Buying and selling

Story by FalconMage on SoFurry

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A millionaire Doberman somehow gets involved with a poor Doberman

Got another story out. Twice in a month! Anyways, enjoy what I have to offer. Two Dobermans!

Buying and selling

"Tell me again why I should be subjected to this kind of treatment?" I scowled and made a bigger step across a puddle of mud but may have accidentally splashed dirt against my thousand dollar shoes.

"Because the master requires you to learn to be independent," deep and with authority and yet, humble to the man that he was serving to.

I rolled my eyes and pretended to be concern over this matter. As a fully grown Doberman with millions to spare, I shouldn't be told to buy my own food. In fact, I have several servants under my command and with a snap of my fingers, they would have come running to my need. Yet, dear old parents wanted me to go out there to buy... ungh... dead meat. Yes, that's what I call them: dead meat. Why? Because they are fucking dead! That's why!

Yeah, the stereotype of child millionaire that you hear all the time is true. I admit that I'm snobbish and a bit of a jerk but hey, I could throw a stack of money at them and they'll run away with tail in between their legs. What more, I'm fairly overdress for this kind of purchase.

"A wet market? Seriously? Why not a fucking mall or at least a suitable indoor place with better ventilation than the smell of dead animals? This sucks." Jumped over another puddle of water, I finally arrived to my last destination. Throughout my journey, I've visited several products and needlessly to say, I would never touch such bloody items. Thankfully I was allowed to bring my personal butler around.

"Sir, will you please stop complaining? We are at our final purchase. How about this? If you can at least purchase some fresh fishes without my help, I'll give you a much relaxing massage when we get back home." Charles was his name and being a big grizzly bear, he had the paws of a great masseur and I cannot deny the amount of times he had managed to keep me relaxed and asleep. I was glad that he was my personal service man and could never replace him for anyone else.

I sighed and nodded begrudgingly. Yeah, okay, this is the final stop and after that, I'm out of here. I tried to recall the words of my dear old mother, something about how to see if these fishes were fresh or not. A simple poke at the meat and see if it bounces back. If it does, it's fresh and if it doesn't, they just aren't. Okay, simple as that. I inhaled as much as possible but gagged and spluttered out at the smell of blood and rotten eggs. This had better be the last.

The walk there was rather interesting because I turned many heads. Dressed in an expensive tux, it wasn't everyday that these people would have seen the son of a millionaire walking down the aisle. Many whispered, many cursed and many pointed. Gossips would fly but I didn't care one bit. Taking out a portable mirror, I smiled to myself and flashed a toothy grin, fairly content with how I look. Compared to these common men, I was handsome and needlessly to say, I am not afraid to show my looks around.

Then again, I wasn't just good looking but had a good build as well and this was due to my very own home gym. At least I wasn't afraid of sweating it out and money is not an excuse for me. I could flex my biceps in front of the mirror for hours and amazed at the body that I was blessed with. Not to mention my very own manhood. Mmm... Oh I loved how virile I could get. At clubs, men and women alike would surround me and constantly wanted to get into my pants. I played hard to get and that was a game that I loved. Rents constantly reminded me about the dangers of all this but what the heck, I'm just fooling around before I go steady with any man.

Right, I was gay but didn't flaunt it out like most gay men do. I preferred myself to be the man's man and wanted to stay that way. There is no way I'll have a sissy man right under my arm. I don't get why these guys swing as such but hey, everybody has their own preferences and mine involves men with at least muscle dignity in their bodies.

Charles finally pointed forward and nudged on my right arm. "Sir, that's the fishmonger that master likes to buy from."

"And why there? Better fishes? More variety?" I sighed and moved forward. "Let's get this over with."

There was a crowd in front of me and I dared not push forward because these ladies looks like they were prepared to push anyone that's in their way and I am in no position to get any of my suit dirty. They hollered and pointed at whatever they wanted, all this while I watched from the side, arms akimbo, glaring at the common peasants that had to push around to get what they wanted. Charles looked at me. "Is there a problem?"

"Problem? Of course there is! Look at them!" I sighed and continued to wait. Charles didn't budge but gave in to me complaining. Minutes passed and it seemed a few of them had decided to move out. Finally, I could see at least some products left on the table but something else had caught my eye.

