cheerlie poop panties

Story by mugman on SoFurry

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here's a dirty story hope you enjoy

It was a great day in the school, all the foals had just had there dinner and were coming back from playing. They sat at there desks chatting and throwing paper planes then the teacher walked in. "Good afternoon class, that was a lovely dinner, I hope you all enjoyed it and are ready to eat into some learning" Miss Cheerlie said with a smile She put some questions on the board then talked to the class on how to solve them, then she handed them all some hard questions but on what they had just been learning. She sat down and sighed, tonight she had a date with shire, he was so lovely and had a great talent for writing, but that wasn't his cutiemark. As Cheerlie sat at her desk her belly rumbled and she groaned, the last few days she hadn't been able to fully have a good dump, instead she'd get ready but only pee then it would either be time for a lesion or something would come up. Her belly rumbled and she groaned, she couldn't go, as there must always be a teacher in the class when it starts, she would just have to wait until after lesion. But her belly had other ideas, as she sat there he guts rumbled and she let out a fart, not a loud one but quite a small smelly one. She blushed and tried to hide it, the students didn't notice, she then started to fidget, her belly wanted her to go, but she couldn't. At the end of the lesion she sighed, she was about to get up and go but then papers more then she had issued to the kids came onto her desk. "What's all this?" She said groaning as the cramps in her bowels got worse "Home work, its hand in homework day miss" A foal said putting down a wad of paper for checking "Oh dear I seem to have forgotten" She said blushing The students left and she sighed looking at the paperwork, her body was saying go to the toilet, but her brain was saying "no do the homework it always cheers you up" she didn't know what to do but her body did. It let out a loud fart she blushed as it was quite loud, thankfully the school was empty, just as well, she groaned as her plot farted more gas. Part of her was happy though, her panties were a gift from her mother, a bright green pair with matching green bra, she hated them but as well as not going to the bathroom, her washing was the same and the only clean panties left were these. She sighed farting more then blushing as the smell was quite powerful, she sat down and let the warmness of the fart warm her plot, she had opened a window so as to not get too gassed. After an hour of busy working and checking the homework she was done, she then checked the work that was issued today and just as she was starting there was a knock at the door. "Come in?" She said not sure who it was "Hello hun, work swamping you? Then let's eat in the classroom, why not? The kids aren't allowed to but they never have to know" Shire said smiling and sniffing smelling the fart "Oh shire, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you" She sighed and cleared her desk a little for them to eat "It's Chinese, I've got you rice and number one on the menu, me? I've got prawn balls and tennis sized balls" He said smiling at Cheerlie, she blushed. "No bad thinking in the classroom, after all this needs to be a clean place" She said opening up the rice and pouring it onto a paper plate with her food. "Sorry, just seemed right talking about balls, got some sweet and sour sauce too" He said opening the pot and putting it on the table for them to enjoy or dip stuff into. The two ponies ate there food Cheerlie groaning as she ate as it put more pressure on her bowels that needed to go. Both ponies finished then shire bleached loudly smiling, Cheerlie blushed and did the same, she felt like she could around shire. No need to be a lady around this stallion as it would show him up; she burped again and breathed having enjoyed the meal "That was great shire, but I have work to check hope you don't mind waiting" She said putting the paper plate in the bin; she then got some paper for marking "Not at all, I'm going to put these out for tomorrow if that's okay?" He said using his magic to lift the papers; the papers were on checked work and work for tomorrow. Cheerlie smiled but then her guts rumbled and she groaned letting out a quite fart. It was now late in the evening, only shire and Cheerlie left in the school, by now the food she had just eaten was now sitting on the food from dinner as well as every snack and the apple from Appleloom, Cheerlie was getting twitchier as she tried not to mess herself. She got up letting out a fart, her plot was clenched, as she walked shire looked on seeing her walk funny towards the door. Cheerlie walked but got to the door grasping the handle then opened it but let out a groan and a loud fart a rather wet fart. "What's wrong are you okay?" Shire said running over and holding her "No I need to go..." Her sentence was cut off as she moaned out and a loud wet squish was heard. "Oh no" She said as she felt a warm feeling in her panties her body giving up and letting natural things happen. Cheerlie couldn't hold on any more, she lifted her tail high and started