace her." The man continued on, making Tahral shift and glare, yanking at the lead, the jerks and pulls were useless as her lover reached up to catch her halter.

~ ~ * ~ ~

"As I said-" Suresha started to deny him again, but her words didn't go much further as the Malfazor interrupted her, the thief coming out from the valley in a casual walk.

"My dear, let us not be so hasty." The drawling words interrupted them as a hand slipped along her shoulders in a familiar way.

She jumped a bit, she hadn't been aware that the man was hiding close by, she had thought that she'd be left to her own devices to earn the money, but the thief acted as if he had been watching the entire time. She glanced at her lover, nervously wondering if he had watched as she had milked Tahral. The thought of being watched as she had squeezed and pulled along the teats made her cheeks color darkly, struggling to keep from drawing away as the hand rested on her shoulder and gave a warning squeeze that forced her to remain still beside him.

"I am sorry, she has grown so attached to our lovely Iris that she does not recognize an envoy of the sultan standing before her." Malfazor inclined his head as Suresha stiffened in shock. She had thought the man was simply a man passing through the sellers stalls.

"AH, I would not have that attention drawn to me. I am no envoy, I only work in his stable. The camel is a lovely specimen, he would dearly love to have her within his stable and her offspring." The man tilted his head. "I am Ahmed."

"I... I did not realize." She felt her stomach turn as she glanced up to the wide eyes of her lover, seeing the liquid dark orbs ringed with white.

"I am honored you would consider Iris, she is beautiful, is she not? A jewel of the desert!" Malfazor indicated the camel behind them with a gesture that invited the man to look. "Never has there been a sweeter flower, yet the strength balances her sweetness. She could carry a man for a day and a night on only a handful of grain and a mouthful of water."

Suresha was frozen in place as the thief began to talk about the changed boy with obvious enthusiasm, drawing the stable man's eyes towards her long legs and the broad body that was crowned with the thick hump and the tuft of hair that ran along the top in a thatch. She didn't know how she could stop him from praising Tahral. The camel was flinging, the lips quivering along the upper split, working and twitching this way and that as she was talked about and the stable man was allowed to come closer. This couldn't be serious, they had a bargain, she would bring the money and pay off Tahral's debt and she would be able to have her lover back. She moved closer to the thief, trying to get a word in, struggling to find an argument that would keep him from being sold right in front of her.

"But she is not very obedient, she was not trained very well." She interjected as the man was sliding hands down along the camel's side, rubbing them lightly.

"My dear, surely you know that a skilled hand can train any beast, you have let Iris think too much of herself." The man responded, narrowing his eyes at her. The stable hand let out a soft laugh and reached up to drag Tahral's head down, pulling the muzzle down lower.

"I don't think training will be an issue, she is a lovely specimen, how many times has she calved?" The man started to force the muzzle open while Tahral bellowed out angrily, shaking her head to try and get free. Suresha moved forward, trying to get between them both.

"Girl, you will not ruin this."Malfazor hissed out, his head turned away from the prospective buyer. "Speak one more word and you will join your lover in being sold. I have waited a lifetime to be within the Sultan's walls."

The hand gripped her upper arm roughly, biting down hard enough to make her cry out as the squeezed tightened to the point that she sucked in a breath, a painful one that had her eyes widening a little bit as the thief came in closer. He was going to steal from the sultan, if he sold the camel it was reasonable to offer to go with his former animal to see her settled and teach the new grooms about how to handle her. Their deal was now out the window, there was no hope for raising enough money to buy her boyfriend back and pay off the debt, the thief's eyes were on a bigger prize. She stared at the man and swallowed, her mouth felt dry as the thief turned around with a smile towards the stableman and gestures with one hand.

"She has never calved, what you see from her milk is naturally occurring. She is indeed a prize should you wish her." The man continued on as Suresha stared at her boyfriend's frantic looks towards her, nervously shifting. "I would let her go, but for no less than six silver, she is too valuable for us to let go for so little."

"An untried cow?" The man gave a long look and frowned a little bit. "That is a high price for her, especially since I do not know her parentage."

