Getting Lost 2 - Commission for Brophey

Story by saintajax33 on SoFurry

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#2 of Getting Lost

Becky is getting ready to head back to work after staying with the kindly old wolf that gave her a place to rest her head while she healed her ankle, but there's a surprise in store for her that might derail her plans.

Part 1:

Commission for Brophey

Becky's nose twitched as she smelled the familiar scent of pipe smoke wafting in the air. The bear never imagined she'd get used to a scent like that, so rich and dark, but now not only did it seem normal, it was arousing. The bear sprawled out on that big bed, looking at the walls, noticing the knickknacks that every cabin was required to have. Like a set of antlers, a mounted fish or two, and some fishing lures and rods, each with its own story. The old wolf that had brought her in took great pleasure in telling her each story while they were coming down from some pleasure of their own.

The brown bear closed her eyes and just breathed through her nose, slowly inhaling that rich scent that was wafting out of the living room and into the bedroom. The same bedroom she'd spent the past month getting bred in countless times. She could feel the slot between her legs start to get wet as that scent triggered the memories of all the other places she'd been fucked or blown that big old wolf as her foot healed up. She smiled a bit, and slid off the bed, her naked form walking towards the source of that rich smoke.

Sitting in in the wooden rocking chair in front of the empty fire place was the old wolf that had cared for her and helped nurse her back to health. He wasn't wearing his signature overalls, the two of them had realized clothes just got in the way a few week or two ago, all he had on was the red bandana around his neck and his glasses. He was smoking his pipe, and reading a hardcover book, smoke wafting out above him as that rich arousing scent filled the small cabin.

Becky just sauntered over to him, her steps falling silently as she creeped up to him. Without saying a word she reached forward and pulled that book away, setting it down on the coffee table. She looked into his green eyes, Brophey smiling as he saw the desire flickering behind her own. Becky slid up into his lap, the bear's paws coming to rest on his shoulders, as that old wolf slid up his own and cupped her generous breasts. Becky's long flowing golden russet hair brushed against her shoulders as she leaned in and kissed the wolf gently on his lips, as his soft belly rubbed against her own.

That big brown bear groaned as she felt the tip of the stud wolf's shaft slowly sliding across her tender lower lips. She panted, her thighs trembling as that big bad wolf leaned in and blew some of the smoke from his muzzle across one of her nipples. She couldn't quite figure out why, but they'd been so sensitive lately. For the last week every time the big old wolf did anything to them, she'd find herself moaning, the slot between her legs tingling as she felt the need for him to fill her rising.

She slid her hands up the back of his head, running her fingers through that sexy grey hair that covered his scalp and chin. "Oh Brophey... don't tease me."

The big wolf nuzzled at one of her breasts, before popping his pipe from his muzzle and nibbling at that pink bit of flesh that topped that white mound of fur. When she felt those teeth slide across her extra sensitive nipples, she gasped, before a primal needy groan escaped her throat.

"Why wouldn't I?" He mused, before leaning in to copy the nibble on her other breast, his paw cupping her lower back and pulling her in close, before he laid his muzzle between her breasts and looked up at her. "You always make the cutest noises when I do... besides, it always gets you all riled up down here." The wolf said, as he popped his pipe back into his muzzle, before sliding his paw between her legs, and running his fingers across her soft lower lips. His fingers rubbed back and forth as he teased her pussy, the old wolf's shaft only growing harder as he felt her squirm against me.

"Ah...Ah...ah! Please! Just fill me up already..." She almost begged.

"Oh? Ready to have this big old wolf's stud seed filling up that pretty belly of yours?" The big wolf asked as he slipped one of his fingers into that bear's honey hide away. She groaned, her thighs squeezing down on his paw as he probed inside of her, that big bear grinding into his hand, moaning out in need.

"Yes!" She cried. "Yes! Fill me with your seed, Brophey."

