A Little Pinch

Story by ScienceDog on SoFurry

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I am afraid of syringes in real life, so I wanted to show that in this short story.

"Come here, Sci!" said his mother. "We're going to see the doctor!" Most three-year-olds would be afraid of this announcement, but not Sci. He loved seeing all the different medical tools and how they used them. That is except for one... Blissfully unaware that he was due for a shot, he strapped on his shoes and ran to the car, climbing into his carseat. "Strapped in all by yourself?" asked his father. "You're becoming a smart puppy!" During the car ride, Sci began to wonder if the doctor's visit was just a simple checkup or something painful. He began to cringe, his legs kicking rapidly. "What's wrong?" asked his father. "I thought you liked the doctor." Sci didn't answer. He just kept fidgeting, as if trying to escape. When they got there, his mother undid his straps and picked him up, smelling him. "I need to get our little patient into a clean diaper." she said to her husband. "Would you tell them that we're here?" "Of course, my love!" Sci refused to follow his mother into the clinic. "Come on, Sci! The doctor is expecting you." "But I don't want to go!" "But he really wants to see how much of a good boy you've been!" "I still don't want to go!" Then she had an idea. She pulled a tennis ball from her bag and threw it near the door, causing Sci to run after it and pick it up. "Again! Again!" he said. "Not right now. We need to clean that little bottom of yours!" She held his hand and walked through the front door, then to the restroom. "I'm not getting a shot, am I?" asked Sci. She didn't know how to answer that. She just said "I wouldn't worry about it." and pulled down the plastic changing table. "Alright, my little puppy. Let's get you changed!" She put him on the table and pulled off the tapes on his diaper, then started to wipe up the mess on his bottom. "Is that why you were kicking so much in the car? You were afraid of getting a shot?" "Yes Mommy." "You don't have to worry so much. Even if you did get one, it would be over very quickly." She finished wiping him and balled up the dirty diaper, putting it in the nearby trash bin. "I'm still scared, Mommy!" "There's nothing to be afraid of!" she replied, powdering him and putting a new diaper on him. As they went back to the waiting room, the receptionist informed them that the doctor was ready for them. He was waiting in his examination room with Sci's father. "There's my little Retriever!" He said as Sci came in. "Oh my! You've grown so much since I last saw you!" "Am I getting a shot?" "Not right now. We're going to check your weight first." "And then what?" "And then we're going to look inside your mouth." "And then what?" "And then we're going to tap your knees with that little hammer." "And after that?" "You sure are full of questions! Can you take your shoes off and stand on the scale please?" He did

what he was asked, and his weight came in at 34 pounds (15.42 kilograms). "Now let's have you sit on that table so I can look at your mouth." He climbed onto the table using a stepstool and opened his mouth so the doctor could use a tongue depressor. "Everything looks good. Now we'll test your reflexes..." He tapped his knees with a small hammer. "Still responsive..." Next he took his heart rate using a stethoscope, followed by a blood pressure reading with the compression cuff (which always bothered Sci, but he managed to pull through). "Now I understand that Sci like to read books..." "Yes! I love books!" he replied. "Well for being such a good boy, I have one for you." He started wagging as he was given a children's medical book. When he was halfway through it, he felt a little pinch in his arm. It made him whimper loudly. "There we go! We're all done!" said the doctor as he put a band-aid on his arm. "That hurt!" "Only for a little bit." They said goodbye to the doctor and got into the car. "See? That wasn't so bad!" said his mother.