An Island's Tail - Introduction

Story by Logan Storm on SoFurry

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#1 of 3rd Earth - An Island's Tail

Story Concept By Logan Storm

Story Written by LeiLani

Story Cover art by Twinkle

An Island's Tail - Introduction

B ased upon the fictional island of Hau`oli Moku island this story takes place in world known as Third Earth a place where Humans have not evolved alone many other species have climbed the ladder of evolution to become both fully sentient as well as anthromorphic.

From Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Aquatics to Avian's each retaining traits of their feral kin who still exist in the their world all with unique qualities to their species which can in some if not many cases make them stronger and faster than Mankind but mother nature in her wisdom provided Humans with one particular ability that helps even things out; not so much their ingenuity but their ability to breed all year round.

No one in 'Third Earth' knows exactly what happened only that archaeological discoveries have been found to show once it was just Humans around and their level of technology was comparable to that of modern day.

But evidence of other fully evolved sentient species is so far none existent during or before that time, there are many theories as to what might have happened most common and accepted is some horrific final world war or disaster dragged mankind back down to the stone age where this time around other species also evolved alongside the Humans.

There are others that say it was an external force or a race yet to reveal themselves or long forgot that engineered it all are all ways laughed at by the scientific community who proceed mock and denounce such things as unscientific and fairytales created by idiots.

Whatever did bring 'Third Earth' in to existence doesn't change the fact that mankind can now breed with any of the other sentient races on this world, the genetic makeup is just similar enough internally to 'Homo Sapiens' for such a thing to happen.

However it's not quite as simple as just sticking plug 'A' into socket 'B' twist and gyrate then pullout, first you have to take in to consideration that a Female Human still need to be at the right time of the month when she is ovulating then there is a fifty chance that the none Human Male can impregnate her.

Be aware though if it does take the offspring will be a pure blood of the species that has impregnated her, though it will take nine months before she give birth as normal, additionally for a Female Human they can only reproduce with species that give birth to live young due to the fact the Human body is not designed or equipped to produce solid shell eggs that are laid after insemination.

Now as with regards to Human males things are even more different, while the Females of the Human race is limited to what they can reproduce with the Male Human is not and while a Woman will require a while after giving birth before she can be in any fit state to safely get impregnated again the Man does not.

While this may seem unkind of nature try to think of it this way the Woman gets a break the Man does not, during the medieval period Humans where considered as a lower life form because they were not as strong and gifted as most of the predator and prey races where which led to them being enslaved as breeders.

The women and Girls during these raids would be either left to fend for themselves of violated and killed for sport, the Human Males where highly prized by those who indulge in inter species relationships are unable as such to have young of their own but with a Human male they could very much have young to raise as their own.

In the case of the Nobility and Royalty the blood line could be kept pure and free of genetic mutations and neurological disorders caused form inter-family breeding, though the most common reason was often the Alpha of a family/Tribe/Clan/Pack would be too old to be able to reproduce anymore so to keep face and his passion in power would have a Human do the deed for him.

The only race who did not practice the act of enslaving Humans where the Tiger Clan's who saw them as a blessing of nature and fertility in short they where sacred though if a Human did something to deserve a cuff or clout they would defiantly get it as anyone would.

But they were protected and treated with respect and so due to such practices and save for those in the Tiger clans the Human race all most became extinct, the first to realise this was the mammals who abolished the slavery law though some individuals continued to practice slave trading to the other races mostly the 'Reptilian Empire' who still continued the practice of human slavery though they had long since learned to farm Humans keeping only the most healthy and breed worthy of Human Females alive.

Though eventually after several centuries even they too made it illegal own slave at least without mutually consented legally binding contracts anyway, as a result of the ban on slavery in the Mammal Empire Humans began to flourish again and their services as breeders where paid for not just taken at least that was meant to happen, every now and then some Humans would full pray to a horny Rabbits or Hares in heat but this was just shrugged off; most the time as long as no real harm came to the Humans.

Some Humans even showed advanced skills in craftsmanship their sense of touch allowing them to create masterful works of art or tools of exceptional potential; it would be the Humans who first discover Black Powder and its use for destruction.

During this time in the 'Avian Republic' looked down on the other nations and none flying races in amusement as they considered them all to be merely Sub Species, the Avian's preferred live in cities in places so high up none without the power of flight could reach them unaided as such they where unconcerned with the politics of the world around them.

They where and still remained a highly intelligent race who favours intelligence over the might of military arms, yet despite their delusions greatness looked upon those individuals paid for by coin as beloved pets to be nurtured and cared for to make themselves look even more superior and other races more inferior.

In latter times during the uprising of the 'Kingdom of Man' who discover flight through the use of lighter than air ships not to unsimilar to hot air balloons brought the fight to the skies, the 'Avian Republic' grudgingly had to curb their attitude in order to treat other race with more respect and ask for help.

In more modern times where the Avian race still retains its holier than thou attitude but no longer possesses the same level of arrogance and superiority over none flying races as they once had the initial destruction upon their cities by the 'Kingdom of Man' put pay to that.

The Kingdom of Man a large island inhabited solely by Humans made leaps and bound in the use of steam and clock work technology, guided by religion and a deep rooted hate for all things not Human.

Those Humans in the lands of what was considered abominations to nature where deemed as lost souls in need of moral and religious guidance lost to the darkness of these impure creatures that dared to walk the world on two legs.

