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Story by mugman on SoFurry

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a bunny and herm horse oh mai~

A late night swimming pool was not a new thing but it was growing in popularity. Most pools would close at 5:30 pm but some would stay open if you had a permit which for some money could be easy to get. Swimming is the best way to relax but most furs can't make it to when pools are open this pool was open and it was popular. Pam sighed as she pulled up and parked her car getting a ticket and locking her car she hen walked into the pool a fur greeted her as well as 4 guards, they were there to do one job keep drunks and non swimmers out. Pam was a horse a nice young mare of about 30 but he didn't look a day over 24. She blushed as she handed the card to be swiped in at the counter she looked at the four guards all were tough looking dogs mostly there for the few hours the place was open in the evening. Pam took the card and ran into the dressing room, it was quite she sighed walking in and going into a cubical she then looked out and drew the curtain shut. "That was too close I really need to get laid before this gets me into trouble" She said lifting up her black work skirt to show a hard and throbbing horse cock. Pam was a herm, born with both male and female parts, she loved to swim but because of her condition later on in her life she couldn't. Now she had a good job and a great life but no sex so she would get pent up and this was today. Pam removed her top and her panties and bra looking at herself in the mirror, she sighed rubbing her cock it was of 8 inches and in a mix of black and white she was a nice brown horse but wished she was one not of both sexes. Putting on her bikini she sighed her cock slowly eased up enough for her to put it in her bottoms, she then looked at herself again the mirror getting her cock to look like a pussy but that failed her balls were pent up too they were now the size of baseballs, her cock soften back into its sheath so only her balls were in the way she pulled them around and got them to at least look like camel toe. Sue walked into the main area and smiled at the fur behind the counter, she then pulled out her card, sue was a bunny she was a single woman seeking a man to start a family. She had been coming to lose a few pounds, her eating had gotten the better of her over the past few years so now it was time to get in shape and be sexy for men. She waved at the dogs but they just grunted and ignored her. Sue walked into the changing room as Pam was walking out into the pool area. Pam put her towel down her clothes in a locker and now she wanted to swim. Sue got dressed and sighed there was no males here tonight no one to get chatty to but at least she could have a swim that would do her good. Pam swam around she had noticed the bunny but didn't take any notice instead she swam and then at the deep end relaxed, saying hello the bunny as she swam up and down. Pam sighed and thought about calling it a night but then, "Ha-ha! I told *hic* you guys its easy to get passed *hic* these guys now I'm going for a *hic* swim!" A drunk fur had gotten passed he had a pass but it was fake but the fur behind the counter said go on in sir. Pam had gotten out of the pool and was sitting on the bench taking rest when the fur walked in drunk he then fell in the pool. One of the dogs jumped in suit and all and dragged the fur out who was coughing up water he'd sunk like a stone. The other two dragged him out as one stayed with the wet dog Pam watched blushing. The dog took off his top and his shirt then his pants he was wet though the flat belly made Pam blush but made something else start to get hard. She then looked at his pants and saw the bulge from his sheath and balls, she wanted him to fuck her but instead something else wanted a fucking. Pam looked down and saw that her cock was out from her bikini and getting harder the more she looked. Blushing and deeply embarrassed she ran to the changing rooms. Sue had seen the fur walk in and had stopped at the shallow end, she then saw the fur fall in and swam towards him, but as she got up she saw the dog getting out she then noticed the horse get up red faced and covering her crotch area. Sue though she'd had an accident from looking at the very sexy naked dog but then noticed that she had left her towel. Sue got out grabbing her towel and the other's towel. Pam ran into the cubical she had been in and gasped sitting on the bench her 8 inch cock was hard and throbbing she couldn't go home like this she then thought maybe if I leave like this no one will care I can collect my stuff in the morning. She looked for her towel and then it hit her; her towel was still out in the pool area. She thought long and hard about how to get it back until a voice came from the doorway to the pool. "Excuse me miss horse? You left your towel out here, are you ok? You seem to look un-happy can I help?" The bunny said walking to the curtain about to pull it back "Wait, I have a special condition, please leave the towel and thank you" Pam said putting her arm out to grab the towel "I'm sue, I have a condition too I hope you don't mind but maybe I can help you with it?" Sue said from out side the curtain as the towel was grabbed by the hoofed hand "Well if your sure, go and wait in the shower area and I'll show you" Pam said not crying but wanting too hoping it was a fur that once saw her would go and not tell the rest of the furs that came in here "Ok, but um what is your name miss?" The bunny said looking at the curtain "I'm Pam, its short for Pamela" The horse said as she listened for the bunny to move. Sue moved to the shower area it was empty they were the only two there that night it would seem she then wanted for the horse known as Pam. Pam sighed and got up leaving her towel in the cubical her horse cock still throbbing even rubbing it which would make it flare then go down did nothing she was turned on and the only way to stop this was to cum. Pam walked into the shower and saw the bunny she was quite cute in a way. "Don't be shocked sue but well this is why I ran" Pam said standing there her cock out she had removed her bottoms to show it all "Oh I'm sure it's, oh my!" Sue said looking at the horse cock throbbing, "So that's why oh well its nothing to worry about dear, its happens to everyone, "Is it like that often or just now?" Sue said getting close to Pam "its like this