Whispering Wood

Story by Wolfylove on SoFurry

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#1 of Scribbles

This is fairly story driven, just some small ideas I pieced together. More of a part 1, but if you want to read more, tell me what you think so far. If you're looking for the sex, it's in chapter 2 below.

** CH. 1**

Drowning. I was.. drowning. The lake was far deeper than I had imagined, and something had suddenly pulled me in. I didn't expect to find myself here, in this place. It just sort of happened, and now it looks like I may not even make it out alive. What a bad turn of events this turned out to be. Lost in a forest, no idea how I wound up there and now I was dying. _Fantastic. _

I must have been down there for what seemed like ages, just floating endlessly towards what seemed like an endless abyss with no hope of rescue. I didn't even know what dragged me down in the first place, but it seemed as if it had just let me go. I just couldn't seem to gather the strength to swim up, as if all of my energy had been sucked clean out of me. All there was was darkness below, and light above that was ever so dim and fading with my slow decent. I turned my head upwards to gaze at the disappearing light of the surface when I noticed something strange, a large, dark figure heading straight for me. What filled my mind first was relief, someone was coming to rescue me! But suddenly, my emotions turned to terror as I felt my lungs burning with the need for oxygen. I brought my hand slowly up to grasp at my throat, desperately holding on to whatever breath I still had left, and hoping that I could still make it out of this.

_ Suddenly darkness enveloped my vision and my world went blank. _

I opened my eyes to the morning light, not knowing exactly how much time had passed between the experience I just had and right now. I lifted my head off the ground, orange and yellow leaves falling from my shaggy brown hair. It was Fall. My entire memory of those events seemed foggy at best, and I was not sure if I truly wanted to remember in detail anyway. It seemed like everything was the same as before, though there was the question of how exactly I got out of the lake. Also, more importantly, I still had not figured out what had pulled me in.

Sitting across from me was a large, burly man. Or, rather, he was more wolf than man, but his body was humanoid. He was staring over in my direction, and I didn't know whether he was staring at me or through me. It was unsettling, but his demeanor seemed worried. Was he the one who saved me? I had no way to tell, but who else could it have been? I wanted to speak, but my throat was still hurting from holding my breath and I felt parched. I looked him over carefully, assessing whether or not I could trust him but deciding I would have to anyway. I had questions, and he was the only person I could talk to right now. Luckily, he broke the silence first. His voice was gravelly, it was almost like a growl when he spoke ''How are you feeling?'', he asked. I rubbed my throat with my hand as I replied in a slightly raspy tone, ''I'm alright.. thanks to you..''.

The large wolf stood up slowly from under the gigantic tree where he had sat watching me, leaves falling about all around him as he brushed himself off and walked over to me. He was bulky and intimidating, although his movements held no mal-intent. I slid up to a sitting position and leaned my back against a nearby tree as he stooped down onto one knee in front of me and began inspecting me. His eyes were intense. Golden, glowing orbs that seemed to just pierce right through me as he studied for almost five minutes without breaking silence. I had to speak up before I lost my chance, or my nerve. ''What are you doing..?'', I asked, my voice was a bit softer now, a more feminine sounding tone than most other men. He didn't seem too rushed with his answer as he replied ''Checking.''. He's not much of a talker, I thought to myself. But just then he seemed to soften when his eyes met my gaze. He didn't seem as hardened before, like he was relieved of something. ''You seem fine now, I pulled you out of the lake earlier after I saw you fall in. You must have questions'' He said, his voice deep and masculine. I was unsure where to begin, so many things swirling around inside my head, and not a single one seemed as important as my next question, ''Who are you? Why did you save me?''. My voice was a bit shaky, some fear still shaking me up inside. It was all new, I never met an anthropomorphic creature before. He responded quite quickly, and almost in a brisk tone, ''I saved you because it was the right thing to do. My name is Aspen, what's yours, friend?''. I was caught a little off guard by his reaction, I hoped I had not offended him. ''I am really grateful that you saved me, I just don't know a lot of people who would do it so easily, thank you. My name is Tristan''.

The wolf gave me a nod and a large toothy smile, he truly was intimidating, and getting a closer look at him I notice more details of his character. His fur was an ashy black that had streams of silver going this way and that, suggesting he was a bit on the older side but still young and fit. On the ends of his paw-like hands were sharp claws that seemed he could retract and extend at will, and those enormous paw shaped feet had the same jet black claws digging into the earth for traction and stability. He was all around brawny, but seemed very intelligent. Me, on the other hand, I was just a light skinned human with a couple noticeable features other than my pretty face and shaggy brown hair and green eyes. My body was fairly nice and shapely, my hips not overly wide but giving a nice curve to my features that complimented my round, plump butt and thick thighs. The wolf didn't choose to wear much clothing unlike me, he only wore a loincloth which didn't cover up much. I wore blue jeans with a white T-shirt covered up by a lime green hoodie, and tennis shoes on my feet. My clothes had just finished drying after being pulled out of the lake. Aspen rose to his feet, looking around warily as the smile faded from his lips. He had a more serious expression on his face now than moments ago, ''Can you stand?'' he spoke. His eyes looked down to mine as I nodded slowly, rising up to my feet and brushing the leaves from my clothes. ''What's wrong?'', I asked, studying the stern expression on his face. It was kind of endearing. ''We should leave this area. It's not safe.'' The reality of the situation hit me, he was right, I just barely escaped that lake with my life, thanks to him. I judged that I should trust him.