to fill her panties, the brown soft mess making a lump appear in the green panties, she pushed more to let it out, all the time shire was there holding her. After a few moments of silence she stopped, her panties full of waste, she blushed and sobbed. "Shire I'm sorry, I thought I had time to go but I didn't" She said crying "It's okay, finish up, as you seem to need to go more" He said getting close to her, his chest on her back she then felt his crouch push into her plot making the mess go around her "S-shire you're pushing it" She said blushing "It feels great, keep pooping please," He said as Cheerlie felt his magic around her legs, he was sealing her panties so that no mess could get out and that was great but it smoothed around her plot and then to her marehood making her moan, "Is this turning you on?" She said then was answered by feeling his cock in between her legs, she blushed and moaned as this made some of the mess move to her front and smear her marehood. "I'll take that as a yes, you sure you want me to empty myself?" She said blushing at the thought but then her bowels grumbled; she then remembered the panties she was wearing, Cheerlie sighed and let it all out, her plot hole opened up as she let out more brown waste, her panties filled Cheerlie sighed the mess then started to form around shire cock which was leaking pre, she pushed more it then had no were to go her top bit of her plot was full, her sides sealed by magic the panties sagging but around shire's cock it could only go forwards towards her front making her panties sag more, she moaned as it moved around to her front smooching and rubbing on her marehood. Shire could feel it moving as Cheerlie really did left go, she had been holding onto this for a while. He lightly rubbed the brown mess all over her pussy making it messy but also wet. Cheerlie blushed; she then started to rub herself along shire's cock, her panties now more brown then green. Cheerlie moaned as she then wanted to feel what it was like to poop on someone. She moved her panties hanging low, she then carefully removed them and put them in the bin, she then took off her top showing her breasts. Shire smiled and knew what she wanted but he was in for a surprise. Cheerlie got over him then lowered herself onto his cock moaning, but instead of going down fully, she went half way moved forwards then let out a fart and lifted her tail. Shire blushed as a warm item hit his cock then slide down to his balls. He moaned as more came from her soft plot, Cheerlie smiled she was now getting empty but she pushed making sure to cover his balls. After a while she was fully empty, shire cock and balls were covered in poop, both then knew what they wanted. Shire thrusted into her, she moaned as she felt the mess hit her plot making it messier then before. She bounced her breasts bouncing as she grouped them, his cock throbbing, each thrusting bring them both closer. Shire's cock head then flared, Cheerlie's marehood tightened both ponies where close. Then it happened, shire came, his hot seed filing Cheerlie's womb. Cheerlie loved the warm seed in her, it filled her just as much as she had eaten over the past few days, then she too came both there juices leaked out and mixed with the poop. Both then gasped on top of each other shearing a kiss. "Shire, what I've done tonight was very kinky but also very disturbing; I wish to never do it again" She said gasping and feeling her breasts as well as stroking shire's chest lightly "You sure about that?" Shire said cheekily grouping her plot and rubbing the mess over it, "Yes, but I will ware those panties out of here until I get home, if the cleaner found those who knows what would happen" She said getting up cum coming out of her spilling onto the floor onto the mess that hadn't been caught by shires balls. Cheerlie then picked up the messy panties from the bin putting them on pulling them up fully the now cold mess rubbing on her plot making her blush as she pushed her belly letting some seed out and make the panties look even more messy. Shire got up and grouped the mess making sure to get a great feel of her soft plot too Cheerlie moaned, she had enjoyed it. "Maybe I might try this again, my mother always sends me awful panties and bra's I can easily get rid of the bra's but the panties, there not so easy, "This way though is much more fun" She said feeling the mess on her plot as she rubbed it her body feeling hornier now. Shire smiled and kissed her, then using his magic sent her home this was to save on a long journey with messy panties that had quite the sag. At home she removed the panties but not before having a good feel of the mess, she then showered and threw the panties away, she then sat on the bed and went to sleep, knowing that shire would clean the mess up. As she slept her mind repeated the moment again and again she had loved it and wanted to do it again. But for now she would have to wait, but maybe next time bring another pair of panties and let shire ware them and mess them. That thought made her moan in pleasure as she slept. For now though it was between them, no one would know, no one, not even the school. ~the end~

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