Fast Friends [Commission]

Story by Lukas Kawika on SoFurry

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nothing really too kinky here, other than being sucked off by someone who'd just met you, and the whole humiliation kink deal. c:

this was a fun little story for my friend and past client FriskeCrisps, hope you and him enjoy! <3

his character and mine run into each other and end up having a pretty nice night.

as usual, please take my kink survey ( ) if you haven't, and I'm open for commissions of course c:

When Lukas was on his way home from a friend's house one night, the sky just suddenly decided to open up into a downpour. Sure, the occasional storm was nice, but... this was something else; he already could hardly see due to the dark of night, and now, thick curtains of rain pounding down on the car's windshield reduced his vision even further. He couldn't even tell how fast he was going by looking outside simply because he couldn't see anything out there. He'd turned his headlights up, he'd slowed down, he'd leaned quite far forward in his seat...

...and because of the unclear nature of everything in his sight, he was a little surprised when he thought he saw what looked to be a person trodding along beside the road. It was a... canine of sorts, wearing a cloth hoodie with the hood up, jeans, sneakers, little more. Lukas very well could have just driven past him, figuring that, if the canine wanted a ride, he'd at least look back or stick his thumb out... but, then again, it was also possible that he couldn't even hear the car coming. So, the otter slowed down as he approached him, rolled the window down, and shouted over the rain-

"Hey - do you need a ride somewhere?"

The canine - a wolf - looked over at him, the speed of the movement showing that he really hadn't heard Lukas. He had a plastic bag that looked to contain a box of something clutched under one arm, held like it was the most important thing in the world to him. After considering for a moment, though, he nodded and moved his mouth to form the words 'yes, please', though Lukas couldn't hear them over the rain.

So, the otter rolled the window back up, unlocked the door, then leaned over and opened it for him - and the wolf wasted no time in climbing in and then shutting the door behind him, closing out the rampant noise of the storm. Hell, even the thunder tearing through the sky multiple miles away was enough to make the whole car shake like he'd driven off the road. He had the radio on, but not only was it mostly static this far out and during this weather, but not much could be heard under the rain constantly drumming on the hood of the car. Lukas looked over at the wolf, dripping from the end of his nose, his whiskers, his elbows, clutching that bag in his lap, hood still up.

He was kinda cute.

"So." Lukas turned the heat up. "What are you doing out here, at this time, in this weather? I mean - didn't you see that a storm was in the forecast?"

"Today was the last day I could get these shoes on sale." The wolf lifted up the bag, splashing rainwater all over himself. "I really - don't live too far away from the store..."

"The nearest shoe store to here is three miles that way..." Lukas nodded his head back behind him.

"...but I got lost. My phone ran out of power, too, and even if it hadn't, I'd be too frightened to take it out in rain like that to see where I am... so." He shrugged. "I don't wanna be a burden, but - would you mind letting me stay at your place tonight? I promise I won't... steal anything, or kill you in your sleep or anything."

"Hah. I was gonna let you stay, but..." Lukas gave him a grin. "Nah, I'm kidding. 'Course you can. I have a couch in my living room - sweet Jesus, most comfortable couch you'll ever sleep on. Might even be better than my own bed. I live a... little bit down this way..." He leaned forward again, trying to peer through the combined darkness, heavy rain, and fast windshield wipers. "...I think. We'll get there. While we're on the way, though - tell me about yourself. I need to know if I should dump you back out on the road before we get there, right?"

"Oh. Okay. Well... what do you want to know?"

"Hmm. What's your name?" The otter extended his right paw sideways towards the wolf, who took it and shook. "I'm Lukas."


"Ooh. That's a fun name. 'Crisp'. I've known a Chardonnay, two Margaritas, a Noodle - yes, someone name Noodle; it says that on his birth certificate - and a goddamn Chet, but never a Crisp. You know, that Chet guy..."

The wolf blinked, keeping his eyes on Lukas's face. This otter was... well, strange. Were Crisp the one to be picking Lukas up off the side of the road, he'd probably be too shy to say much of anything past 'do you need a ride?', if even that - and yet this otter kept on talking, kept on taking one paw (and sometimes both, which made Crisp grasp at the armrest built into the door) off the wheel to punctuate his speech with gestures. He seemed nice, though - he didn't wipe his paw off after the wolf, fur soaked through all over, shook it, and he also didn't seem to concerned about the state of this seat's upholstery. Maybe he was used to being wet.

