The bet(road rovers fanfic)

Story by Exveemon lover on SoFurry

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So this is my first story,a road rovers fanfic. English is not my first language so that may have some silly mistakes,please leave some comments to let me know your feedback,thanks ^.^

"I really don't think this is a good idea...."Hunter protested.

"A bet is a bet, better luck next time,besides it would be fun."Blitz replied.

"Now relax your back door, we don't want to hurt you."Exile commanded"yet"he added quietly.

"What did you just say?I think I heard something."Hunter's voice was shaking.

"Did I say anything,Blitz?"

"I don't think so."

"Ok, enough chating, let's decide which one should we put inside?Maybe the green one?"

"Na...that is too big,I don't want to risk the mission."

"Well than the red one will fit prefectly,medium size with a quiet big knot"

"Yup that will lock it in his ass tightly."

Exile graped the red didlo and aim it at Hunter's ass,ready to put it in.

"Wait!You forget the cock cage."Blitz stopped Exile's action and took a leather cock cage out from no where and putted it on Hunter's shealth prevent his erection present.

"Haha,I am too exciting to see our boy ready."Exile chuckled lightly and pushed the whole didlo in except the knot at a single round.

"Ahhhh!!!!That hurt!!!"Hunter screamed out loudly."I will pay you back soon!"

"Yea~yea, I will wait for THAT!!!"Exile pushed the knot inside hardly,a loud POP sound appear in the room.

"@#$!"Hunter saw many stars in his eye and a great pain bouncing in his head.

"Now suit up leader,the clock is ticking and the world is waiting to be saved~"Blitz chuckled slightly

and left the two there.

"Just... let me rest... for a minute"Hunter lay down on the bed and panted weakly.

"Be quick, we will wait you outside."


"That was a close one guys."Collen spoke"We nearly miss that damn car bomb, I can't imagine what horrible thing will happen."

"Sorry, that's my fault."Hunter replied in frustrated and headed back to his room.

"Are you alright,Hunter?You seem weird today."Collen ask worried.

"No....Just not in state today."Hunter replied in a tone of exhausted.

"Don't worry,I and Blitz will take~care of him Nicely"Exile smiled.

"Yup, Really nicely."Both dogs walked away leaving a puzzled Collen standing at the corridor.

"Why all of them acting so weird today?Well....Nevermind, my favourite TV show will start in 10 minutes,no time to waste at those weird boy."


The door of Hunter's room opened and the three dogs walked in.Hunter quickly walked to the water bottle and pulled himself a full glass of water and drank it in one go and choked a bit.

"Hae,take it easy man,we will give you time to recover before the fun start."Blitz teased.

"Yup,we aren't cold blood afterall."

"Beside you are the leader right?Leader must be the strongest one...."

"And the toughest"Exile added.

"Sure"Blitz continue to tease."Those two toys are not a big deal,right?"

"Y...You guys...just..."Hunter couldn't help and coughed a bit more because of their teasing.

After a few moment, Hunter finally regained his strength and ready to face his fate.

"Now where do we start?"Hunter said in a bit unsure.

"Getting eager?"Hunter blushed at that command."Let's take a shower together first, we got dust in our fur"Exile chuckled and leaded the way to the bathroom.

In the bathroom,Exile turned on the shower head and tested the temperature. Blitz hold Hunter aside and commanded.

"Now slave give your two masters a good show,strip"

"Yes,master"Hunter replied and turned around immediately.He started to strip in slow,teasing his masters as best as he could.He took off his top slowly and showing his fine athlete back,then he bent down and showed his fine ass out.He slowly removed his bottom and split his ass to give his master a nice view,then he turned around showing his locked and leaking package and pleaded in a puppy eye.

"Can master take this off?it's tight"

"Not before we are back to your room,besides the key is there too."Exile replied.

"And that was a nice show pet,you make me a boner, can't wait the fun to begin."A very visible bulge was shown under Blitz,his one hand started to grope his package and the other undressed himself as fast as he could.

