Industrial Espionage

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#1 of Industrial Espionage (BDSM/chastity)

Industrial Espionage


A fun little commission for avatar?user=48788&character=0&clevel=2 Sanmer who goes exactly for this kind of stuff. *chuckle* Do tell me how you like it, and I look forward to your comments, votes and faves! Remember that it all helps others to find these stories to enjoy as well!

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It was midnight, but Sanmer's brain did not yet sleep. The arctic fox was more than happy to still be sitting by the holographic display table in his private study, the motions of his paws used to nudge the molecules apparently floating in the air in front of him into new shapes. A nitrogen atom there, a potassium there, maybe a benzene cycle here...the atoms zoomed merrily around the cone of light rising from the table that allowed him to visualize chemical formulae in three dimensions.

The programming boys on the 15th floor of the Sanmer Pharmaceuticals building were already working on an even more advanced version that would allow for real-time simulation of the drug's effects inside a true living organism, all the enzymatic reactions, reductions, the true nature of metabolization recreated in great precision without the need for time consuming and sometimes ethically dubious testing on either lab animals or other test subjects.

A cup of tea still steamed by the arctic fox who was deep at work. He didn't have any particular aim at this hour - simply letting his mind wander, to see what kind of inspiration it might conjure at such a late time of the day. The best ideas usually came about when the laboratory was quiet, its staff gone, the machines idled down for the night but for the automatic sequencers always busily studying the wonders of DNA for one long-term project or another.

Nudge, nudge, nudge, off went the atoms. It was like playing pool on three dimensions, the arctic fox thought with some merriment. Maybe he'd have to have the computer guys create something like that, as a new software for the holographic projection system. Wouldn't that be a hoot, the fox chuckled softly to himself. Just for his own use, of course. He didn't pay his biochemists, physicists, medical doctors, geneticists and microbiologists for playing around at work. He expected returns for the considerable investments his company made, and he was not willing to wait for them for any longer because the staff had been busy seeing who could pocket the balls the quickest.

It did sound fun, though, mused Sanmer, as he placed a double electron tie between a hydrogen and a nitrogen atom, and wondered whether the resulting molecule would be stable in-vitro.

"All for the science," the arctic fox mused while his bushy tail brushed against his folded legs. His body was starting to exhibit some signs of being weary, but his mind was still too busy to even consider sleep.

A rude beep from a nearby computer console made his finger slip and send a stray carbon atom right into the middle of his beautiful molecule and caused the atoms to scatter violently until they struck the borders of the projection cone and dissipated into thin air. The fox's ears swiveled curiously, hearing the noise that repeated itself. A quick glance showed him that the monitors had come up and were displaying things they usually didn't.


Sanmer kicked his swiveling, wheeled chair over to the computer console and tapped at the keyboard to bring up the windows he wanted to see. The red, blinking icon was something of a worry. Clicking it brought up a sprinkle of texts, topped off by the alarming title sequence.


Below the title was a mass of computer code that made little sense for the fox. However, he knew which commands to give for the system to decipher such information, to tell him what he needed to know. The warning was clear enough - someone had been doing something they were not supposed to, and now the system was alarming its super user, namely, one Dr. Sanmer, of this occurrence. A few taps later he was signed in to the ultra-secure control interface only he was allowed to enter with his password, and it all started to make more sense, with further clicks .







petersen arissa












Sanmer's ears began to fold down against his head. Project Polygon was a high security project of great economical importance for the company, and represented a billion dollar investment for the business.

The arctic fox tapped into the data services to figure out the location of Terminal Access 502-A, which he found to be sitting on the Bioanalysis Laboratory 56, on the 24th floor. Another quick click brought him into the security system, and a new window opened, to show live footage from the CCTV cameras in that particular laboratory.

"What do we have here..." mused Sanmer, as he looked into the crisp image on the display.The laboratory was quiet, its beakers untouched, its storage freezers and incubators locked for the night. The chairs were lined up neatly, with white coats thrown over their backs for storage. The computers were dark, and the only light came from the ever-present security lighting and the EXIT sign over the door.