Well. He was an otter, after all.

", it's always been a running joke between me and Vyn, my fruit bat friend, that 'oh, that guy's named Chet? Oh, man, he's gotta be a huge tool, right? ahaha...' but, this guy, this Chet, is actually pretty cool... I mean, once you get past the whole fact that his parents thought it a good idea to name him Chet." He flicked one of his smallish round ears over to the wolf. "Where ya from, Crisp?"

"Out of state." He had to focus to keep his teeth from chattering from the cold; the heater felt nice on his fur. "I moved here once I'd graduated high school. Get away from the family, you know. Nice, but time alone is nicer."

"Aah, I'll have to disagree with you on that. I miss my mom and my brother - they're both still around somewhere. Hell if I know where Dad got off to, though." Lukas looked out the window and turned left onto a street that Crisp hadn't been able to see through the storm. He thought that he was walking down a rural road in the middle of open plains or something, but now he thought he could see standing trees and faces of buildings. Just what kind of buildings escaped him, but they were definitely buildings. "Brendan still comes by every now and then - he's my brother... he's doing a lot better off than I am. I seemed to have developed an addiction to bouncing back and forth between roommates - I'm on my own right now, though, so once we get home, it'll just be you and me. I'll put on some cocoa; we can talk about boys." Again, he flicked his ears over to Crisp, and then glanced his way. "...That... that's a joke. Speaking of which, you have a girlfriend? You seem like a respectable and upstanding guy. You go out to buy new shoes when a killer storm is in the forecast, then get lost on the way home. Ladies have gotta be all over you. Am I right?"

"I'm gay."

"Knew it." Lukas turned down another street again. "Shit, was that a stop sign...? Okay, well, I didn't know it, but still. You know what I meant. Home is right... around... here somewhere... yeah, here. You hungry?"

"No - I ate before I went to the store. Thank you."

They drew to a stop on the curb in front of what looked through the rain to be a pleasant little house. Lukas appeared to be preparing himself as he turned off the car. "We're gonna have to run up to the door because my garage opener doesn't work. Okay?"

"I was just getting warm..."

"Yeah, me too. Okay-"

The rain felt harsher the second time Crisp had to walk out into it, as he really had just begun to settle into something reminiscent of comfort when Lukas had suddenly turned the car off. The otter fumbled with getting his key into the lock, and then ended up dropping them twice, but finally managed to open door - had Crisp not known better, he'd think that Lukas enjoyed tormenting him. He'd gotten enough of that in high school.

Inside the house, the lights were off and the air felt cold; "sorry about that," Lukas explained a moment later, as if reading his thoughts. "I try to keep the heater off to keep the bill down. Something I picked up from my mother - she kept the AC off during the summer and would tell us to only bump it down one or two degrees... house got upwards of 80 easily in those days. I'd say 'good times', but..."

Crisp, soaking wet and reluctant to sit or lean on anything because of that, remained in the tiled entryway with his arms around himself. "Hey..." he called into the next room, where Lukas had gone off to, "c... can I have a change of clothes, too? Unless you're okay with me getting that nice couch of yours all wet."

"No, no, no, don't - don't do that - okay, here..." The otter padded back into the room with a rather short stack of clothes in his arms, which he then set down on a bench by the front door. "Yeah, here. Sorry about - well... you'll see. I'll just..." ...and he again went off into the next room. "Go ahead and change," he called from there. "I won't look, unless you want me to."

...Strange fellow. Crisp flipped his hood down and started to wiggle his hoodie off; the rain had been heavy enough, or maybe he'd been out for too long, but his shirt had been soaked through as well. He felt a little odd stripping down in the house of someone he'd met maybe seven minutes before, but right now he didn't have much of a choice otherwise.

The wet fabric of his shirt clung to his just-as-wet fur and sprayed water everywhere when he tugged it off. Then he had to lean over to untie his shoes - damn old things, well overdue for a replacement; as he did this, he glanced over at the box in the plastic bag with 'Body and Sole Shoe Shop' across the front. Might as well just throw his current pair in the trash. Once he'd gotten his shoes off, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants - after casting a wary glance around the corner to see if that otter was still watching, because hey, you could never tell with some people - then dropped those, along with his underwear, and... only then decided to take a look at the clothes picked out for him.

