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A fox is held captive by a loving lion prince but when the prince comes in saddened with news of a betrothal the fox tries to cheer his master up in the only way he knows how.

Note: This is a fully edited republished short story. Please Enjoy

     Alone, that's how

the fox felt. Alone, chained in the corner of the princes room. Only one chain

held him by his neck. Silk pillows littered the area where he slept.

     The red fox slump

in the corner crying into his paw occasionally wiping away his tears with the

back of his forearm. Sure, the prince was kind and yiffable but he didn't want

to be just like a caged animal. Though he didn't want to leave the prince, he

loved him with all his heart.

     The prince was a

lion cub whom been given the fox as a birthday present on his 16th birthday. He

was kind and lovable. He loved only animals and his fox. They were both the

same age and in love with each other.

     The prince walked

into his room. His semi-mane frizzled. He looked over to the fox, who had

nothing on, and smiled. Fox noticed some sadness there. He crawled on all fours

to as far as the chain would allow him. The prince walked out to the balcony

and laid his paws on the sun heated stone ledge. The prince bowed his head and

began to weep.


wrong?" The fox called out to the prince, the prince looked back and cried

even harder as he made his way over to the fox. The fox caught the prince and

held him close rocking him, trying to calm him. The chain clanking on the


     "Please tell

what's wrong."

     "I... have been

told that... I... I... I must marry a princess." The prince said hugging the fox

and crying on his shoulder. The fox sighed and lay back against one of the pillows

still holding the prince. Tears formed in his eyes as he thought how much

lonelier he would feel than he felt earlier.

     The prince placed

his left paw on the fox's chest as the fox cuddled him. As he wept into the

fox's fur, he felt safe. He wished he could never leave the foxes side. The prince

looked down at the fox's sheath. His cock rip poked from the furry opening

dripping. The prince drifted southward, pulled the fox's growing thick shaft from

his sheath, and sucked on it taking it all the way to the knot. The fox sighed and

petted the cubs head. The cub purred caressing the fox to release more pre. The

fox murred as the tip of his cock became sensitive from the vibrations inside

the hot wet muzzle. The cub took the foes balls into his left paw and rubbed

them hoping it would help drive the fox into cumming into his muzzle. The fox

moaned as he rubbed the cubs head between his ears.

     The cub stopped

sucking as the fox got close, causing the fox to whimper his ears.

     The cub giggled. "Don't

worry." He said to the fox. "I do want some foxy cream." This made

the fox smile as his ears erected themselves. The prince stripped down to

nothing letting his shaft take in the cool air. The fox smiled and got on his

knees his tail swished. The prince stood up and placed his paw under the foxes

chin then pulled to where they gazed into each other's eyes. The fox licked his

own muzzle as he looked up with pleading eyes


want?" The fox just nodded. "Aww to bad, foxy been a bad boy." The

cub reached for the manacles hanging from the wall.   "Foxy need punished." the fox pretended to struggle as his

fore paws where chained to the wall. While struggling he tried to lick the pre

from the tip of the cubs spined cock.

     "Aww." the

fox lowered his ears to his head again and put his tail between is hind paws. The

cub pulled the fox's tail away and dropped to his knees. The fox tried to pull

away and flipped over to try to escape only not truly wanting too. The cub

pulled on the chain around the fox's neck and placed his free paw on his shoulder

as he pressed his spined cock into the fox's tight tail-hole. The fox struggled

and winced at the feeling of the spines. When the cub was all the way in the fox

panted and pretended to try to escape.

     "Don't struggle."

the prince whispered into the fox's ear. "You don't want it to hurt now do

you" the fox just shook his head causing the chain to rattle.

     "That's a good boy."

The cub grabbed a muzzle restraint from the floor, placed it over the fox's

muzzle, and pulled hard. It didn't hurt the fox it just kept him from opening

his muzzle. The cub tightened the strap and thrust deep into the fox causing him

to yelp in surprise. It scared the prince.

     "Are you OK?"

he stopped and asked. The fox just smiled, winked, then nodded. This relieved

the cub and so he continued. He pulled all the way out then thrust back in hard.

The fox murred and forced himself back trying to force the cub's thick hard

cock as deep as it could go. The cub grunted and held the chain strapped to the

muzzle restraint, pulling back on it as he thrust deep. The fox moaned through

his restrained muzzle and took deep breaths while the cub thrust faster.