Yet there was light, and activity as well, where it was not supposed to exist, at this hour at the very least. A shape was hunched in front of one of the computers, undoubtedly Terminal 502-A, and typing furiously while the images flashed along the screen. Sanmer could have duplicated the contents of the display to his own computer screen ,of course, if he was particularly interested, but that could come later. The data security system was already recording everything this fur was doing in the computer network, and the information could be retrieved without trouble for later viewing. Sanmer was sure it would be interesting to see, but it did matter little under the current circumstances. What he knew was that someone was doing something they were not meant to be doing. Certainly the culprit was not junior researcher Arissa Petersen, whom was 25, and a female cougar, for that matter, not a bespectacled male otter wearing what definitely looked like a janitorial uniform for the Sanmer Logistic Service.

"Peculiar," said Sanmer.

He had to act quickly. Another command got the fox even deeper into the onboard security network, into personnel access control. His taps locked all the doors on the 24th floor and deactivated the elevators to ensure that there was no escaping from the premises. He left the computer access to be as it was, not wanting to cause undue alarm in the uninvited guest he spied on through the security camera feed. This required a certain kind of an approach, the arctic fox thought

And he knew just the way to go, as well.


Rob Wheatley couldn't believe his luck, reading everything he saw on the display, scrolling through it at a breakneck speed while he copy-pasted the best bits into the flash drive he had plugged into the computer terminal. This Project Polygon, despite its stupid name, seemed to be worth its weight in gold, the otter thought. Whatever this stuff was (the molecular formulae were too complicated for his skills in biochemistry) truly made of, it was capable of stimulating hair repigmentation at high rate of success. The bastards at Sanmer Pharmaceuticals had invented a way to turn greying hair back into its original color, and knowing the size of the vanity market, they were going to be reaching for Microsoft-like profits with their formula, once it his mass production scale.

No wonder Rob Wheatley's employers wanted to get their piece of the action, the otter thought as he copied yet another encrypted file into the USB stick. The lousy money Sanmer Pharmaceuticals paid for him was going to be but a vague memory once he'd get this information to whoever had hired him to steal the data from the company. The otter imagined it to be a major chemical giant with great interests in tapping into the market and not letting this foreign-owned business to dominate the entire industry with their superior product.

Rob Wheatley was not interested in asking who his employer was. The intermediate had already delivered money to him, in cash, in classic unmarked bills, and he wasn't about to spoil the chances of further payment by getting too curious. All he cared for was the money that was going to be in his pocket once the data stick was in the paws of his nameless contact.

The otter was so deeply concentrated on the computer screen in front of him that his ears did not register the subtle hiss emerging from small vents near the floor level of the laboratory. Neither he realized that at the same time, the ventilation grilles on the top of the room that supplied it with air conditioning had shuttered tight, effectively sealing off the entire room from the rest of the building. The door had been remotely locked earlier already by the fox overseeing the thief attempting to penetrate the secrets of his facility, and now another plan had been put into motion.

The otter's eyes scrolling on the screen slowed down first, followed by his fingers. His thumb slipped down along the side of the computer mouse, and his newly bleary eyes blinked, in surprise, as he glanced down at the hand that had grown heavy.


His sensitive nose picked up a bizarre metallic scent, and that was the last thing Rob Wheatley perceived. He didn't even feel the thump of the keyboard against his muzzle when he slumped over the computer desk, deeply unconscious.



Sanmer's ears prickled up and he swiveled about on the chair to look across the laboratory and to the large power-actuated table sitting on its middle beneath the bright surgical lighting, and upon it, laid the otter. The arctic fox noted that the otter intruder into his company building had come about, now that the anaesthetic gas had worn out for good, and the only thing now keeping him back were the numerous straps that had been applied to tie him down onto the bed.

"I see you are up," noted Sanmer, as he got up from his chair.

"What..." the otter gasped.

Sanmer reached his captive's bedside and looked down at the young otter lying on the table and looking up at the fox with a rather bewildered look over his face. His eyes were still somewhat drowsy, but otherwise, he seemed to be coming more alert, and with that, too, more scared, antsy, and angry at his current predicament.

"What...what is this?" the otter mumbled.