A sleeveless shirt - tank top, about the same color as the clouds before they'd opened up into this downpour that still raged outside; a pair of underwear, simple short briefs, white front and back - Crisp was at least glad that they didn't have little sailboats or Superman print or something, because they felt a little bit tight as he pulled them up his legs; two long burgundy-red and white striped socks, long enough that they almost reached his knees if he pulled them up all the way; and then... nothing else.

Apart from the socks - he wasn't sure how those made him feel - he felt like an alcoholic father or something. A little shy, he again leaned over to see if he could see the otter in the next room. "Hey Lukas?..."

"Hm?" He walked back in looking down at his phone, but had to suppress a giggle when he finally looked up at the wolf. There was a little pause between this and when he began speaking. "Hah. Hey, you look kinda like my dad. Yeah, sorry about that - I think I mentioned that it's only me living here, and I'm kinda thin on money, so... I sort of put off doing laundry for, like, month-long intervals. You know what they say: you should change your shirt every other day, but pants are forever! Or at least a week or so. All of the rest of the stuff I have is dirty... well, some more dirty than others, you have a fox to thank for that, and the rest is just unwashed. I usually try to be a good host, but it doesn't always turn out as well as I intend." He stuffed his phone into his pocket. "Would you like for me to get you anything before I run upstairs to get some work done?"

"Um..." Crisp looked at his watch. It had stopped working, and little drips of water had gathered on the inside of the faceplate. "No, I think I'm good. I'm a little tired, actually; I might just curl up on that couch of yours and take a nap."

"Oh! Yeah, sure, sure. Don't let me keep you. Lemme just..." ...and he went around the wolf and up the stairs. A few moments later, though, just as Crisp had started on his way to the couch, a towel dropped down from the railing overhead, startling him. Then, the otter's voice again, distant: "Oh yeah, here's a towel - you can dry yourself off or somethin'."

He wanted to thank Lukas, but didn't know how loud he should shout, or if it'd be rude to shout, or if he was going to be coming back downstairs soon so he could just thank him up close, but... all of this just left Crisp standing there, gradually soaking his new clothes - gosh, why didn't I think to ask for a towel beforehand? - with that towel in one paw and a bemused expression on his face. The events of the day, his 'rescue' of sorts notwithstanding, really had left him quite tired, so he quickly towelled off - keeping his eyes on the stairs as he slid the rough fabric into his new underwear - and then lay down, towel discarded beside him.

Something felt off, though. He rolled over a few times, tried a few different positions, but to no avail; then, after some more thought, he simply stood back up, went over to the bag containing his new shoes, and took them out and started putting them on. After all, he had walked twenty minutes to the store to buy these nice shoes and then gone through such trouble to keep them clean; not only that, but he'd had his eye on them for quite a while now, so...

Then after lying back down he felt much better. Shoes tight - nice white laces on red sneakers; he almost hated to say that they matched the monsters of socks that Lukas had handed him - and feet warm, he rested his arms up behind his head and closed his eyes...

...and then, a moment later, felt some movement down by his feet. 'I swear,' he thought to himself, 'if that's Lukas doing something with my nice shoes-' but, when he opened his eyes and looked down, there was nothing there except for his feet, his shoes, his socks, the arm of the couch... nothing out of the usual. After he'd again closed his eyes, though, that feeling returned, like... like something moving its way up and around his legs, staying tight under the fur, not really painful but definitely not gentle. Jesus, was that - a snake?!-

No; this time when he opened his eyes, he saw the bright white laces of his new shoes twisting up and around his legs, binding them together and keeping him, somehow, from spreading them apart. Both laces wound up his body, one stopping at the waistband of his underwear while the other continued up, eventually constraining his arms at his sides. He tried to move but found that he couldn't. "What-"

"Why are you trying to wiggle out of this?" hissed a voice from... well, somewhere. Crisp's ears flicked around in failed attempts to figure out just where. "This is the kind of thing you enjoy, isn't it? Remember in high school, at that party, how the baseball team tied you to a tree and made fun of you for how many times they'd seen you watching them in the showers?"

That one lace slowly wove under the waistband of his underwear, then back over, and then under again. It looped around through the leg, twisted around a few times, and gradually drew his briefs down, leaving him revealed in Lukas's downstairs. God - if that otter came back down-

"Oh, and there's that cute otter, too. He wants you - 'you have a girlfriend?'; 'ladies have gotta be all over you' - and you know you want him back. When you looked around the corner while dressing and undressing, you wouldn't have stopped if he was standing there, would you? You would have kept on tugging your pants down and then acted like you didn't hear him when he'd turn and see you there naked, just so you could see what he had to say about it."

