A Good Day

Story by Digitaltf on SoFurry

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Yet another chapter in the Keeper saga, where we find Jim, Julie and other friends. Tonight's episode also involves lesbian love, troubles at work, and St. Bernard knot and pucker!

Stay tuned... another long night for Jim coming up. And what about the German Shepherds?

Morning dawned with Reggie's rump shoved in my crotch, tail up, his head laying on Julie's stomach, and the two Sheps curled up by the dresser/entertainment center across the bedroom. Cleo was with her cubs in their bed, as usual, even though the cubs were starting to "explore" a fair bit now. My morning wood was at full strength from the warmth of the pink flesh shoved against my glans, but I didn't think it right to take advantage of the situation for many reasons - foremost being that to grab the lube would end up waking both Reggie and Julie, and I wanted them to get as much sleep as they could, given the night's events being so unfamiliar to either. Well, to Julie at least. Reggie, for his part, seemed to be taking the changes without any issue at all, though he'd yet to meet Peaches.

I smiled as the brown-furred over-sized throw rug wriggled about a bit, then sighed happily. He seemed to take to me right off, for whatever reason - perhaps it was just to be let out of the kennel, though the records showed he nipped at shelter workers while he was there. Perhaps he sensed I was there to help him... perhaps he knew of my proclivities. Or perhaps things just worked out, since Andy had to struggle with a couple of the other dogs who didn't want to leave their runs - likely worried they were to meet their doom or just not wanting to be bounced to yet another place.

I idly pet Reggie's rump as I pondered those things and he raised his head to look at me. "Just lay back down, boy. It's not time to get up yet," I whispered, at which he put his head back down on Julie's stomach and closed his eyes after a deep breath and what can only be described as a deep sigh. Whether or not it was contented would be conjecture, but he seemed happy enough.

A short time later the call of nature demanded that I rise, so I figured I'd get up for the day. I peeled back the blankets and got out slowly, carefully, so as not to disturb Reggie and Julie. He raised his head as I stepped over them onto the bed frame, and then to the floor, stuffing my feet into the flip-flops I used as house slippers. I fuzzled his head and he again lowered it to rest upon Julie, who hadn't yet moved apart from wriggling a little now and again. I smiled both outwardly and inwardly as I did my best to quietly descend the stairs, walking on the edges of the treads to prevent them from squeaking as I made my way down to the bathroom.

Having fallen back into my bachelor habits, I had left the door open and no sooner than I had finished on the throne, Cleo padded in, and I chuckled "Fine, your turn, but I get the shower!" I fuzzled her as she moved about to shove her rump up onto the seat. I pondered for a bit. "Do you want a bath, too, kitten? It's been some time."

Cleo tilted her head a bit, as though pondering, then shook her head and I smiled. "Maybe next time. I'll fire up the oil heater again so you can dry off nice and warm. Give your cubs a bath too so they're all fresh and sweet as well. Then maybe we can soak in the tub awhile like before, huh?" I rambled as I got the shower going and stripped off my nightshirt. I didn't expect any response but once again, I could have sworn that the edges of Cleo's mouth turned up into a smile for a split-second before returning to their typical neutral, blank-slate position. I smiled a bit both inwardly and outwardly at that, always happy to see some outward reaction from my sweet lioness.

After that I finished setting out the critters' morning meals. Peaches had to stay locked away yet again, though the bowl of chicken legs was pleasant consolation for that. Cleo was munching hers as the dogs came down and wanted out - all three of them now. I rose from where I'd settled in my usual chair at the kitchen table, and let them out the front door, Reggie galumphing down the steps with enough force to shake the porch a bit as he did so. Not that he would have needed to hit any of the steps at all, really, if he wanted to.

I chuckled and shut the door, having set out three bowls of dog food from the tote in the mudroom... Reggie getting half again as much as either of the Sheps. I settled into my recliner and I could see the pups running around outside and playing in the reflection of the blank television screen. The male Shep even getting into the act a little, though holding back a lot as he still didn't seem to have enough energy for much, but that'd only figure given what all happened. Soon enough there was pawing at the storm door and I got back up to let the trio back in.

The sheps immediately went to their food bowls and started crunching their kibble, but Reggie just sort of stood there as I shut the door. Or, I should say, attempted to shut the door. "Reggie, move your butt," I said, and with that he spread his legs a bit wider and squatted down some, raising his tail up high like a flag. I couldn't help but laugh some as I'd discovered an unexpected command. I then patted my far leg and he moved about me to stand near it, allowing me to close the door completely.

"Go ahead, Reggie... have your breakfast before they eat it too." I pointed to where I'd put his dog bowl, on the other side of the bottom stair from Cleo's bowl of chicken. He plodded over to it, put his head down to sniff, and then turned to look at me. "Go ahead, Reggie, it's alright," I smiled. At that he started eating and I sat back down in my recliner to sip some more of my morning's first soda.

Julie came down a short while later. "Morning dear... Oh! I'll be late!" she started a little as she saw the time and me already dressed for work. I merely laughed, garnering a confused look from her. "What's so funny?" she inquired.

"You are... or at least your misplaced worry," I chuckled.

"What are you talking about?" she stated a bit more firmly, with a healthy dose of irritation.

"You've been sacked, remember? You don't have to go in to work today," I reminded her, at which point she looked confused, then the realization dawned on her and I chuckled. "That means you can spend time with everyone here today, hon. No worries about any of it."

Julie smiled and sat down on the sofa and leaned over to kiss my cheek. "It was nice of you to let me sleep in, then. Last night was... well, ALL of yesterday was so weird. Like... a dream, or nightmare or..." she giggled a little "... one of your stranger movies."

In the meantime the dogs had finished their kibble and flopped out in various spots around the room, with Reggie just under the footrest of my recliner. I skewed my jaw and pondered....

"Thinking about something, dear?" Julie asked.

I nodded. "Trying to think... whether I wanted to take anyone to work with me. Might get kind of lonely without having anyone there after all this time of having something warm and fuzzy waiting in my office."

Julie nodded. "Who would you like to take?" she inquired herself, after thinking a bit.

