Commission: Uninvited Tournament Part 6

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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The next exciting part of the Uninvited Tournament takes place between two very well known fighters. Luka, the queen of the ring, takes on Gazzi, the green wonder. All votes are in ladies and gentlemen and we're going to see who among them has what it takes to move on to the next round.

All fights are decided by random name selector.

Luka (c) cobra175

Gazzi (c) gazman3855

Uninvited Tournament Part 6

The last fight that had taken place had leaked hot cum out into the cool sands at day break, and now that the new day was upon them, now that they'd broken in the morning with a nice fuck fight in the very early hours it was time to move on to the next bout. It wasn't going to be long before the heat started to settle in, wearing down these fur covered girls, so the best plan of action for their hostess would clearly be to take them somewhere to be shaded, somewhere that the sun couldn't beat through their fur and assault their bodies. The light smirk that rolled over her lips, the movement of her hands, and the beckoning to them drove their steps to follow her, pulled them alone with a leash made of nothing more than intention and the promise of battle. It gave the dragoness time to think about the next match, the next fight that she was going to put these lovely ladies through and while they followed she'd turn her head back at them occasionally, watching them with her blue and yellow face so that she could eye these girls. The last match had a very surprising end to it, not many believed that Lilly could pull out a win there given her deceptive lack of fighting experience, but this time the island queen wouldn't be fooled and instead knew that she needed two fighters of similar skill and profession. It wasn't going to be a repeat of the last round and this time as she looked on at all of them the soft nod that flowed from her head would allow these two to continue forward until finally the scent of water filled their noses, the taste of clean unsalted moisture would welcome them to this large and beautiful lake who's shallow water had been the place of many fights and many courtships in this island's history.

"Ladies, I give you the my lake, a place of beauty, but don't let the looks deceive you. The water here is shallow, it will only reach up to the knees of may of you, and this place has a history of suitable battles under it's belts. I invite the next fight to be counted among these and for that I will call upon a veteran fighter that all of you know, a fighter spoken in whispers among you as being a hidden terror locked away in a magnificent body. A being who's looks have made her remembered, but skills have made her a legend. Ladies, I call forward Luka Cross as the next fighter." Sumethil said moving her hand up to motion towards the scarlet-headed wolfess.

Her ears twitched to life when her name was called, it was quite the introduction for her and even while she smiled at the honesty and the bluntness of the little speech that was given that wolfess came forward stepping easily out into the water to feel it wrap around her toes, her feet, her ankles, and then as she stepped in deeper eventually it moved just below the knees of this taller wolf girl. The strength that was built into her body was on full display, that water helping to flatten down bits of her that were splashed from her wading through this lake, but it wasn't like she had a very thick coat either. Luka's body was well toned, perfectly muscular-ed, and developed in a way that many ladies simply wished they could manage. Her size was only a footnote beside the side of those large breasts that set on her chest, her perfectly rounded hips, and more importantly the thick girth of that muscular body that shown its training perfectly towards the ladies that looked on. Luka wasn't the modest type either, were some of these ladies still clung to some of their outfits her figure was on full display. What made her a trademarked name, though, was the sight of her grey coat making her red hair shine out brightly showing it off easily for the girls here to look on.

"Her challenger isn't a slack either though, a girl known in many circles herself, a name that speaks records and mystery. An origin that people could only guess at and wish to find, what we have today is the perfect challenger to such a beauty by facing her against someone of very equal beauty. Strong, powerful, lovely, the sex fighter that wears her opponents into the ground no matter how much stamina that they boast. Ladies, the challenger that will be taking on Luka is going to be Gazzi." The finger quickly pointed to the green and black bunny, her busty figure showing out easily while she hopped to her feet in a quick movement. The easy smile that coursed over her face allowing her to step forward into that lake just as Luka had.

