Dating Naked At The Beach Part 1 1/2

Story by Colord44 on SoFurry

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Read this first before going into the story.

Okay with the success of the last story Dating Naked, I decided to continue these two and their story. Because Michelle is too good a character to be forgotten. So I guess she's now going to be my character. If you haven't read the first story you can find it here:

Now in the first one it stated what they did for the rest of the date. So I decided to talk about that. Of course at the time of posting this not all the pics have been drawn. But i will get to them. And of course you can expect more stories and art featuring these two. But for now this last one will do before the summer ends. Enjoy. Also Leilani appears in this and she belongs to


Author's notes: Please read the description first.


*Nicholas Ricci couldn't help but smile as he was being pulled down a pristine white sand beach. It was a beautiful location. But not as much as the one who's paws was on his, dragging him. They belonged to Michelle, an absolutely beautiful minx. Standing as tall as him at 5'7, with black fur and a wild streak of white down her middle, golden colored eyes, and long black hair that went to the middle of her back; no words could do her justice. *

*The two were in the nude as it was for their date. They had signed up for Dating Naked, a show arranged by none other than Leilani Perierre. The idea was to get to individuals together from all walks of life and genders and have two of them go on a date somewhere just in the nude. Nicholas had agreed to this for two reasons. One to meet the h'otter in person, and two find a female to love. The male who was a fosky, which made him half fox and half husky, had been desperate despite his good looks. Long brown hair in a ponytail, a small scar on the right side of his chin, kind, green colored eyes, and muscles made up his body along with orange fur. Except the middle which was white. *

He had no idea what to expect when he got on that stage in the nude. When Michelle had been revealed, it was like an angel descending from heaven; the male had been that awe struck by her and her beauty. Of course the male had also learned that she was shy. It made her seem so sweet and innocent and was a bit of a turn on for the fosky. But there was more than that. It turned out the two had so much in common and even lived near the other. Right then and there, Nicholas decided to go for Michelle, unaware that she to was considering it. But it wasn't until after they had eaten that the two had kissed. It took off from there.

It was still fresh in Nicholas's mind, having just finished making love to Michelle. He had begun with oral on her. Then the mink had paid him back with a great blow job. What happened next had left the fosky a bit surprised after grabbing her perfect snapped ass. The female agreed to do anal, stating that she liked it. It was the first time in Nicholas's life that a female had agreed to do so. And he could tell she had loved the pounding of his meat in her ass. But the best part had to be getting in the mink's pussy. After knotting her, he learned that his cock fitted into Michelle perfectly; like he had been made to do so.

*After their climax, in which Michelle wouldn't get pregnant since she was on the pill, the two had laid there a bit. Nicholas then stated he really like the mink and asked her out, to which she accepted. So that meant they were a couple now. And a match made in heaven. The two were close enough in DNA structure to even have kids of their own. *

*"What are you thinking right now babe?" asked Michelle, snapping Nicholas out of his thoughts. He smiled to her. Already they were calling each other little pet nicknames. *

"Nothing hon. Just thinking about you and what's happened so far." The fosky brought her body in and kissed the female on the cheek causing her to giggle. It was such a beautiful sound.

"Mmmmm..." she sighed as they got to the water. Holding her against his muscled chest and abs felt so good. The female looked into the male's green eyes which were the kindest she'd ever seen. And Michelle liked his long brown hair that was in a ponytail. Suddenly the mink felt the fosky sweep her off her feet and into his strong arms.

*"Hey!" Michelle shouted with a laugh, her legs kicking playfully. *

*"Sorry, I couldn't help myself," whispered Nicholas. "Seems I can carry you." The mink found his lips, placing one paw on the side of the male's face. Both then pulled back. *

*"So, are you going to take me to the water?" she asked cutely. *

*"As you wish." The male went forward, moving past the tropical flowers that were in the warm liquid. The two didn't know if they had fallen there naturally or if Leilani had put them there. Not that they carried. Nicholas carried Michelle until the water was waist deep before setting her down. *

*"So you want to swim?" asked the fosky. *

*"I've got a better idea. Let me wash you," she whispered. *

"How? We don't have soap or body wash."

