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#6 of Bani Lore!

The few known facts about The Bed Nannys that roam and work for Mama.

Bed Nannys, one of the more elusive sets of workers. Consisting of mainly neko version catgirls, a few neko bunny girls, and even less neko wolfs and foxs. About 90% of Bed nannys are chosen from maids and Nannys. These chosen few are mainly found on Mama's bed, watching over the new litters and other banis. There are no more then four to five bed nannys with any given litter. A litter being no more then four newborn banis. Out of the four or five Bed Nannys one may be a night only Bed nanny, A night only bed nanny is a nanny whom stay up all night tending to the one rare Newborn Bani whom is more active at night then during the day. usually found among the other Night Banis with the Newborn very close by.

The Few Bed nannys that inhabit the large room that is Mama's bed consist of the few personally chosen Nannys, These Nannys range from everyday cats and bunnys to the more exotic and rare vixens and wolfs. All bed Nannys are female as the hormones emitted by females cause all newborn banis to become more calm and easily tented to. The only ones who can be chosen to be a Bed Nanny have to have a strict and rigorous qualifications. A few of those are, they have to live inside the Manson, two, live at least one decade in service as either a maid or a typical Nanny. Of course they have to be female, and keep a certain level of fitness. Most Outside beings consider Species rarity a determining factor in being chosen, this however is not the case. Mama considers a rare coat or breed of being to be more necessary to breed rather then live in servitude. Of the chosen few, Cats are typically chosen due to there natural speed and dominance over bunnys, they can keep up with a sprinting child or toddler bani. They also have a natural ability to change from either a Day sleep cycle to a night sleep cycle. Most have the well sought after quirk of constant licking, which is a very soothing and calming to just about any bani. Bunny Nannys are the second common species to be brought in. Not to be confused with Banis, Bunny Nannys are chosen for there cuddly and loving personality's, more to flight then fight as the cats are to fight then flight, they are more prone to picking up the baby banis and running then staying and fighting as cat Nannys would. which is perfectly expected of any Nannys in a emergency situation. As for the more rare Species of Nanny such as the Wolfs. They are more prone to aggression which make them perfect for Guard Maids, but not good for newborn banis. but the very few that make it as a bed nanny have reduced aggression as compared to there normal counterpart. The deciding factor is the body on the wolf, a more "curvaceous" form helps draw bani children to them, and while out of the bed, wolves make more protective escorts while out during "activates" with toddlers or children banis. Like the wolfs, Vixens mostly are decided on one particular skill. most Vixens cannot obtain or keep up with the size of breast, hips and or thighs that wolfs Nannys have. So most Vixen Nannys are chosen on there intelligence, a second and important deciding factor is there Magical resistance, That of which Cat, Bunnys, and Wolves lack greatly in. Vixens are known for keeping baby Banis magic in check while helping them to lean how to control and use it. One little known fact about Bed Nannys is most are still in there teens. the youngest being twelve and the oldest being near thirty, One other well known fact is when the new litter comes in, there is a world wide call for a Life nanny for each newborn bani. those chosen will be cared for the rest of there lives, as will there immediate family. but they will grow up along side a bani as there life mate. When newborns start to open there eyes they are drawn to warm areas on the Bed Nannys, this is where Wolfs come into play, being more Curvaceous then there other counterparts, newborns that can crawl will immediately seek shelter between the breasts of any nearby nanny, to seek warmth and shelter. It is also thought and proven that newborns that seek shelter between the breast of a Bed Nanny will grow up to adore breasts more then any other body part on a female over any other sexual part. As vice versa, a newborn that will seek shelter between a Bed nannys thighs will be considered to adore butts or legs when fully grown and sexually active, rarely newborns that can crawl will seek shelter and warmth via a Bed Nannys tummy will grow up adoring a flat or sexy tummy over other parts,

Because of the high heat temperature in Mama's room, All Bed Nannys have a strict dress code they must adhere to. To prevent overheating or heat exhaustion, a bed Nanny must wear the approved uniform. 1.) one standard tube top for younger or flat chested Nannys, color and or texture optional to the wearer. For Nannys with bigger or large breasts, one large cupped bra with shoulder strappes support is recommended, 2.) one g-string pantie, also color and or texture is up to the Nannys choosing. 3.) one set of shoulder or elbow high Lace frilled gloves, Also color and texture up to the wearers choosing. 4.) one set of thigh or butt high stockings, also texture or color up to the wearers choosing. 5.) one tail glove, size, shape, color and or texture up to the wearers choosing. Gloves finger tips and elbows are thicker due to the fact some newborn banis tend to nibble or bite, The bottom of the feet and the knees of the stockings are also thicker to allow nannys to traverse around Mama's room more comfortably. Most Nannys keep this uniform on even outside of Mama's room to show off there Regal and trusted positions within mama's employment. anyone caught wearing unapproved mocks attempting to impersonate a bed nanny are subject to termination with extreme aggression, such as is any attempt on the life or body of any Bed Nanny. The rank of Bed nanny is one of the highest obtainable positions one can achieve working for Mama. and is not to be taken lightly. Outside the bedroom, when a Bed Nanny is traversing with a newborn in her arms, there is at least two to five regular Nannys. Out of those two to five at least two or three Maids or Nannys are Guard Nannys. Carrying but not limited to, 1.) sidearm, -customized- 2.) one SMG, LMG, HMG, and lastly 3.) several highly explosive devices. such as, but not limited to a mix of Frag grenades, incendiary Grenades.

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