Lukas, having decided to come back downstairs to get something to eat, looked over at that strange Crisp wolf on the couch. He was fast asleep, and caught in the midst of some sort of dream as well - a rather enticing dream, too, given by his writhing and wriggling, how he bit at his lip, and what looked to be the start of a tent in his underwear. Perhaps those were a little too tight, but it seemed like it'd be odd to slip on a new pair right now. Oh well, Lukas figured, and continued on into the kitchen - he used to be roommates with an German shepherd twice his age, he'd seen worse than a stranger with an erection in his living room. Had Crisp known he was going to have a wet dream, he probably wouldn't have so quickly gone to sleep.

With his underwear out of the way that lace had a chance to draw back. Crisp thought it was retreating until he felt it coil around his sack, then continue up along his shaft - and, God, the original movement at his feet as well as the memory about that one party... he'd already gotten half-hard, and now the gentle feather-like touch of the lace, much different and lighter than the one keeping his arms bound at his sides, made him stiffen up even further.

"You like those teasing words and mocking jabs, and you know it. You know that you do; you relish the insults - freak. Weirdo. Creep. There was that soccer player, the Mexican wolf with the thick accent whom you particularly enjoyed watching in the shower; he knew that you watched him, and he let you. One day you decided to ask him over, said you'd like to get to know him better, and he laughed in your face and explained that he's not gay, said that he wanted to see how long it would take you to go a step further. The laughter hurt, but it also felt good, didn't it? Hell, like taking a guy much bigger than what you're used to under your tail: a sweet discomfort, a pleasant pain. Isn't that right?"

Crisp had to bite his lip; halfway through that, the shoelace around his shaft had started moving and contracting, slowly stroking up and down his hard length. If he hadn't known better, if he'd kept his eyes closed, he'd probably mistake it for a nice someone's paw, and the voice to belong to that someone - who, somehow, knew about what he really liked.

When Lukas walked back towards the stairs with a hot pot pie, fresh out of the microwave from the freezer, he again looked over at Crisp. He'd stopped wriggling so much, but now the bulge in his underwear was even more prominent - gosh, Lukas though, if he cums, I hope it doesn't shoot out of that underwear and get on my couch - and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying that dream what with his mouth half-open, his chest visibly rising and falling, and his hips slowly lurching forward and back. Lukas rolled his eyes and went back upstairs.

"It's not all bad, though..." The stroking slowed down but lost none of its depth or strength of movements. "You once told your... 'appreciation' of being teased to one of your friends, and he - nice guy - told a group of his friends, and they all came over, messed with you over the course of the night... pulled your pants down, tied your shoes together when you weren't looking, wrote things like 'cocksucker' and 'slut' and 'freak' in your fur with Sharpies when you fell asleep - and then you woke up with your paws bound behind your back and that friend's soft cock resting on your nose, to hear him say 'suck'..."

Finally, though, Crisp managed to rouse himself from the dream - oh, thank God, it was a dream - and instantly sat up. Pulsing boner in his underwear, no oddly strong laces keeping him wrapped up or stroking him off, no otter watching him with disgusted interest. Crisp just - needed something to drink, he just needed a moment...

As rude as it felt to go into the adjoining kitchen and search through the cabinets for a glass without asking, it seemed like it'd be even ruder to go and ask his host with this... complication bulging out of his already-tight underwear. Hell, after he stood up he had to readjust the waistband, as it'd pulled downwards along his shaft and revealed part of his head. After finally finding a glass, he went over to the sink, turned it on, leaned over - had to pull his underwear up again; the memories that dream had brought up would not let go of his mind - started to fill it up...

"Oh, hey."

The voice startled him into dropping it. He cursed under his breath.

"You're awake. Thought you were knocked out." Behind him, Lukas threw something away and then stepped closer, judging by the sounds of his claws tack, tacking on the tiled floor. "I came downstairs probably ten minutes after going up, and you were out of it."

"You... saw me?" Crisp gently gripped the edge of the sink, willing his damn boner to go down but, of course, failing. If only that voice hadn't been right: you want him to see...

"Yeah. It wasn't me that woke you up, by the way, was it? You, uh - seemed to be having a dream that you were enjoying, so... yeah."

"A... dream?" The wolf's fingers tightened on the sink. You want him to see. Just turn around. At worst, what'll he do? Ignore it?

