Her Girlfriend's Father: Her Pleasure

Story by kergiby on SoFurry

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#2 of His Daughter's Lover

Formatting issues fixed. Back to our normal porn tales of cheating, domination and piss.

Ashleigh's stomach dropped. Her cheeks burned hot and she stared down at her paw, slick with her juices. She was with Sophie. She loved her wolf more than she could put into words but Jackson... Well, that's why she was in the bathroom rubbing herself at 2AM. She'd been fucking him for the past few weeks and it was so wrong but that's why she liked it so much. That's why her sex life with Sophie petered as her sex life with Jackson sky rocketed. Sometimes, it would be five times a day.

"Jackson," she whimpered, staring at the photo taken by him during the last session. The photo had her mouth wrapped around his large cock, cum smeared around her cheeks. In truth, she was cleaning him off after a couple loads in her pussy. Just thinking that made her stomach churn in shame.

A buzz from her phone caused the panther to jump slightly. A swipe later, she was looking at a message from Jackson: Come over in the morning. I need you ASAP.

The sick feeling in her stomach clashed violently with the clenching of her walls around her fingers.

With one paw, she managed to type out a reply: I was just touching myself because of you...

She could practically hear his deep, playful chuckle when he replied: No getting off. I want to do that for you.

As much as she hated how he treated her sometimes... there was no denying how ho being commanded made her: Yes, sir--whatever you say.

Deny it all she liked, Ash was wrapped around his finger.

And she liked it.

Cleaned of her juices, the panther stood and slid back into bed with Sophie. Her arms wrapped around the wolf's stomach and pulled her in close. As much as she wanted to purr, the knowledge of her betrayal kept that purr from forming.

Only a few hours later, she woke to the sun trickling in and splashing onto her face. Ashleigh stirred, reaching for Sophie only to realize she wasn't there. Right, of course. She's at work. Sophie worked so hard to provide and Ashleigh had been looking for a job for months. She sighed and stood up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. The panther was nude, but she rectified that with a short, plaid skirt with a peach blouse. Her jaw was still sore from the previous time with Jackson and then eating out Sophie for an hour that same night.

How does she not know? The panther picked up her phone and sent a quick text to her lover. Her whole body tingled when she did, as if just texting him was a cause for pleasure. She bit her lip and the guilt was gone, replaced with desire. Like it or not, she wanted this man. She needed him. Who was she to argue with her own desires? Stepping out of the apartment she shared with her girlfriend, Ashleigh's day seemed brighter. Her mood improved. It was wrong, but it felt so much better than anything ever had before. That had to mean something, right?

* * *

"Ah! Right there! Yeees!" The panther screamed as loud as she could. He wrists were bound with a nylon rope, holding her to the bed frame while her legs were splayed on either side of the wolf whose muzzle was buried in her pussy for the past hour. She thrashed and moaned as his tongue went from her clit back down to her folds. His tongue pushed in and she gasped. Her hackles were raised as that wave of euphoria overtook her. The way his firm paws held her by the ass caused the feline to groan.

"What's the matter, cat? Can't handle a little bit of tongue without cumming?" he grins, but it's not a cruel one. Rather it's a grin that soothes her, makes her feel like everything is okay. Her stomach lurches, noticing the same flecks of gold in his eyes that Sophie inherited.

"I'm... used to pretty good tongues." She said, panting hard, letting her orgasm continue. The wolf's wagging tail made a thump every time it struck the mattress.

"I know. Who do you think Sophie came to for advice after she came out?" He leaned down and pushed two of his thick digits into her snatch, making her spasm. "She told me about your first date, you know."

Ashleigh's stomach lurched as she remembered her lover between her legs at a movie, eating her out for the entire run time.

"She was so... fearless," Ashleigh whimpered, her walls clenching around his digits, arms straining against the bindings. Her chest rose and fell while she breathed, the pleasure already starting to build once again.

"I know she was," the wolf dragged his claw from her belly button to her chin, eyes looking at her the entire time. His grin was a bit less harsh now, though just as commanding. As ashamed as she was to admit it, the panther would follow the wolf anywhere. "I told her to."

She gasped and stared up at him with her mouth open. A detail he made a point to exploit, sticking a finger into her maw. As if on instinct, the panther closed her mouth, and suckled on Jackson's finger as his other paw worked her over slowly and carefully.

"She was so nervous about making a good first impression. She'd been so enamored by you for so long, but you were always out of reach to her. How could she compete with Mark, she'd often ask me. I told her that one day, he'd tire of you and move onto another woman. And he did. The dumb jock gave up a beautiful creature like you for what? A cheerleader. Well, Ashleigh, Sophie asked me how she could make sure you'd remember her forever. I gave her a rather fitting answer, I suppose."