Exile chuckled slightly and commanded."Get here pet, help your master out."

Hunter reacted immediately,he removed Exile top and Exile gripped Hunter's head guiding him to his chest."Lick."Hunter started licking around and soon he found one of the nipple.He circled his tongue around it and sucked it gently,Exile gave a loud moan,his hand petting Hunter's head.

"Yes...that's the spot, you always know how and where to lick."

Hunter slowly traced down Exile body,licked lower and lower,pass the abdomen and stopped before the hidden treasure.He pulled the remain clothes down,showing Exile impressive package to the open air,half of his cock is already teased out.Hunter didn't need a word, he put his nose below the balls and toke a good sniff,the strong scent was driving him a bit light head.He took the left ball in his mouth, rolling around and sucking it passionately,making Exile moaned much louder.

"Hae you guys shouldn't started without me!"the now fully naked Blitz yelled behind the hot scene,

"O..ok.Hunter get up,we should move below the shower head now."

They started washing and teasing(mostly Hunter)each other during their bath, making Blitz and Exile both hard as a rock,Hunter at the other hand felt like in hell, his cock was fighting out of the cage,pre was leaking out of the piss hole of the cage,he was so eager to back to his room and took the damm cage off.

They dried their fur and headed to the bedroom and the real fun begin.

"First, let's tie the pet up."Exile suggested.

"Yup,pet,spread yourself on the bed."

Hunter climbed on his bed and spread himself out,fully exposed,Exile took out four ropes and started tying their pet down.Blitz on the other hand fished out a wooden box under the bed,he opened it and set the toys up.Now Hunter was fully tied and complete helpless,Blitz took out the key and unlocked the cock cage,immediately Hunter's cock started to swell,he moaned in relive,afterall he had been teased in whole day by that god damn didlo,it keep pushing his prostate,making him hard to focus and leaked like hell,fortunately their suite is waterprove that can't see the wet from outside.He was so panted up now that his ball was visibly bigger.

"The fun can't started without your hard on,let me help you out."Exile smiled evilly and started to play Hunter's nipples,he used two finger pinched and twisted slightly,making Hunter moaned in pleasure.Blitz on the other hand took Hunter's ball and started rolling in his hand and giving a few squeezed in the roll.Hunter now moaned loudly, his body twisted a bit and his cock was getting out of his shealth quickly.

"Oh...Master...this feel so good."

"Really?How about this?"As Blitz replied he pushed the base of the didlo hardly, hiting Hunter's prostate hard.

"Yep!"Hunter cried out in surprise, a huge drop of pre formed at the tip and it was quickly lick out by Blitz."Sweet,I want more."Blitz opened his muzzle and engulf the tip in his mouth,he started sucking lightly,circling his board tonge around,teasing out more pre,it tasted fantastic.He started to slowly bobbed his muzzle,wanted to last the fun as long as possible.This made Hunter felt swinging between hell and heaven,he couldn't stop moaning and his body shoke violently,he had been tease in whole day,his balls are so full that he felt it would explode,the only thing he wanted now is cum,cum hard.Meanwhile Exile was feeling bored at playing with Hunter's nipples,yes he didn't denial that watching Hunter's body and face expression by nipple play was delighting, but his personal need started to rise by watching this hot screen.His cock tropped in needed,so he got in front of Hunter's moaning muzzle and shoved half of his cock in.

"Yea...That's it.Suck your master cock,if you doing good, i will give you a reward."Hunter couldn't help and started to suck Exile's cock hungrily.

"You are always a eager one,aren't you?Here come more."Exile pushed his remain in Hunter's muzzle,both his hand held beside Hunter's head,scratched the ears a few times before he moved the muzzle along his now saliva covered cock,like a living flashlight.

The three dogs continue for a while,Hunter now was sweating heavily,his cock was pulsing in Blitz skilled muzzle,he knew every sensitive spot that will make Hunter stammered.Now he knew he was closed to the point of no returned, he felt his balls rolling,precum now leaking constantly,giving Blitz a nice appetizer.