He held on to a knife, chopping away the fishes on his broad looking wooden board, smiled and chatted happily with the ladies. Completely shirtless, saved for a pair of torn jeans underneath, the man that sold these fishes was an amazingly good looking Doberman. Like myself, he had the same canine features but what separated us were the scars around his shoulder and chest and his far larger build than I had. I leaned more towards the swimmer look but the fishmonger looked like a bodybuilder in the making. He held that shiv swiftly and I was thoroughly impressed with well he handled it. Quick and agile, he skinned the fish within seconds, chopped the entire meat into several pieces and had his helper packed it up and sold them without hassle.

All this happened as I stood there in place, rooted to the ground with saliva dripping from the side of my muzzle. Wiped it off with the back of my paw, I continued to adore the man. Charles saw my reaction and smirked away. I knew he was doing that. "Hot, isn't he?"

"S-Shut up..." I blushed. "You planned this, didn't you?"

"Me? Oh no. I did no such thing. I'm merely here to assist on carrying all of these groceries for you. Are you interested?"

Interested? Me? Very much interested. I was angry at myself for not going in head on but from the looks of things, perhaps it was better to wait it out. So, I waited. Half an hour later, the crowd grew thin and I could finally see the man clearly. Posing out there as he showed off every bit of his muscles. I was glad that we had short fur because I wanted to enjoy him in all of his glory. He wasn't an Adonis like me but he was definitely a looker and I finally understood why these housewives wanted to buy from him. The lack of self discipline of the female desire is a helpful tool to gain extra cash and that goes for males as well.

In the end, the final pair of woman left and from what I could gather, there was nothing left. I gulped and had to hit myself inside out because the main purpose of coming here was to get fishes. Sighing aloud, all I could find were a few leftovers and from the looks of it, it wasn't even fresh. Even I with little to no knowledge of grocery shopping could see how vile that meat looked.

"Looking for something, Mr. Millionaire?" The Doberman sneered and stomped onto a chair, his right arm over his leg as he stared right at me.

From my angle, I saw his biceps bulged out and those hard nipples sticking out. My cock had an immediate reaction but I showed no sign of it. "I was just browsing through but it seems like there's nothing here that impresses me."

"Well tough luck. The ladies took them all." He retreated and started washing his utensils.

His back was turned and I could get a good look at his tight ass. Needlessly to say, I wasn't disappointed with the result. Those tight jeans surely brought them out and that short little dog tail wagged a little. "Um... I..."

"Yeah?" He greeted without even looking back.

"Do you have anything else? Perhaps a stash underneath? I'm sure you have something. Money is not a problem. How about a few thousand for your freshest fish?"

That made him stopped and looked right at me. "How much are we talking about?"

"Erm... about a thousand for one?" I waved a stack right at him.

Charles raised an eyebrow inquisitively but he wasn't the only one doing that. The Doberman walked towards me, both paws on to the table that separated us from the customer and supplier. "Why?"

"Why what?" I queried.

"Why that much? How about a thousand dollars for a few pieces of salmon?" He was acting much like an arrogant gang member and I didn't like it.

"Just answer if you have it or not. I don't have time to play 'pop goes the fishy' with you."

This time, he laughed. Not a fake laugh but a genuine laugh that could be heard from all over the market. Some turned and looked on, wondered what happened but he stopped thereafter. "No."

"No?" Was he really saying no?

"No I don't have any spared. So back off. I don't need your money. Come back tomorrow if you want some of it. Come back here like a normal man and get up early and buy them with reasonable cash." He slammed his knife back on to the chopping board and turned away, seeking no answer from me.

I stood there without a word and judging from the tone of this man, he wasn't going to sell me anything. Charles took the initiative and dragged me off, not wanting to have a fight going off in the middle of a market place where the police were visible. The news would be huge. I could see it now, front page, son of a millionaire caught in a fight... Fuck! I cursed violently in the car and didn't care if the bear tried to stop me. Tantrum throwing: that was what I was known for. If things didn't go my way, I might kill someone. Thankfully, Charles was there to keep me in check. I owe a lot to the man, honestly.