"No. But I can still do something like this." With gentle fingers the mink got the hair braid out of her boyfriend's hair. The thought of Nicholas being that made Michelle smile as she began to run her digits through the long, wavy hair. "Now stand still." Cupping her paws, the female got some of the crystal clear water in them and poured it carefully on the male's head. Nicholas just closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of it running on his head, and down his body that was exposed. Michelle began to slowly run her paws down the side of his neck and then chest, rubbing them with love. The male just stood there and, did he dare think it? Love the touch of her paws on him.

*"Oh my..." cooed Michelle, who looked down passed his abs. "Seems someone's excited." The fosky could feel it. His erection of his cock was back. It wasn't the biggest thing ever, but was a bit hard and thick. *

"Because you made me," he responded. "Because you're such an amazing mink and beautiful."

It caused the female to look up at him. "You think I'm beautiful?"

"I know you are. From the second I saw you."

*"Well you're certainly a very handsome male," she cooed and licked his right cheek. "I also thought that as we were walking to the beach." *

Nicholas's arms went around the female. "Well it seems even more we were meant to be together."


"But... there's something I want to know. I only know you're first name. What's your last one?"

"It's Sweets."

*"Michelle Sweets... I like it and it suits you well." *

"Well you've got a good one as well," stated the female and hugged the male. The two could feel their sexes throbbing against the other. But it wasn't time for sex again; not yet. She then began to move on with cleaning the rest of his body. Only when the mink was finished, she kissed the fosky on the cheek. "Now it's your turn," she cooed.

"As you wish," Nicholas whispered. He did the same thing that his girlfriend had done. First with the water on her head and then slowly moving his paws down her body. When his fingers touches Michelle's nipples and breast, the female couldn't help but gasp in pleasure. A swoop of wanting flowed through the mink's body. And it increased even more as the male got closer to her pussy. But he didn't stop there. Nicholas went down to finish on her legs. The fosky then came back up and looked deep in her eyes. "So how was that?"

"It was perfect babe," the mink whispered and both couldn't help but kiss again. Their arms were holding the other body close as both tongues fought for dominance. Neither was willing to back down. It could have been days, but the two lovers had to break it off for some air. The fosky then trailed his paws then and cupped Michelle's ass.

"Oh you naughty bad boy," she cooed. "You like my ass don't you?"

"Can you blame me?" he asked with a cocky grin. "You've got a great one. It's one of the things I like about you."

"Is that all?"

"No. I like you as a person, your personality, eyes, everything."

*"If you had to choose one thing, what would it be?" she asked, batting her eyelashes. *

"I'd say your shy, personality," answered Nicholas. "It makes you seem so sweet and innocent. And it's a bit of turn on for me." Michelle couldn't help but blush. "Of course you showed me otherwise in the fact you've had sex before and love anal. It seems you're more like a naughty, bad, little mink."

*"And I'm you're naughty, bad, little mink now," she cooed. *

"What about you? What is it that you like about me?"

*"Everything. But if there is one thing I had to choose it would be your eyes. They're so kind." *

*"Funny... that's what my last girlfriend said to me." Michelle then decided to ask the one question that had been on her mind for a bit. Ever since the two had sex. *

"Darling... can I ask you something now?"

"Sure babe."

"Can you tell me about your previous lovers? And... where they as good as me?"

"Of course," answered Nicholas. He got behind Michelle and wrapped his arms around her. The mink could feel his cock nestled against her ass cheeks. It felt good as she snuggled against the fosky. "I'll even tell you about my whole love life if you want."

*"I'd like to hear it." Nicholas then began. *

"I've always been attracted to females. That's never going to change. I can remember the first time I was attracted to females was at camp and a neighbor. I was very young so I don't remember exactly what they looked like. But if I remember right I did kiss one of them. The next one happened to be older, but I still felt this feeling of something. What it was I didn't know. However my first true crushes that I had were during the fifth grade. They involved two females; a poodle and river otter. It was during this that I figured out that I was attracted to felines and canines of all kinds. However I found out I was also attracted to otters of both kinds, Red pandas, skunks, bats, weasels, minks, and things like that. All because our two species could breed. I will say however that anything else I wasn't mainly because we couldn't breed. Only the rare exception would I find say a dragon beautiful."