"I'm sure you know who I am," the fox said, "I am your employer."

The otter's eyes became wider.


"Of Sanmer Pharmaceuticals, yes," said the arctic fox," and you are Robert Jason Whatley, currently employed by the janitorial department of this branch of my least for the time being."

"Was there an accident?" the otter mumbled as he tried to look around the room. "Where is this?"

"You are still at the building," Sanmer replied, "36th floor, actually, but that is hardly important for now."

"What's going on..." the otter questioned.

"Ah...yes..." said Sanmer, "I think...this was going on...before you were interrupted."

The fox put his paw into his white coat pocket and pulled out the little sliver of silver-colored plastic that was the otter's covert USB data stick. Sanmer held it between his thumb and index finger and dangled it above the otter's face.

"...recognize this?"

The otter opened his muzzle, but pursed his lips as soon as he realized that he'd been had.

"Yes, I thought so," Sanmer pocketed the data stick once again and then simply leaned his paws against the side of the table, "quite so..."

"I...I don't..." Rob said.

"Tsk tsk tsk," Sanmer shook his head, "this flash memory contained two gigabytes of data about Project Polygon...ts tsk tsk...four years of research, 800 million dollars in capital investment in research, chemical synthesis, basic research, industrial solutions...the pay of hundreds of very bright, very talented, very expensive scientists..."

"I don't know anything about it," the otter said.

"And yet you decided to clean up the hard drive of the central server unit instead of the floor with your mop, mister Wheatley," Sanmer noted, his voice more pointed now.

"I was just...uh...trying to upgrade my Windows..." the otter said.

Sanmer giggled.

"The computers run on SanmerOS, you should at least come up with better lies if you intend to try to trick a fox," his tail swished from side to side, "it is...disappointing."

The otter's ears flattened. He looked distracted, with the fox hovering over him, pointed muzzle looking down at the otter captive.

"I imagine that...questioning you will bring very little information in regards to who is behind this rather pathetic attempt at espionage," Sanmer said.

"I don't know anything about it," Rob said.

"Surprisingly, I believe you," the fox replied, "knowing how operatives like you work, you are probably telling the truth. And even if you are not...I have my ways of getting what I want out of furs."

" can't keep me here like that," the otter snapped his tail against the bed, "This is...otternapping!"

"Oh I think that you Americans are very fond of protecting what is your own legal property," the fox said, "and you have...stepped into my property without permission, and tried to steal from me...and not just me, from my investors as workers..."

"You still can't do this!" the otter yelped. "Keep me like this! You must call the police or...or something?"

Sanmer pursed his lips.

"Oh that is not necessary," he said, "I find that the legal system here works in a way that is hardly fast enough for my needs."

The otter struggled against his bindings.

"I have a right to an ATTORNEY!" he yelped.

"You gave up any such rights when you fooled around with me," Sanmer said darkly, "you are not entitled to ask anything out of me."

"This can't be legal!" the otter yelped.

"I'm going to tell you what's legal and what's not," said Sanmer, "It's illegal for you to try to steal my research, and it's legal for me to demand compensation for that very fact...and I intend to as well."

The fox turned around with speed that was enough to cause a dramatic sweeping motion of the lapels of his lab coat when he left the bedside and walked over to the other side of the room. The anxious otter watched how Sanmer approached a stainless steel container, about the height of the fox himself. From another pocket of his he pulled out a pair of gloves that were silver-colored, and seemed quite unusual, and they were a snug fit over his paws. The fox was humming, pleased with the situation at paw, it seemed, while he input a code into a keypad on the side of the large steel device. It let out a beep and a hum and released a puff of vapor from a pipe on its top.


The rectangular door on the side of the container opened and even more vapor emerged, but none the less, Sanmer pushed his paw inside. He picked something unseen for the moment and retrieved it through the steam, after which the door was closed by him once more.

"As you'll find out, I have ways to make you do my bidding, and I won't have to raise a single finger, or threaten you with violence towards your person," said Sanmer.

