Stormy Night

Story by Exveemon lover on SoFurry

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#1 of Digimon

My second story! This time is a digimon fanfic with a classic storyline, hope you guys enjoy.

Wind is howling outside the windows, I can see a bright flash on the sky and few seconds later, rain start to drop. The recent weather is a bit frustrating, it kept jumping between sun shine and raining and today even a thunder storm. I sigh slightly, I get a plan to visit one of my friend today but clearly now my plan is blown by the wind, smash by the thunder and flush by the rain. Stay in home is quite boring, I turn on the TV and watch the plain show for a few hours, it isn't helping at all and my mood is turning to annoying. I sign heavily,maybe work out a bit can keeping me busy and burn some of my energy.

I walk to my training room, stretching out myself on the mat to warm my body up. After 10 minutes, I feel my body start to heat up and sweat start to form. I push myself a last forward bend and get to a lifting machine at the corner. I pull off my top to relief some heat and start with 100 kg, it maybe heavy for a human but as an Exveemon, that's a piece of cake. I work to a full set and raise the weight to 150, then 200. Now finally I feel the pressure, my muscles bulge and sweating heavily. This take me a while to finish the set and I challenge the 250. I struggle half set but my arms just give up, I lay on the bench,arms falling beside and panting heavily. I rest for 10 minutes to catch my breath, I slowly pull myself up and look at the full body mirror.

The sweat on my torso makes it shining nicely, I flex my muscle to give some poses.

"Hey, big guy. You are damn hot." I get out of the room and head to kitchen. I pour myself a cup of water then I hear some huge noises at my front door.


"Shit! Fuck this weather, why I need to suffer this!" I cursed to the sky and running as fast as I can, I need to find a shelter, fast or I will catch a cold.

I run through the storm,the now muddy road had made me slip a few times and the heavy rain and cold wind make me shivering. I have already ran for an hour and I am exhaust. I feel my heart sinking, I don't know I can make this through. About the time my body give up, I finally spot a dim light ahead me,my hope raise back and I use all my last strength to rush for my life.

As I finally get to the house front door, my body just shut down and my whole body bump on the door. The reacting force push me on the ground, I see stars in front of me and my head hurt like hell. I struggle to get up but the dizziness makes that impossible, the last thing I see is the door open slightly and I pass out.


I open the door to check anythings happened and I spot the soaked and muddy Growlmon lay in front of my door.

"Shit! Hey buddy are you ok?" I quickly bend over and check him out, luckily he is still breathing. I use all my strength to lift him up and carry him inside. I use my tail to close the door behind, I can feel the coldness on him. He will not last long in that storm, luckily he can reach my place on time. I carry him to my bathroom, I open the tap by my tail and put him on the floor. As hot water filling up my bath, I try to take off his soaked clothes, but they are sticking tightly on his body, I try a few times but that's hard, finally I run out of patient and tear them off. When he is finally naked, the bath had already filled. I put him into the water, hope the warm can help. I finally have time to observe him closely, he is quite muscular, his muscles are quite obvious. I compare him with myself, find out I just win him a neck, he will be a great workout partner. Then my sight lock on his crotch, wow! His balls are huge, they are as big as my fist! When I regain my thought, I find my hands had reached the heavy jewellery, one hand take care of one and I give them a squeeze. A quiet wimper escape his muzzle, this make my heart skipping a beat. I don't want to be catch like this, it will be too embrassing! I withdraw my hands quickly and reach for the soap, I need to wash away the mud before I can dry him off. After the wash had done, I pull him out of water and use a big towel to dry him off. Although a towel between him and my hand, I can still feel the curve of his body. I have to admit he is hot and his face looks cute to me, I blush a little and my short suddenly feel a bit tight. I shake my head a few times to clear my head, I hold him in my arm like the slepping princess and head to the warm living room. I put him on my comfortable couch beside the fireplace,cover him with a soft blanket, hope this can raise his body temperature back to normal. I start at his cute face for a while,smile crack at the corner of my muzzle, what a cutie. I let him sleep in peace and head to the corridor, it is soaked with muddy water and it will be hard to clean when they dry.

After I finish the cleaning, I smell myself stink badly. I sign slightly and head to get a nice bath.


