Bani Lore Kit Redfield!

Story by The Pink Bani on SoFurry

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#5 of Bani Lore!

Here we have a page from Mama's book of banis! a few details from the book she keeps on all her son's!

Name: Kit Redfield

Height:4 ft 7 inches -Child- / 5 ft 9 inches -anthro-

Fur/Hair: Pink with a light pink undercoat, Hair is shoulder length, and sliver in color,

Eye color: Emerald Green,

Weight: 95lbs -child- / 115lbs -anthro-

Temperament:Calm, Lazy, Sadistic, Bossy, Agressive,

Favorite Items: HIs peaked officers cap, and his thigh high black boots,

Build: Slender frame, large hips, bit of a butt,

Loves: Chinese Food, Apple Soda, collecting things such as toys and cards,

Facts:is the First bani born, He has a few incubi powers, leads most of the incursions missions. He is one of the most feared of the known banis, aside from Vicious. He is also known for being the most violent when it comes to destroying a enemy. Mama is also known to re-color other banis to Kit's color to disguise them from anyone whom might catch or see them. He is also known to have more psychic powers resulting in near perfect predictions. So much so that it seems he becomes easely bored knowing what is to come, When licked tastes like strawberry cream. EDIT:10/17/15 Bio: When he was born, he was left in the care of a Human Male named Erec. He lived in the relm known as Overworld to his birth mother. He lived in the outskirts of the town that would later be taken over by the same birthmother. For ten years he lived with the human Erec, untill one night Erec did not return from the nearby city. Kit was chased from his home by the same criminals whom took Erec from him. and while exploring the cave he stummbled across fleshy bloody walls, mimmicing that of a womb. once breaking seal that held the entrance shut, four creatrues burst forth, Destoring the narrow passage and creating a huge canvernous tunnle that lead to the surface. of the four three were dragons, and one was a snake. Then came Mama, whom upon seeing her frighten son, knew she was back in the overworld. For the next four years the Scubuss known as Mama would lay seige to the nearby city, where upon she would rid it of corruption and filth. Soon there after she would birth the first litter of Bani's to the great discontent of two of her Draconic Sons. A discontent that would cause two of them to fight against Mama and Kit. One being brought down by kit and who lay buried on a mountain, with his head hanging over its side and spewing hell Lava from its maw. The other, the snake like demon having forced Mama's hand to slay him in the nearby ocean, where upon His bones now hidden,create a living coral reef. The third and fourt held no discontent. one returning to Hell where upon he contuinues his mothers regin, and the forth staying and helping his mother and newly born baby brothers. The fouth being known only as "Robbie."

Bani Lore Generations

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Bani Lore The basics!

A few little known facts about Bani's is all banis so far are boys, even though all boys are extremely feminine they are boys. they are born from a succubus mother whose only known name is Mama. Being born from a succubus makes them incubis. although...

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