Aspen took my hand into his large paw, I felt tiny compared to him, even though I was average height, he was much larger. He began pulling me along through the woods, and it was eerily quiet. The wind was blowing, but there was no sound even though the trees were rustling around. I opened my mouth to speak, but no sound came out, and all I could do was stare at the back of the wolf's head as he suddenly stopped in place. Just moments after, I heard it. It was almost like the wind was whispering into my ear. Soft little noises, almost like an echo over and over again. It kept coming, louder and louder. The whispering was ringing in my ears, and my blood was pumping heavily to the harsh pounding of my heart.

Aspen's head was darting around, back and forth between the trees, as he seemed to be looking for whatever was making that horrible sound. The noise was soft, yet it seemed louder than anything, and it kept getting closer! Out of nowhere, Ashen swept me up off my feet and began sprinting through the forest, rushing away from whatever was chasing after us. His face looked pale under his dark fur and his eyes were focused dead ahead. He was yelling something but I couldn't hear a damn thing!

The only thought rushing through my head was : Don't whisper.

We broke through the edge of the forest just in time to be greeted by the night sky and twinkling stars. The large moon was hovering up in the sky, lighting the night in an eerily beautiful moonlight as the wolf stood there breathing hard with me in his arms. The whispering began to slowly disappear back into the forest, and everything came back. I could hear the sound of a stream trickling nearby with frogs and crickets making their music to the night sky. Aspen must have been running himself hard as he just toppled over, dropping me onto the ground beside him and we both just lay there stunned from what just had happened. Some time had passed, and I didn't even want to ask. I was terrified of what the answer might have been, especially if it made an enormous wolf like Aspen afraid like he was. It was time to move, though, and the wolf had picked me back up since my legs were still too stiff to move. He carried me back to his place, and I didn't argue as I was already passed out in his strong, protective arms. But that night haunted my dreams, and numerous nightmares filled my sleep with terror. And those whispers in my mind..

CH. 2

I awoke the next morning in a large bed, it had to have been big enough for an entire family! But I suppose when you're as big as Aspen you need all the room you can get. The bed took up most of the room, although there was enough left for what looked like the wolf's dresser. There were clothes strewn about, covering it nearly top to bottom. He clearly wasn't the tidy type. There were clothes on the floor as well, although piled on one side, I wouldn't say neatly, but in a somewhat organized fashion. Dirty clothes, I'd wager. The door was on the opposite side of the room from the bed, just in the corner, and there was still a couple feet of space in between the foot of the bed and the exit. I decided to stretch and stand up out of bed, the wolf had stripped me of my clothes and left me in some clean underwear it seemed. This was rather embarrassing, pondering the thought that the other male had seen him naked. While he slept, no less!

Looking over at the clock, positioned against the bedroom wall, I noticed it was 9:42Am. For having nightmares all night I seemed to sleep okay, I thought to myself. I turned my attention back to the bedroom door and proceeded to walk out, the house was large but nothing fancy, it looked like a normal home if you were nine feet tall and built like a truck. I had to assume the rest of his kind looked and lived similarly. As I was just gazing about, I nearly failed to notice Aspen bringing me a cup of coffee, which I gratefully accepted. I took a couple sips of the beverage after blowing on it several times to cool it to an acceptable temperature, and thanked the wolf with a warm smile, which he returned with a toothy grin. ''How did you sleep, Tristan?'', He asked, with a sweet tone to his voice which I kindly replied ''I slept.. alright. Your bed is very comfortable. A little large for someone as small as me, where did you end up sleeping?''

''I slept right beside you!'' He said, and I gave him a surprised look as he continued, ''What, you didn't think I'd leave my bed all to you, did you? It's big enough for us both. Don't worry, I didn't do anything weird to you while you were asleep if that's what you're worried about.''

I turned my head to look away as a bright blush flushed across my cheeks at his last comment, for I was a tiny bit embarrassed that he had undressed me and slept beside me the whole night. I shook it from my thoughts quickly though as I turned my attention back to him. He looked just as tired as I did. He must not have slept very well either. After what had happened last night, how could I blame him? He obviously knew more about what was going on than I did, and I was more than happy to not venture deeper into the matter, much less that forest again.