I feel warm and comfy, a quiet cracking sound raise my from the dark, my eyes open slightly and the first thing catch my eyes is the ceiling. I get up slightly and observe the surrounding. I am in a nicely decorate living room, the cracking sounds are from the burning woods at the fireplace. Memory rush back quickly and I know I should be saved by the owner of this house, I feel relived and lay back on the comfortable couch. Strength slowly get back to my body and I feel strong enough to move at last. As I put away the blanket, I find myself totally naked, embarrass filling my brain and I blush heavily. I quickly cover my bottom by the blanket and looking around to find my clothes.

Suddenly I hear footsteps at the corridor, I turn myself to the doorway to meet the owner. To my surprise,a handsome but naked Exveemon appear, he looks in shock. We stare at each other a few seconds and we both blush heavily, he quickly run out the room and his voice is shuddering.

"I...I thought you are still sleeping, sorry about that."

"No...You don't need to apologize, I should thanks you for saving my life."

"No,that's a piece of cake.Helping hand should be given when someone is needed."

"And thank you is always needed when you receive help from someone." I answered in chuckle"And may I ask where is my clothes?"

"Oh...about that,you know,well..." I raise an eyebrow.

"They were soaked and stuck tightly to you, I can't get them out of you,so...I..." he pause a second, "tore them apart."

"And you had washed me up." I feel my cheek burn.

"Yea, were ice cold there,so...I...well."

An embarrassing silence in the air.

"I...I should get us some clothes,wait me a while." and heavy footsteps rush out the corner.

I sit back on the couch and call back the memory of that Exveemon, he is slightly taller and muscular than me and he get a nice package down there. Thinking about him make my heart beating faster. Am I? really...just fall in love? In a few seconds view? I can't stop thinking about him.


I rush to my bedroom, I feel my cheek burning. I hadn't feel this embarrassing in my whole life, run into a guest naked? Gods, please save me. I lean against a wall, taking a deep breath and try to come myself down. Slowly I get myself up and open my drawer, dress myself in a hurry. After that I choose some clothes for him and head back to the living room. I take a deep breath before I get in, he is sitting on the couch.

"I have gotten you some clothes, you can wear these."

He takes the clothes and reply "Thanks, and may you please..." He looks at me shyly.

I blank out a bit and finally realise his meaning "Oh! Sure! Call me when you are done." I quickly run back out in blush.


He is back, I can see a faint pink at his white cheek, it's very obvious and the sight is a bit cute.He lends me some clothes and I tease him a bit, after a blank, His cheek turns to bright red and runs out of the room. I chuckle to myself and start to dress, I think I really fall in love.

"I'm done!" I called out and he enters the room sheepishly.

"So I hadn't get the name of my savior and Eric here." I asked

"My name is Alex,nice to meet you." He gives out a paw.

"You too and thanks again for saving my life." I give his paw a shake. His paw feel so soft and gentle,I wish I can hold it longer.

"Not a problem and may I ask why you were out at that horrible storm?And I haven't seen you nearby?"

"I moved to this area last weak and I had been unlucky since yesterday, I lost my map in the wood and got lost. I spent a whole night in the wood and I finally found a path this morning but things got down really fast. The storm came and I ran through the path, hoped to find a shelter. Luckily I had found your place on time,otherwise I would just be dead."

"Sorry to hear about that, you must be hungry now, wait me a while and I am going to make us dinner." He turns around and head to the open kitchen.

We chat during the cooking, knowing each other more. We both share most common interest, like hiking, swimming, working out, etc. When he invites me to be his partner, I accept the offer not even hesitant. This will be a great opportunity to stick with him more,hope this will helped to increase our relationship.

As the dinner is ready, our conversation start to swing between different topics, from the beautiful landmark around to our favourite movies. I am so attracted to his handsome face, his smile, his laugh, I don't even realise our dinner had finished long ago, my sight can't leave him a second!

As we finally realise three hours had passed, we are sitting on a soft carpet in front of the fireplace, two half cups of hot choco on our hand.

I have never felt this happiness in my whole life, I am so taken care of. At this moment I know this is the digimon, the place and the life that I want to spend with.

The atmosphere between us is a bit weird now, I stare directly at his eyes,making him blush and try to look away to hide his embarrassment. The cutey reaction like an arrow hit in my heart , before I realise, my body had acted on his own and tackle on top of him. I look at his shocking face passionately, trying to express my feeling about him.