"Well when you put in that way..." The big wolf growled as he grabbed her hips, the pointed tip of his cock pressing against her moist lips. A growl rumbled in his chest, smoke rising from his nose as he thrust up inside of her. That big bear gasping as that wolf's hot rod found her sweet spot once again. She gripped onto his shoulders tight, holding herself steady as she started to move herself up and down, her wet sex gliding over his throbbing cock.

Brophey slid his paw along her back, reassuring her as she bounced in his lap, that young tight girl that had grown to fit his cock perfectly over the past month, felt so wonderful over his red flesh. The teasing had already riled him up, he was tempted to breed her nice and hard, but for the moment he was content with just sitting back in his chair, puffing gently on his pipe as that younger girl worked on the pipe between his legs.

Their grunts and moans filled that small space, their scents mixing with the smell of pipe smoke and the apple pie she'd made for dinner that was cooling on the windowsill. The sound of their fur grinding together echoed against those wooden walls. The two of them lost in their own pleasure. The big wolf gave out a soft grunt as his knot started to form. "Mmm as much as I'd love to tie you, we do need to go to town today, but... why don't you cut loose and I'll make sure I don't pop into you."

The horny female bear nodded, so lost on her pleasure she could barely register what the old wolf was saying. She held onto the back of the chair, closing her eyes tight as she started to bounce quicker along his shaft. That wolf reached between himself and Becky, his paw wrapping around his knot and squeezing it, that bear's hot folds slamming against his fingers as he kept himself from tying with her. They could both feel themselves getting closer to their climax. Becky threw her head back, growling in pure ecstasy as her pussy started to pulse around that wolf's dick as she started to orgasm, that old wolf grunting and his face scrunching up. "Oh! Here it comes. Here comes that thick old wolf seed into your belly!"

He thrusted up, his cum mixing with her juices as they both came, the two creatures groaning as they leveled off, that beauty of a bear pulling herself off of that big old wolf dick, before she let herself rest against his thighs and leaned into his chest. The two of them panted a bit, the bear leaning up to plant a kiss on the wolf's lips as her heart twinged. The bear moved one of his paws up to cup one of her round rump cheeks, and he looked into her eyes as she looked back into his.

Today was the second to last day of her medical leave, after a quick checkup from the local doctor, she would be going to be back in the city and far away from the wolf she'd come to care about so much in the past few weeks. She snuggled against his chest, holding back a sigh as she tried to focus on how good he felt leaned against her.


The large beaver tapped away on his tablet as he brought up Becky's latest x-rays. He looked them over, and he stroked his handlebar mustache. He slid a tablet pen from the vest of his white coat, and tapped a few things, before he turned to Becky and smiled. "Alright, I can clear you to go back to work. You've healed up rather nicely, Brophey must have been taking very good care of you."

"You have no idea doc," the bear said with a little smirk.

"Wonderful, oh and congratulations," The doctor said as he stood up from his chair, his large belly pressing outward over his slacks, the buttons of his shirt seeming to strain against his weight.

The bear furrowed her brow in confusion, "What are you congratulating me for? For being healed up?"

"On your pregnancy. We got a new machine last week that takes in and does a battery of tests to someone's blood work, a pregnancy test being one of them. We're trying to build up a profile for our patients, so we ran your blood through it today to get you on file." The badger said as he tapped on his tablet, "I would recommend setting up an appointment with an OBGYN as soon as possible, but if you'd like I could write you a prescription for neonatal vitamins today." The doctor said as he glanced up from his tablet.

Becky looked as if the world had been yanked out from underneath her. She stared at the doctor, her mind racing so fast she couldn't even pick out a single thought, before she blurted out. "What do you mean pregnant?" Panic filled her voice, "I was on the shot, I'm supposed to be good for 6 months."

"Oh my... So I guess this wasn't a planned pregnancy?" The doctor said, a bit of concern in his voice as he looked over her medical records on his tablet, his face turning to a frown. "Well... you were good for 6 months, but your last shot was 8 months ago."