Gazzi wasn't as tall as her opponent, the water coming up to mid-thigh on her and even despite that the smile didn't rush from her lips. This green bunny loved to take on strong girls, loved to put herself to the test, and simply adored the idea of fighting such a prestigious warrior. She'd keep it to herself that she'd fought this girl a number of times among their fighting leagues, but that was a different story and while she moved to look over the taller wolfess, this sexy bunny showed off her own goods, her own skills. The muscles around her figure weren't as much as Luka, not quite, but what she lacked in brutal strength she made up for in speed, but the question came down to if it was going to be enough. If anything she'd have to make it enough, and even if it wasn't she knew one very simple and basic fact, she could clearly out-fuck this wolfess if it came down to it. The two in the water, scissoring or whatever, the advantage was going to come back to this green bunny every time. Luka was going to be a powerful fighter, but Gazzi's large rump, her perfectly shaped tits, her magnificent face, and pouty lips, she was going to use them all, and she was going to win.


The easy smirk that rolled over the wolfess's lips showed that she was eager to get involved in this fight, finally able to show off some of her skills and put forth some effort that puts her in this tournament. It was nice finally be on the end where she can show off, where she can demonstrate what she could do, and wasn't lost to the situation that she was a predator locked in a struggle with prey. The soft roll of her wide, flat, tongue over her lips helped to indicate this further and finally as the two moved to step forward their large breasts of equal size despite the size different crushed down, just a show of power between them, a show of womanhood, and the knowledge that they were going to be putting to the test who between them was more womanly and be able to pleasure the other into a raging fit of climax just like so many before them. If the fight had started then they should likely start fighting, the quick movement of those grey fingers arched their way out towards the green rabbit, wanting to take hold of her, but that bunny was fast, even wading through the water her figure was able to side step those gripping fingers and move to close in, crushing her knuckles quickly into that side and forcing the wolfess to bark out from the hard blow. In turning Luka was able to see Gazzi's stance, the soft smile rolling past her lips when she noticed that the just like the blue bunny this green one was settled into a boxing stance with those arms lifted to guard the face, the only difference being that the green rabbit didn't wear gloves making it a little bit less obvious, but when that first fist sunk into Luka's side her body jerked, her arm lifting and the quick bunny immediately ducked under the abruptly approaching backhand watching it pass over her head, what Gazzi didn't expect was that the backhand was designed to be dodged and as she came back in for a hard strike the rabbit's head was suddenly locked inside of that elbow, the forearm trapping her throat and crushing down at it forcing the green girl to start struggling.

Luka had this little bunny where she wanted her, the feeling of those large canine tits crushed down against her slender bunny back while that arm was able to tighten around that throat. This smaller prey animal worked to struggle to get out, pulling at the arm, pushing her back against that chest more, doing anything she could to try and get some space, but it was quickly clear that the wolfess wasn't about to let go of her anytime soon. Instead that free arm arched around, moving to crash into Gazzi's pretty face. The first two hits she took like a champ, the feeling of her cheek and eye swelling a bit from the blow only went to make her struggle more, but the third and fourth strike forced her to cry out in pain, tired of getting struck in such a way. The wolfess was stronger than this smaller green rabbit, so prying the arm away wasn't something that was likely possible and if she couldn't break the hold by force then this green bunny had to try and encourage her to release that throat by way of lifting her arm forward and driving it back hard into Luka's stomach, the force of the blow pushing the breath of the girl from her lungs and weakened that hold that the grey arm had wrapped around the green throat. Another hard strike in the same way finally pushed Luka backwards, making her release her and giving this bunny a chance to twist herself in the water, forcing the fluid up a bit between them before bringing that fist in quickly with a well placed strike into the center of that grey chest. Gazzi could feel those large canine tits wrap around her arm, hugging it closely before the forced rear steps of this wolfess would pull them free, but even while the girl held her own sternum she'd keep those angry eyes locked on this girl.