"Well... I'd kinda like to take Reggie with me, as he seems pleasant enough, but I don't know. If anyone were to stop by..." my voice trailed off as I thought about things.

"Who would stop by that would really notice him? It seems all your friends know about things I don't." Julie teasingly poked me in the ribs.

I chuckled a bit. "It may seem that way, but no... not all my friends know about my knowing about the Club, let alone the degree of my involvement with things. In fact, only a handful of folks know my involvement. It just may have seemed that way from the unusual nature of last night's.... escapade." I smiled and kissed Julie. "You're the first in years I've brought into that part of my life. The first I've trusted this much in quite a long time."

Reggie lifted his head as we kissed and I smiled "Want to go to work with me, pup?" I asked. "Woof!" came the baritone reply and Julie laughed. "I guess that settles it, if you don't mind being away from him for the day. That way you can let Peaches out and she can have some house-time for a while, unless you think you can't manage her."

"Oh, I should be fine Jim... You go off and slave away. I'm gonna soak in the tub!" Julie leaped up and nearly ran for the bathroom, while I laughed heartily. I grabbed the red webbing leash from the coathook in the mudroom and clipped it to Reggie's collar. While truly unnecessary, I figured it wouldn't hurt, and soon we were in the Blazer and heading down the drive, heading off to work.

* * * * *

"MR. PETERS!" came the call from the other side of the door.

"Come on in, Director. It's unlocked." I called back.

"Do you have that lioness in there with you again?" came an unexpected inquiry.

"Come on in and find out!" I chuckled. Leaning back from my computer, I swiveled my chair. The door opened just a crack and I heard "I'll show you he's been violating USDA regs by having unauthorized regulated animals here at the zoo. You'll see in just a moment," spoken quietly as though I wasn't able to hear.

Through the door stepped first Jack Benin, as expected, and behind him the balding pate of Pete Johnson. I smiled. "Morning, Jack. Having trouble with something?" I quipped in a cheery voice and waved mute greeting to Pete. Reggie raised his head from where he was laying on the old army cot and started growling.

"Easy Reggie... he's an ass but he's harmless." I commented once Pete shut the door behind him and Jack blanched at the defensive dog.

"What's THAT doing in here?" Jack grumped, managing to keep his voice in check until Reggie stopped growling at him.

"I'm dogsitting. Don't want him causing a ruckus at my place with Julie being home alone, so I brought him in with me. I figured you wouldn't mind." I grinned broadly.

Pete looked into the washroom, and then to Jack with an expression that could only be interpreted as "really? You got me down here for this?"

Jack responded to the unspoken language quite readily. "He HAS been sneaking all kinds of animals in and out of the facility! Every day! I can prove it!" Jack's voice was raising more and more, at which Reggie started rumbling again.

"Mr. Benin... " Pete started in as I shushed Reggie once again. "... having domestic animals in non-inspected areas of the facility is NOT a USDA violation. Even if they were IN the inspected areas, it wouldn't be a violation unless they were to be housed there in a manner other than prescribed BY the regulations. Now... do you have something to substantiate the claim you made over the phone?"

"I'll get you proof!" Jack fumed and stormed out.

"Quite animated today, isn't he, Pete?" I asked as the inspector flumped into the other good chair, me not having moved from my own.

"Causing ripples at the office, yes. Though..." Pete chuckled "... I don't quite know what to do with him. My supervisor actually called me off another inspection to come over here and deal with this, since he was putting up a big stink about it. I figured you'd let me know if you had any of your cats out and about, like you did that one Saturday."

I shrugged a bit. "I don't always follow guidelines, and we both know that's true. However anything I do CAN be covered under the exigent circumstances clauses, so... no true issues are likely to erupt even if things were to be questionable." I smiled. Pete reached over and pet Reggie's head, who promptly licked the petting hand.

"I didn't know you had any dogs, Jim. I'd never seen any when out there for inspections." Pete smiled broadly at Reggie. "And this big... guy?" he inquired, and I nodded. "This big guy seems to be quite nice... "

I chuckled "Except to irritating folks, yes. Jack seems to have set himself into that category quite readily with Reggie."

"Reggie? Nice name for him, I guess. Like Reggie White, the "minister of defense" for the Packers in... late 90s, was it?" Pete asked.

I smiled and nodded. "I guess so, given what happened just now. I'd never really thought of it that way. Like I said, I'm dogsitting him so I'm not the one that named him. But to answer your previous question, yes, I acquired some other wandering souls the night of that huge rainstorm. Saved a couple German Shepherds from drowning in a culvert by the old Quarry Road church. Pete Jackson, the ACO, is working on trying to track down whether or not they are the ones missing from a highway accident a couple months ago. They all seem to get along well with Peaches and Cleo and the cubs. You remember me filing that amended inventory for more cats awhile back."

Pete nodded response, still petting Reggie. "I remember... " he furrowed his brow. "Since I'm on this end of the world, mind if I drop by? I don't think I've inspected your place in awhile."

I chuckled. "Might startle Julie a bit. You remember our secretary here? Jack fired her the other day so she's at my place probably puttering about. You remember, though, which sheds are which, right? Just the interconnected stuff is regulated and the barn has my neighbor's pigs."

Pete nodded. "I remember. I also remember you keep things pretty locked up. Julie has a set of keys then?" he inquired.

I shook my head. "She doesn't really have one but tell her there's a master set in the top right drawer of my rolltop. I don't really think she's ever needed them since we've been together nearly all the time we've been "together". Either here at work, driving to and from, or whatnot."

Pete chuckled. "Whirlwind romance there, Jim?" he jibed, at which I laughed. "Naw... we just sorta... came together over Cats and now dogs. It all really started after I invited her along for a movie night at my place. Her and Jerry the bear keeper, and I invited Chet Malin, the powerhouse chief, but his wife wanted him for shopping duty," I smiled. "Or something like that. At least Julie is a bit more independent than most women, it seems."

Pete rolled his eyes. "Tell me about it... yet another thousand-dollar invoice from QVC the other day for crap." He sighed. "The crosses we must bear."