"It is not so high, not when you can see for yourself that you are buying her in season. Look at the way that her tail is hiked already, you would be able to breed her immediately." The thief almost purred the words as he kept a strong hold on her arm. "I would not let her go for so little, she is very dear to our family."

"I would offer you six, but you will not have a pick of our goats, you will have to purchase outside of the sultans herd." Ahmed countered with a smile.

"I would accept that offer, and I would like to come with my sister to assure ourselves that Iris is seen to as she settles to." Malfazor murmured softly, his eyes brightening with avarice.

_No... he can't sell Tahral, we had a deal! We had a deal! _ She looked over at the frightened camel, her heart in her throat. Tahral was glaring at her, accusing her silently.

~ ~ * ~ ~

"Get her halter and hold the head down. You! Easy, do not frighten her! Handle her gently!"

Tahral bellowed and cried out as the men handled her, she found herself standing in a place she had only ever heard about in passing, the center of the massive courtyard that was the sultan's personal home. She was swinging around as the groom held the halter down and kept her down, Suresha moving to her other side to try and calm her. She didn't want Suresha near her! She had watched as her lover had sold her at the behest of the thief! She could have put an end to it easily, put her foot down, but she had allowed the groom to purchase her! She was betrayed and angry, confused and frightened as the men continued to herd her towards a small pen set near the side of the stable. The grooms were all around him, some with light quirts used to slap against her haunches as she stomped her hooves against the ground and swung this way and that, crashing against Suresha as they forced her towards the opening of the pen.

She crashed through the opening of the pen was narrow and the fences caught against her sides as the lead was allowed to go slack and she went crashing about, stomping and bellowing her anger as she swung her head back towards the thief and his lover. Suresha looked so small standing beside the thief, her eyes wide and frightened on her lovely face. Tahral glared at her, not understanding why she was being so betrayed, stomping to the far end of the pen with a grunt as she shook her head. The lead swung this way and that from the halter, slapping against her forelegs as she settled and panted nervously. The old man that had watched her be milked was standing at the fence with someone else, someone far more impressive and dressed in resplendent white and cream, jewels glittering on his hands and throat.

"My Lord, I have purchased you a fine female for your stable." Ahmed murmured while Tahral continued to glare at his lover, shaking slightly.

"Such a lovely cream color, quite beautiful, but she does not appear to be tame." The well dressed man answered with a purr to his voice, eyes sliding over Tahral in an intimate look that made her stomach tense up as she flicked her ears. "I have never seen such a beautiful coat."

"His owner was trying to sell her wool, I told her that you would be most generous for such an animal, Lord." Ahmed continued. "With training she will be one of the jewels of your stable, but I have hopes that she might also gift you with a future line."

_Future line? No! _ She snorted and shifted, cloven feet slapping against the ground as she side stepped and snorted, her nose was filled with a rush of scents that were confusing her, making it hard to think.

"Ahh, that I would enjoy immensely." The sultan turned his eyes away from Tahral and towards Suresha. "You are to be complimented for seeing her worth, young lady."

"It is my pleasure to please you." Suresha's voice was slightly tense, but the thief looked entirely at ease beside her.

"I have offered for myself and my sister to help you settle her. Iris is, after all, strong willed and she'll need time to become comfortable here and allow others to handle her." Malfazor murmured, his eyes were quite intense as he looked at the sultan.

_What of my freedom!? What of our agreement?! _ Tahral thought and looked back to his lover, the girl was staring at him with a guilty expression on her face. Guilt?! What did it matter to her if Suresha felt guilt, she was not the one who had been sold.

"I would enjoy her staying a great deal." The sultan offered a small smile that incensed Tahral to no end, her body stiffening. "But, it is better to allow the camels to settle things among themselves. Bring out Valian, Ahmed, let him be placed with our new acquisition. He will soon show her how to behave."

"I have had similar feelings, my lord, I would be pleased to let him in. Valian is the dominant male, he has long been alone and would enjoy the new female."

_What? NO! This has gone too far! I am a man, I am not a camel, not a female camel or a male! _ She bellowed and charged the gate and towards her lover, the thief was whispering in her ear, leaning in so intimately that Tahral felt a wave of pure jealous anger.