The brown bear just stared dumbly at the doctor. His voice rang in her ears like a little mosquito, making it impossible to hear a single word he said after that. She just put her hand on her belly, wondering what she was going to do. How she was going to tell Brophey? A million other things all danced through her mind. She went on autopilot after that. She stayed quiet on the whole way back to the cabin, when Brophey asked her how it went. She just quietly responded, "Fine, he cleared me to head back home."

The older wolf looked concerned, but he didn't say anything as they made the journey back to his cabin. When they walked through the cabin door, she seemed like a ghost, just floating through the house, before she came to sit on the edge of the bed and said, "Brophey, we need to talk."

The wolf's ears perked up as he kicked off his shoes. "Oh? What about?"

"I'm pregnant."

"Good, I was starting to wonder if I was shooting blanks." He said as the edges of his muzzle turned up into a toothy grin. "I guess I'm just as potent as ever."

Becky looked at him dumbfounded by his reaction. She'd had this conversation a thousand times in her head on the way back, that reaction had never played out in any of her internal scenarios. Her jaw opened slightly, and the wolf took note of the look on her face. He went to stand in front of her, and he looked at her with concern. "But I'm guessing this is a surprise for you?"

"Well yeah, I mean, I'd been on that birth control shot. I didn't think I could get pregnant, but apparently it wore off before I came here." She dipped her head and put her face in her paws. "Oh god, what am I going to do?"

The old wolf moved almost silently to her side and sat beside her, he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into his side. "You don't need to do a thing." The wolf said reassuringly as he leaned in and nuzzled into one of the brown bear's rounded ears. "Don't you remember all those things I said as we were having sex? Like, 'Oh I can't wait to fill that belly up', 'You're going to look so good with your belly swollen walking around in nothing but a cute pair of panties when winter comes' and finally, 'I love taking care of you'."

Becky felt tears starting to well in the corners of her eyes as she kept her face buried in her paws, before she mumbled, "yeah, but everyone says stuff when they're balls deep in someone else. What about it?"

The large wolf reached down and fished the bear's head from her paws, before gently guiding her muzzle up to look up at him. "Well, I meant every word," he looked lovingly into her eyes and squeezed her into him before the wolf leaned down and planted a sweet gentle kiss upon her lips. He pulled her up on the bed, and laid her down on her back. He slid off the bed and took one of her bare feet into his paw, he started to rub it before he turned up at her and smiled softly at her. "I know you have a life up in the city, and I'd never force you to do anything, but I just want you to take a minute and think about an offer I'm about to make." He said as his thumbs worked across the arch of her foot making that chubby bear moan. Becky nodded, and he continued.

"Now I've lived quite a full life, I got enough money in the bank to take care of myself, someone else, and a couple of pups for years to come. If you stayed up here with me I couldn't promise you the ritz, but I could promise you a very simple stress free life. We could live in this cabin, and your only worry would be the pup that's growing in your belly and what we should do for dinner. All you have to do is stay, and I promise we will be very happy together. And it isn't like I ain't done this before. I managed to raise a few pups, and they even have pups of their own. I can help you every step of the way, from the pregnancy cravings to comforting you when he or she moves out of the house." Brophey looked up, "So Becky Diana Rodriguez, will you stay in this cabin with this old wolf and raise a pup or two together?"

Becky felt the inside of her ears turning red, and she felt her heart thump at the offer. She had been happier since she'd lived here, the past few weeks had been the best of her life. She'd loved every second with this wolf, from the long passionate nights to the intimate dinner time conversations that could last for hours as they talked about their lives, politics, and everything else in-between. She reached down and cupped her belly, her eyes looking down at it, and she rubbed it softly. She looked up into Brophey's eyes and her choice felt crystal clear.

"Yes Brophey, I'll stay."

*Eight Months Later*

Becky glanced out of the window, gazing at the snow covered peaks, and then at the pristine valley her cabin laid in. The spring light was flickering through the clouds, melting the snow that had covered the ground for far too long in her opinion. The bear nearly jumped as she felt a kick come from inside of her, and she looked down over her swollen white midsection, her paws sliding across it feeling the little critter inside as he pushed against the insides of her belly. She tried to look past it to her toes, but that was in vain.