"Come one pet,I know you are closed, give me my meal!"Blitz urged his pet and gave a hard pushed to the didlo,making it jabbed the prostate hardly."Hunter immediately pushed over the edge,his cock jerked in the waiting muzzle and shooting out wave after wave of creamy cum.Blitz swollowed gulp after gulp,it tasted amazing on his tongue,thick and sweet,one of his favourite "food" he loved.The orgasm made Hunter howled loudly, the increase vibration make Exile closed to the point.

"Shit! Ready for your reward~"Exile closed his eyes and squeezed his knot tightly,he pushed entire cock inside the muzzle,load after load rush through Hunter's throat,Hunter drank down the present of his master, he wouldn't wanted to choke by cum, it would be a bad memory.

After 30 seconds,Exile's orgasm finally died down, he pulled out of the muzzle and shoot the last load to the opened muzzle, made Hunter tasted the cum directly.Rather than Hunter's thickness and sweetness,Exile's cum combine with mostly sweet but a few bitter,if Hunter was white chocolate,Exile would be 65% chocolate and Blitz pre and cum were a bit watery ,mostly sweet but a little bit of sour,like a sport drink.These were the side effect of their transformation,none of them had a complain about that.

"Don't drink it all down,Blitz.I also want to have some."Exile recoverd from his orgasm and opened his eyes but he realized Blitz just finished the meal.He even purposely waiting for Exile opening his eyes and drank down the last mouthful to give a provoking look.

"Hae!That was mean"Exile protested.

"You can't reap without sowing,you should make the fine meal by your own.Beside our ingredient still quite full."Blitz gave out a smirk.

"Well...I guess you are right,so you use his front this round?"

"Yea. My cock is arching for release."

They quickly swapped place,Exile now at the end of the bed.He quickly pull the didlo out in one go and engulfed the delicious honey maker hungrily.The pleasure and pain made Hunter screaming out in annoy.The post orgasm made his cock more sensitive,he felt his died down orgasm starting to build up much more rapidly,pre started to flow out again and he knew he won't last long.

Meanwhile Blitz got to the front of Hunter,he raised his ass and alighed it to Hunter's moaning muzzle,he quickly sat down muffled the waiting muzzle.

"Start to lick pet,don't you dare cum before me or I will give you a punishment."Blitz commanded and started to paw himself off ,pre oozed out from the tip and started to form a small puddle at Hunter's adbomen.The previous round had maken Blitz quite pant up,his knot was already formed,so Hunter still got a chance to complete his quiz.However Exile got another plan,he wanted the finnest drink asap,beside who didn't like erotic punishment?So he circled two fingers at the ring, teasing it opened and pushed inside.By his experience,he quickly found the big prostate and jabbed it hardly.

"YIP!!!"a sharp but muffled cry came under Blitz's rump and a huge group of pre landed on the waiting tongue."Yumm....Want more."So he kept pressing the button and group after group of pre fullfilling part of his hunger.

Hunter knew he is in trouble,Exile wouldn't let him survive this round,he can felt his balls rolling ready to serve,he is fighting a losing battle and a quick one,his only hoped the punishment won't be too harsh."Oh...!Er!!!Ah!!!!"Hunter's second orgasm hit him hardly,seed pumped out rapidly from his cock,immediately drank down by the hungry beast.

"You failed me, pet!You will face the punishment! A hard one!"The anger in Blitz voice was so fake that both busy dog rolled their eyes.After Hunter once again died down from his orgasm, Exile gave a last suckle and raised.The aftertaste of Hunter was so remarkable,he circled his tongue around his muzzle trying to find any missed drop.He looked up at Blitz after he failed and found out the knot is fully formed.A steady stream of pre leaked onto Hunter's abdomen made a huge puddle there, he started to lick them up,tasting the unique taste of Blitz.This raise his hunger beast again, so after the puddle is gone he pushed Blitz humping paw away and sucked directly from the tap."Oh!!!Shit!!!"The double stimulation push Blitz over the edge,his watery cum shot out continuously,like it never ended and Exile stomach started to visibly raise,this took a whole minute for Blitz to finally stop.Exile got up and pet his own stomach."I am full...for now."