Her whole world had been shaken by this revelation. Ashleigh briefly considered that he could be lying to her, but no. He'd have no reason to lie, especially not with something like this. His paw pulled out of her sodden cunny, leaving her whole form shaking. She didn't just want him back, she needed him. Even as she thought of her lover, the woman she wanted to be with for the rest of her life, she also thought about the cock which created Sophie, and craved it. Her whole body ached as she waited; waited for a cock that she had no right having.

The wolf's cock was still at attention from his administration to her body. Jackson moved between her legs once again, kneeling on the bed. This time was different though, he wasn't caring when he grabbed her hips forcefully. There was no tenderness when his cock slammed inside of her. No, this wasn't the loving, paternal care she'd experienced just moments ago. This was to prove a point.

She was his.

Despite all of her rationalizations and desire to cut it off with Jackson, the panther was entirely owned by the wolf. His cock slammed in so hard her vision blurred. She gasped out, pressing back against his cock, eager for the next thrust, the next growl, the next hefty slap of those large orbs. The wolf chuckled at that movement and was too happy to provide. He slammed in, pulling out to the tip only to slam in again. A groan and a growl here and there were all the signs he gave of his feelings.

"Jackson!" she moaned, straining at the ropes which bound her. The bed frame creaked and the springs squeaked and her sex made a juice slurp every time he slammed back in. He leaned in and took one of her modest breasts into his mouth, letting his tongue swirl around the nipple. Her clit was aching from her previous peaks and the approaching one. She was ashamed of how easy she felt. There was no resisting him. She had gone to him in a moment of weakness and stayed because she liked being used. She liked being owned. And she wanted more. Every time his balls slapped against her ass, she felt complete, somehow.

Get the emotional pleasure from the daughter; get the physical pleasure from the father.

It was wrong, but it worked for her.

She felt her whole body quiver while he kept pounding. His knot was now slapping at her lips. That engorged pressure point got the wolf to be a bit more vocal now.

"Squeal for me, Ashleigh. Squeal and tell me how much you love this," he barked out the command and his hips changed pace. The speed was slowed considerably but the force was worse than ever. Her whole backside hurt from every time his powerful thrusts shook the bed. A growl echoed in the feline's ears and she stared up at that handsome man's face twisted in pleasure. The panther squealed, her whole body writhing as she felt his knot slamming at her lips. Her own peak was building, making her chest rise and fall as she struggled to get air into her body at anything resembling adequate amounts.

And then he pulled out. She felt her whole body just get emptied and she pressed back against him as best she could, but Jackson's cock was too far away.

"Why?!" She yelled, angry and needy at being denied.

"I'm not ready for you to cum just yet," the wolf grinned, his cock rubbing his juices off on her inner thigh.

She growled and thrashed against the bindings. The wolf very calmly grabbed her hips and flipped her over. Thankfully, he'd had the foresight to tie the rope holding her hands in a way the let him flip her without it hurting. She grabbed onto the rope and pulled, a good foot away from the frame, but the rope kept her in place. Ashleigh tried to get up but a firm paw seized her head and shoved her down in place.

"Now now, let's not be too hasty," he growled, pressing his cock against her taint. He rubbed, from her slit up to her exposed pucker and back down. "You want this, don't even try and deny it."

The truth was obvious. Of course she wanted it. Ashleigh had initiated the whole fucked up relationship in the first place. She came to him, groping and needy already, so she couldn't exactly deny interest. They'd even talked afterwards about what was okay and what wasn't. He hadn't crossed any lines they'd agreed to.

Except the taboo line that made their time together so much fun. "Fuck me, Jackson. Fuck the girl your daughter flaunted to you for years. I can feel how much you want me, so please, baby. Please take me!" she groaned, confidence wavering as she pressed and rubbed her lips to his head, trying to get that thick glans to slide back inside.

The wolf's tail gave a lazy sway and he chuckled. "I'm going to mark you tonight, bitch. Understand?" his growl was deep and made the panther's ears droop in an instinctive reflex.

"I... Y-yes, sir." She said, color filling her cheeks.

In the middle of a deep, breath to steady herself for the coming onslaught, he slammed in. Her whole passage clung to him, every little bit of his cock up to the knot was inside her and she groaned, moving her hips in circular motions, wanting more of his member. He was only too happy to provide, so he pulled out before slamming back in. Her face was against the cotton sheets, rubbing against it every time his cock buried itself inside of her. The way his musk seemed to fill the air around her, the way, he held her down, firm but with no claws to cause her pain. She was at his mercy but entirely safe there.

She felt her tail being grabbed by the base and yelped when it was tugged up. He wanted a greater sense of leverage over the nimble little cat. Her lithe body seemed to burn with a hunger for his knot, for his seed, for his... everything. She clutched with both paws on the rope which attached her wrists to the bed frame and squealed when his thrusts got harder suddenly. She could barely keep her muzzle shut, those rhythmic thrusts forcing curses and squeals out of her.