He approached the bed again, this time with a container about the size of a soda can in his paws. It was transparent, and contained a liquid of sorts, a vague shade of green, and it filled the entire container. The fox held it between his silver paws, with a little smile over his muzzle. The otter on the exam table stared, wide-eyed.

"What is that?"

"Let's call," said Sanmer, now next to the otter again. "And I think you will find it most effective."

The otter yelped.

"What are you going to do to me?" he asked. "What is that really?"

"Something I...cooked up, so to speak," the arctic fox replied. He pulled an instrument cart from the side and placed the container on top of it for the moment. "Something I am absolutely certain your friends would enjoy getting their paws on, considering it is...a few decades beyond them, I'm certain..."

"What the hell do you mean?" Rob asked.

"Oh you stop worrying..." Sanmer murmured.

He gripped the edges of the sheet covering the otter's body and threw it aside, to reveal that the young man was nude underneath. Rob realized as much, seeing his current state, and let out a surprised snarl.

"What the fuck!"

"Such a chore, undressing an unconscious man," Sanmer chuckled lightly, "but as you can see, I managed..."

"What are you doing to me?" the otter grunted.

"I doubt explaining it would make it any more...acceptable to you," Sanmer said, "but you'll see."

The otter was now seriously trying to struggle against the bindings, but the elastic straps were too strong and he only managed to slightly shift from side to side, unable to do anything more in his feeble attempt of escaping from the clutches of whom he now perceived as a mad scientist intending to perform some sort of an insane experiment on him.

"LET ME GO!" the otter yelped.

Sanmer gripped the container and unscrewed the cap on the top and put aside to the equipment cart. A smile remained upon the arctic fox's lips, and he gave the otter one final look before he placed his paw on the cart, palm up, and then picked up the container.

"I'm sure you're going to find this rather fascinating," the fox said, "even without an advanced degree in biology and material science..."


Sanmer tipped the container over and the green fluid flowed out of it and onto his paw where it formed into a kind of a softly undulating ball, somewhat flattened by its own weight, and remaining upon the fox's silver-clad paw under its own surface tension. The liquid seemed to be rippling, and stimulated by the subtle motions of the fox's fingers while he held onto this precious object.

"Yes...I think you'll find this more than impressive..."

"What is that?" the otter asked once again.

"Brilliance," Sanmer said, "In a can...heheh..."

He stepped right next to the table and placed his free paw over the otter's undulating belly," now, you can hold still, or not, it will not make a difference for the outcome of this, but certainly, if you were to be more obliging, this would be less dramatic."

"STOP! PLEASE, STOP, AAH STOP!" the otter yelled and whined. "I'LL GO TO THE POLICE MYSELF, PLEASE!"

"Oh I don't think so..." Sanmer mused, "that doesn't fit my plans, not at all..."



Sanmer nudged his index and middle fingers against the very top of the otter's loose sheath and then tipped his paw upwards, to let the viscous fluid begin to flow down along the arctic fox's palm and then into the otter's sheath.


The sensation was strange to the utmost - the liquid felt cold as soon as it touched the otter's bare skin inside his sheath but instantly warmed up to body temperature. Then there was the texture, that could only be described as slimy, moving about on its own accord, sliding through and surrounding the otter's dormant cock inside his sheath.

"UUUUHH!" the otter began to struggle against the bondage again. "AAAHHOU STOOOP!"

"Just relax," Sanmer said as he withdrew his paw, the mystery liquid now fully removed from it. "That might make it a bit easier."

The otter seemed almost delirious while he stared at his groin. The green liquid hadn't just filled his sheath, it was also extending along its entire external surface as well in a number of tendrils, sliding over fuzzy flesh, even going down towards the otter's balls. The liquid undulated, shimmered and moved, and the tendrils grew thicker and slowly fused together to form an uniform layer of thick goo over the otter's entire intimate package. It covered Rob's balls, sheath, and the interior of the sheath as well so that it craddled the lutrine's soft dick as well. He laid very still, paws clutching into fists while he tried to comprehend the bizarre sensations he was subjected to. Sanmer simply stood nearby and watched the smart material make its home about the otter's member.

"Aaghhhh..." the otter mumbled.

"I'm sure it will accommodate itself very soon," Sanmer said.