"Lets get to the next step, we get a whole night and one orgasm is not enough."

"Agree,so you make him prap you this mean you are taking him this round?Then I shall use his also well ready hole."Exile answered with a playful smacked on Hunter's rump.

"But...Master! I had already go through two rounds without rest! Please at least give me a break!"Hunter got a bad feeling and pleaded weakly.

"Nope! This is your punishment! You will not get a rest until we are done, let's see if you can make a record?"Blitz smiled evilly.

Hunter's face flashed in white ,this won't be good.He is in trouble,big trouble.

Blitz quickly grasped the retriever hyper sensitive knot, gave it a hard squeezed, preventing any chance to let it flat.Hunter felt like a heavy truck just pumbed in his head, stars were dancing in front of his eyes.His body reacted by itself, limbs pull the robes tightly and body twisted around trying to got away the evil grip."Ah!!!!P..Please master! That is too much! I...Can't.."

Slap! A huge sound ran around the room."Oh! Shut it.We all know you can go at least four in a night."Exile tried to look annoyed but he couldn't hide the huge smile on his face.

"But...Oh...God...I got...time recover at the past...Please..."Blitz didn't let him finish, he just ignore the poor dog and aimed the now deep red cock at his ass,teasing around the ring a few time then dropped his weight on that poor pole.The great pain and preasure shut Hunter up and nearly knocked him off.His eyes rolled upward showing the white and his muzzle was opening wild,screaming a voiceless scream.Blitz continue to push himself down until his ring kissed to retriever knot, giving out a small moan and started rising back to the tip.He waited for a second then droped back down at bit faster.Blitz loved to ride the retriever cock so much cause the length of the cock(not include the knot) is prefectly match the depth to his prostate,this made every moves are all on the spot.This quickly made a big mess on Hunter's adbomen again,everytime Blitz went down,his cock would smack on the adboment and leaving more watery pre on it,the "pre lake"reformed in a minute.As the speed increased, Blitz put both of his hand on Hunter's heavily panting chest for supporting and toying both of the sensitive nipple to increase the toture feeling of Hunter.

Meanwhile Exile watched the erotic screen before him and stroked himself nicely,a big drop of pre was formed on the tip,but he knew this wasn't enough so he reached out and pumped a few times at Blitz now shining dick to got a handful of natural lubricant,smearing back on his own dick.

"Fully lubed, now for the main course."

He got to the end of the bed and shoved his cock in one go again,giving out a enjoyable groan and started his own fun.He kept using his tool to poke the poor pet prostate, sending more mix pleasure to Hunter's brain.

Hunter felt himself was on fire,every sensitive spot were being stimulate to hell,his brain was flooded with pain and pleasure,he couldn't help but only giving out many strange noise,he felt his groin was arching and pressure building up rapidly.He didn't know how long had pass,but he felt dizzy now,his tongue droped out and saliva was leaking at the corner,a big pressure nearly explode.

"Always like your cock Hunter,it is so prefect,oh....make me a quickly everytime,getting close...."

Blitz was now sweating heavily, the rapid movement and prefect jabbing made him feeling so hot. Everytime he fucked by Hunter made him feel like an unexperience virgin, his orgasm would build up so quick that a record had made,he cum twice before Hunter cum.Blitz dropped himself deeper,wanted to get the knotted ,he dropped once, ? pass,twice, got half and he took a deep breath, using all his strength and pumped himself down. POP!This sent Blitz over orgasm,Blitz's watery cum sprayed out like a firehose, covering Hunter from head to adbomen, some of it landed on Hunter's opened muzzle, the taste woke him a bit and he drank it down immediately.