I chuckled. "Ease your pain a bit and head out to my place. Cuddle with Peaches, or the new ligers and tigress. They're friendly. The lions are friendly-ish too, but... they'd be more likely to squirt gun your suit, so watch out. Hercules and Xena are the ligers, Jasmine the tigress. The lions are Larry and Terry." I pondered. "I'll call Julie and have her shut the doggy-door so Peaches stays in her room and you can have the three bigger cats out by the picnic table in the back. I'm sure they'd love to have some yard-time and you'd enjoy their company."

Pete smiled a bit broader. "I think a .... detailed inspection... is in order. I'll call the office and let them know I'll be delayed some doing another unannounced inspection." He winked and I laughed.

"Have fun, and sorry that Jack's been gnawing your rump. It'll probably get worse before it gets better, but I think I have something in mind for a little tet-a-tet with Herr Direktor when it comes down to it." I chuckled.

"Can't wait," Pete said. "Just about anything would be better than Jack."

I cautioned him. "Even someone like Alex Mersee?" I asked.

Pete frowned and sniped back. "No. One person like him is enough for a lifetime, thank you very much."

I just winked and Pete smiled again. "Thanks for the invite, Jim, and with the way Jack is I'm sure we'll see more of each other."

I nodded. "Have fun, and see you around."

* * * * *

I ducked my head into the main office, knowing it was unlikely anyone would be around since Julie was at my place. Seeing no one there, I walked around the peninsula counter and checked the board... hm... here today but not scheduled for tomorrow. Possibilities there... I then grabbed the "run sheet" clipboard and flipped through the last couple days' entries, which were a few days old already. At that moment the communicating door to Jack's office opened. "Miss Purcell, would you mind..."

"She isn't here, Jack, remember?" I interrupted. "But maybe I can help you with something." I grinned broadly.

"You. How DARE you have that... that... creature in your office!" Jack's tone immediately changed, apparently with enough frustration to cause him to stammer.

"Easy Jack before you blow a gasket and do something else you'll regret later. We both heard Pete tell you it was alright for Reggie to be there. Now..." I smiled. "What did you need from Julie, and maybe I can find it for you."

"Last month's expense reports... including your own." Jack grumbled, softening a bit.

I went over to the bank of file cabinets and pulled first one drawer, then a second before I found the folder, and pulled it for Jack. "You won't find mine in there yet. You know I get behind on my paperwork." I smiled "Apparently you'll find the same thing without having a secretary. The run sheet clipboard hasn't been updated, and I'm pretty sure the volunteer check-in board is from yesterday as well."

"I've got a call in to a temp service to replace your precious Miss Purcell. This place can run quite well without her in the interim." Jack's red-faced expression returned but he grunted minor gratitude for the files.

"We'll see, Jack. We'll see. Just keep telling yourself that. Hopefully you'll get someone with more than a 3rd grade IQ as a temp." I chuckled. "And remember you have to tell them specifically that there's no smoking in the building per the fire marshal's requirement. That is, unless you're going to find 180 Grand to spare in the budget somewhere to outfit all office spaces with fire sprinklers. You remember what a headache it was just retrofitting the gift shop and shitters."

Jack merely walked into his office and slammed his door shut. I kind of felt sorry for whomever the temp service sent over in the morning, but they'd soon find out just how irritating Director Jack Benin could be. As I walked out of the office and headed down the main stairs an idea came to me which caused me to laugh out loud... perhaps they'd send some crungy old biddy who would be so demanding that it'd be JACK who couldn't stand them, instead of vice versa. Now THAT would be interesting to be sure.

* * * * *

"MR. PETERS! MR. PETERS!" a voice came from behind me as I was walking past the clock tower. A young man in a zoo workers' t-shirt was running towards me in quite a rush, cutting through the clumps of patrons milling about.

"Yes?" I inquired as I turned his direction as he clomped to a halt.

"I don't know if you remember me. My name is Andy and I work the carousel ride? I can't get it to stop! I tried everything I can think of and Mr. LeDronne isn't anywhere that I can find... I figured... you could help?" he blurted out in between gulps of air.

I nodded and off we started jogging towards the wayward machine. Coming to the gazebo we ran up the exit ramp and I swung onto the rotating platform quite adeptly, grabbing one of the support poles as I came alongside. A couple kids were crying and there were concerned parents but the adults seemed to quiet as they watched me get on and walk across the moving platform without any noticeable effort. I timed things decently to get to the right spot and dropped to the inner deck near the big frame motor that provided the motion to the ride, and, using the tip of my boot, flipped open the latch and the cover-plate and gave the relay a swift kick in the contacts, causing it to spark and snap off, the motor winding down and the ride slowly coming to a halt. I rang the gong three times signaling the ride was over and there was mixed applause and grumbling as the occupants headed to stable soil.

"Mister? Thanks for coming. This young man..." one older lady with a couple worried children turned to sneer at Andy "... didn't seem to have a clue what to do."

Andy looked at his shoes and I gently corrected her. "He did know what to do, ma'am. He didn't get all flustered and went for appropriate help when the person he knew could help couldn't be found. You and your daughters weren't in any danger as the ride moves slowly, not like a Steeplechase ride. At any rate, I just have more experience with this machine than Andy did, and knew what the likely issue was because of that experience. Now Andy himself just learned how to manage this situation, so when it happens again - and it very well can, as this carousel is over a hundred years old - he'll know just what to do without any delay and that would be that."

The woman's expression was confused for a moment, then shrugged and smiled a bit. "Well... that all makes sense, and I'll make sure to tell Jennifer just what you said, so she's not as upset about things. Little Amanda was scared for a bit, but I'm sure she wasn't really that scared."

I pondered. "Well..." I reached in my breast pocket for a small booklet and fished out a half-dozen or so cards. "Here... pass these out to folks you saw here that were grumbling loudly. It might make up for things a little bit."

She took the cards and looked at them. "One menu food item free, compliments of [name omitted] Zoo. Good for one use only."

"Thanks Mr.... I didn't catch your name?" the lady said as she smiled at me.

"My name is unimportant, ma'am. What's important is that you and the others have a good time here at the zoo." I winked and smiled back.