"A few more years went by and my list of crushes grew. But it wasn't until the summer before I started seventh grade did I finally get my first girlfriend at an overnight camp that lasted a week. I can say her name since I'm positive we'll never meet again. Her name was Amanda; a bob cat. Like with you Michelle we had a lot in common. Perhaps a bit less. Sadly it didn't last forever since there were two problems. One it was my first girlfriend so I wasn't quite ready and didn't know what having a relationship would take. And even if that hadn't been the case, we lived too far apart. So that ended. At least with her I got my first kiss."

"There was a long pause and then I got my second one. This one was named Hannah and she was a puma. According to her she had been in love with me for a very long time; since she first met me. This was because she was Amanda's friend. It was with her that I got to second base for the first time. She offered sex, but I wisely turned her down. This one didn't last long since I think someone may have spotted us and a counselor talked to her. So we broke up."

"The next one was a she wolf with brown fur and black hair also named Hannah from the same camp. According to her she had some Native American blood in her. We ended up talking a lot and before we left, we kissed and she gave me the necklace she'd been wearing. I've still got it. We met up the next year and did go out. But like the last one we stopped at the end and I haven't seen or heard of her since."

"The next one I won't name since we're still friends. I'll call her Kay. She's a Grey tabby and someone I've known since childhood."

"Oh? A classic example," commented Michelle.

"Yeah," stated the fosky. He then continued. "We spent time together and then during the summer before ninth grade we kissed and I asked her out. It was with her that we went to our first high school dance together. We loved each other. And it was a great relationship. But it wasn't meant to last. Sometime during the 11th grade I was forced to move. Basically my mom got remarried and also lost her job. So we had to move to where my step-dad lived which was California. Kay did cry a lot but we knew I couldn't stay. So I told her as the last thing we should do was loose our virginity to each other. I wanted her to be my first. But I told Kay that if she didn't want to, we didn't have to. But she agreed to do so."

"Do you still remember it?" asked the mink. "Was she as good as me?"

"I'll always will," answered Nicholas. "But nobody will be as good as you babe." He kissed her on the cheek.

"So we did it and then I moved. It wasn't until I got there that I found my last girlfriend. This one I'll call Lay and she was a mountain lion. We dated for awhile and then I gave it to her. But we ended up breaking up not long after that."

"Yet you did it with me so soon."

"Only because like with you I knew we were meant to be together for a long time. And that is my whole story."

*"Thank you for telling me that," stated the female. At certain points she felt her boyfriend's erection get bigger as he talked. And liked the feel of it against her body. *

"I will also say this. You were the first girl I got to do anal with. I knew the other two would have said no. And now I want you to now tell me your sexual preference, how you got into anal, and your love history. The first I only ask because as of late I've been meeting females who are bi."

Michelle blushed but then spoke up. "Well I'm only into guys and will never go to females. I can promise you that."

"Good. What about threesomes and above?"

"Never," answered the mink. "I don't like to share my guy or myself amongst others."

*"I'm like that as well," stated Nicholas. The female then began her history. *

"Due to my shy personality, I've had female friends, but not a whole lot of guy ones. So I didn't really have a boyfriend as early as you did with a girlfriend. It wasn't until the tenth grade I got my first one. How it happened was that this guy named James who was a mink like me asked me out. We'd talked and hung out before during the ninth grade, But how he did it was that he kissed me and I couldn't help but answer back. He had a huge crush on me for the longest time and I had as well. We were very happy."

"This didn't last forever though. Like you did with Kay and moved, he also was forced to move during my junior year. Both of us were devastated. But James and I met up one night like we had before. He then stated that before he left he wanted to try having sex. It had been a year since we'd been dating. He stated he wanted me to be his first and for him to be my first. James then said we didn't have to if I didn't want to. But I made my choice and we made love. It was him that got me into anal."

"How did it happen?" Nicholas asked gently.

*"Before that night which I can remember well, I had begun to experiment with toys. I was able to get them from an older cousin who didn't need them anymore and figured I could use them. I wondered what it would be like to have something up my ass. When I did I discovered that as long as lube was used, it was fine. James had some and so I stated we could try it. I learned that I liked it; a lot. And so I allowed him to fuck me many times as he wanted. I got stretched out to the point lube wasn't needed. That's why I found pleasure when you gave it to me up my ass." *

"I see... you're such a naughty, bad mink," the fosky responded, holding her while playfully growled into her ear.