I know there is no turning back now, I slowly lean my head down,shorting our distance and kiss him with my full heart.


When Eric stared at me, I feel my heart had skipped a beat. I can't look back directly, this feel so embarrassing! His line of sight make me feel something, I'm not so sure, but is My heart beat is raising and suddenly I feel so hot in here. Before I can ask, I am hit hard. I feel my back lands on the soft carpet, I refocuse my mind and find out Eric had tackled on me. His face fills with passion and maybe love? I watch his face getting closer, 10 cm...5...3...2...1...and bomb. I feel my mind exploded, he...he is kissing me! Cause my cloudy mind, I can only receive the kiss passively, I don't know how long had passed but I finally regain my mind. I reopened my who-knows-when closed eyes and finding out there is a grining face above me.

"So, I guess you like this a lot,hmm?" He teased.

"I...What...How..." He doesn't let me finish and give me a kiss again, this time, I put my hands behind his head and push our kiss deeper. Our tongues are dancing with each other, tasting every bit of our muzzle and try to brand this great moment inside our memory. This is the best kiss in my whole life, we held the kiss as long as possible before we are out of breath. Finally we separate again, I look into his golden eyes and find the love inside. I know I have find my Mr.Right.

"That was my best kiss ever." My voice is full of passion now.

"Yea,I know." He replied with a playful smirk.

We hold each other tightly and kiss a few more times, until he starts to lick lower to my sensitive neck. He gives a few licks and even nibble on it,I whimper slightly and give out a moan. I feel my body heating up and a bulge had raised under me.

"Please...Oh...Not here,it's sensitive." I protested weakly.

"But your body tells a different story." He teased.

He starts to tease me further, his hands are caressing around my upper torso and trying to find more of my sensitive spots. Every time he finds one, he wouldn't stop nibbling on that until I give out a loud moan. My strength is melting away because of his teasing and I am completely at his mercy now. His fun continue until he spots my growing tent.

"Looks like someone is ready." He carries my limp body up and walks out the living room.

"Show me your room." I point my finger to the correct door.

After we enter my bedroom,he puts me on my bed softly, knees beside my bed and slowly undressing me. First he pulls away my T-shirt, showing my bare chest and six pack to him. He leans forward takes my left nipple in his muzzle, he sucks on it hardly, make me moan in heat. His naughty hands don't spare at all, his left is now caressing my abdomen and his right is pinching my right nipple. The pleasure makes my body shaking around and my cock is fully out of my slit.

"WOW! You are very sensitive!" He stops for a while to let me rest a bit.

"Nipples are one of my weak spots, I can get a hard on by playing with my them and even cum when I am closed." I explain.

"Cool! So you can cum hand free,right?"

"Yes,and I get a few more weak spots, think you can find them?"

"Absolutely! I will give you a remarkable night as a Thank You Gift."

"So what are you waiting for?You teased me so much that I feel pent up down there,do something!"

"Thought you'd never ask." He slowly pulls my pants down and releases my hard-on from the cage.

"This is my dessert." He licks his lips before engulfs the head of my shaft. His tongue circles around a while, teases a moan from me. He slowly starts to bob his muzzle and every time he gets to my head, his tongue will circling around my gland a few times before going back down, every circle movements he makes will be reward by a drop of pre.

This trick makes my orgasm raising rapidly, sweat starts to form and I can't stop moaning! Normally I can last at least 30 minutes but today his skillful muzzle makes that impossible. I only last 20 minutes and I can feel the breaking point is nearly reached.

"Eric! I'm...close! I can't...." and that's all I can warn before I throw by head behind and howl loudly. Rope after rope of my cum shoot in his muzzle, the first rope catches him by surprise but he quickly realizes what happen. He drinks down my cum eagerly and reaches for my balls to give them some squeezes, prolong my orgasm and milking a few more ropes out of my balls. When I finally die down, I am sweating and panting heavily, this is one of my best orgasm in my life.

Eric releases my cock and gets to the front of the bed, he slowly leans down and gives me a passionate kiss. I return back with my heart and tasting the remain sweet cum inside his muzzle.

"I was joking when I mentioned dessert but you surprised me."He jokes when we seprate.

"Well, full filling his guest is a duty for the house owner." I counter back.

We both burst out laughing by our jocks for a while.

"Is it unfair that I am the only one naked in this room?" I ask in a bit eager.