In time this belief grew to the point where purging crusades would be launched to liberate and force these Humans in far of lands to see the light of their religion or have their souls saved with a quick death by Human blade to free them form the demonic clutches of anthro kind that the Goddess of their religion could help open the souls eyes to her light and the truth.

Ships with metal hulls powered by boilers to turn vast side mounted water wheels took to the seas armed with turret turned by cog and gear with range far greater than the old cannons still used by the other races that travelled the sea aboard vessels of wood powered by sail.

But these new ships while able to handle all but the most intense bombardment of multiple cannon fire from the wooden ships of the line where flawed with a lack of manoeuvrability that and the paddles on the water wheels where still made of wood for easy repair and fabrication aboard ship.

Eventually the sides of water wheels where plated in iron though lacking the thickness of the hulls tended to give way after sustained volleys.

Though the advantage the wooden ships still held was neutralised by the speed and range of the Human vessels with the exception f the Pirates or rather Privateers as they would be referred to by authorities that now paid those who target Human shipping routes and vessels only.

The Pirate vessels where small fast and extremely agile able to perform hit and run attacks ware down the defences on the paddle wheels before completely immobilising the large metal hulled ships of war before performing a boarding action where the large turret cannons where suddenly rendered useless.

Not all such boarding actions succeeded though man a time they would fought off or the Pirate forces just completely over whelmed but there was still a decent fifty fifty chance of success a percentage that was far superior than that of trying to trade broad sides with a vessel that while lacked the same number of armament could traverse their primary weapons to either Prow or Stern of the Vessel or both of the two large turrets to face to the Port or/and Starboard.

Such flexibility and range made such ships devastating advantage something that was decades above the technology the other none Human races could produce on their own, and with the other nations of the world still divided the 'Kingdom of Man' was left barely opposed.

Even the Aquatic's in their sub oceanic realms where not spared the random purges as vast Aquatic slaver schools all ways willing to try their luck to knock unwary Humans from the deck into the water to sell for sheer fortune to the 'Reptilian Empire' via Galleons used as floating auction houses.

Though most of the time those who are sent to do this against vessel from the 'Kingdom of Man' ended up shattering their head or shoulder against the thick steel hulls of the vessels but some Aquatic species that made up for their lesser intelligence with strength would wield massive Battering Rams with spikes at one end designed to pierce armour.

To counter this rudimentary depth charges would be deployed, rolled over the edge to where after a time they would detonate causing horrific damage, the barrel would be made in traditional way with wood and metal bands.

The insides would be coated in tar and left to dry before being partly filled with gunpowder after which a circular potassium platform would be carefully put into place with wax around the edges to keep the gunpowder below dry and water proof then the lid would be delicately knocked into place.

When the command to use them comes the ship's crew would role the barrel over the side and as the lid to the barrel began to leak in water the deeper it went into the ocean to greater the reaction from the disc of potassium would react by flaming and smoking and in doing so the device would explode.

As the purges became more and problematic and harder to ignore the other nations finally if not begrudgingly banded together to take on the 'Kingdom of Man' but the most that could be achieved was to drive this hate filled race of prejudice Humans back to their own lands and waters.

It would take centuries before a nation ruled through superstitious fear and religious hate towards the other nations changed to one ruled by reason and understanding as the passing of the crown went to a woman who believed in asking questions and not just complying to the will of the clergy.

A decade of civil war raged across the Kingdom and its territories as the religious sect refused to give up their power but the war ended shortly after the Queen went to the religious leaders under parlay, they denounced her as a whore and abomination in league with the unwholesome creature beyond their borders.

But she did not bite at their attempts to provoke her she merely smiled and bayed a child present to read from the sacred book of the Goddess something in the past was considered forbidden and punishable by death in the old days when the powers of the religious sect was absolute even over the Royal family.

When the child spoke he did not use the subtle changes in tone or gestures to help interpret their meaning to the words, she spoke clearly and calmly to all assembled and the fog of lies and deceit began to be lifted from some of the eyes of those of those gathered.

Many had in their own minds questioned the teaching but had been too afraid to speak aloud or disobey the Priests and Priestesses some of these also had their concerns about how the word of the Goddess was being used but had also kept quiet and such heretical thoughts from the light of day.

Instead it was read aloud by a single child innocent to ways of the world the truth made its self known, the book spoke not of intolerance but tolerance of the other races; outraged the High Priest present order the child and Queens death but no one lifted a finger so the Man drew a soldiers sword but the slashing blow was intercepted by another priest who stood their shaking his head at the High Priest before collapsing to the floor dead.

Another blow was aimed at the child this time the queen stepped forwards to take the blow, something one would not expect from ones enemy, the Man's strike was halted as soldier fired his flintlock pistol into the High Priests head.

Ever one went deathly silent expecting the Soldier to fall down dead for such an act but nothing happened his skin did not flay or his flesh boil and melt from his bones, the spectral hands of the dead did not rise up from the ground to drag him down into damnation he was untouched.

This ended the war and once more the 'Kingdom of man' was united again, still it would take many generations until change could truly take hold and even longer for relations to be created with the other nations.

Today in the modern world of 'Third Earth' the names of nations have long since changed and while they mare share the names of those in our reality the locations and land mass shape is greatly different.

For one such example the 'Kingdom of Man' is now simply the United Kingdom along those islands in its territorial waters, while the 'Mammal Empire' is now North and South America and again those Islands in its territorial waters amongst which is the Hawaiian Islands of which one is called 'Hau`oli Moku' or roughly translated 'Happy Island'.

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