"Thanks! It certainly made for an interesting afternoon!" she waved as she headed down the exit ramp and the smallest girl turn to wave goodbye again herself.

I walked over to the entrance wicket. "This may take a little bit, folks... but if the next group wants to pile on, it might make for an interesting ride! Ride at your own risk, though..." I chuckled and a number of folks smiled as Andy let them through the wicket. "I'm gonna go down and pull the secondary for a moment so I can see what messed up with the relay contacts. I'll be right back," I hollered to Andy as I started for the exit gate and he nodded reply.

* * * *

A knock came from my door and I replied "Kommen sie!" without even looking up from my computer.

"Hi Mr. Peters," came Zack's cheery voice as he entered and shut the door behind him. "How are you today?"

I turned and smiled, Reggie merely raising his head from where he was snoozing at my feet. "Not too bad. And yourself, Zack?" I inquired.

"Whoa! Whose huge dog?" Zack chuckled upon seeing Reggie.

"I'm dogsitting for someone, but just think of him as mine for the time being," I smiled as Zack squatted down and Reggie hefted himself up and padded over to lick Zack's face. "Did you need something specific, Zack, or just drop by to say hi?"

"Well..." Zack's face screwed up a little. "You know how you said I should go to see that Sam lady with the wolves? I... kinda got a few questions about them, if you don't mind me asking you."

I shrugged a bit and pondered. "I don't mind answering if you don't mind me working while I do so?" I gestured to the computer. "Lots of paperwork to do to keep this place right-side-up."

Zack smiled. "I don't mind. I just... don't really know who else to ask what I'd like to know."

I turned back to the computer but could see Zack out of the corner of my right eye. "Why not ask Sam? She's the one who is the keeper with the wolves."

"She kinda...." he frowned a bit. "I dunno. Weirded me out a bit yesterday. Kinda... I dunno."

"Is it because she's a dominant lesbian, Zack?" I inquired.

"I.... didn't know for sure she was but I thought something funny was going on. I don't know if I offended her or what but she... seemed.... kind of annoyed when I showed up there. That and.... what she showed me about the one wolf was kinda weird." Zack seemed rather uncomfortable.

"Weird how, Zack? Like... abusive or... confusing or... disgusting or..." I suggested, trying to figure out just what Zack was hitting at.

"Well... just... weird. Do you know how she tests male wolves for... stuff?" Zack asked, apparently squicked about something.

Upon hearing the subject matter I laughed heartily. "You mean how she collects semen to check if Janus and Thor are still fertile?"

Zack nodded uneasily. "You know about that? Putting a rod up their... their... ass!"

I saved my work and swiveled to smile broadly at Zack. "Yes. I know all about that. How do you think I do the same thing with Jake and Hugo and Zeus? I'm actually the one who taught her most of that, though she may have found some new little twists that work better with the wolves."

Zack looked totally confused. "But... the lions LIKE you. Doesn't that, like.... bother them? I mean... they like lionesses, right? They're not gay......."

I laughed heartily. "Zack... only humans divide sexual pleasure into heterosexual and homosexual encounters. Most of the animal kingdom enjoy sex in whatever pairing, or combination, it happens to be available in. That includes masturbation, though animals do so differently than humans. That problem of not having opposable thumbs, you know," I said, waggling the thumb of my right hand.

Zack looked really confused now. "You mean... the wolves..."

"Can enjoy something up their butts? Yes. Just like humans and horses and bears and big cats can. Individually, they run the full gambit from "I don't like it at all" to "Yes! More! Let's do it again!", but as a whole... yes, they can and do. Both genders, usually, though many times males enjoy it more than females due to physiological differences." I stated as I continued smiling at Zack.

"Physeo...." Zack tried to reconcile the word with his knowledge base.

"Physiological differences... differences in how the body is. Like how males have don't have large breasts and females do. That's a physiological difference, even though both genders have nipples. How higher primates can walk upright with varying degrees of ease compared to animals that can only move on all fours - that's a physiological difference even though most species have four appendages. Make sense?" I asked.

Zack nodded. "I guess I just never... thought... anyone would like something.... there."

I chuckled. "Jake and Hugo seem to positively adore it and usually want more. And I'm sure you've joked with others before about gay men..." Zack chuckled a little and I turned back to my work. "So tell me all about what happened and why you think Sam was upset with you."

"Well..." Zack began. "First I showed up and told her about why I was there and that you'd sent me, and then she started showing me the exhibit, and the off-public areas. I didn't know there was like a building under that big hill back there! So she showed me the dens there and the rooms, and then we went over to the small medical room there, and I was surprised it was a lot smaller than the one you have in the cathouse........"

* * * * *

"Sam, you in here somewhere?" I called out from the entry door.

"In the office. Who's there?" came the voice I expected.

"The Prince of Persia!" I joked back as I closed the distance to the office, having stepped sideways to the cage panels for the den area and scritched the forehead of one of the occupants nosing through the bars.

"Who the.... Oh!" Sam looked up from what she'd been doing. "Been awhile since you've been down here, Jim. What's shakin' up on the mount?" Sam inquired pleasantly.

"Fire and brimstone, at the moment. You should be glad your office is down here out of the path of destruction." I winked.

"To hell with that... I'd like someplace with windows. Especially when the feeders give them bad roadkill carcasses. Those guys could gas out a frathouse party!" Sam faux-quibbled. I knew full well she enjoyed the privacy of her own little world here. "So what brings you down here?"

I drug a chair over and sat down. Sam looked a little worried when I did so. "You know that kid I sent over the other day? Zack Seffrood?"

"Yeah... alright kid. Dunno what to really make of him, though. Seemed kinda... off." Sam commented.

I chuckled. "He didn't quite know what to make of you, either... if I'd have known you were setting up to have a day with Janus I wouldn't have sent him over. I know how you prefer doing things."

Sam blushed a bit. "Can't put much over on someone who knows all your secrets, can I?" she smiled, then sighed. "It wasn't really that. There's been some stuff going on at home that... well... I won't trouble you with." She shook her head and looked down.