"What...what's going on?!" the otter demanded.

"Oh you'll figure it out I'm sure," said Sanmer, "you will be very intimately acquainted, I'm sure."

"TAKE IT OFF ME!" the otter yelled.

"I'm afraid that is up to it now," Sanmer said, "smart material or does not always follow my commands to the letter. Quite...sassy like that."

"Smart...what?" the otter questioned while he stared at his goo-covered junk.

"My ensure that you will do my bidding from now on," the fox said,"for good behavior, you get rewards, for bad behavior...there will be punishments."

"With this...this thing?" the otter groaned.

Sanmer giggled.

"I wish there were better words to describe the magnificence of this invention, or the ingenious work required to make it to be, but's a thing...really..." the fox said cheerfully, "and it works for me...and since it works for me, consider yourself to be held by the balls by me from now on."

"I...I 'll go to the police..." the otter said," they'll take it off."

"I don't think you will," Sanmer said," any mechanical attempt to remove it would cause the matrix to destabilize, which means that they would probably cause grievous harm to your genitals with whatever blade they might use."

The otter had opened his muzzle for a further complaint, but fell silent even at the very idea. Sanmer saw as much, and was pleased that the intimidation was having its effect on his target.

"Any radiation, laser, ultrasound,heat or other directed energy source will cause the material to generate a highly exothermic reaction not unlike to rapid uncontrolled may know that better as...catching fire..." Sanmer said.

The otter gawked.

" any attempts to remove the object will likely result in damage to your precious body parts, and I would hate that to happen to such a strapping young man as yourself," Sanmer said.

"You're...insane!" Rob yelled. "Are you saying it can't be removed AT ALL?"

"Oh of course it can be removed," the Sanmer pointed at the green goo with his silvery finger," I can tell it to...disentangle itself from you, although I suspect it might be somewhat reticent to leave at the moment, having found a new home..."

"SO TAKE IT AWAY!" Rob shouted.

"Only for you to go to the police to say you've been...otternapped by a mad scientist?" the fox suggested. "Even with them finding all those traces of illegal Class A substances in your body..."

The otter snorted.

"You've drugged me?"

"I would, of course, to stage you as a desperate drug addict whose addled mind has conjured up a mad story about your...indeed...former employer..." Sanmer said, "who would believe you?"

"But - "

"It does present us both with a terrible dilemma, however," said Sanmer, as he dug out the data stick again, "you have stolen from me...well, tried to...and I'm going to punish you...but there is also the matter that you hardly came up with it yourself, I'm sure...someone is eagerly awaiting to get their paws on this..."

Sanmer flipped the data stick casually over his palm.

"...I'm sure they would be terribly angry with you if you fail to turn up with whatever they wanted you to fetch, contained on this very stick..."

"I - I'll tell you everything I know about it!" Rob was almost whining now, too scared by the whole situation and the possible fate of his future if he didn't do what the fox told him to do. "I don't know much, man, I just know the guy who contacted me, I don't know his name, I - "

"Pfffft," the fox hissed. "I'm sure we'll eventually give him what he deserves, too, but before that, surely you'll be a good otterboy and give your contractors what they asked you to fetch for them...."

"I don't...I don't know..." the otter panted anxiously. "I don't know who they are, I told you!"

"It doesn't matter," Sanmer said, "I'll find it out eventually..."

"Uhhh..." the otter moaned.

"But there is one question," Sanmer noted.

"I'll tell you anything, if you let me go..." Rob groaned.

"When are you expected to deliver the files, otterboy?" the fox asked.

Rob swallowed.

"Tomorrow...I it Wednesday or Thursday?"

"Early Thursday," Sanmer replied. "Still quite early."

"Today, then," Rob said quickly," I'm supposed to drop it off before work at an agreed place, I can tell you - "

"Doesn't matter," Sanmer said," we have urgent business to deal with before that. We may fine tune the exact details later on."

"W-what b-b-business?" the otter asked.

"Oh, like how you'll tell your contact that it all went without a hitch...that you got all the data they asked for..." the arctic fox said, "that sort of a thing..."