Next day rolled along and somehow, deep down inside, I wanted to see this man again. This time, I got up as early as possible and this time, it was my turn to drag Charles out of bed. He was grumpy and snarky but got over it easily. Once we got there, the crowd was there once again. Not as busy but plenty nonetheless. The Doberman saw my presence and smiled at me. Through the crowd, we managed to get into a small conversation. Yeah, he noticed and this time, he gave me some attention. I finally got what I needed but instead of leaving, I stayed. Holding on to my packet of meat, I stared at it for a while and then up to the man that was busy mastering the skills only an expert fishmonger could.

Was I really falling for this man? My heart actually wished to have his attention. Then again, he was a mere peasant. In fact, he wasn't even a professional! He was just a man that got through by selling fishes instead of trudging through the normal office hours. In other words, an actual profession that only higher intelligence can get you through. As if on cue, Charles placed his large paw on to my shoulder. I looked up to him and cocked my head.

"Sir, sometimes, life can be strange and love is strange. I know what you're thinking but if we throw away the status quo between you and him, both of you are no different. Perhaps you might want to talk to him later on? I am willing to stay with you till the end."

Now I looked up and nodded sagely. Two hours went by, one by one they dispersed and once the Doberman bade goodbye to his final customer, he saw me standing there like an idiot. He laughed and shook his head. My heart was beginning to pound quickly but I took the courage and stepped forward, closing the gap between us and once I was within earshot, the Doberman offered a paw.

"Nash Brong, at your service."

I winced at his offered paw but took it with a pinch of salt. His wet and smelly paw touched against mine and I shuddered at the grim and bacteria that must have stuck on to his paw because he hadn't wash since he started working. "Sota Admiral."

"Admiral? Haha! Seriously? The all time billionaire Admiral? The man that saved this very market from being taken over? The man that contributed millions to help the poor and hungry? The man that actually helped me get a job here?"

"Yeah... that's my dad. The millionaire that gave gives back." I rubbed my shoulder with my other clean paw.

"So what brings you here to this atrocious place? Don't you have servants running errands for you?" Nash quipped.

"Eheheh... I do but my mum told me to be independent and help out. She doesn't want me to be such a spoiled brat." I blushed. Was I really doing this? Seriously? Fuck! I was an arrogant prick and snobbish! Not the kind that went jelly right after meeting a hot hunk.

"They are right. You need to stand on your own two feet. Ain't not right for a Doberman like yourself to rely so much on others," he shot out his opinion while hanging out to the amount of cash that he had collected for the day. His helpers started packing up and cleaned the area, knowing that they were done for the day and wanted nothing more than to go home and soak in a tub of hot water.

Little did I know that I was actually in the way of him closing up and decided to step out but before doing so, I invited him to a cup of coffee at nearby café. He contemplated for a while but agreed.

"So I said, you have got to be kitting me! Get it? Haha!"

Oh god his jokes were lame. I had to force out a laugh in order to be courteous. This was extremely out of character for me. I was usually loud mouth but this man had changed something in me and I felt different, very much different when I've met with other guys or business associates. On the outside, many managers and business partners were afraid of me and being the son of a millionaire, I had plenty of knowledge from my dad. However, guys like him got me off guard. I left Charles back at home and had him chauffeur me to and fro as and when I needed him to. So, he wasn't there as my right wing man.

Nash chuckled and offered me a piece of chocolate cake. "This is one of the best. I've tried many but this here, right here, is the best I've ever had."

Sincere and honest, kind and actually, very cute. He had a scar against his right cheek but that didn't turn me off. Instead, I adored that small gash; it made him manly, knowing that I'm truly safe if it ever turned ugly. I looked on to him and he cocked his head out of curiousity. "What?"

"No... Just... nothing." I sighed and slapped myself internally. What was wrong with me!

"You know, I don't usually go out for just a cup of coffee or cake with anyone. You're one of the few. Though I may not know you but I felt you could use an ear," Nash sipped at his cup and smiled away.

"I was just..." I stopped momentarily. "I... How... How is the business going lately?"

The other Doberman stopped sipping and tapped on to the table. "It's going well, as you can see."