I leaned back. "So he didn't interrupt a fun session?" I inquired, at which she shook her head again. "Well... tell me what's been going wrong at home. You know me... if you can't tell it to me, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who would understand."

Sam sighed "I dunno... it's like we're drifting in two different directions. Or... growing apart, if we were ever anything more than friends to begin with."

I chuckled a little, "You two are more than just friends, and you know that's true. She been working longer hours, I presume? And I'd imagine so have you?"

Sam nodded. "Something like that. We spend so little time together at home anymore... and we never go out... The apartment is way too small, and then having Justin and Aaron living there too... it's like... guys versus girls many times as well. I think I might be losing her to someone else."

Sam shot me a look of both confusion and anger as I burst out laughing. "Samantha Jane... I've known you two for quite some time. I _seriously_ doubt you have to worry about her stepping out on you. Leaving you, perhaps, if you two really ARE growing apart. But keeping things together takes work from both sides - both you AND her. And if the apartment is the problem...."

"You don't know how it is, though... trying to rent a place. The income issues. Neighborhood problems. You have that big place all to yourself and you don't even have to worry about..." Sam started sniping back.

I cut her off by holding up a hand in the "stop" position. "Hey now... you've got some facts wrong there. Julie, the main office secretary, has been living with me for awhile now, so it's not all by myself, and never really was. I've also gotten in a number of Cats, a couple dogs, which is more mouths to feed. Jack... Herr Direktor, just shitcanned Julie trying to get at me, so there's that too, and...." I stopped to chuckle "If you really want all the bills my place racks up, I'll trade you for the cost of your apartment any day of the week, and twice on Sundays!"

Sam blushed some and just shook her head. "Sorry Jim... I didn't know and didn't really think of it that way, about the money you shell out for how you live. I just... between paying off the loans, then the medical bills... credit cards... other stuff... I just don't know how to make the money stretch any further, Jim. I really don't. You know what I make here, and I'm sure you either know or can reasonably guess what she makes at her job... it just.... it's not enough. And I know you can't give me a raise even if you want to since this place is...... what it is."

I nodded and patted her thigh. "I know...."

Sam chuckled. "Unwanted contact between a superior and a subordinate in the workplace, Mr. Peters!"

I laughed. "Consoling an upset coworker, Ms. Lochlear." I winked and she smiled.

"You know," Sam said, "that anyone else I'd never put up with that, but from you... there's just something about you that puts me at ease."

I chuckled "Could it be that I know most of your secrets?" I winked and she smiled.

"And here I only know some of yours... you smartass," she quipped back.

"Better to be a smart ass than a dumb fuck, right?" I inquired, standing. "When's your lease up?"

"It's month-to-month now, so there's no real worries about that. You got something in mind?" Sam inquired with a hopeful expression.

"I'll have to talk it over with a couple folks, but possibly... quite possibly. She still working at the gas'n'gulp on Pine and Douglas?" I asked.

"Yeah... I know she's not exactly happy there, but... it's family, you know?" Sam frowned.

I nodded and frowned some myself. "Family can really get in the way of dreams, can't it?" I responded rhetorically, turning towards the door, then stopped, pondering.

"Jim? What is it?" Sam asked after a moment or three. I canted my jaw, pondering more. "C'mon... spit it out. Whatcha got cooking?" she prodded, and I turned around.

"Athena still enjoy fun-time with folks, along with Janus and Thor?" I inquired, choosing my words carefully.

Sam nodded. "Yes... she does. Year-round. Kineska is good only in season. Why?"

I pondered. "You still do your routines the same way as before, when the opportunity arises?"

"More or less, yes... when we get the time and privacy. What ARE you thinking, Jim?" Sam asked, even more curious than ever.

"Got a third harness somewhere?" I asked, bringing a big smile to Sam's face. "I think we could find one around someplace, if you're thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking," she nearly giggled.

"We'll have to see. Lots been going on lately but we'll see." I smiled. "And I think I'll fill up at a different gas station tonight after closing."

"She should be there, and thanks, Jim. I really appreciate all you've done for us." Sam said and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and she started giggling a little. "Not like I do this to a man very often... feels a little weird." I couldn't help but laugh at that as we both gave each other a good squeeze.

* * * * *

"Do you have gas?" the blonde-haired clerk behind the counter asked absently, without looking up from her magazine.

"No, but if you give me a hotdog with onions, I'll probably have some," I quipped, at which the head whipped up and the girl smiled and came running around the counter.

"JIM!!!!" she squealed and hugged me, then looked totally confused. "What are you doing on this side of town?" she asked.

I chuckled. "Looking for you, Miss Gwendolyn Anne Rassmussen" I answered directly. "Got some time?" I winked.

"For you, always..." she smiled. A quick glance around the store showed to to be indeed deserted at the moment, so we stepped out front and sat down on the bench there, to which I had Reggie already tethered.

"Cute dog! He yours or did someone just leave him here?" she asked, fuzzling Reggie's head.

"I'm dogsitting. I'm sure you'd have called me or Sam if someone left a dog here again." I sat down at the far end, leaving her to enjoy Reggie's company. "I spoke with Sam a bit today... what's going on?" I inquired.

"Always direct... but that's part of what I like with you. Direct but discreet," she sighed some. "I really don't know. Business isn't the greatest here, as you can guess. Not since the plant down the road closed its gates. Rumor is they're going to sell out and the whole mess will be bulldozed leaving nothing but an empty lot." I rubbed the back of my neck as she spoke, pondering something for a moment, then filing it away for later as she continued. "At home... well... I work this shift and Sam works days, as you know... Justin and Aaron seem to take up the whole place at times, especially when they have guests over... and they're not the greatest at buying groceries or cleaning up. That's not to say that Sam and I are the most tidy folks around, but... still..." she sighed again.

"Anything going wrong romantically between you two, Gwen?" I asked. She shook her head, "No... what little time we get and when we feel enough in the mood seems fewer and further between than ever, though. When we do get time..." her face lit up as she drifted into the reverie of memories "... it's marvelous. Especially when we go out. But you know that's fewer and fewer itself from all the hours I work here, and then my volunteer time. Sam suggests I should quit volunteering but... I just can't. They really need me there too, you know?" she looked at me pleadingly.