Aspen tossed a towel in my direction that I fumbled and dropped clumsily, having to stoop down quickly to pick it up and try to hide my embarrassment.

''Go take a shower, you probably need it. Down the hall, second door on the right.'' He said.

I took the towel and wandered down the direction he pointed me in, quickly arriving in front of the door and looking over at him as he nodded in affirmation. I opened the door and stepped inside the large bathroom, turning on the light switch beside the door. The room lit up, showing a large shower, porcelain toilet bowl and all the other standard bathroom accessories; sinks, rugs and towel racks. I stepped inside and set my towel on the rack beside the shower, reaching inside and looking for the knobs to turn on the water. It took a couple of minutes messing with the knobs to get the water to the right temperature, and I turned around to close the bathroom door.

As I stripped off the underwear the wolf had given me, I tossed them in the dirty laundry bin. I put a hand under the water to make sure it was the right temperature before stepping in under the stream. It felt nice, the water was washing all of the dirt and grime off my body from the night before and washing it down the drain. I grabbed some of the soap in the shower and looked at it : *For Softer, Smoother Fur. * I smiled at that and decided it probably would work the same, beginning to lather it up in my hair and all over my body. I figured it would be universal use.

Unbeknownst to me, while I was washing up in the shower, the wolf had opened the door and stepped inside the bathroom. He watched the shadow of me behind the curtain for a moment before taking off his loincloth and dropping it aside on the floor. He slowly crept up to the end of the shower and opened the curtain while I rinsed my head under the water and was unable to hear him step into the shower behind me.

As I finished rinsing my hair, I turned around and nearly screamed my lungs out, '' _OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!'' _

''Calm down, my people aren't so frivolous with their nudity and such things as you are. Besides, it's my shower.'' He chuckled softly as he reached past me and grabbed the shampoo I was using earlier and began to lather it over his body. I averted my eyes nervously, my hands covering up my crotch in embarrassment while he just began to scrub shampoo into his fur like nothing was out of the ordinary here. I decided to calm down a bit and turned with my back to him, wanting to wait for him to finish since he was between me and the exit.

He smiled at my shyness, and I didn't really know what to expect. This was normal for him, and he seemed to want me to be okay with it. It was just a shower anyway, right? Or so I thought. I suddenly felt him gently up against me from behind, his large muscular arms wrapping gently around my midsection. I gasped softly in shock, taken by surprise. I couldn't say much of anything at this point, he was rubbing soap over my chest and waist, his big paws lathering over my hips gently while his broad chest was against my back. I could feel his muscles against my back, rippling with every movement he made at soaping up my body. It was almost erotic... _it was erotic. _

I couldn't help myself from getting aroused, his paws were warm and strong, even though they were gentle against my tender flesh. He pulled me back against his chest gently, and I could feel his large sheath wanting to snuggle between my soft, supple backside, so I indulge him. My hands drift slowly down my sides and around my back, down towards my plump rear and then spread my rump. His furry sheath felt welcomed and he pressed it right in between with a soft grunt in my ear as he would grind against me. I was blushing bright red by now and my breathing was picking up, I could feel his heart beating against my back as his own breathing was getting hot and heavy against my slender neck. He sniffed slowly up my neck, breathing in my scent as his paws gently coaxed to relocate me against the shower wall. Having him pressed up against me from behind was turning me on, and I could feel my cock twitching against the shower wall as his sheath plumped between my cheeks and I could feel it throb gently inside against me.

His paws began groping up and down my body while he grinds against my ass, he seemed needy and lustful at this point. His large muzzle rested over my shoulder, his paw reaching up to turn my head to face his intense gaze before he pulled me into a deep and passionate kiss. He slid his thick, slimy tongue inside my mouth and we began to make out, our tongues wrestling in a lustful match while our bodies burned with desire. I felt his fat cock slide from his sheath and grind up between my plump ass cheeks, breaking the kiss, his drool stringing down my chin. His dick was large enough that I could even feel it throb against my lower back. He was huge! I was a little afraid of his size, but my excitement for it was stronger.

I wanted him inside me, and my lust just kept growing. His scent was driving me wild and I knew his feral musk was just increasing the intensity of arousal. His shaft throbbed against me, pre-cum drooling between my cheeks and slathering all over my tight pink pucker just lubing up my slick, smooth ass. I ground myself back against him, teasing his thick shaft with my rubbing while he growled dominantly into my ear. I let out soft whimpers of submission while he slid his fingers down, slick with his own pre, and pressed them slowly inside of me. His digits were thick, but not compared to his meaty member, and he was working them slowly in and out of my entrance to loosen and lube me up for the main course.