"And - and then you'll remove this...thing?" Rob nodded furiously towards the green goo simmering around his dick.

"Oh I don't think you'll surpass your usefulness quite that quickly," Sanmer said, "you have already done me a great favor by exposing this disgraceful attempt at stealing my research...and I am sure you will help me in the future as well."

The otter huffed.

"And all under the threat of something horrible happening to my dick if I don't agree with you?"

Sanmer chuckled.

"You should not concentrate too much to what I said about all those theoretical events in regards to someone trying to meddle with my smart material," Sanmer said, "that's hardly the point."

"You said that my dick's gonna fall off if I don't do what you say!" the otter yelped.

"That's an overstatement," the fox said, I" only said there might be some damage to your most precious if you or someone else besides me tried to remove that...thing from you..."

"It's hard NOT to think that when you said so!"

"I assure you, there's a lot stuff this thing can do..." Sanmer said, "and none of them include damaging your organs...quite the contrary..."

"I don't want to know," the otter groaned, "I just want to get out of this fucking mess..."

"And you will, once you have served me in whatever way I see fit," the arctic fox responded. "And quite frankly, you deserve it, for trying to make a quick buck with a little bit of treachery..."

The otter whimpered.

"I'm s-sorry, mister Sanmer..."

"That's Doctor Sanmer to you," the fo chuckled, "mister and master are meant for other kinds of situations..."

The arctic fox giggled darkly, which did not serve to lessen the nervousness of the otter writhing in bondage on the scientist's surgical table. What only made it worse was the fact that it seemed that the goo surrounding the otter's cock liked the sound of the fox's laughter, since it was slowly undulating around the otter's package and caused a bizarre kind of a sensation upon his sensible flesh.


"Hmmm..." said Sanmer, his ears flicking about, as he too noted this phenomenon," I imagine that it's starting to get comfortable with its new home..."

"W-what do you mean?" Rob breathed.

"Oh you'll has a particular affinity for warm parts of the body with...good circulation..." Sanmed smirked, "speaking from experience..."


Sanmer reached over and poked the goo about the otter's balls. That elicited a surprised yelp from the otter, both from the touch which he could still feel, and the ripples the nudge caused in the strange substance covering his dick. It seemed to build up, even, beyond the initial prod. It became a kind of a vibration that slowly spread from the spot where Sanmer had touched the goo, going about to engulf the balls and then rise upwards onto the part that covered the sheath, and even slipped inside. The otter's squirming only intensified when he realized that such peculiar sensations were coming from his favorite manly body part, despite his intense fear and the terror of the situation he was involved in.

"I think it's time for a little demonstration," Sanmer said, "let it show what it can do."

"I don't - "

"I don't think it's about what you want anymore, Mister...Whatley..." Sanmer murmured,"we're past that point...and you...well...I'm sure you'll find out soon enough."

With a smirk, Sanmer pulled himself one of the wheeled chairs that were numerous and scattered around the laboratory and planted his butt down on it, eyes fixed upon the sight of the slow waves of green goo moving over the otter's sheath. The fox rested his chin against one of his paws and simply watched, for now, his ears flicking about ever so lightly now that he settled in for the show.

"Uh..." mumbled the otter, now that the sensations were suddenly growing more and more intense. It felt like the strange goo was stroking him, over his balls, in and out of his sheath. It felt like the goo tugged that loose skin up and down, the tube of flesh moving along his flesh. The otter strained against his bindings. His hips moved from side to side in the hopes of somehow, just somehow dislodging the stupid object from his dick of all places. It didn't help that the fo who had caught him stealing information was just sitting there and looking like he enjoyed watching the otter's struggles.


Rob couldn't help but grow hard, with blood flowing into his shaft to plump it up. He slowly began to push out of his sheath. The green goo seemed to move to accommodate the change in the size of the otter's cock, since it had no trouble flowing out of his sheath. The goo simply moved and spread itself around Rob's dick, and made it not possible for it to poke out against his belly furs like it usually did. His entire package looked grossly strange, now, covered in the slowly undulating layer of goo that stroked along him, every inch of sensitive skin stimulated by the rippling surface of the moving goo that felt like a dozen fingers touching him at once.

