Five Month vacation chapter 1: prologue

Story by Helix327 on SoFurry

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I awoke from the sudden noise. It was my faithful companion that helped me get up in the morning, my alarm. I turn over and stare at the numbers. It's five in the morning. I usually wouldn't get up this early especially on a weekend. I slowly get up and turn it off. I sit there for a moment and remember what the day would bring. I wish I was only dreaming. I sigh and put my clothes on from the day before. Just a plain white t-shirt and black jeans. I go into the bathroom and look at my reflection in the mirror. I see a fifteen year old rabbit. I had dyed my fur blue because of a bet but left a yellow lightning bolt covering my left eye. I remember that bet from Isaac Then I remember what he said to the school district. This wasn't his fault though . It was all my idea. I find my self still looking in the mirror when I hear something from my brothers room. I knock on his door. "Hello? I'm changing don't come in" My brother, Cody, says. "Oh, ok" I respond back. I back away from the door. I know it must be rough on him as well. Mostly because he doesn't usually get up this early. Nobody except me does. I decide to make some what of an impression on the people I'm going to meet, so I actually do my hair for once and brush my teeth. I head out into the hallway and before heading down stairs I decide to check my grandparents room to see if there up yet. The door to there bedroom is open and I can see a messy bed with no one in it. They must be awake.  I decide to head down stairs and as I enter the kitchen, I hear a knock on the window. I can see my grandma (a plain white rabbit with a baggy blue t-shirt and black pajama pants) through the window, smiling and waving me to come out side. Every thing was a blur. I know she was sad and was on the verge of tears when I got out there. She said she had left me a pancake above the stove underneath the heat lamp. I thanked her for that. I could have eaten a bowl of cereal but she went out of her way to make me a good breakfast. I wish she hadn't  cause she has so much stress. I went inside and, like she had said, found a big pancake over the oven top. I decide to eat every bite which I don't normally do. It felt like seconds had passed when my grandma called me and my brother to the car. It was time to go to the airport. So we got my already packed suit case and we got in the car and headed off to the airport. I remember my grandmother telling me once we get there, a man named Wade would escort me to the plane and to Pcs (Provo canyon school). About ten minutes before our arrival to the airport, I thanked them for everything that they had done for me. We arrived at the airport and could not find wade. As it had turned out, his flight was delayed so me, my brother, and grandma were stuck, at the entrance, for an hour before Wade had shown up. He was a tall deer with a natural brown color on his fur. He had a grey hoodie and black jeans. He was a really nice guy even though I barely remember what he had

said. I remember having a sad goodbye with my grandma crying and my brother calming her down. We decided to leave before it got to sad. We made it to the gates thirty minutes before the plane was scheduled to take off. We sat there not really talking. I was just trying to keep myself from crying since I wouldn't be able to see my family for a while. I wish I could've said goodbye to my grandpa but he was on the road. I remember the speaker calling us up. I tried so hard not to cry. So I Put on a smile, gave them my ticket, and took my first step onto the plane. I felt like I entered a new world.