There was laughter at her act, they were just watching with amusement and commenting that she had spirit that they hoped would be passed on to her calves. She wanted nothing to do with calves or males or other camels, she wanted her body and her life back! She stomped one of her hooves against the ground and swung around again as the sultan advanced on his lover and murmured softly in her ear. It was an outrage! The man was bedecked in jewels and wealth, his eyes were resting on her body in a way that was entirely too familiar looking as they spoke. Tahral came to the fence with a hot snort, peering down the long brown muzzle at the sultan. Not that that did anything to deter him, with a fence set between them.

She was so busy being outraged by what was going on right in front of her that she didn't really pay attention to the other movements going on from the stable. Most notably, a door that exited the building right into the pen. As she was stretching her neck out, watching as Suresha cast a guilty look to her, but she didn't move away as the Sultan complimented her on her fine eye for beasts. The words weren't offensive at all, but it was entirely obvious that he was interested with the other girl. It made her bristle, struggling to withhold her anger. The thief was watching the conversation with amusement, but mostly his gaze wandered and drifted around the edges of the palace. It was then that Tahral had an epiphany. He wasn't here to pay off his debt, he hadn't been sold for any reason that Suresha might have had, he was being sold because it gave Malfazor access to the royal palace.

_He plans to use me. _ She thought with shock before a loud bellow and large body suddenly crashed against her side, a nose stuffed against her neck.

The male came at her, larger and heavier looking, hitting hard enough against her side that she stumbled before the nose huffed out a hot breath against her. She swung around, outraged and frightened by the mammoth creature that began to follow her around the pen, snorting and rumbling with interest. Her legs didn't quite work the way that she wanted them to in order to evade Valian. The beast bellowed and snorted eagerly at her, nearly smashing her against the side of the fence before she managed to stumble backwards. It was a brief scuffle as they came together, a confusing assault of rank male scents in her nose and the sight of the large darker haired beast stalking her before she was able to get a few feet away, forgetting about her lover on the other side of the fence and the flirting sultan.

The other camel was a dark brown color with black points along the top of his head and the line of his hump. He was large with a thick curved neck and a large head that was aimed towards her, nostrils flaring along above the split lips as dull animal eyes fixated on her. Tahral backed away immediately and tried to push herself towards a corner. The other camel was massive, a beast in his prime with a thick muscled body and long legs. She didn't get more than a set away before he started to follow her again. Trotting after her with a rumble that vibrated up his long neck, making her flinch when he snuffled out and started chewing at the air strangely. It was a disturbing sight, the scent of him making it hard to concentrate beyond the way that it was filling her nose and making it hard to breathe clearly. The strange musk making her stomach turn strangely in reaction.

She tried to move away from him again, giving a few warning stomps of his hooves, but the camel only continued after her, his head stretched on the long neck as a hot breath snuffed against her side. She tried to swing around, but he pushed into her again, his larger body pushing her back towards the fence line with a grunt. She squeezed past him, snapping out, but her attempts only earned her a hot snuffle against the neck, some of the froth forming along the line of the lips smearing against her coat as the beast rumbled and grunted out against her. The scent was now overpowering, unwashed animal that was making her nearly choke as the beast swung his head up and over her hump, rubbing his chin against her with a disturbing amount of lust.

"AH.. sh-should you not call the beast off?" Suresha's voice reached her ears as she wriggled and managed to push forward, but in doing so she realized something horrifying about herself.

"Look at her tail, my dear, she doesn't want him to leave her. Oh they may grumble and knock each other about, but she's all but presenting to him." The sultan answered and moved closer beside her. "Animals do not worry about the niceties that we humans find important, she only knows that he is a male and she is a female."

_I do not! _ She shuddered and tried to snap her tail down, but it remained hiked behind her as she felt the body pushing against her and the large muzzle running against her haunch.

"I would say she might need some enticing, sire, she is certainly not familiar with him and if you have intentions of breeding her..." Malfazor offered his own commentary as Tahral lunged forward and the male's muzzle dipped downwards.