She heard the door open, and the sound of Brophey dropping firewood by the hearth. The bear smiled, and she said, "Hey honey."

"Hey dear," a warm voice said from the other room, before she heard him take off his boots and he walked into her view. He took a seat on the bed next to her, and he leaned down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "So is there anything I can do for my two favorite people in this whole valley?" The old wolf asked as he slid a paw across her swollen belly.

The brown bear grinned softly, "well... I know something you can do for Mama bear." She said as her paws slid down to the front of the wolf's overalls and gave the bulge in the crotch a squeeze.

The old wolf growled playfully, "Horny again already?"

The bear licked her lips, "When all you can do is lay in bed all day your mind tends to wonder, and mine tends to lead to what it'll feel like to have Papa mount Mama again."

The old wolf chuckled, "I guess I can't argue with that logic. So how does Mama bear wanna get mounted today?"

The wolf was already undoing his overalls, as the bear licked her lips. "I think I'd like you to spoon me, and breed me that way."

"I think I can do that," Brophey said as he let his overalls fall and he stood next to the bed naked, his cock jutting from under his round greying belly. The bear held her belly as she carefully rolled onto her side, pressing out her rump and showing off the folds between her legs already wet from just the thought of having that big wolf slid into her again.

Brophey slid up behind her, moving her hair out of the way as he leaned in and kissed along her neck, making her murmur happily. He pressed his warm belly against her back, letting her feel him as he rested a paw on her belly, rubbing it softly, feeling the critter the two of them had made together and it made his cock throb. He slid his cock between her warm soft thighs, gently rocking it back and forth, teasing her lips with the top of his shaft as his paw slid lower and teased the little pleasure nub above her warm wet lips. The wolf slid back, letting the head of his shaft tease the warm ready lips, before he shifted his hips and let it slid in as smoothly as a key going into a lock.

The bear gasped, moaning as the wolf slowly slid inside of her, filling her pussy up with his warm throbbing shaft. He started to slowly breed her, not with the same rutting passion that had lead to the pup now filling her belly, but something softer. He just slowly slid in and out of her, a paw resting on her belly as he gently nuzzled and kissed her neck, his teeth eventually finding her ear to nibble on. "I gotta say, you just get prettier and prettier every day. I think when our pup gets older all his friends are going to want to fuck his MILF of a mom..." The wolf playfully teased.

The bear chuckled and she slid her paw down to lace her fingers with the wolf's as his paw rested on her belly. "Well that or they'll be trying to find a reason to lift their tails for his DILF of a dad. If they're anything like me, they'll be falling for you in no time."

"That's mostly true, but I'm more of a GILF. In fact... I bet I'll have had one or two of their daddies bent over my knee or wrapped around my cock when they were their boy's age." The wolf growled lustfully, as he held that mama bear close.

"Oh I remember the stories... I guess I shouldn't be surprised, giving how quickly I was spreading my legs for you." Becky said as she moaned as that wolf's cock slid in and out of her slot, she squeezed his paw tight as he hit the place inside of her that made her body quake around his shaft. She started to pant softly, the big bear groaning as she pressed back into the big wolf's thrusts, her eyes closing tight as she started to orgasm around his shaft, that tight tunnel squeezing down on him as he rocked back and forth.

The wolf growled playfully, loving the way she pulsed around his shaft. He closed his eyes and sped up his thrusts a little, his hips gently tapping against her rump as his big balls pulled up close, and he grunted as he pumped more of the seed that had already taken root into her.

The two of them held each other close, their paws on the bear's belly, feeling it as the critter inside kicked softly. They both sighed contently, and stayed snuggled together as they both drifted to sleep. Both so happy for the life they now shared and the one they both helped to create.

Getting Lost - Commission for Brophey

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