until I cum, I get slightly hard from naughty thoughts but seeing that guys sack and body made it go fully hard and it won't go..., Until I cum" Pam said looking at the bunny "Oh well that is a problem maybe I could help you? I mean my problem is my insides; I have the rare condition of being stretchy inside, "What I mean is um, I can take a good load of cum before I like look pregnant from cum" Sue said with a blush on her face her paws close to Pam's cock "M-may i?" Sue said her paws now only millimetres away from the cock and balls "y-yes please!" Pam said almost in need at this point Sue grabbed the twitching hard horse cock and started to stroke it up and down, her other paw rubbed the big balls sack feeling cum and testicalls move around. Pam gasped and moaned out as pre leaked from her cock tip her pussy was also getting wet from this she started to hump the bunnies paw every so often she would snort or rub her hoof foot on the titled floor a need for this realise. "You really are pent up, this isn't healthy for you, these blue balls need to be drained also do you paw off or just have sex?" Sue asked still rubbing and even tasting the pre that leaked from the horses silt "I p-paw off when I c-can but lately I've not had the time too for a good few months, been w-working to buy s-something nice" Pam uttered as she kept on humping and thrusting at the paw rubbing her cock she needed this badly "Well then Pam I think you had better cum, I'll let you use me as well I've not had a good fuck in a few months and this will be great" Sue said looking go of the cock only to put her mouth on it and start to suck Pam gasped as paw was replaced with mouth she humped more neighing and snorting then she stopped not by herself but by sue. Sue walked out of the showers Pam followed cock now rock hard. Sue sat on the bench and took her swimming outfit off she then got up and onto the bench looking back at Pam she grabbed her butt and pulled it to the side to tease her. Pam looked and blushed walking over her hoofs clopping on the tiles she then rubbed her cock in-between the bunnies legs. Pam blushed as she cupped the bunnies butt it was so soft and flabby but felt great she then pulled back and pushed her cock into sue letting out a deep moan one that she'd not done in years. Sue gasped as the cock entered her she clenched but took all 8 inches there was no outline in her belly either. She gasped and panted from the feeling of having a horse cock in her one of deepest fantasises. Pam then pulled out and thrust back in her balls hitting the underside of Sue's pussy. Sue moaned she could feel Pam letting out some rage from the lack of sex her feet lifted up Pam then stopped pulling out. Sue looked as she was turned and kissed deeply by the mare her cock going back in a new feeling hit sue one of being fucked like a lover. Pam thrusted into sure sue was now on the cold tiled wall moaning out loudly from the fuck her pussy wet and clenching on the horse cock. Pam neighed loudly as well for she was getting a fuck of a life time. Soon though her inner horse started to slow her balls welled up and she snorted then thrust deeply into sue. Sue gasped as all 8 inches and a little bit more came into her. The thick warm horse cum flooded into her, her womb filled out but now any other fur would have a bloated womb but not sue instead it just filled up it was like a water bomb it filled up but didn't grow in size yet still had a lot in it. Pam grunted and thrusted lightly as she shoot ropes into the bunny her balls emptying out into the bunny. Sue held onto Pam and shivered sue had orgasmed her juices and Pam's leaked out down her legs and down Pam's. "t-that I really needed, t-thank you sue" Pam said weakly as she lets Sue's legs hit the bench top her cock starting to soften "I'm glad you enjoyed it I think you are emptier then when we started, plus this was my first time with a horse" Sue said as she felt the horse soften and start to pull out Pam waited until her cock came out of Sue's pussy it slipped out with a wet pop cum came out but not too much. Pan sighed her balls had indeed gone down they were now tennis ball sized she looked at them in the mirror and was shocked at how much she had came into the bunny. Sue just smiled rubbing her belly it looked like she had had a good meal but not been fucked by a horse or very bloated with cum. Pam felt her belly and moved it around she too didn't think a bunny could take that but she had. Just then the door opened, "Excuse me ladies but were closing thanks to that fur we've got to go over what happened" The dog said then closed the door "Well I was hoping for another round after all that was fun but I want more" Sue said rubbing the horse's balls "You really are quite ram pet you know that?" Pam said looking at the bunny "Well I think if it's like this every week or maybe night, I'd like to come swimming more often, even more if it means I can fuck a cute bunny afterwards, And not be worried about any one knowing about this do you want to make this a weekly thing Sue?" Pam said looking at the bunny "Oh yes I'd love to be fucked by you every week" Sue said hugging her and picking up her outfit And so it was a good night for both sue and Pam, sue had crossed off something on her list of things to do and Pam had gotten more better at her life, no longer hiding but going out. But every week sue and Pam would meet and have sex both needing one another and both enjoying each other. ~the end~

i had to find the reatest pokemon

"GET BACK HERE YOU STUPID BUG!" Was what was heard in the pokemon forest area as pidey's and spearows fled from the sound of this. A trainer ran into the bushes then jumped out looking for the pokemon, he had found a rare pokemon a pokemon that is very...

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cheerlie poop panties

It was a great day in the school, all the foals had just had there dinner and were coming back from playing. They sat at there desks chatting and throwing paper planes then the teacher walked in. "Good afternoon class, that was a lovely dinner, I hope...

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country pie contest

It was a nice morning twilight woke up to the sound of her door being pounded on. She looked and yawned spike still asleep so to not disturb him and have a cranky dragon she decided to go to see who it was. "If its rainbowdash I'm going to use my mind...

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