Valain's thick muzzle pushed down beneath the tail, shoving forward with a sudden hot blast of breath that raked right over her puffy vulnerable folds. She tried to evade them, swinging around again with an angry bellow, but the male just followed her with his lips curling up slightly and a thick heavy tongue jutting out from his maw. Thick frothy saliva built up along his lips, drooling down as he tasted her scent, sampling it with his chest barreling outwards before his muzzle jabbed down further. She felt the fur grinding up and along the soft plush folds, the sudden scrape startling her and making her tufted tail hike up higher in the air as he ran up and over her swollen lips. It was such a horrible thing to feel, the fur rubbing along the edges with a stroking push that ended with a rub of a tongue right between the puffy cunny.

She attempted to swing her haunches, swinging about and trying to avoid him, but the beast continued after her with an avid bellow, not letting her manage more than a few strokes before he slammed in against her side again and wedged her against the fence once more, his haunches facing her head as he pushed his muzzle under her tail and the slobbering maw began to flick out and the tongue pushed against her. IT was a shock of sensations, rolling together in the most obscene way possible as she felt it pushing up and dragging around her vulnerable folds. The messy length of the tongue smeared over her and pushed upwards, parting her folds open wider, folds she had never had before in life and they were splayed wide so that the silky expanse of the tongue could be used to lavish powerful drags. It didn't feel awful...

She shuddered in forced pleasure as she felt herself tensing up, her stomach churning as swollen inner walls were being caressed and pushed about by the long slimy appendage. The male grunted out eagerly as he scooped up his tongue, shocking her into snapping her tail down again him, smacking against his face roughly before he shoved forward again. She stumbled forward, scraping her side along the fence roughly in an attempt to escape the tongue, but the male followed her, shoving forward and stuffed the tongue in deeper inside of her cunny and started to stretch them open wider and wider. She felt the slippery appendage squirming in deeper and deeper, twisting slightly so that her inner walls began to contract down and tighten. It was painful as the untried muscles were being stretched open wide, parts of her responding with small quivers and tugs.

"Right there, get it through the bars and just above the knees!" The groom was talking beside the fence, but the commentary didn't give her enough time to react as there was a clatter of wood on wood.

A long thick stick was pushed beneath her body and suddenly hit against her legs. It was a sudden press right above her knees that tripped her up and stopped her attempt to get away. It pushed backwards roughly and drove against the line of her knees and pulled backwards, making her stumble slightly. She impaled herself on the tongue even further as someone jumped into the pen to move around her other side. Two men held the stick and pushed backwards, making her hind legs start to bend by the sheer amount of pressure placed on them. She bellowed out in protest, shuddering as the slimy tongue began to run and twist around her inner passage, slurping messily with thick viscous strands of saliva coating the long tongue and smearing her own wetness against her.

The grooms began to grunt as they shoved harder against the pole and began to force her hind legs down, her haunches dipping as she struggled to keep her footing. The force of the press dropped her faster, the male jerked his head back and made a low chuffing noise at her, his nose jerked in the air as the thick scents on the air were even chasing her own nose. She chuffed and shook her head wildly, trying to keep her footing up as the grooms forced her to lower to the ground. Her balance was all off, she couldn't keep her footing, but she knew what would happen if she went down onto the ground. He'd have easy access to mounting her, and judging by the ardent way the beast was coming at her, she couldn't imagine a more horrible fate. This couldn't be happening to her!

"Sh-should you be forcing her? It seems cruel.." Suresha's protest was heard, Tahral barely twitched an ear as she dropped to the ground, her forelegs folding under her as dust puffed up beneath her.

"Perhaps it does, but better now than when we are not here to watch and help. You have raised her well, but my men have handled camels all his life, far better to have her bred while they can intervene if things get out of control." The sultan was quite close to his lover, in fact, the man nearly had an arm around her waist. "You must admit that camels are very simple creatures. They have only just met and you can see that there is little hesitation between them. All it takes is that first meeting to know they are compatible."

"So I see.." She answered while Tahral turned her head to stare at her wildly as the pole was slipped out from under her belly.