I smiled and nodded. "I know how much that means to you, especially considering your past. Sam also mentioned medical bills, though?" I asked bluntly. Gwen nodded and replied, "I've not been so terribly well lately, Jim. And you know how Sam worries so... things just pile up sometimes. Right now it seems worse than ever, even though I know we've been through rough patches just this bad before, if not worse."

I nodded mutely, and Gwen got up as another customer pulled up to the pumps. I waved politely to him as he said "hi" when he went in to pay for his gas, then he left fairly quickly.

Gwen came back out and plunked down at my side once again. "I just... I don't know what to do to make anything better, Jim. I wish I did."

I smirked a bit. "I have a couple of ideas... your brother still covering on weekends here?" I asked.

"No... I get most weekend nights. He's on monday and thursday nights until close for right now. It'll change next month I'm sure. He doesn't really want to work at all, I know. He just does it because Mom guilts him into it," Gwen frowned a bit, and I had a lightbulb moment.

"She's paying Alan, isn't she?" I asked. "I know it's none of my business, but..." my voice trailed off.

Gwen nodded. "It's only minimum wage, which is part of why he's griping about it, but... it's not like we can afford anything better. Why?"

I smiled. "I... might have a couple solutions for things, but... I'll have to talk things over with other folks first. Remind me where your apartment is? I can't remember and know you two only have the one car so I wouldn't want to cause any bigger hassle for you both to get to work."

"We're in that big high-rise complex off behind Park Street, so really Sam could walk to work if she wanted. I think she's just worried about the neighborhood, you know? Especially since it gets dark so early this time of year. Like she'd ever admit it to anyone, though," Gwen chuckled.

I nodded. "Think if... Hmm...." I pondered.

"You think you have a different place for us, Jim?" Gwen squealed, bouncing in place on the bench, causing Reggie to bark a couple times.

"I think I might have a different JOB for you, Gwen..." I smiled broadly, at which her face saddened immensely.

"You know I can't just let this fall apart, Jim. Not since Dad...." her voice trailed off and tears welled up.

I hugged her close to my side. "I know, hon, I know..." She wrapped her arms around me and stuffed her face into my uniform shirt as her tears dampened the material.

"I just... can't. You know. Mom's all alone again and Alan isn't much help and...." she sobbed.

I patted her back. "Gwen... do you think I'd suggest such a thing, knowing your situation as I do? Another job doesn't necessarily mean you can't be here with this one, too." I smirked a bit. "And I have a couple of possible ideas about that, too. Since you're still open until 2am, right?"

Gwen nodded, and sniffed heavily, looking at me through reddened eyes and studying my face. "But... I don't understand, Jim. I really don't."

I chuckled and smiled broadly. "There's no way you could, Gwen. You don't have all the facts yet. _I_ don't have all the facts yet myself on this one, but I'll work on it for you two." I looked off in the direction of the closed factory and pondered, then turned to her. "In the meantime, I've got to get back home to Julie and all the mouths to feed there."

"Julie? Mouths? I thought you only had Peaches that cougar the last time we were out...." Gwen looked at me with a confused expression, and I chuckled.

"Julie used to be the secretary at the zoo... you remember her, right? We've been... "keeping company", so to speak, for some time. And I've acquired a few more mouths to feed than just one cougar in the past few months, so... there's lots more to see out there." Reggie hip-checked me as I stood up. "Including this wide-load goofball."

Gwen thought for a moment, then I smiled as realization dawned on her and she giggled and stood, hugging me again. "Thanks for dropping by, Jim. Even though I got your shirt wet. I guess I needed someone to talk to I knew I could trust." She kissed my cheek and smiled. "So when do I get to meet everyone?" she asked, nearly bouncing again.

"We'll see, Gwen... like you said, you're here, Sam's there, and I'm spread rather thin these days myself. So... we'll see." With that I kissed her cheek in return and I led Reggie towards the Blazer for the trip home as she went back into the convenience store.

* * * * *

"Something wrong, dear?" Julie asked as I was absentmindedly staring at the television.

"Huh? I'm sorry, was thinking about some stuff. Did you just say something?" I inquired. Reggie and Cleo had bickered a little about who would get my lap, so I solved the problem by telling Reggie to lay down - which he did grudgingly - and letting Cleo up. I figured she'd have to use the facilities sometime during our TV time, so I took that opportunity to let Reggie rest his rump on my crotch, then lifted the footrest under him, like I had done with Max, and then my old Dane years ago.

"I asked if something was wrong, hon." Julie repeated.

"Oh... well... kind of. A couple friends of mine are having financial issues, which are turning into relationship issues." I furrowed my brow. "Do you remember Sue Lochlear, that works with the wolves?" I asked and Julie nodded. "Her and her partner are having a bit of difficulty about things."

"And so you're trying to find a way to help, huh?" Julie asked.

I chuckled a little and smiled. "Yeah... seems to be my thing these days, isn't it?" I patted Reggie's rump, then canted my head a little in thought. "Different subject, but did you enjoy exploring Reggie last night at the Club?" I inquired.

Julie readily blushed deeply and meekly nodded, squeaking out. "It was... like the first time you showed me things with Cleo and having my fingers up inside Terry all at once. I just...." her voice trailed off and she blushed even deeper.

"You wanted to do something more with him?" I asked, still petting the Saint's rump.

Julie merely nodded, then spoke. "But he's so.... HUGE... I'm afraid it'd hurt a lot if he put it all in me." Julie's eyes were pleading, her breathing rapid, and both worry and anticipation were plastered on her face.

I chuckled. "Think you'd like to try just his shaft, and not the knot, to see if you like him? He's not too much smaller than I am."

Julie blushed even deeper, if that was at all possible. "Can you... help me? Like how we did with Cleo that night? I mean... like that but different, but... " she gave an exasperated sigh. "I don't know. It feels all so dirty just thinking about it, yet all so... so... arousing? You know?"