"But do you have to go on shirtless? I mean, you are using your sexual appeal to get business, no?"

Nash chuckled and placed his cup down, "Sometimes, we have to do what we needed to do in order to gain business. I have the body for it, why not use it? I've had several of their daughters swooning over me and wanted a hand in marriage but I wasn't interested. I'm picky."

"Or perhaps it's just an excuse to them that you bat for the other team?" I blurted out.

The Doberman stopped whatever he was doing and laughed loudly, "Mmm... Yeah, I do bat for the other team. You were the only guy that came to my shop since this whole month. All I've gotten were girls and I'm kind of happy that you dropped by. You are rather my type, if I do say so myself."

I wasn't sure who was more in control, was it my dick or my head or my heart or my fucking tendency to just shut up and stare! Perhaps it was all at once because Nash snapped at me to finally get my attention. I mumbled away and didn't look right at him but he took the words right out of my mouth. He knew what I was thinking and he took interest in me as well. However, despite what Charles had told me about both of us being indifferent in terms of social status, he was, still, a mere peasant.

It had come to a time where we had to part ways but before doing so, we exchanged phone numbers. As I sat in the car holding on to the piece of paper that had his number, I saved his contacts and closed my eyes, remembered our simple outing for a cup of coffee prior.

In the following days ahead, I was there every other day of the week and he knew I was there. He nodded and smiled happily. Though, I didn't buy as much as I've had on the first day of our encounter but he was grateful for the business nonetheless. My parents saw the change in me and queried about it but I kept quiet. Not to mention the sudden rise in fish products during these past few days. The kitchen help couldn't fathom the sudden appearance of these fishes and were a little shaken with the fact that the place could be haunted. Charles admitted to it in order to keep things calm but to me, this was all unnecessary.

Soon came Sunday and as I approached the market once more but with a rather normal outfit, saved for my thousand dollar shoes - I absolutely love my comfortable shoes - I was fit perfectly with the crowd. However, this time, there was no crowd. In fact, there was no Doberman! Where was he? Where was the shirtless Doberman? Where?!

"Knew you were gonna come."

I turned and there he was, clad in his normal ordinary clothes and this time, not with his usual dirty attire.

"It's your off day?"

"Sorry I couldn't tell you about it. You know, busy and stuff with how things are right now and I forgot to message you about it. So, I decided to come here to inform you." He smiled and my heart fluttered with glee. "Also, I was thinking that, perhaps, we could go somewhere else besides standing here. Maybe some lunch or... perhaps... do you like video games?"

"A date?

"If you want to put it that way, yes,"

I was pretty certain that there were cameras strategically placed all around this area because there is no way this was happening. As cheesy as it is, this looks like the life of me, adapted from a cliché love story and I was the main character. I am no Gary Stu, I have my flaws but as I took his paw, I felt content and happy. Nash ruffled my head and laughed, still couldn't believe that he was going out with the son of a wealthy man.

In truth neither did I in a million years thought of it. I was hated by many in my business and I knew why but I never changed because if I do, there is no telling how far these dogs will backstab you when you're not looking. It was a dog eat dog world out there and in the world of capitalism and survival of the fittest, I try my best to be the best. Now, I in the more pleasant and cliché world of love, I felt different.

Eventually, we ended up telling jokes about each other at the local park lake. Evening had arrived and once again, I felt content. Without even realizing it, I leaned closer and placed my head against his shoulder, sighing away. If I were to even think about it, nobody in their right state of mind would fall in love with a guy that you just met for even a few days. Albeit, unorthodox but it worked in my favour.

"Well, it's time for me to get packing for tomorrow." The bigger Doberman announced and got up, stretched away as his bones popped, "You know, work tomorrow. Us mere peasants aren't as lucky as you are."

"Could you spend a night with me, tonight, I'll pay for whatever losses that you make tomorrow." This time, I was desperate. My feelings were beginning to bloom and I wanted to feel his body against mine, so desperately.

Nash blinked for a moment and rubbed the back of his head. "Well... Sota, as flattered as I am to get you in bed with me but I think - "


I knew from that look that he wanted the same as well but tried to push that feeling off. My paw clasped against his paw and gripped hard, giving some truth to my words. "Just one night."