Valain let out a rumble, the big male snuffling at her tail eagerly as she struggled to get back up, a struggle that was stopped by the wood pole pressing down over her shoulders when his legs went up and suddenly slipped to either side of her body. The weight of it dropped down hard and pinned her in place while the male snorted and groaned above her, thick strands of saliva and frothing drool coated the muzzle and splattered down against her as the head moved up and snuffled against her fat pump. She tried to struggle against the pole, frantic to get back up as the hooves walked to either side of her and the shadow of the beast was cast over her back and sides, marking her body. She couldn't escape it, she had to try and get away, she needed to get away!! She couldn't let this happen, not with a male, not with an animal!

_I'm not a female! _ She lunged up again and pole took the weight of both men to hold her down as the beast suddenly folded his legs above her.

As he dropped down she lunged up again, grunting out and pinning her ears back as heavy weight suddenly slammed down against her, forelegs stretched to either side of her body while there was a thud of the weight along her lower back. She swung her head about, bellowing, crying out, eyes flashing as he pushed down along her haunches and his head stretched up and over her fores shoulder, a thick splatter of saliva coated against the shoulders and sides messily, the rank harsh scent of the male filling her nose as the hind legs tucked up close against her haunches and something ground itself up against the base of her tail. She felt the sudden push as something jutting out and grinding against her, something hard and slimy feeling, and she knew what it was.

NO!!! She lunged up again, but the weight on her back held her down as the cock jabbed against her, rocking with the flexing of the powerful haunches that pushed forwards and drew back again.

Wet slimy splatters hit against her as the male rumbled and bellowed down at her, working his jaws at the air while the cock pushed up against her over and over again, grinding beneath her tail, stuffing this way and that. She could feel wetness trickling down along her cunny lips as she swung her eyes to plead at her girlfriend. This couldn't be allowed to happen! She wasn't female, she wasn't an animal, she felt the push forward and slip downwards to grind right against her swollen lips. She tried to lean away, she didn't have enough purchase to escape as the bull grumbled and rumbled down at her, snuffing against her roughly before there was a sudden shove up against her puffy outer folds and the beast leaned forwards against her, the forelegs tightening against her sides as he grunted out.

Tahral cried out, the sound pained and horrified as the cock tip suddenly stuffed forward and hardened from the low slung sheath. The hardened cock pushed forward and pushed into her virginal body with a wet feel, precum spraying out into her as she tried to get away, she leaned and shuddered as the haunches pushed forward and stuffed the rigid girth inside of her. She felt the splatter of precum running through her and being smeared through her untried passage as she felt the ache of her body straining open wider and wider. Her inner muscles contracted and squeezed, feeling the bulbous tip digging in deeper and deeper before the drag backwards that sent a shudder through her body as he nearly immediately drove forward with a grunt. The cock stabbed through her, stretching her open wider as she felt the saliva and froth decorating her body in a filthy smear as the beast wedged and burrowed, stretching her unprepared body open wide until he seated the thickest point of the tip within her passage.

"Do you see? She has taken to him just fine, but some start to fight once they feel themselves penetrated." The sultan was murmuring to Suresha, growing more animated with his attention fixated on her former lover.

_I am not just fine! _ She thought wildly and shuddered as the next drag pulled backwards with a slurping drag that pulled from her puffy folds.

It ached and felt good all at once, her estrus swollen body clutching and squeezing, dragging when the girth pulled back and then was driven back inside of her, the powerful thrust stretching her body and forcing her forward as the beast groaned out. He was vocal in his pleasure, the loud noises filling her ears as he sawed the cock in and out of her aching body, every movement a torment as she felt parts of her she had never had being stretched open wide, the walls rippling and contracting, pulling as wetness was being squelched out of her passage and pushing down along the edges. She felt the messy spill, but it was worse inside of her, the beast was spraying precum out of her almost constantly, coating her body, pushing into her and smearing through her body.

The heavy balls slapped up against her, rolling upwards with little feels of the heavy orbs that pushed against her inner hind legs as she was bred and taken. She could feel the heat of him pushed against her haunches, the rolling thrusts that lifted up with a rough jab forward, each one stretching her tight around the very base of the shaft, the weight of it pushing and squeezing towards a barrier just inside of her. At the apex of each thrust she was forced to feel it pushing up against the opening, stimulating and making her shudder, her eyes squeezing shut as her breathing sped up. She could have dealt with pain, but this didn't simply ache, she felt the pleasure of being stroked. Her nerves being stimulated with each jerk and thrust forward, the push forward pinning her down harder against the ground, pushing the breath from her as her jaws opened up wide to bellow out.