"I know," she cooed. Michelle than continued. "After he left I didn't think I would date again. But then another guy came along. A male cougar by the name of Jason. He was also a good one. It was he who took me out to Prom. And after that we ended up doing it. No anal this time because Jason didn't think I would like it. However... I then moved not long after that. And that relationship fell apart. But I don't regret anything. Because now I've met you. And I know we'll be together for a long time."

"I know it as well," stated Nicholas and kissed the top of her head. "Thank you for telling me that. I feel I know just about everything there is to know about you. Of course there's probably more." Suddenly the male fished one of the flowers that was in the water into his paws. One had floated to them. "And now I present this to you Michelle. Let it be a sign that we'll be together for a long time. Maybe even forever."

The mink cupped his paws and gently sniffed the flower. "I accept it," she whispered. The female than took it and placed it behind her right ear. Michelle cocked her head to the side cutely. "How do I look?"

"You're so beautiful," Nicholas responded. "Like an island girl."

"And she's got her guy with her..."

That's all it took for the two to lean in and kiss. They broke off with Michelle moaning. The fosky then went for her neck and kissed it with love. The female leaned her body back and her paws began to rub his muscled chest. The male then got behind her and began to squeeze her fluffy tail. He then playfully bit her left shoulder and his paws came up to fondle Michelle's boobs. The mink found Nicholas's member and squeezed it in response. Nicholas let out a grunt, and his right paw trailed down the female's stomach to her pussy. His middle finger slipped inside.

*The two panted and gasped for a bit as their paws and fingers continued to play in the same areas. Michelle then broke the moment. "Oh god, take me back babe. Fuck me again..." Nicholas came out of her pussy and swept the mink off of her feet. It took a bit before the two were back and he lay her out on the mattress, stroking the side of the mink's face. The male had managed to put his necklace and glasses back on. *

"So shall I start or you?" he asked.

"I will. There's something I want to try." Her lips kissed his chest as her paws began to fondle his member which was hard again. Michelle's fosky let out a moan of pleasure. Grinning with lust, the mink brought her tits up and wrapped the dick in them and moved them up and down.

"Oh god..." groaned Nicholas. Nobody had ever done a tit fuck on him. His girlfriend then brought her mouth on top of his member and began to hum gently. "Ugh..."

Michelle loved doing this already. The mink didn't mind admitting this in her mind already. The female's mouth slowly slide off, but the boobs kept going. "Mmm... do you like that baby?" she cooed.

*"Ugh... yeeeesss...." the male groaned. The mink let out a giggle and went back with her mouth on the dick. The taste of it was something the female loved in her mouth. Just as much as the dick in her ass and pussy. Of course his cum would make her efforts all the worth while. *

*Nicholas couldn't help but look down and see this amazing and beautiful female doing this. Michelle really was the girl meant for him. She was perfect. Not just with everything else but also for sex. To do this and be into anal. The fosky couldn't ask for a better girlfriend. "Nigh... Keep... Going..." he panted. The mink was only too happy to do so and pleasure her boyfriend. A couple minutes latter Nicholas felt it coming. "God... I'm...." He then shouted and fired his load into Michelle's greedy, waiting mouth. The mink swallowed all of the cum that came out. It wasn't unit the last drop was fired did she come off slowly and sexily. *

"Mmm... tasty..." Nicholas's mink cooed and licked her lips.

"Ugh... That was a first for me," whispered the fosky as he managed to get his breath back. "Thank you for that."

"Really?" asked the female. "I was the first girl to do that to you?"

"None of the others had tits big enough for one."

"Oh I see..." stated Michelle in a teasing tone. Suddenly she felt the male pounce on her and get her body on all fours. "Oh, what are you doing you naughty boy?" the female moaned.

"Paying you back," Nicholas answered slyly and began to lick hard and fast at her pussy.