It wasn't long until I was prepared for him, and he took no time at all lining up the tip of his canine cock and began to drive it into me. He held onto my hips firmly, keeping me in place while he slid his thick shaft deeper and deeper until I could feel his bulbous knot pressed against my tight ring, all the while moans and whimpers were escaping from my mouth. He growled in desire as he started thrusting in and out of my body, my hands holding on to the wall as best I can while he gave it to me. I wanted even more, but I knew that would come soon enough, we were just working up to the finale. He was licking over my shoulder while he thrusts harder inside my tight ass, my insides were wrapped firmly around his throbbing shaft and he loved the way it seemed to suck him deeper, it was a nice warm hole to stick his cock in and he loved it. My moans were increasing in volume as his thrusts increased in speed and force, his large furry balls were smacking against my plump ass while his throbbing knot was slamming against my tight ring. He wanted in there, and he was beginning to pound harder now, eagerly shoving his hips against my rump and digging his bone in deeper. He was getting close to busting his nut and he wanted to make me squeal, which he was. I could barely contain my own pleasure as it was all just building up between us both, my own cock was throbbing heavily against the shower wall as he rammed into me, copious amounts of pre-cum both flooding my insides and flowing from my own dick.

With a few rough thrusts he finally manages to shove his thick knot inside of my ass with a loud scream of pain and pleasure escaping my mouth, my ring tightening around the base preventing it from popping out, which drives him over the edge. His hips began bucking wildly into me as he howled out loudly in pleasure, reaching climax and shooting his hot load deep inside of my body. I moan loudly as my body is rocked by his rough humping and grinding, my own cock erupting all over the shower wall with my cum, my back arching. He continued filling me up inside for several minutes, his grunts and groans unintelligible while his tongue hung out of the side of his muzzle and his seed slowly began to stream to a trickling stop. His dick and swollen knot still throbbing inside of me, we knew we'd be stuck like this for a little while so we sat down in the shower with me sitting on his lap, his cock lodged up my ass. It was definitely a great experience, and we both huffed and puffed while catching our breaths in the afterglow.

It wasn't long before we were able to stand and clean ourselves off once more before getting out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and watched as Aspen had already begun to dry himself off, and I followed quickly behind. It took him considerably more time to dry his fur than it took to dry off my smooth skin and shaggy hair. I was already dressed in my old clothes that the wolf had cleaned for me and sitting in his large living room waiting for him when he emerged, wearing some boxers and a T-shirt.

The day felt like it went by quickly in those few moments as it was already six in the evening and neither of them had accomplished much that day, so they decided to call it a day and turn in early. Maybe they would sleep better. Maybe they wouldn't.

**_ CH. 3

_** I awoke slowly, light filling my vision and I brought my hands up to guard my eyes as they adjusted. It was quiet, and I could feel the warm heat of the sun against my sensitive skin. Moving my hands away from my face so I could see more clearly, I noticed I was outdoors. But how did I get there? Wasn't I just in Aspen's bedroom sleeping peacefully beside him? This must be a dream, I thought. There's no other explanation. I sat up and stretched, reaching my arms up high towards the blue, clear sky. It felt nice, and there was a slight breeze in the atmosphere surrounding the vast open area. Calm, soothing.. There wasn't a thing in sight for miles, and I couldn't help but wonder just what was going on, and yet I felt oddly at ease here in this place.

It wasn't until I felt completely relaxed and safe that I felt it. An unnerving feeling, gutting deep within myself. I suddenly knew I had to run. Get away.

My instincts told me to run. I quickly jumped to my feet as my surroundings began shifting all around me. The scenery was changing right before my eyes, and before I knew it I was standing in that forest again. All alone. I was facing towards the lake, trees on either side of me and surrounding the entire area. The breeze stopped. There was no sound now, just like that time. I could hear the blood pumping in my veins, adrenaline was coursing throughout my entire body. I was deathly afraid, but I had no idea why.

I looked out across the water, trying to see if there was anything out there. Nothing. Not a single thing, except trees and foliage. I started to walk forward, towards the lake, and against my better judgment I looked down. I couldn't see anything below the clear waters, no signs of life, no signs of movement and no sign of the bottom. Just pitch blackness the deeper I stared. Something did catch my eye, though. It was hard to make out, there seemed to be ripples even though there was no movement within the water. I couldn't understand what I was seeing, but something deep inside of me told me to look away, that I should not be looking at this thing. Once again, I ignored my instincts. I kept looking, staring as the ripples began to make shapes, forming into something I could slowly make out to be a reflection. There was a body, and the way the water moved made it look mangled and distended. There was no face, there were no distinguishable features to be able to tell who this might be. It was unnerving, and I couldn't figure out why. Suddenly I realized. This distraught, ugly thing reminded me of someone. Myself. And just as I came to that strangely familiar conclusion, I felt something crying inside of myself. I didn't know why, but the tears were streaming down my own face. But I wasn't sad. Why am I crying?

_ Then the reflection opened it's eyes, and it stared straight back at me. And I knew. I was dead. _