"You didn't exam enough when you were washing me?" He teases me lightly, makes me blushing again.



Eric slowly pulls his shirt away, revives his toned torso, then he puts his hands on the sides of his shorts, pulling down a bit to tease me.

"Want to see what inside?" He waits for my nob and finally pulls them down. He walks closer to me and teases me more."Does the draggy wants a taste? Come on, try it." I don't even hesitate to grab his big and hard shaft in my hand, it feel so hot in my grip. I give a few storkes and a drop of pre drip out at the tip, I quickly lick it up and it taste wonderful.

I take half of his member inside my muzzle and start to lick and suck hardly for his delicious pre. He gives out a moan and pets my head to encourage me. "Yea...That's it...Oh...That's the spot..." As time pass by, pre flow into my muzzle rapidly and I can't wait to taste his cum. So,I start jerking the lower part of his member, making him groan more. As this continues, his hips start bucking my muzzle and his balls pull up, I know he is getting close.

"Getting close...Oh...and...Shit...Here it comes!" Cum explode in my muzzle and the volume takes me off guard, I try to drink down as much as I can, but it is too much! The pressure push his member out of my muzzle and the cum paint on my face and chest. Every time I gulp down a mouthful, I would be refill in a second when I open for more. His orgasm last a whole minute and I gulp down the last rope from his cock. Then I start down to my body, my whole chest and half of my abdomen are covered in his cum.

" WOW! You cum a lot! I am nearly covered in white!"I feel a bit shock.

"Sorry about the mess," he chuckle " But I still get more ammo inside my balls, so save your amaze until I'm done!"

"You have to be kidding."

"See this? Still hard like a rock." He takes his hard member in his hand and shake it a few times,sway a drop of pre on my face near my left eye.

"Hae! Watch it!"

"Opps, sorry about that, but do you remember my earlier promise?"

"Er... You will give me a remarkable night as a gift?"

"Yup and my true meaning is I will drain all your energy and make you pass out in pleasure, sounds exciting?"

I blink a few times before burst into laughter. He looks at me in confusion and doesn't knew the reason of my laughter.I finally catch my breath and explain.

"You know I am a dragon type digimon, right?" I ask.

"And?" He still doesn't get it.

"Dragon type is well known of high stamina and quick recovery, so you need to try REALLY hard to drain me, my stupid dinosaur."

"Really? Is that a challenge now?"

"Yup! How about a bet? The rules are simple, who pass out first need to clean all the mess we make later."

"Deal! " He quickly flips me on all four,using his left hand to lift my tail up and exposes my tail hole to him. He gives my ring a few licks, teasing a quiet moan from me, then tracing downward to my balls, giving each ball a kiss and continues to trace down to my cock head, circling a few times and lick back to my tail hole in reverse order. Three sets later and I am groaing loudly, my whole private place is covering in his saliva, my cock is trobbing and pre start to lick slightly.

"Looks like you are ready for more." He starts to push his tongue inside my ass, licking around to stimulate me more, as his tongue goes deeper, he finds my prostate. He licks around the nub, making a high pitch yip from me, a small robe of pre shoot out from my cock, landing on the bed sheet.

This encourages him more, he grips my shaft with his right hand and starts milking me like a cow, more pre is now licking out from my tip and he makes them as lubricant to increase his milking speed. The double stimulations make me moan like a bitch, damn he is good! His touches must get magic! I can feel my orgasm approach faster than normal like last time, I try to hold a bit longer but that's not efficient at all, I arch my back and howl to the ceiling. My cum splash on the sheet below me, forming a big puddle there. My orgasm last for 30 seconds, when he sees my last robe of cum shoots out of me, he releases my member and retreats his tongue from my abused tail hole. He watches me panting and enjoying the afterglow for a few seconds. "The night is still long and we are far from done, it's my turn to have some fun." He doesn't give me a chance to reply and shoves his entire shaft in my ass. A mix of pleasure and pain shoot to my brain, making me scream on top of my voice, "Damn, you are tight!" His hands holding my hips to support himself and he starts to fuck me slow and hard. Everytime he shoves inside me, his balls will slap on mine and giving me an odd pleasure, my prostate will be jab harshly by his shaft and streaming out a line of pre. His powerful shoves and ball slapping make my semi-hard shaft bouncing around, swinging the pre everywhere, the sheet, my body, his feet. I feel like his bitch now, my limbs barely holding myself and my moaning are fucking out by him. I can feel my orgasm raise rapidly, again!