"I don't know..." Uncertainty in his voice.

Final trick up my sleeve, I lunged forward and kissed him hard, our lips messed together, wanted to give him my all. The Doberman was taken aback but never pried away. Instead, he wrapped his muscled arms around my waist and pulled me close. Our eyes shut and trusted one another. His muzzle opened up and I could taste him. It was hard, rough and most of all, passionate. We kissed like it was our last and I couldn't be happier with how much he was reciprocating. Second turned to mere minutes and I was the first to unlatch myself from him.

Without a word, he smiled back at me and actually nodded. He agreed. I agreed. I was happy. We got back to my place and to be honest, I wanted our first to be some place comfortable. Yeah, I'm still a jerk inside because judging from his lifestyle; god knows what kind of place he had. I didn't tell him that though but I think he knew what my thoughts were. Thankfully, my rents didn't question the guy that I just brought home and lets us off.

As soon as the door was closed, the Doberman stood rooted to the ground, taking it all in as this was the first that he had seen the inside of a large mansion. Like a tourist in an unknown country, he was thoroughly fascinated with the amount of material paintings and vases all over. Servants ready at every single room and when we arrived at mine, Charles was there to greet us. The bear bowed and left the room without a word.

"You have a personal butler?" He asked while exploring my very own crib.

"Yeah, each of us has one."

"And you just had to take a bear?"

I rolled my eyes and hugged him from behind. "Does it matter? I think a Doberman like you is so much better." I kept him close and the warmth of his body immediately got through mine, feeling the comfort of just his presence. His paws patted on mine and what he did next was completely unexpected.

"I love a little bit of nipple play. Go on, don't be scared." Nash lifts his shirt up and threw it off to the ground, guided my paw towards his beautiful chest muscles while having me behind him. Without hesitation, I did as he wished. Looking at his body from afar was very much different from feeling him up. In fact, if I thought his muscles were hard and defined, putting them up close was truly something else.

He flexed in return and my fingers rubbed against his hard nubs, occasionally pinching them and the voices that came afterwards had me hard instantly. His moans were soft and sultry, kept giving off signs that he actually loved what I was doing to him and showed no sign of stopping. From below, I knew his shaft was enjoying the sudden attention that its body was receiving. A small grope along his chest and a lick on his neck, the large Doberman cried out even louder. Thankfully, my room was sound proof enough that I could fully blast out a hardcore metal rock concert and no one would be able to tell what it was; I intend to use that to my advantage.

This time, I pinched his nipples harder but with a twist where my paw dived into his crotch. The effect was immediate because the large Doberman cried out in joy. He was panting now, drooled a little but he lapped it up. The pleasure that coursed through his body was enough to set him off but I don't intend to let this one go that quickly. From the sound of it, he was a bottom but I could be wrong. Perhaps he just loved to play this role of the submissive man for a while but turned dominant later. Who knows but for now, he was mine to play with. He pressed against me even harder now and started grinding his ass against my shaft that was held captive inside my jeans. It did hurt a little and decided to let this all slide through.

As my paw left his chest, he whined and turned around, looked right at me with his beautiful dreamy eyes, questioned why I had stopped my ministration. I grinned and shook away. "You're not the only one with a hard cock." My pants flopped and stepped out of them, sporting a very much aroused manhood and so did he. Nash didn't want to be beaten in the man department and for the first time, I've finally got the chance to enjoy the length and girth that he had to offer. Impressive, very very impressive indeed. Perhaps larger than mine by a few inches but nevertheless, I wasn't disappointed. This man truly was a beast and he made known with a double bicep flex.

Every bulge of his hard muscles were shown and down below, it throbbed and bounced, already leaked pre to the floor. I had to lick my chops, gulped down a mouthful of saliva and attacked the man, kissed him deeply while my paw worked overtime. Our cocks grinded together, paw teased around his cock head while he did the same to mine, fingers wrapped around the two and giving off small little strokes of pleasure. No complain came from the man and I was happy that he enjoyed every minute of this. The harder we pressed, the more my heart yearned for his spunk and before I know it, he got my leg hoisted up and wrapped around his waist. I had to grab hold of his neck so I wouldn't fall.

