Bani Lore The basics!

Story by The Pink Bani on SoFurry

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#1 of Bani Lore!

Bani Lore The Basics! little bit of bani knowledge, little facts of the banis!

A few little known facts about Bani's is all banis so far are boys, even though all boys are extremely feminine they are boys. they are born from a succubus mother whose only known name is Mama. Being born from a succubus makes them incubis. although all banis have there incubi powers nulled at birth by Mama. so as not to cause any issues with each other or others. Most of the Banis are about four feet tall, with the exception of a few being about five feet tall or taller.

Each Bani is unique as they are similar. Each bani born one fourth anthropomorphic, one fourth Incubi, one fourth bunny rabbit, and lastly one fourth a hybrid creature. the Earlier generations of Bani being only one third, as the later generations have a additional genes crafted from other creatures, such as dragons, werewolf's, and in one case, a robotic sex android, Each having there own unique personality and tastes. Some even having emotional attachments to objects such as book bags and other personal items,

one unique rite of passage is when the bani mother presents a bani with a custom made, one of a kind, panties. In the beginning Banis were presented with common store bought panties. due to the fact, its started as a harmless joke by there mother which quickly fire balled into a huge right of passage. When presented with the custom panties by Mama, she adorns the banis head with these panties. the myth being the panties having been worn or used by Mama her self. This of course is false, Mama's panties would be way to big to fit as a hat on any bani. Once a bani has reached the age of fourteen, his body stops growing, he also stops aging so as to keep the femboyish body. then is presented by Mama his ceremonial panties. Which she puts upon the banis head, to symbolize the aging cap. or the moment when his aging is stopped. After the ceremony most banis usually put away there ceremonial cap to preserve it, others like Kit Redfield wear it around most places. His being enchanted with supernatural powers. one of which keeps it from being destroyed or harmed.

One of the more easily confused things about banis is the fact they can change forms. changing from there "Child" form, which is a small almost feral bunny form they have from birth, Once they reach a certain age they can transform into there "Anthro" form to do many things not allowed to them while they are still young. One of which is going on Missions, while in Anthro form, they are taller and more nimble, making this form perfect for doing other things.