"Oh yeah. I considered giving you a helping hand, but..." The otter laughed nervously. "I dunno. I'm used to having roommates that love that sort of thing. You, I just met you, so it'd probably be better to ask first... ah, whatever, I'm just making a fool of myself. You'll probably be heading right back to bed, then, huh? I guess I'll leave you alone..."

He wants you. He's only holding back because you haven't given him permission. "No-" Crisp turned around.

"Hm?" Lukas, on his way out of the kitchen, also turned. His eyes floated from the wolf's face to the bulge in his underwear, and then back to his face. "Can I... help you?"

Still, though, he couldn't quite let go of the edge of the sink. Nerves always got to him like this. "Uh... y-yeah..."

"Whaddya need?"

He swallowed and reached down to adjust the fit of his briefs, intentionally showing the otter a flash of his cock in doing so. "...A helping hand."

Turquoise eyes lit up; Lukas turned all the way to fully face him; he hooked his thumb around the waistband of his own jeans, tugging them down slightly to show the line of his hip leading downwards. "Yeah?"

Crisp swallowed. The dream had only been the start of what got him worked up and led him into this predicament; now that he was here, it was the thought of continuing that kept him at the edge of enticement. Honestly, before that dream with the laces, he had a vague series of images regarding this otter in front of him, with his shirt off and pants around his knees... "Yeah."

"Well, then..." He stepped forward towards him and extended a paw out; Crisp reluctantly took it, a little shocked at the warmth seeping through Lukas's pads. The rest of him probably pulsed with that same pleasant heat- "Let's head into the other room. Since you're already tired, I don't want you fainting on that tile floor."

That voice seemed to be right when it said that Lukas wanted him: Crisp let the otter lead him around the corner and to the couch, where Lukas sat down and moved the wolf in front of him. He watched the otter as he first smiled up at him, licked his lips, then reached up, slid his fingers beneath the elastic of his tight briefs, tugged them down... and, then, his eyes took focus on and held the fully-hard cock throbbing gently a short distance in front of his nose. Crisp didn't know what to do with his paws - he held them behind his back, he folded them in front of his chest, he reached one out towards the back of the couch but stopped when he realized it was too far away while he stood upright, he placed one behind one of the otter's ears but took it away on feeling that surprising heat again - and then he felt the gentle caresses of a tongue at the underside of his length, and he just dropped his paws limply to his sides.


One slow lick after another, starting out short and then getting longer and longer, until Lukas drew that tongue of his from base to tip. Once he'd gotten there, he also lapped off the small bead of pre that had gathered as a result of the dream and the anticipation of this very thing happening - though, in Crisp's mind, it had all carried out over the tile floor of the kitchen, with him either clutching the edge of the sink like before or squeezing Lukas's shoulders while the otter grinned up at him past his throbbing cock as he shot out his load, spattering the tile with cum of the same color... but, here felt alright, too. Not that he could really complain or say that it didn't feel good - because, damn, it felt like his host had had some experience with his tongue.

Sure, it wasn't the best blowjob he'd gotten - yet - but it was still enough to make Crisp part his lips for a gentle sigh when Lukas closed his muzzle around the last inch or so of his length, always moving his tongue, not forcefully enough to make him twitch and buck backwards from the sensitivity (like the second blowjob he'd ever gotten; poor guy thought that tongue movement was all there was to a blowjob); rather, it sent little shivers along his back, similar to the shivers from having his fur soaked through with cold rainwater, but much more pleasant. Then, it felt right to move one paw to the otter's head, especially as he slowly moved his way down along Crisp's shaft.

He couldn't help but slowly churn his hips forward and back, forward and back, especially after Lukas had brought up a paw of his own to stroke the base of the wolf's cock - which brought up a memory of the lace from his dream, which in turn made him throb and drool a little bit more pre out onto the otter's hungry tongue. By now his eyes had drifted shut: Crisp opened them again and looked down to see Lukas halfway on his length, his own eyes closed and pants open - he wore no underwear - with his own hard cock in his other paw. Crisp really wouldn't mind for things to be reversed so he could be the one with his lips around a drooling shaft; he wouldn't mind burying his nose in warm pubic fur, as Lukas now did - with a bit of difficulty, but the squeezing pressure of the back of his throat again made the wolf breathe out another sigh.