"Whoa! Slow down, big guy."

"Heh... slow down? You were the one being so eager to get into my pants," the Doberman gave a small peck on to my lips, "I knew you wanted me, since the day I saw you hanging out at the market. Dead meat? More like out there looking for some hard meat."

"It wasn't... intentional, you know." I smiled.

"No but I'm glad you did. You wanted this, don't you?" He grounded my ass against his lengthy cock, smeared pre around my ass. The feeling was indescribable and somehow, it prompted my submissive side.

I was usually the one pushing down victim as my bottom but with this man, I was no longer the dominant one. Instead, I wanted him to stick that fucking hard pole into my man chute. Oh, the pleasures that would fill me in. I have played with my tail hole on several occasions but they were merely fingers and small little toys. To have such a big tool grinding up into me... I wasn't so sure about it right now, but... fuck...

"Do you want me?" He whispered softly, right beside my ear, teeth showed as he tried to nibble on to my fur. My head sprang backwards and exposed most of my neck, ready to take on the submissive role. "Feel that? That's going into your million dollar ass. Oh I would enjoy breeding you."

Million dollar ass? Was my ass really worth a million dollar? Heh, maybe it is. I wasn't about to deny my sexual desires and he knew about it too. Walking towards my oversized bed, we stopped to a nearby drawer to retrieve what I personally call as my 'pleasure gel'. "I hope you are lubed enough. You're not exactly small."

He placed me down and sat right next to me, body leaned backwards to show off more than what my sexual desires could contain. His abs was perfectly sculptured, down to every detail but what caught my attention was the erected pole that stood straight up. "Perhaps you could help with the process? I heard that dog spit are a good source of lube." A finger placed at the tip of that cock head and flick upwards at it, making it throb up and down.

"And where did you hear this?" I cooed and crawled up to him, prepared my muzzle and engulfed him whole.

"Fuck... I... mm... I heard it from the internet." Nash watched attentively as my dog tongue expertly lapped at every corner of his cock, glad that I could help out even for a little bit. The taste of his pre was magnificent. I was actually expecting some weird fishy smell since he was a fishmonger after all but hygiene since to be one of his top priorities. The taste was exquisite, sweet and slightly thick, his diet must have been good but that was to be expected from a man that kept his food in check.

"You know, the internet is not really a good and reliable source, or so I heard." Out popped that over sized shaft and my tongue gave soft little laps at the tip, lips pursed around it and suckled like a good canine. "You may want to test it out."

"Oh, I know how to test it all. Turn around and we'll see if it's true."

"But I don't think I have all of this done yet," I growled and continued to suck him off; both of us clearly enjoyed the lewdness that we had gone into. "Mmm... how can you keep this away from me? Look at this."

The Doberman shuddered and tried to push my head off but I was relentless. He continued to push me off but I sucked even harder, paw wrapped around the base and I felt his knot growing down below. I felt his body shuddered and trembled under such pressure, his voice beginning to get louder and louder, pants heavier and heavier. My paw took this opportunity and played around with his hanging ball sac. You couldn't believe how large these things were, not to mention heavy! And with that, he was yelling for me to stop but no, I wanted his seed, not later, not afterwards, now.

Without hesitation, I dived deep down and held on to his knot; clamped as tight as I could to act as pressure and that truly sets him off. I felt his balls rose and the seed were pumped down my throat. Gulped every spurt that he had to offer and the taste was definitely not what I had expected. It was practically the same as his pre and the amount of shots that came from that hose was indescribable. In fact, I nearly drowned from all of it. However, I kept his cock deep in my throat and I was surprised that I didn't gag through the whole ordeal. Once the wave had stopped, I pulled out to catch a much needed breath, gasped and sputtered seed from my muzzle.

"You.... ah... ah... What the fuck..." Nash panted heavily. "What was that for?!"

"That was appetizer," I wiped the remains of his seed with my paw, "Now it's time for the main course."