Before entered Hunter,the blow job and masturbation had brought him to half orgasm,fucking Hunter 15 minutes made him getting closed and now the hot view was so erotic that he didn't want to hold back any longer.He pushed hard and knotted his puppy,throwing his head back and howl loudly.Jet after jet of cum filled the hot and soft tunnel,stimulating the abused prostate and detonated the explosive in Hunter's groin.Screaming loudly,rope after rope of cum bursted out from the cock,filling up Blitz and prolonged his orgasm longer.The three dogs flying through clouds for a whole minute and finally died down.

"Wow that was I call orgasm."Exile said softly .

"Yea,and our pet is impressive,he can fill me up after two continuous orgasm!"Blitz replied in amazement.

Hunter felt so weak now that he couldn't even replied a single word, he panted heavily trying to regain a bit strength.

"So this mean he get more in those balls! Let's draw them out and find his limit!"Exile locked his eyes on those balls and licked his lips again.

"Good idea,let me pull out first"Blitz excited by the idea and quickly pulled himself up.

Hunter's face was now turning to green, he would die, he really would die.

"No!!!You guys can't do this!!!Leave me alone!!!"Hunter yelled in panic.

"No way, you lost the bet,you lost the quiz and you are so eager at the bathroom, so face your destiny."Exile countered.

'But it's because you set me up!And our past activities weren't this insane!"Hunter protested.

"Well I won't bet with you if I'm not sure the result, you should take your lesson and get smart next time.Also people always move forward,you know?"Exile replied ingeniously and pulled himself out, shutting Hunter by the pain pleasure.

Both dogs ignored the retriever and approached the pity retriever.Blitz on the left and Exile on the right.They both gave each other a signal and leaned down to Hunter's body.They both started to lick the mess that Blitz made,giving a compared light pleasure to the retriever,from the cheek to the neck,from the neck to the chest,from the chest to the abdomen.The ticklish made Hunter twisted and laugh,it's a toture.But that's more,they both reached out a hand at the semi-hard cock of Hunter,they bumped,jerked the cock,squeezed,twisted the knot,rolled,slapped the balls,trying to bring Hunter back to full hardness.Tears now rolled in the eyes, he almost thought his teammate hate him.

After 10 minutes of toture,his abused cock woke up unwillingly,both dogs licked back up to the purposely non-cleaned nipples,both take care of one and sucked the now red and hard nipples eagerly.The pain preasure made Hunter whimpered and his tears fell out of his eyes,his body was so confessing and started to act on it own,hands shook in different ways,legs tried to kick the attacker away and hip just keep pulled away.However the bed and ropes made these selfdefence at minimum rate,especially the hip movement made the situation worse.

This go on for another 20 minutes,all Blitz's cum were gone 10 minutes ago and Hunter's pre will be licked up immediately.They even made a match that who got more drops and as the score got to 50-48,the constant stimulation made Hunter couldn't stand anymore, he cried out loudly and shot out a few ropes of "honey".Both dogs quickly lapped them out and try to stimulate out more.They continue a few more seconds and milked the last rope out.

"Looks like our puppy is finally spent."Exile commented.

"Well,I heard a rumor that your balls will hide your quintessence at the deepest place,they wouldn't give out easily until you push them,want to find it out?"Blitz said.

"No!!!No!!!No!!!You guys just kill me! I hate you! All of you!"Hunter's voice was full of horror, sadness and hate.

Both of the dogs looked back in shock,they finally noticed the tears of Hunter and they knew they play too far this time.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry! We went too far!"Blitz shouted in horror and quickly untie their leader.

"Hae...pup...shhhh,come down,we are sorry,we both love you you know?Please stop crying,"

Exile held the crying dog tightly in his arm,tried to comfort their love.He rubbed Hunter's back and licked the tear soaked cheek.Blitz hug behind Hunter and nibble slightly to those adorable ears,both dogs sandwich Hunter between them and tried their best to comfort him.