I chuckled. "Why are you worried? Think he'll tell all his friends he just banged a human?" I winked and she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Do you really think we can? Like... tonight, maybe?" she asked hopefully.

I chuckled. "Leave you at home alone one whole day and all you want is cock. And not even mine!"

Julie blushed and looked sheepish. "Do you want... me instead?" she asked as an afterthought.

I laughed heartily. "Julie... I'm just teasing you. Yes, we can enjoy Reggie tonight... both of us. I was actually thinking about some stuff like that today while I was at work. And... perhaps something more some evening after hours there. That is... if you're willing to trust me and... well... if you're not shy around other girls."

Julie looked confused for a moment. "You mean like enjoying ... stuff.... with Cleo and Peaches and Pickles?"

I chuckled. "No... I mean female upright hairless apes. Samantha and her partner Gwendolyn to be precise... and a couple.... canine companions."

Julie blushed all the deeper. "I... well..." she swallowed hard. "Wolves?" she inquired. I smiled broadly and nodded. "I... I don't know, Jim. I never really even thought about.... Well, that's not entirely true. I'd THOUGHT about what it'd be like with another woman now and again. I just never... really... thought about ... well... " she stammered a bit and I chuckled. "You hadn't really thought about sharing zoosexual fun with other folks, besides me?" I offered. She nodded reply. "And you're a little embarrassed by the thought of someone else knowing you think about animals "that way"?" I further offered. Again, she nodded.

I just chuckled softly. "Now you see why places like the Club are helpful for folks to explore what they do like, what they find the don't like, things they never thought of before, including enjoying animals in a sexual way. And also why privacy is important for that exploration... and also why it helps to have folks to guide others a little, lest they run into troubles they didn't anticipate."

Julie thought for a moment "Are Gwen and Sam members of the Club?" she inquired, out of genuine curiosity.

"For me to answer that question with any response would be against the privacy of the Club, hon, even telling you." I smiled and patted her thigh. "But what I CAN tell you is that they're members of another "club" to which we both readily belong...." I winked and pointed at Reggie in my lap. "Many folks are animal lovers in all the different ways that phrase can mean."

Julie blushed again. "I... think I'd like to try. At least once. With them. I don't mind sharing you with your animals, so... I guess it wouldn't be any different me sharing you, and you sharing me with them, since... they're a couple too."

I chuckled. "They'd be more apt to steal you away from me as compared to steal me away from you. Though... I've known both girls a good amount of time so... I'm... one of the few men they'd consider intimacy with. Or around, for that matter. Sam doesn't really get intimate with any man... at least... well... it's difficult to explain, and it's not really my story to tell for either of them." I smiled kindly. "Privacy and discretion mean I know many many many things I really shouldn't ever say, but it also means that sometimes I can come up with good opportunities that no one else would ever think of because they don't know the interconnecting pieces of information I have."

Julie smiled broadly. "That kinda makes sense... but...." she blushed deeper. "Can we... uh..." she pointed to Reggie and I chuckled. "Down here, bedroom, or playroom?" I inquired.

Julie thought for a moment. "I... don't really know, Jim. I'd not thought it out much, it seems."

I chuckled. "Ok, well... vaginal or anal?" I asked.

Julie blushed deeper and stuck out her tongue. "You ARE a pervert, Jim Peters!"

"Member 133029, Western Division, Perverts Unanimous," I winked and we both laughed. "Though the question still stands... which hole would you like to try?"

"Well, I liked that little buttplug you put in me the one time... it wasn't bad. But... he's so huge I'm quite sure it'd hurt in my butt. But... normal I think I can try. Not the knot, though..." Julie cautioned.

I nodded. "Yeah, you're not ready for something like that yet... yet. You CAN probably do it with a little warm-up and practice, but that'd be for some other time. A weekend rather than just a night." Julie blushed deeply yet again. "Missionary or doggy-style?" I inquired.

"I... hadn't really thought about that, either. Is there anything better about one than the other?" she asked, curiosity painted across her face.

I thought for a time. "Well, there are attributes that would be helpful for either position but... I'd say doggy for what we're about to..." I pondered. "Yeah.. doggy. We can do that in the bedroom without any real fuss, since you're not wanting to tie with him."

"Tie?" Julie asked, confusedly.

"When two dogs get stuck together mating, that's called a tie... when the male's knot swells inside the female locking them together. You don't want his knot in you so you won't tie with him." I said in my usual informative manner.

"Ohhh, ok. I thought you were meaning like a necktie or something..." Julie blushed some more. "Soo... how do we...?"

I chuckled. "Just get ready for bed and select a few canine videos from my porn stash... the ones with "Dog/" in the writeup would be ones with a male dog. Oogle those and I'll prep Captain Courageous here for his fun tonight.

"Ok!" Julie nearly leapt off the sofa and bounded up the stairs, all excited. I just chuckled as Cleo raised her head.

"We're going to be mating with Reggie tonight. Is that ok with you?" I inquired. Cleo nodded. "Are you feeling left out of our fun times?" I asked. She shook her head and I smiled at her lovingly. I let the footrest down and Reggie padded a couple steps forward. I walked over and fuzzled Cleo's head. "You can go up to bed if you like... just gotta give Reggie a cleanout like you and Peaches when we play." Cleo stretched, yawned some, and padded up the stairs as I got the red enema bag out from its spot on the stuff shelf of the linen closet. I started filling it up as Reggie milled about.

"I'm sure you've had this happen before," I told him as a splut sound signalled me lubricating the oversized nozzle. "So don't wig out on me, and it'll all be good... Now, Reggie, move your butt." Reggie got into position like before and didn't even move as I slid the black plastic into position.

Soon enough he'd emptied himself in the side yard and was padding upstairs ahead of me and waited at the bedroom door as though he'd lived there his whole life and that was the natural routine. Julie was seated on the edge of the bed as we entered, watching some of the canine zooporn I had suggested. The film playing showing a Rottweiler with a natural tail mating some young man up the butt... he was tied into the gent and I knew from the movements she'd soon see the pullout of the dog being done mating for the moment.

"Liking what you're seeing, hon?" I asked and she blushed, her hand caressing herself intimately.