"Yes! Sir! A-ah... Right there. Oh, yes. Please!" Her pride aside, the panther had no issues moaning on his account. Even though she know she should feel bad, her love life with Sophie had never been better. Everything seemed right in her life.

All it took was the cock that made her girlfriend.

The wolf leaned down, and she could feel his breath on the back of her neck, making her hackles rise up. "Who do you love, little girl," Jackson snarled in her ear.

"Aaah... Sophie, Sir. I love your daughter so much," she whimpered when she felt his knot pushing up against her lips, inching inside every other thrust.

"And who are you a slut for?" he says, getting harder, clearly trying to get her tight, damp cunny to accept his oversized knot.

"You! Oh, God! It's you, sir. I need you so badly," Ashleigh whined, her third orgasm of the night getting close. He'd timed it so she'd cum when he jammed that knot in her. Cheeky bastard.

"Moan my name then, slut," the wolf growled, his teeth giving the nape of her neck a hard bite. All at once, that fist-sized knot shoved into her poor cunt and as she came.

Oh, how she came.

Her breath was shallow and her eyes went a little hazy. She could feel her walls clamping down on his large, beautiful cock. Her clit and nipples seemed to ache with the sheer ecstasy of the moment. "Jackson!" She squealed as loud as she could. The panther's eyes were closed shut, trying to focus all of her energy into milking the invading member inside her body.

She heard a howl start up from just above her. And then, sploosh. His seed rushed forth like the breaking of a dam. Her body was an eager and willing receptacle for it, taking all of it, and still ready for more. She could feel his claws poke her head and ass when he burst, and the breathing on her neck was so much more... powerful somehow. "Ashleigh..." he panted, his whole body seemed to relax, like the tension that kept him so sturdy was suddenly gone... and was flowing into her.

In her post-coitus bliss, the panther was surprised to feel a series of tender kisses along her neck and back. The way his paws held her stomach and the bottom of her bosom made the panther feel so good. Safe and secure. Even though she knew how bad she knew she should feel.

Betraying her precious wolf for Sophie's dad.

"You know..." the wolf said, before trailing off.

"What was that?" Ashleigh said, turning her head to look at him.

He kissed her neck again and smiled. "Nothing, kitten."

The pair laid there for a half hour, talking, kissing and cuddling close to each other. The entire time, Jackson pet and caressed his beautiful sub. His whole mind seemed to focus on ensuring that the cat's aftercare was still taken care of. By the end of it, when he slid his sore knot out of her poor, abused snatch, she was purring with happiness.

"Time for the last little bit and then your shower," he said, a grin on his muzzle.

His arms lifted her up and carried her over to his en suite bathroom. It was sleek and modern and held a large shower one had to step down into. Large pieces of stone went from the floor to the top of the walls of the luxurious shower. Ashleigh settled onto her knees when he let her down. Her eyes gazed up at him, soft and loving. Just how one should behave towards their Alpha.

"Ready?" he smiled, tail wagging ever so slightly.

In response, the panther merely opened her mouth and closed her eyes, waiting for his mark.

A clear stream of piss shot out of his cock and landed on her body. She murred ever so quietly as that fluid coated her body and her fur, getting it deep into her fur. The panther rumbled in approval, before grabbing his cock and sliding the tip into her mouth, accepting the powerful and strange taste, but not stopping. Instead, she closed her eyes and swallowed, before gazing back up at her marking Alpha wolf. His paw gentle caressed her head, letting her know how pleased he was with her.

"Excellent work," he grinned, paw tracing her cheek and finally pulling her off, leaving a bit of his piss, cum and her juices to drip onto the floor beneath. "Time to clean you up."

* * *

Ashleigh had just been home for a few minutes when Sophie walked in the door, she was dry of her tryst and, despite the marking, didn't smell of him... at least, not too badly.

"I'm home, babe," the wolf grinned, moving close to the panther and giving her cheek a gentle kiss. "Did you have a good day?"

Ashleigh smiled, her tail wrapping around Sophie's waist, and rubbed those tender paws on her stomach, reminding herself of Jackson. "I did. Met your dad for lunch. He wanted to treat me and catch up," she smiled, surprised at how easy it was to lie to Sophie again.

"He just called me on the way back. He talked with the HR department at his firm and they have a position you might be good for."

"Really?" Ashleigh said, surprised Jackson didn't tell himself. "Well, what'd he say?"

"Just have to do an interview process as a formality, but you could get hired on there full time. Even includes benefits."

Ashleigh paused, thinking about this for a moment. "What would the position be?"

"He said he needed a new assistant and knew how hard you'd be. I figured it'd be easy for you."

Sophie had no idea how easy it would really be. And no idea how wet the well-fucked panther got at the opportunity.

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