"What?!" Suresha was turned towards the sultan, Tahral didn't know what they were talking about, her attention was faltering under the constant assault, but they had been talking as they watched.

God, they were all watching her being bred by an animal and two of them knew that she wasn't really an animal! They were watching a human changed into a camel being raped by the beast! She choked out another sound as the thrust rocked through her, the hips rising up to jab a powerful movement stabbing in deep and pushing forward. She felt the sheath pushing right up against her puffy aching cunny, the wetness smearing out as the sheer size of the dick pushed it out as she was crying out louder. She wanted to hear what the sultan was saying to his lover, but his mind was trapped in the horror of the thrusts that were building up speed. The drooling beast hunched up, the savage little thrusts pushing the girth in deep, forcing the inches as far as it could get inside of her so the balls were constantly rolling against her body. Her breathing came in bursts as the cock began to swell and engorge a bit wider and wider, the weight of it stretching her aching inner passage.

The balls were starting to tense up, they were pulling up and tightening as the slapped against her inner thighs, it was starting to build up inside of her as she closed her eyes and cried out. She attempted to pull away, but the movements pressed her down tight against the hind legs and pushed harder upwards. The precum was thickening inside of her as she desperately attempted to get away, pulling away, her legs struggling in a panic as the beast began to grunt heavily, the haunches shuddering and twitching against her as the cock began to twitch and throb, the pulses running through her body. The male pushed down hard enough that she couldn't breathe, she was pinned and trapped as she intimately felt the first throb of the fat balls that pushed up the thick sperm rich cum along the boned tube that ran along the fleshy cock.

She wanted to sob in abject humiliation as she felt a hot stream of cum pumping out and splattering into her body with a hot spray that hit up along her dilated cervix. The stream of it coating her inner body, spraying rope after rope, pouring through her passage as the beast kept shuddering and jerking his hips against her, little movements pumping through the passage. As it was stirred through her she let out another cry, a sound of denial as another hot stream of sperm rich seed pouring through towards her newly made vulnerable womb, oozing in deeper to spread towards the waiting ova. She couldn't get away, she couldn't escape as the thick ooze was flung with each and every pulse and twitch. She was suckling and squeezing around him, working along the length to draw more of it deeper, helping to aid the beast to claiming her newly created womb. The beast shuddered and rumbled, the saliva drooling and flinging along her neck as Valain grunted and huffed out in absolute enjoyment as he fucked his newest female.

"Come now, sister dear, you cannot be so shocked." Malfazar was speaking from the side, his voice a rich velvety tone. "I should be happy if you would consider my lady for your harem, sir. She has long looked for a husband befitting her beauty."

"I...I.." She was stammering while Tahral opened her eyes in horror, seeing her standing quite close to the sultan and his rich jewels.

"Come, my lovely one, you would be truly honored here. As a gift, you shall have your camel's first calf to have as your own, to train and raise up." The sultan smiled warmly.

"Yes, do think of Iris." Malfazar put in, his eyes moving towards Tahral with a wicked expression, triumph and amusement as she was having her inner body coated in the heavy cum. "After all, you wouldn't want to leave her here alone through her first pregnancy."

"No.. I wouldn't like to leave her." Suresha looked towards Tahral, her eyes wide and frantic. She could do nothing to protest, her animalistic noises were just that, noises, nothing more as the young woman looked towards the sultan.

_NO!! NO YOU CAN'T!!! _ Tahral was nearly screaming through her own mind as she dipped her head down just a touch.

"I would be glad to stay here, My Lord." Her answer was tremulous, but heartfelt.

Tahral could only stare in horror, unable to stop it as another rope of cum splurted into her as the hips gave a few slight rocks. Already her body was taking the sperm to claim one of her ovas, and there was nothing she could do to change it. An animal couldn't change anything...

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