"I didn't know how big dogs could get... and how... stretched... they can make folks be without anything happening to them," she said, her voice warbling a bit from her heavy breathing and self-stimulation. Reggie plodded over and started licking Julie where her hand was caressing herself. She shivered as he started licking and then moaned, caressing his head and ears.

"I take it you like what he's doing now...." I chuckled, unlacing and pulling my boots off.

"I didn't think... I mean I knew dogs licked but... ohhhhhhhh," she groaned a bit as Reggie was doing a very good job of arousing his mate in preparation for a mating.

"When you feel ready, just flip over and let him lick you from behind. The throw rug will help cushion your knees," I suggested. After a few moments, she took that suggestion and rolled over, spreading her knees fairly widely as her front lay on the bed itself.

Reggie resumed licking Julie and once again she was moaning. I had finished undressing and gotten out the little glass buttplug as well as a condom and lubricant, setting them on the dresser nearby as I moved behind Reggie and Julie. "Ready for him to mount you, honey?" I ask.

Julie, for her part, just moaned some and nodded. On the screen the Rottweiler had pulled out of the boy and the film and the movie had ended, switching to the next one on the disc of a rather large Dane accidentally tying up an older woman's rear. Julie couldn't see it from her position and perhaps that was for the best as I patted Julie's rump and Reggie got the idea and jumped up, clasping her waist in his forepaws and humping rapidly, seeking the opening he knew to be there.

I reached between Julie and Reggie, guiding him some as he stabbed deep into her on the first thrust, elicing a moan from my woman as the meatstick pushed deeply into her. "Feel like it did with Max, hon?" I asked. She shook her head a bit, whether in response or something else as Reggie cycled in and out of Julie with longcock thrusts, and I let his member run through my fingers, feeling the knot starting to swell...

At that point I grasped his knot firmly and it ballooned quite quickly in my hand, and I knew his shaft thickened significantly within her tunnel as well. She moaned as he rapidly stuffed at her with the mini-thrusts that accompany a tie. I released his knot as I knew he was far too large to get into her anymore and I slickened his rump with the lube. I saw the plug and had forgotten to put it into Julie before Reggie started, but smiled, knowing there'd be plenty of time for that sort of fun in later days... perhaps including him knotting her rear.

"Move your butt, Reggie." I commanded as he stopped thrusting and again he squatted a bit and raised his tail, though this time not dropping his hips as low as he wanted to remain inside his mate. I lubed two fingers, spreading them over and around his pucker a bit as it pulsed with his ejaculations into Julie. I then slipped two fingers in, and his rear squeezed on them in rhythm as I spread lube around his insides a bit.

I squeezed a large splut of gel onto my palm and applied it to my erection once it warmed a bit, smearing a healthy amount at the glans so it'd get squished deeply into Reggie instead of being sluiced off by his sphincter. I touched myself to his rear and in between the squeezes of his ejaculation his rear seemed to relax all the more and I pressed gently. I was surprised to feel just how easily the tip of my maleness slipped into his external sphincter, and then internal ring as well. He grunted a bit as I passed midway, but couldn't tell if it was my actions that caused it, or something else.

I started drawing back and then pressing forwards, even deeper, into the wonderful dog before me and soon my whole maleness was engulfed in his warm, slick, gently-squeezing tunnel. It wasn't terribly tight but it was indeed clinging to me as I started rutting him, slowly. His member within Julie twitching, his tunnel around me gripping, and me moving. Each time I pressed forward more of Reggie nudged into Julie, and his knot kissed her opening firmly as I sank in. As I drew out his insides everted a little, showing their pinkness to me as I withdrew to my glans.

Soon, I was close. Julie must have had three or four orgasms by now given the squeaks and moaning she'd been doing. I don't know if she had been touching her clitoris or not, or just what she was doing as I was concentrating on Reggie's wonderful rear, with my hands holding each of his hips as I rutted him. I was getting closer, and closer... then I shoved foward as deeply as I could and erupted into my canine lover.

I was rapidly running out of strength, and I'm sure Julie was in her post-orgasmic euphoria as well. "Hon... think you can climb up onto the bed slowly so as not to disconnect from Reggie?" I asked. A panting nod was my reply as she moved agonizingly slowly, likely suffering from a lack of energy herself as I half-stood from my kneeling position and once she had her knees up on the bed, I lifted Reggie's gargantuan rump up, so his feet could get purchase as well. I turned us so all would have their heads on pillows as my strength ebbed fast. "Gonna roll to the right again, Julie. When I say to, drop your right elbow beneath you and I'll do the rest. Ok...? Now!" I grunted as I threw my weight against Reggie's rear, still coupled to him but losing cabin pressure. He yelped as he was shifted sideways, both by Julie rolling to her side and me shifting both his rear and myself with my weight. We flumped heavily to the bed and lay there, connected and panting. I reached over Reggie and patted Julie's arm and she moved it back to grasp overtop of my hand as it came to rest on Reggie's middle. We all three were panting from our exertions and arousal.

Eventually I slid my hand out from under Julie's and drew the covers up over all of us. "Sleep well, hon..." I panted. "Love you."

Julie mumbled something incoherent in reply, sleep already taking over her mind as I smiled and closed my own eyes. Reggie's breathing had returned to normal and he'd likely start snoring momentarily himself. "What a day..." I thought. "It really turned out to be a good day."

Mission of Mercy

"Well, now that you explained those things to me, it doesn't really seem all that bad at all, really..." Julie smiled at me over her plate of Parmesian angel-hair pasta. I shrugged a bit. "We'll just have to see what this John Cassock has to say,...

, , , , ,

An Unexpected Turn of Events

I woke up a bit earlier than usual... whether it was due to concern over the new dogs or the wolves wanting out, I didn't know, but... the rain had stopped and they indeed wanted back outside, so out they went. The new dogs heard the call of nature...

, , , , , ,

Stormy Weather

The following day dawned dark with heavy looking clouds, if one could say it dawned at all. Cleo was snuggled around her cubs at the foot of the bed, and Julie was snuggled to me IN the bed. I looked out the window for a time, thinking about the events...

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