Chapter 3: Mind

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#4 of Not Your Master

Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm willing to improve.

From now on, the story is from the "Master's" point of view.

"My name is David David. I'm 19 year old. I know from a long time ago that I'm not like the other. Real soon in my life I've learned how to read other people mind. By the time I've started school, I was able to control that capacity perfectly. At that time, I loved to help other people, and since I was highly intelligent, I had no difficulty with school. And my name was David David. These for things made my life at schools a living hell. Since I could read people mind, I would always try to help them when they would have some trouble. At first they find it sweet then it started to freak them out. And I always was picked on because of the two last things. By the end of my first month, I was pretty much alone. Then after half a year, the school decided I should start to skip level because I was too far ahead. That pretty much put the last nail in the coffin of my social relationship.

"The only person I talked to was my neighbor's son, Tiery. Tiery look a lot like you, maybe he is smaller and less muscular, and he is from a royal lineage. My parents are rich, and they are always doing trip all around the world, so I've never really knew them, though they send me a postcard every month. I guess that didn't help ether. Never the less, I was able to do what I can only describe as emulate other people, none existing people, in my mind to have discussion with them. That way I could talk with someone without taking the risk to look ridiculous. I guest all of that explains why I have a domination complex, but I will come back on that later.

"After some time, I've learned that when I would read people mind precisely enough, I could change what I was reading, and even create totally new ideas. I've also learn I could use almost the same process, though I don't need a clear read, to incapacitated other people. That when it's happened. One of my bullies, the worst of them pushes it too far. I mentally knock him out then I started to control him quite easily. Since he was out, I've had to emulate him so I could be a witness of is fall. He makes a fool of himself. The worst of it was that no sooner I had taken control he starts to call me "master". After the school day had end, I've completely forgot I was emulating him, so he spent almost a day without thinking by himself. Then I've gotten to bed. As I've felt asleep I've of course stopped to control him.

"The next day, he didn't come to school. I thought it was because of what had happened the day before, so I hadn't paid much attention. But I soon learn the truth: he was at the hospital in a comatose state since the night before, as he felt down at the exact moment I felt asleep. There was no doubt; I was responsible so I run to my house. I had to speak about what had happened to someone real. My choice was of course Tiery. As he learned what I could do, and what had happened, he decided to help me practice my control. I've soon understand that all the links I could have would be cut as soon I quit the state of full consciousness. So when we practice, we would have a pan so I could ask him to it me with it if things gotten out of control. I learned a lot about my capacity during that time. First, as soon as I would suggest someone for more than a really short amount of time, their mind would start to stop, but they would recover rather quickly if I stop in time, even though they would experience profound pain for some time. Second, not all the minds are equivalents.

"But one day, the inevitable happen. As we were trying to put full suggestions something bad happened. As I was sending idea I could sense his mind fading away, but he would say he was in control, but I've sensed something wrong when he called me "master". I try to break the link, but it was too late and it had become permanent. So I used our fail safe and asked him to hit me with the pan. Has he did I felt unconscious, and so he. I'd woken up in a matter of hours, but he'd taken a whole week before coming back. I've understood 4 things that day, but the most important was that I can risk hurting someone close to me anymore. So I fled, as soon as I heard that Tiery was waking up, letting only a letter for him to explain why. With all the money my parents gave me, I don't have to worry about anything. I then tried to help people, mostly people that have been kidnapped, but it would seem that one year later, I am still bond to do the same mistake again and again. My bully is still irresponsive, even though it has been for almost 10 year, then I did it again with Tiery, and now you. I'm such a monster!"

Here I am, sobbing again...

"But it's not your fault. Your bully had just gotten too far, and you hadn't controlled your ability at that time. Tiery chooses to continue even though he surely knew it was certainly already gotten too far. And, to finish, I give up voluntarily thinking because I wanted to. You can't blame yourself for any of this!"

The fact that he had spoken stop my thoughts about the past, which makes him gasp for a breath he surely didn't realize not taking before.

"Sorry about that. When I'm controlling someone and get to remember powerful memory, I induced these memories accidentally to them, which can be so powerful they stop to breathe."

"It okay, I'm alright."

"No you're not! I'm the one who makes you say... Wait a minute, you hadn't called me master for almost an hour now..."

"I could call you master again if you want."

"Hell no! Don't do that! You're the first one to have ever been able to not call me master while under full control... Wait I'm not the one who had that taught, you had!"

I should have realized that sooner! He was thinking by himself! Then of course I couldn't. It's quite hard to tell who taught what when you have that much subconscious taught at the same time! I'm so happy right now.

"Of course I had. I hope you're not mad."

"I am happier than I ever had! But now I'm too sleepy to have that kind of discussion, and you're still under my control, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Have a good night."

"You too."

Chapter 4: Control

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Chapter 2: Empathy

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Chapter 1: Escape

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