He probably wouldn't have believed it if he'd been told that, later in the day after going to buy these new shoes, he'd find himself six inches past the lips of some cute otter stranger who'd given him a ride earlier. Hell, he might give him another sort of ride later tonight; Lukas had sped up in his bobbing and stroking, and now it seemed like he'd still be eager for me even after he'd emptied Crisp.

That was still a while off, though, thankfully. For now, the wolf could just keep his eyes closed and thrust into the pleasure, the warm moisture of the otter's mouth as he kept his lips tight and tongue cupped around the underside of his cock. Honestly, he wouldn't have been altogether upset if he'd awoken from that dream to find a paw or pair of lips and a tongue on him 'helping him out'. He would, however, feel obliged to return the favor later though... in fact, he'd like to right now, but something told him that Lukas was a little too into his current responsibility to bother changing positions or even letting Crisp move...

...or so he thought: the otter leaned back against the back of the couch, moving his paw to Crisp's rump as he did so in order to pull the wolf forward with him. This all happened quickly and took him by surprise, so he stretched his paws out and gripped onto the couch, while Lukas continued bobbing up and down on his length, paw on his rump keeping his thrusts steady, a pair of fingers under his tail gently rubbing. He didn't press them in, but only grazed the pads over Crisp's tailhole, a sensation that made his legs a little unsteady and gave him an odd fluttery feeling.

The otter had resumed pawing himself off as he worked; and, after diving down to draw Crisp's length as far into his muzzle as he could a few times, he now bobbed on him much like his original licks - base to tip and tip to base, again and again, maintaining a rhythm opposite to the wolf's thrusts into his maw and then back out again. His saliva had lubed him up damn well enough - Crisp could feel himself draw closer and closer to the edge and squeezed behind the otter's ear to show this, if his heightened breathing didn't do so.

Lukas moved back until only the head of Crisp's cock remained in his mouth, and brought his paw back up to finish him off; with this, it didn't take long until the wolf, mouth open and tongue hanging out, bucked forward a few times in rhythm with his spurts of seed; Lukas slid back forward and drew him again into the back of his throat as soon as he felt the all-over tense as well as the hot cum on his tongue, and he remained with his nose pressed into Crisp's pubic fur until the wolf had finished unloading. Afterwards, he swallowed a few times, drew back, licked his lips, wiped his mouth, and grinned up at Crisp.


The wolf, panting, had to sit down on the couch beside him. Even as he tried to catch his breath, he couldn't take his eyes off of Lukas's cock as the otter continued to paw off, slower now, with a little bit of pre drooling out of the end, rolling down, catching on his foreskin, then spreading out over his thumb and head with the movement of his paw. He'd get more of that later - now, though, he was tired, but he still felt obliged... Crisp leaned over into Lukas's lap and batted his paw away, replacing it with his own but taking the speed up a few notches.

Lukas breathed a gentle laugh and rested his arms over the back of the couch. "I'm - sorta close already, I really... really like giving oral... and you might wanna... close your eyes, I shoot a hard load..."

Well, that just made him want to see it for himself even more. Crisp moved his paw fast and hard over the otter's length, squeezing each time he drew his paw up (which made him twitch a little every time; that must be an uncut thing) and then letting up on the pressure whenever he brought it back down. He leaned forward and lapped the glistening pre off the end, but no more - he'd satisfy his thirst for the otter later; were he to do so right now he felt like he wouldn't get much. Lukas gently humped upwards into the stroking of his paw, hard enough so that Crisp could feel the throbs of his cock in the pads of his fingers-

and, he was right when he figured that he wouldn't get much of a chance. Lukas was right, too, in his statement: it started with a few sharp intakes of breath, which led to a couple upward bucks, which results in a few spurts of cum shooting out over Crisp's muzzle and neck, splattering him like paint flung from a two-inch brush. He licked off what had gotten on his lips, sat up, and returned the dopey smile that Lukas had originally given him - but the otter, head leaned back over the couch and eyes closed, didn't see. When he did look, though, he said - or, rather, he panted:

"That's... a good look for you, you know. Cum goes with the color of your fur..."

"Do you have a shower I could use?" Crisp wiped some of it off. Honestly, though, he was still a little eager for more... "So I can get - this out of my fur, as well as the rain from earlier..."

"I was gonna recommend you just go outside for a few seconds, but - yeah, follow me." The otter stood up, stumbled over his pants, kicked them off, and then walked towards the stairs. "Mind if I join you?"

Crisp wondered who would be holding whom pinned to the wall in the shower. "I'll think about it."

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