*"OH GOD!" she cried in pleasure. "YES!" Michelle arched her back and moaned loudly. Nicholas's tongue felt so good licking at her folds and in her cunt which was already wet. Suddenly he came out. "No, don't stop..." the mink pleaded. *

"Who said I was?" asked the fosky. "I'm trying something new as well." His finger then slipped inside while at the same time he kissed both of her ass cheeks before spreading them to see her tail hole. His tongue then came out again and began to lick at it.

The female gasped and moaned as she felt her boyfriend giving her a rim job; the first one she'd ever had. It felt good to have her tail hole licked and her pussy finger fucked. "Oh fuuuuckkk... Lick it..." Nicholas was only too happy to do so and please his girlfriend. The male than switched so that his tongue was back on her pussy and now his finger was up the mink's tail hole. The moans, gasps, and pants were music to the male's ears. He went harder, faster, and stronger. Michelle was in a world of pleasure. And could also feel it coming.

"I'm gonna cum!" the mink cried and did so. The juices came out very hard. Nicholas just drank them up as his reward. The female collapsed on the mattress, the finger of her fosky coming out at the same time. Michelle was panting, but managed to turn over to see Nicholas smiling down.

"Like that?" he whispered.

"Oh yes baby... Thank you for that," the mink managed to respond. His paws then slipped down and grabbed her ass. "Oh you naughty boy..."

"I am one," Nicholas stated. "Since we're trying new things here's another one. Want some cum up you ass?"

"Mmm... let's," his girlfriend cooed. The mink brought her ass up after flipping over, grinding it against her boyfriend's dick which got even harder. The fosky than grabbed Michelle and got her in a reverse cowgirl position, pushing the female down on his cock. It went right up her ass.

*"OH GOOOOODDD!" the mink moaned with pleasure, having his meat up that hole. *

*"Ugh..." Nicholas groaned. Michelle got a good position and he began to move her up and down on his dick. *

*"Fuck... yes...." the female moaned as she began to finger her pussy with two fingers. *

He kept thrusting his girl up and down. Then with a good push the male knotted her. Michelle cried out in pleasure, feeling all of his cock up her ass which felt good. It was so stuff with flesh up there and yet it fitted the female's tail hole perfectly like her cunt. "Nigh... ugh..." groaned Michelle.

The ass fucking still went on since it would take a bit for the male to blow his load again. The mink rolled her ass around his cock and flexed the muscles, trying to get it to come out. His balls were slapping adjacent her body. "Come... on... baby..." the mink moaned. "Fill meeee...."

"God..." Nicholas just groaned. He went harder and faster. But was nowhere near close. So the fosky just kept the pounding up. The female did with her fingering. Ten minutes latter the two could feel it coming.

"Honey... I'm almost..." the fosky moaned.

*"Me to..." the mink groaned back. A few more thrusts and finger fucking got the two to climax. Both cried out. Michelle felt the warm cum squirt up her ass as her juices ran out of her cunt and down her body. The female shook her ass back and forth quickly to get Nicholas completely drained. Both then stayed in that position while panting, waiting for the fosky's knot to shrink. When it had, he pulled out, and laid out on the mattress while the female got the cum coming from her tail hole with her fingers and rubbed it into her pussy. *

Both lay there for a few minutes while resting. During this Michelle was able to get all of the cum in her. Now she was stroking Nicholas's cheek. The male than looked to his girlfriend. "Want me to finish in your pussy?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered her boyfriend. "I want all three of my holes filled." He nodded and suddenly the mink found herself on all fours again. Nicholas rubbed his cock against her ass cheeks to get it hard again before inserting himself in her cunt.

"OH GOD!" the female cried as she felt her fosky fuck her in doggy style. His paws began to slap her ass cheeks causing even more pleasure. The thrusts began to get harder and faster. "YES! THAT'S IT! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!"

*Nicholas just did what the mink requested. He hadn't knotted the female yet since there was one last position he wanted to try. But not yet. First the male had to get close to blowing his load into her for the third time. And thanks to what had happened with anal, it would take a bit. *

*"UGH... YES..." Michele moaned loudly. *

"Nigh... god...." her boyfriend groaned. After some minutes the male decided to try the new position. He pulled her down in a sideways position. His paws were around her stomach. The female just cried out in pleasure as the male knotted her and she used her left paw to life her left leg higher.

"FUUUUUCKK!" the mink cried.