Maybe because the previous round made him a bit excited, when I reach my orgasm, my ass muscle wall tighten and send him over the edge. His shaft pulse and shoot his load deep inside me, filling me up nicely. As his orgasm die down, he lands on my back and push all his weight on me. My limbs can't hold anymore and give up immediately, I collapse on the bed, making my front totally mess. When I am about to give a protest, he turns my head to meet his and kiss me deeply, my complain melt like ice below the sun.

"So, you are enjoying is it?" He asked when we broke our kiss.

"Absolutely! Although you are very skillful, but I am not that easy to beat!"

"Great! And I won't go easy on you anymore."

"Bring it on!"

And our fun once again begin, this time he begin fucking me in full speed, the force makes me rubbing myself at the bed sheet, my shaft once again stimulate to fully hard, making the pleasure greater. I can feel my dragon blood roar inside my body and I feel I need more! As our orgasm finish in this round, I couldn't help but shout out "I NEED MORE!" He doesn't hesitate a second and flip me over, back on the now messed bed and start fucking me again.

Hours pass by, we have try different positions,some standard one, like he sits on the bed and I ride him. Or my legs around his waist and hands on his shoulder and he fuck me upright. Or push my back against a wall and fuck me hard. We also try some challenging positions, like facing the floor parallel and pulling my arms backward for support my upper body and his fucking member for my lower body. Eric is always getting new ideas and we haven't repeat a single position. I even get a few chance to fuck him but at the end, I finally realise my partner is a master or I should say monster in sex, even a dragon type can't beat him in his area, I pass out at last on lose the bet.

I wake up at the morning, the storm had pass and the sun shine through the window and waking me up.I find a strong arm is holding around my chest and keeping my back pressing on his chest, I can feel his powerful heart beat, the whole scene makes me feel save and be loved. I can't help but turning around and kiss him passionately. He wakes in confusion but realises quickly and returning the kiss. The kiss lasts a whole minute, when we apart, we can both see the love in our eyes.

"Good morning sunshine, you slept well last night?"

"Morning and yes, I slept well and I feel great now. I noticed that you had already clean us and the room, and what about the bet?"

"Forget about that bet, it's just a flicker of interest and the only reason of that bet was I could give you the most memorable and craziest night as a gift."

"Yes, that was my greatest night ever in my life. And what happened after I passed out?"

"Well...Your body are a miracle, I brought you to the bathroom and suddenly I got an idea. I wanted to give you a tongue bath! I slowly licked you clean to my surprise your member reacted when I licked pass a spot on your neck, it throbbed when I licked it again. I thought it would be a great opportunity to find all of your waek spots, I used your shaft's throbbing rate as an indicator and found all the spots. Your nipples are the biggest one and your tail tip is the second one, others are so similar that I couldn't tell the difference."

"You naughty lizard! I'm saving them for the future!What happened next?"

"Sorry, but I was curious there. Then I remembered you had mentioned you can cum hand free by stimulated those spots when you are closed, so I thought could I take a step forward? So I put your tail in my muzzle, sucked it hard and used all my methods to stimulate you nipples, tried to make you cum hand free."

"Did that work? I had tried myself but that only got me hard."

"It was hard, below my skillful stimulation, your cock got completely stiff after a minute, throbbing and spewing precum around in 10, but no more further response. First I thought it was time matter,I continued for another 20 minutes but found 0 progress, so I tried to stimulate more of your spots. My left feet at your navel, right feet at your wing base and my tail at your neck, I tried my best to stimulate you and other 20 minutes later, when I nearly gave up, I saw your balls finally raised and you exploded your biggest load at the night, shamed that you were out."

"WOW! That sounds great, we must try it later,anything more?"

"Not much, after you were done, I jerked myself off to release the pressure in my balls and I washed ourselves clean, cleaned the room, carried you back to bed and hugged you to sleep."

"Thanks for that, I know how crazy our last night and it must took a long time to clean, maybe I can repay you with a fine breakfast?"

"Sounds great, feeling hungry now."



"Will you...Will you be my boyfriend and move in?"

"Yes...I will."

And we kiss again.

The bet(road rovers fanfic)

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