I turned and raised my short Doberman tail up, shook it left and right as I seduced the man even more. If my muzzle was enough to have him cum buckets, imagine what he could do with my ass. I knew for a fact that he was hard and cumming once wasn't going to be enough for him. This was evident when I turned for a second to see his cock still standing straight up. My back arched backwards and pressed my ass even higher, my hole opened up to gain his attention. Tight, that was the only word I could describe from what I could derive from myself. I hope with the combined spit and lube, I was more than enough to accommodate his length.

"Your ass is mine." He growled in lust. His muzzle lapped at the side of my butt cheeks but it wasn't enough to pull him away from my tail hole. Tongue slurped at attention and I was receiving one hell of a rimming service. At that moment, I didn't care if anybody heard my cries because I was moaning with glee. My short tail wagged happily, a smile broke through my lust and eyes rolled back. From that moment on, I turned over a new leaf. Who knew that a simple rim against your butt hole could be so... so... relaxing...?

However, Nash wasn't content with just his fingers and decided to loosen me up with a single digit. A finger invaded through and I had to clench down on it, seeking refuge deep inside. Tried with all my might to keep myself relaxed and calm, I was still unprepared for it. The man knew what he had to do and out popped the lube cap. "Alright, this is going to be cold but I'm sure you're more than eager to take all of me in."

"You got that right, big stud. Just let me get use to you. Like I said, you're not exactly small." I blushed but yelped away when the cold lube stretched my poor little tail hole. It was difficult at first but after a while, the Doberman got a good rhythm in. His finger pulled into an arch and hit something in me. The effect was a small shot of pre on to the bed sheets. "Oh fuck... Shit! What... was that!"

"Your prostrate?" He chuckled. "Your love button."

"Well, whatever you're doing keep... ungh... keep that up."

"You're going to get more than that." A lot of attention was given to my tail and before long; I was thoroughly filled with a generous amount of lube. He then got a pawful and lathered his oversized cock with it, shuddered at the pleasure that was coursing through his shaft. "You're going to love this."

As much as it pains me, this was going to be a long penetration. His paws clamped against my neck and pulled me upwards, my ass still in place but this time, with his cock head popping right in. My eyes bulged like dinner plates and winced at the size of it, unable to keep my voices down and had to scream out loud. He saw the pain that I was going through and whispered words of encouragement into my ears, wanting to keep it down a notch.

At this point, my body felt violated and weak, the sudden penetration was enough to have me feel pain for a thousand years but I wasn't even half way through yet! He pushed in a little bit more and my body convulsed in time. His massive paws against my chest and started playing with my man tits, pinched at them with glee and kept saying sweet nothings right next to me. My cock had flagged for a moment due to the pain but soon, somehow but I don't know how, my body was beginning to feel some sort of small pleasure. Deeper and deeper he went but this time, he managed to hit something that was never there before. Well, not that it wasn't there in the first place but something that I rarely ventured out to.

Each time the massive Doberman pulled out and rammed right in, it hits right at my pleasure spot and that had me moaning softly. The pain was beginning to wane and was quickly replaced with something that was far more enjoyable. This time, I was beginning to relax and the man saw me through it. His paws continued its ministration on to my chest, slipped a few more inches in and soon enough, I was buried deep down to the base. I didn't feel any knot and I was thankful for that. There is no way that I could take in his knot right now but I hope later on, I could.

I have always had that deep feeling of wanting to be knotted down by another canine but never dared to do so. The videos I've seen, the sexual experiences of other men and stories, it arouses me but as an acting dominant canine, I didn't show my deeper feelings for it. Now, it was time for me to do so. I sighed in deep relief and the comforting warmth of the man behind me helped eased the loneliness.

I moaned at his name, I muttered softly and wanted him to claim and breed me like he would. Nash acknowledged this and reciprocated just the same. His hips started thrusting in and out, slammed right through my defenses, kept me in check and wanted me in his arms. Small kisses landed on to my neck, nibbled right at them, wanting to claim me like his property; I was ready for it. Paws travelled downwards and held on to my manhood, up and ready with pre drizzled down the very tip.

Never in my life had I encountered a hands free orgasm before and I hoped that this could be my first. In fact, I wanted this to be my first. "Make me cum..."

The man inhaled my scent and growled wantonly. "I will make you cum... cum all you want because you're mine."