"Oh, fuck...." Rob gasped.

"You'll find it to be quite pleasant...when it wants to," Sanmer snickered.

"What are you doing to me..." Rob grumbled. He was badly distracted by the sensations emanating from his thoroughly stroked dick, and looked pleadingly at the fox for any answers he might get in the hopes of finding out just what was happening to him.

"It's not me, it's the thing," Sanmer replied, "though somehow I imagine it's rather busy now and not too keen to answer your question..."

"Ughh..." Rob's tail swatted the padded surface of the table as he was teased even further by the stroking, squeezing, fondling motions created by the insufferable goo surrounding his cock. "What - "

The ripples became more and more intense,and the otter's hips began to buck, beyond his own control. The raw sensation on his dick, growing more and more sensitive with every passing moment, the stroking that teased countless nerve endings and made him bite his lip. Even the fear seemed to be irrelevant, or at least something his brain wasn't able to process while so much pleasure was being inflicted on his nerves.

Sanmer felt his own unobstructed erection grow hard inside his pants, watching the otter slowly lose control while he was being teased so expertly, endlessly by the mystery goo toying with his dick and balls. He knew from experience what a tempting experience it could be, what heights of pleasure one could achieve while undergoing such a stimulation from the particular goo. One Rob Wheatley could only whimper and moan and hump the air while the goo gave him the best proverbial handjob he had ever experienced in his life. Despite the circumstances, it seemed like the otter was getting lost in the sensations coursing through him. His balls churned and his shaft throbbed madly, getting so close, so immensely pent up that -

"Aahhhh" the otter's toes curled when he felt himself being pushed over the edge -


And suddenly there was only a squeezing sensation on the base of his dick, and the rest of the stimulating movements of the goo were gone. It left Rob's shaft throbbing wildly, but nothing besides a single bead of pre-cum leaked out of his piss slit. He lingered on the very threshold of an orgasm for several seconds until the tension simply began to wane away, and he was left panting, huffing, and with his entire package feeling swollen and supersensitive, and oh so raw.

"Uhh...uh....fuck..." the otter groaned, ears flat.

"I see you're enjoying yourself," Sanmer mused.

"What...what happened?" Rob asked.

"Nothing," Sanmer said," as it's meant to do."

"Do...what?" Rob groaned.

"To grab you by the balls," the arctic fox stated, "so to speak."

"What's my balls got to do with it?" the otter complained.

"It's been shown to be a very effective way to keep someone in...check," Sanmer said, "and you don't seem to be an exception."

"What do you mean?" the otter hissed.

"This...thing, as it's called, anyway, it'll make sure that you won't go spilling any information...or any cum for that matter," the fox said ruthlessly. "Insurance, like I told you."

The otter's eyes flashed open.


"Yes..." mused the white fox, "a strapping young man like you must be used to draining his balls as often as possible...well not anymore...not unless you do my bidding."

"You can't be s-serious!"

"I am very serious," Sanmer snapped. "You broke the trust placed upon you, and you will pay with your balls."

"WHAT THE FUCK?" the otter bellowed.

"You are not getting off before I'm done with you...or, alternatively, you do something that pleases me enough to warrant me to give you a reward for....good behavior."


"Oh I think you heard me," Sanmer replied." And believe me...if you complain about it too much, the thing has ways to make sure you stay in line..."

" -like what?"

"Oh, you'll see..." said the fox with an evil grin. "You'll see. And feel."


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I was a Teenaged Pornstar (11)

**I was a Teenaged Pornstar (11)** \* _Crisp and the guys have gone to the big mall to look at some new clothes and...stuff!_ \* Crisp stepped into the fitting room and expected the fox to hand him the shorts, but...

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The Lineup

The Lineup \* Hello, everyone! This is a sequel to [![Special Parole Conditions]( Special Parole Conditions](/view/873654 "Special Parole Conditions") for...

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A Noise Complaint

A Noise Complaint \* Whoot! This is a commission for [![avatar?user=153004&character=0&clevel=2]( Aaron Blackpaw]( "Aaron Blackpaw")...

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