It was nice to see that the bunny had some fight in her, it would be a shame if this match was over too quickly, and while she shifted in that water, the flow creating a resistance to her movements her arms weren't limited at all and she'd go for a hard swipe with her canine claws that quickly raked over the green breasts, flicking the nipples in a hard pattern that made her cry out again while the white fluid started to leak free down into the water below. Those hands instinctively moving to grip her own tits, long lupine ears folding back while protecting her chest, but that left the rest of her clearly open and while her large foot lifted out of the water the fist closed in at her again leaving her to stomp down hard suddenly and force a big wave to lift free from the water, blocking the view of one another so that when the fist crashed through it this bunny had already dodged to the side and leaned down to take up her aim against that canine opponent. Fast punches closing in, crushing those strong abs, every hit leaving them a little bit softer until finally one final strike would plant this girl on her back in the water, those grey hands moving to swim her way back into a sitting position, her large breasts floating in the water, and with a deep growl the wolfess knew that it was time to take this fight far more seriously. The pain in her abs would subside in time, but for now she could sit up, she could manage to balance herself, scooting back to her feet again, but instead of simply standing this girl would lunge herself forward, that shoulder burying itself into the toned abs of the green bunny who huffed before being taken down into the water, a quickly rising fist bringing itself down into the side of that green girl's face while her head was trapped under the waves, lifting water high into the air and soon a green leg breaking free to land a well placed kick into the side of that body knocking the canine-ess off of her and permitting Gazzi to struggle back to her feet again only to be tackled once more into a more shallow part of the water where they wouldn't fully sink under the violently thrashing lake.

With another splash overcoming her body the green bunny found her elbows keeping her head above the water, but she was on her front now and that arm was already moving to try and wrap around her throat again, what she learned from before was that when the arm came around her first hand moved to take hold of the wrist, stopping the arm from tightening down while the other arm arched her figure sideways a bit, slamming the other elbow into the ribs once again, loosing that grip enough to roll the grey wolfess off of her figure and giving Gazzi the chance that she needed to get on top for a change. The fast movement of her straddling hips wrapping her thighs around the sides of her canine opponent, and Luka looking directly up at her while lifting a guard, one that this green bunny moved to start striking fast and hard, driving her bare knuckles down against this girl even as they started to rip from the impact. Bloody knuckles alone weren't going to stop her, though, and while Luka moved to try and shove her back it opened up her face for a nicely designed punch straight down into it, a blow that knocked that head back hard into the shallow pool, forcing her eyes closed in pain while this canine grunted out. This fight had been going for a while without any kind of real break and even now she wasn't going to find any time to rest, their bodies were battered, fur matted and bruised, leaving the two to pant hard while they continued to fight. Luka couldn't simply lay there and take the punches to her face, though, her body moving to catch the fist finally and pull at it, rolling the bunny back over into the water once again so that her hand wrapped around that green throat. That face wasn't going to go below the surface of the water, not in the shallow point that they were at, but she could still work at smothering this green lupine into submission.

As the wolfess leaned forward over that green body her large grey tits crushed down on either side of Gazzi's face, trapping her between the two towering tits and the packed down earth below her under the water. The muffled cries of that lupine showed her limbs sprawling about, trying to push against that canine body only to have her wrists grabbed and force down into the ground above her head. The easy smile that wrapped those canine lips showed that Luka was confident she'd won this, there was no room to struggle, there was no leverage for the girl to take advantage of, and most importantly there was no air to breath down there. Already Gazzi could feel her lungs burning, her figure arching, her body shivering to try and reclaim any breath at all, but soon found herself growing weaker. No, if this lupine was going down then it wasn't going to be like this. Her legs quickly kicked up, moving to wrap around that canine waist. The bunny had taken a lot of work in trying to beat down on this larger girl's sides and now was the time to see if that finally paid off. With those limbs crushing down around her the loud scream of the canine showed the bruised bones to be far more painful than previously noted and even while Luka arched her back away from the girl she could feel her large breasts lifting from that face allowing the rabbit to pull a hand free and make a quick punch right for those large tits, knocking the grey girl off of her green body entirely right there on the spot.

Grunting and groaning on her side Luka worked fast to try and recover, finally taking a bit of a break from the full on assault between them, but such a break wasn't in her immediate future and instead the lupine moved to close in. A lifting of that canine leg would bring it around her green body, spreading her own legs and moving to crush those cunny lips down against one another. Every movement that she made Gazzi would squeeze her legs down on Luka's side forcing another deep and long howl of pain from that canine while she was working to struggle at grinding back against her. The hot pants, the loud moans, and the deep thrusts against one another left the two finally determining the end of this fight. Both had beaten the other into a bloody display, but neither were giving up at this point. The shivering figures between the two of them left it as anyone's guess to who would come out on top in this match, but while they both ground the two continued to throw quick and fading glances to one another, viewing the other occasionally to check on their moaning faces. The lips kisses, rubbed, licked at one another while even those swollen clits occasionally flicked across the other in a sudden shock of pleasure that forced both of them to arch their backs at once. They were staving off their climaxes, that much was clear.