"But...You guys...are so mean there..."Hunter was still crying.

"We are sorry, it will not happen again,ok? Please forgive us."Blitz replied in guilty.

The three of them stayed for a while,comforting each other,at last Hunter recovered and stopped crying.

"So...You guys want to continue?"Hunter suggested.

"What? aren't?"Exile asked in confusion.

"I can feel both of your hard on when you guys rush to hug me and I know too well that both of you get a load inside, also I...I am bit curious about that...that rumor,so..."Hunter blushed a bit at his last reason.

"You sure?I mean...I and Exile can work ourselves,maybe a 69 or..."Blitz replied in unsure.

"Yes...I am sure."Hunter cut him off.

"And..How do we start?"Exile asked.

"You guys decide,remember I'm yours tonight."Hunter smirked playful.

"Maybe...a double-penetration?"Blitz suggested.

"Good idea,that will be a nice way to end the night."Exile said.

Hunter lay back down on the bed,legs pointed upright and spread his ass wide,waiting for entry.

"That is a nice view."


Both dogs teased themselves back to hardness and approach their waiting lover.

"I will go first,you follow."Exile command.

Slowly Exile took Hunter's left leg on his shoulder and aimed his tip to the hole,then he pushed in slightly,teased out a quiet moan of Hunter.Blitz followed behind,put the right leg on his shoulder,made Hunter wide spread and put his tip beside Exile's.

"Here we go."Exile pushed into Hunter deeply poking the button and made Hunter moaning slightly.Slowly Exile pulled out and Blitz pushed in, starting a rhythm, making Hunter's prostate always being taken care of.They both started to speed up and made Hunter's moaning and groaning louder,Hunter's cock started to come back out of his shealth,slowly got hard and a tiny drop of pre formed at the tip.As the time pass by,the drop slowly got bigger and the knot started to swell."Let's test the rumor."Blitz said and used his left fondling the balls and right playing with the right nipple.Exile followed later and used his left playing the remain nipple and right pumping the now hard cock."Oh!!! That ....I...Ah!!!"Hunter nearly lost his speech,now the pleasure were so great that he started to feel something was writhed inside his balls.

"I...I feel some...something inside...Ah! It...It's building....I..."

Both Exile and Blitz smiled and they worked at full speed now.

"Come on!Show us what you have got."

"Yea!Can't wait to see!"

Hunter's knot now fully formed,the pressure inside his balls were building to a peak,he knew he won't lasted long,so he gripped his ass as tight as possible,he wanted his mate cumming with him.

"I'm closed! It's...It's coming out...AHHHHH!"Hunter screamed and he felt light headed,he saw stars again.

"Me...ME too."

"S...Same here."

The three of them both came to the climax,Exile and Blitz both filled Hunter up,his abdomen was visible bulge and Hunter's cock exploded a huge robe of cum out then followed a few more huge robes and finally died down,this time he was really spent.

"WOW,that was a big load,really impressive."Blitz commented after he recovered from his edge.

"And I smell a slight sweet scent,do you smell it?"Exile asked.

"Yes,it must from those special cum,let's get a taste."Blitz used a finger to take some sample and get a taste."Oh my god!That is fucking delicious!Creamy and sweet,it can just put on a cake!"

"Really?I must have a taste!"Exile quickly leaned forward and took a mouthful.

"I feel so well-being right now."

"I want more."Blitz also leaned forward to lick a mouthful.

The movement woke Hunter back to reality,he looked down and saw both his mate looted his special milk."Hey!Leave me some! I have rights to know!"Hunter yelled out and used his free hand to get a pawfull and started to dig in.

"I can't believe these are from my balls."Hunter said in disbelive.

"Neither do I"Blitz replied.

"So we get a new fun to play after today! And I got a new idea!" Exile said in excitement.

Hunter shivered at that sentence, he was so damned.