     "Who's you're

your cubby?" The prince asked then answered himself, "I'm you're


     The fox tried to

lick his muzzle as the cub panted thrusting faster. With a growl and a whimper,

the cub shot his seed deep into the fox's tail hole. The fox squirmed as he felt

the cubs cum spilling out his hole around the cubs cock. The cub took deep

breaths and pulled out still Cumming, which sprayed the foxes tail and hind

paws. With a soft mere. The fox fell flat on his stomach letting the cool floor

cool off his hot throbbing cock. He lifted his head, looked back at the prince,

and noticed a small pool of cum around his cock on the floor. With a whimper,

he swished his tail and shook his head trying to get the cubs attention.


the cub giggled, "I'll take it off," He said as he removed the muzzle


     "Murr, cubby

cum." The fox said the then bent over to lick the prince's cock. The prince

leaned to get on his fore paws and moaned as the fox licked up and down his

shaft. The fox smiled and took the whole thing in his muzzle and began to suck

on it. The cub's eyes went wide in ecstasy and tried to push the fox away. The

fox looked up with pleading eyes as he swallowed a small wave of cubby cum.

     "Na-uh, it's

my turn," The prince whispered. He pushed the fox onto his back then

pulled his forepaws above his head; taking the chain from the hooks, he placed

the chain to the lowest point so that the fox could barely move. He then

continued to place another set around the fox's hind paws allowing enough give

for him to struggle but not enough so he could move. The fox loved it since it

didn't hurt. He struggled as if he wanted to get away. The cub shook his head

saying "no", and straddled the fox.

     "Mmmm cubby

hole" The fox snickered.

     "I've wanted

your hot thick cock for a while now." The cub replied as he fingered his tail-hole

trying to help loosen himself. The foxed knot wasn't showing. He murred as the

lion sat himself down the long shaft. The cub winced for a second then settled

himself down to the large cock. The fox's cock expanded inside the cub. The cub

winced and tried to pull off but couldn't because the knot had swelled. The cub


     "Merf," The

fox said worriedly, "I should have warned you."

     "Na," the prince

cried. "Give me a moment." The pain lessened and soon he purred. The fox bucked

his hips feeling the kitty ride him. The fox never pawed off, nor been sucked

off, nor had he ever yiffed the cub so he didn't even know what it felt like to

mount his lover. The cub had always yiffed him, but this time he would get the

full feel.

      The cub ran his fingers through the fox's

chest fur as he lifted then settled himself again, squeezing in the hole around

the thick fox cock.

     "Wow you're

tight." The fox breathed as he pulled on the chains. The cub winked then

forced himself down feeling the tip of the cock hit the inner ring. The cub

moaned and took a deep breath with every thrust. The fox struggled to get free

feeling the tip of his cock becoming sensitive. The cub leaned forward and

kissed the fox while the fox kept bucking his hips feeling the heat leave his body,

as he got closer to the edge. The cub tried another angle by leaning back into

his fore paws again felling the thick fox cock rub along his insides. The fox thrust

with a final force spewing his hot seed all up in the cub. The cub clawed the

ground as he tried to breath from the force of the foxes cock.

     "Oh God." He

gasped as his insides felt like they might explode. He tried to pull off the

foxes cock and winced as he made it up over the knot. Once he was over it,

everything just forced itself out his stretched hole. The cub purred and

collapsed onto the fox's chest. The fox un-did the maniacal and hugged the cub.

The prince giggled and took a deep breath as the fox's seed covered them both. It

even flowed out of his tail hole.  He got

up and straddled the fox's chest so he could lap up the fox's seed. While he

licked it up the fox grabbed the base of the prince's tail and pulled him

closer just to lick. The seed still coming from his tail hole, they both collapsed

after a quick clean up, tongue style. The fox held the prince in his arms while

the prince laid his head on the fox's chest with his left arm cuddling him. They

gazed into each other's eyes and pulled each other into a kiss. The kiss meant

more than the world to either of them.

     "I love

you." The prince said settling his head back down upon the fox's chest.

     "I love you

too." He replied and cuddled the cub closer. He pulled a comforter over

both of them, as the room grew chilly in the late evening air. The stars began

to shine upon them. The prince was fast asleep, purring, while the fox petted

his semi- mane.

     "I would do

anything to make you happy." The fox whispered into the cub's ears. The

fox just smiled and soon drifted off to sleep as well.

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