Oh god. His voice was absolutely breath taking.

A fishmonger! That was what he was! A mere peasant! Someone that earned his living by selling fishes! How... How could I have fallen so deep? Oh the pleasure, the need, the want. He was all I had ever imagined it to be. Strong, passionate, needy and most of all, ready to take me as his own. Few weeks ago, if anyone ever told me that I would fall in love with a fishmonger, I would have fired that guy within seconds but to tell that to my current self, I couldn't come to form any words for it.

He was getting used to me now and so did I. His cock had speared right through any defenses that I had and I ordered him to pound me, to fuck me senseless. Nodded and so he did. I was pushed downwards, ass still high up in the air and he pounded away, his hips slapped against my two butt cheeks. Short snarls and snaps came from the Doberman, cursed like a sailor as he claimed my ass. Every thrust was enough to make me scream like a little bitch and my claws dug right into my bed sheets. I didn't care if they were torn, Charles would take care of it.

Both of his paws held on to my ass for better leverage, spread open my butt cheeks to gain better access, cock slides through with no resistance. "You're mine now."

Yes, his and I cried for him to go faster. He obeyed as usual. Our sexual desires were heightened to the point where he couldn't take it anymore and as he fucked me deeply, he was already on the verge of cumming. I hope he came as much as he did just now but that was asking for too much. Then again, he was a virile stud. I'm sure he could easily pump more than that. I grinned away, kept my body in place, ready for the waterfall of seed that would paint my ass with white.

My cock throbbed underneath and just like the man breeding me up, I was at the edge as well. The familiar feeling of shooting strings of cum was felt and I didn't want to deny that sweet passion of cumming all over my body. However, Nash beat me to it. I knew he was about to let off streams of it with how haphazard his fucks were going. Instead of his usual passionate thrust, he was humping like a crazed man; little did I know that he was already spreading his seed into me. I yelped and felt the warm torrents of him pumping into me but what came next was undeniably hot and excruciating.

While cumming like a crazed man, he popped his knot right in like it was the most natural thing to do. I yelled and clawed desperately, as I struggled to get him off, the man kept me close, breathed hotly to my cheeks as he held me in place. I whined and wallow in the feeling of his knot. I felt full, I felt violated and most of all, I was finally knotted in. The pain and pleasure surged through me and soon enough, I was cumming right after. Strings of white painted on to my chest but most of them landed on to the bed below, soaked through the sheets. In that very moment, all I was thinking off was how mad Charles was going to be. He was kinda going to get these cleaned and felt sorry for him.

"You are so mine." Tongue lapped at my neck, his breathing was beginning to fall. "I'm so glad to skip work tomorrow."

"Mmm... Don't worry, I'll pay for your losses like we've agreed on," allowed for the man to do as he liked with me.

"You do or not, don't matter to me but I don't think the housewives are going to be happy though. They were expecting me there tomorrow, first thing in the morning." Nash cuddled right up to me with his knot still lodged inside.

"Well I don't. Just tell them that you were sick or some sort the following day. A day of no hot hunk in the market isn't going to kill them." I snorted.

"True..." again, he lapped at my nape, arms around my neck and chest. "You know that we're going to be stuck like this for a while, right?"

Of course I do. "Unless I do this," ass muscles clenched at his massive cock and I felt him throb once more.

"You would never..." He wanted to curse out loud.

"Try me," I whispered and turned around a little to kiss him. He returned my love and as we shared our saliva in one, I clenched even more at that doggie cock. This time, he moaned in my kiss. Ass wiggled around and his knot was slightly stimulated once more, obviously not going down any time soon. I smirked at him. "Ready for round three? This time, fuck me with that sexy knot of yours."

"Oh god, you have one hot dobie ass. I think I want to keep you forever." His hips wiggled and aroused my love spot with his knot. It was my turn to moan and looking at the time, we have more than enough hours together.

After all that has been said and done, we got together far more often and started going steady. His business boomed and I was there to support him. Capital was pumped into his business and before long, within a year; we were selling more fishes than ever. One thing was for certain, his tradition of selling these fishes shirtless continued. I for one, isn't complaining one bit. This was a very good business deal. He sells and these peasants buy them all.

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