The two panted towards one another, their eyes fixing quickly between them as their hot cries of pleasure showed both were working hard to try and outlast their opponent. It wasn't an easy struggle, it wasn't a simple victory on either side and they'd spent the previous moments beating the hell out of one another to make sure that this final stretch in their fight would be as difficult for the other as possible. Without a good physical defense their sexual stamina was screwed and their bodies were aching to try and allow the other this very clear victory, but by pure willpower alone they were holding on, their leaking and dripping slits slathering their hot juices over the other and leaving them to moan openly across the length of their bodies. Those eyes narrowed, determined, but between them one had been beaten worse, one had taken that much more damage throughout, and even now she could feel herself slipping, her well earned progression slowly leaving. Despite this she struggled, she clung, she worked to keep fluids down the best she was able to despite the burning desire to give in and finally be done with this fight. Between the two there could only be one victory and while lupine ears folded back her head finally dropped eye contact, the green face lifting her crying lips into the sky, eyes clenching down tightly and her fingers curling to grip at the water that they found themselves in. Those hips shivered against the grey slit, but even through this she held on, kept herself in the game, grunting and panting hard while her body struggled to force her to release, but her mind trapping it down, keeping it in place, building up what she could of a blockade despite the stimulation making her want to give in.

Luka was having the same issues, she could see Gazzi being forced to look away, but her own gaze shattered from the stimulation of having that juicy cunny rubbing along her own. The ears of the canine would fold back against her scarlet hair, her own hips quivering at the response of the shiver that she received and even while she panted deeply and long against the hair between them she could feel her toes starting to tense, her body aching, her need overwhelming her. The harsh determination she was giving to this bunny showed that Gazzi had beaten her down quite a bit, had dealt some deep damage, and while she worked to hold onto her climax for as long as she could those legs wrapped around her sides would again tense down crushing against the bruised ribs and shattering the concentration that she had over her own body, leaving her to writhe, to shudder as her harsh fluids were forced from her body by a hard squeeze like someone crushing down a toothpaste tube. Her head falling back into the water, leaving her to open her gaze up at the sky and her panting breath gasping for air between long, drawn out, moans that helped to indicate her clear defeat between them. The warmth of the fluid mixed in well with the water, but finally as Gazzi pulled herself away from this wolfess, bringing herself to her knees with the burning desire still racking her body and bringing her hand quickly moved down to her own lower region, rubbing her first two fingers across her heated slit. The feeling of the attention she wanted, her body relaxing and the loud bunny cry could be heard echoing as she released her lady cum down into the lake itself leaving her to finally have the clear mindset to claim her victory, to allow herself to recover from their fight.

Gazzi had won, but it hadn't been easy and even while the others moved to her that figure would bring her up to her feet slowly as she staggered to stand, the well beaten body clearly showing its bruises now, while she turned to see people helping up Luka as well. It was nice that there were those so willing to help, but the second she got back onto the shore of this lake her body collapsed down on the sand once more. The sun growing high into the sky and soon the shadow of a certain dragoness standing over her with what could only be described as a glowing smile reaching down from the dark silhouette.

"Congratulations Gazzi, you won your match against Luka. Lucky for you, you'll have plenty of time to rest before your next bout." The blue hand reached down to the worn down bunny, easily stroking the side of her face with a soft smile. "I haven't seen a fight like that in some time. Get yourself a good rest."

The bunny had to smile to this, happy to be the winner against such a powerful fighter like Luka. If it hadn't been for the attacks she'd placed early then she wasn't likely to have won that one, but here she was standing tall... well resting on her back on the ground with soaking wet fur and allowing herself to be dried by the tropical sun that reached down over her green body. Already her breathing was returning to normal, her figure finally starting to calm, and even her heart rate had been merciful enough not to quit on her after how long it had been pumping for. Gazzi finally gave herself a moment, her lungs filling with air and even while Luka came crashing down beside her, the smile continued to exist. The wolfess could have her own break as well, but this moment belonged to the green bunny, and it was a moment that she wasn't likely to forget for a long time.

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