*"UGH!" Nicholas grunted. They were getting closer. His balls were slapping against her body. *

"Come... on... babe..." Michelle gasped with each thrust. "Fill me.... Again..."

*"Almost there..." Nicholas groaned. It took another minute and then they both climaxed again for the third time and screamed out the others name with love. The couple then laid there while panting. When the knot had shrunken, the male came out of the female. The two then laid there a bit, holding paws on the mattress. *

"God... that was good..." the male panted.

"It was..." the female stated between breaths. She then rolled over and nuzzled her boyfriend's neck. He took her right paw with his left.

*"Shall we get something more to eat or go back to the water?" he asked his girlfriend. *

*"I could do with some food," she answered. The couple got up and got some more of the eatables and drink since it was still lying out on the table. Again the fosky and mink fed the other in a loving way. After that was finished, the two headed to the water to tan their upper bodies and soak their lower parts in the liquid. All the while both talked still. *

It was near sundown, when they were told the date was over. The male, his arm around the female, were astounded that nearly nine hours had passed since Leilani sent them to the beach. The two walked back with Michelle, radiant and no longer the shy mink, leaned against him, content that her adventure was so successful. A crew member brought them their clothes and the two helped each other dress. Not with their undergarments, but with everything else. The fosky made sure that when the shirt was put over the mink, it didn't knock the flower out of her hair. Nicholas looked her over. The outfit consisted of shorts and a cute tank top. Michelle noticed him looking.

"How do I look?" she whispered, doing a full body spin so her boyfriend could see.

"So beautiful right now," he answered and kissed his girlfriend on the cheek. The two than strolled back to where Leilani waited.

As soon as she saw the pair, the otter grinned. "I take it the date went well?"

Nicholas smirked. "I'd say so. I think I can speak for both of us, when I say, we'd like another date please."

Michelle nodded, eyes wide and happy. "Yes. That would be terrific."

Leilani then asked, "So, you would say you were a couple?"

*The two didn't even have to answer. Their eyes, and the long passionate kiss they exchanged, said it all. After that it was time to head back to their homes. Along the way Nicholas and Michelle exchanged contact information; Phone numbers, emails, and addresses. Also the couple decided to wait a week before announcing to everyone that they were going out. *

"We really should thank Leilani properly," stated the mink. "If it wasn't for her, we might not have met."

*"I agree," commented the fosky. "Which is why I've gotten her information." *

The couple than made it back. Nicholas drove her to her place. It was an apartment within walking distance of his. Holding paws, the two made it up to the entrance of her suite with the sun beginning to set. They stopped outside the door. "Will I see you tomorrow baby?" asked Michelle.

"I promise sweetie," answered Nicholas. "And all the days after that." He than cupped her paws in his. "Goodnight..."

"Goodnight..." Both leaned in to kiss, but didn't want to let go. A few moments latter it became a make out session. Her arms wrapped around his neck while his around her waist. The paws of the male found her ass and squeezed it in response. How long the two stayed like that, they couldn't tell. But eventually the couple had to break it off for some air. Both were gasping. The fosky looked to his mink and could see she was blushing. Nicholas let out a chuckle and kissed her throat.

"You're amazing you know that?"

Michelle let out a giggle and kissed his cheek. "So are you." After one more kiss goodnight, the mink went inside. Both were grinning from ear to ear. They were so happy; the most they had been in a long time.


Some months latter Leilani was back at her island home. And at the moment the sea otter was opening a package that had been sent to her. Opening it it revealed to have things she liked to wear, eat, and drink. At the top was a letter and a pic. It was of Nicholas and Michelle. The sea otter smiled as she looked at it, seeing that they were still going strong as a couple. Leilani than read the letter.

"Dear Leilani, we've sent this to you as a way of thanking you for allowing us to come together. If it wasn't for you, we never would have met. At least that's what we think. Me and Michelle are in love now and happy as a couple. By the time you receive this, we'll have told everyone and have even spent time at the others place. And yes we've had even more time to make love. I've been considering the part of moving in together. But perhaps not yet. I'm sure all three of us will see each other again. You're always welcome to visit us in California. And maybe we'll come visit you. I'm sure Michelle will love your island home as much as I. We hope to stay in contact and see you soon. Sincerely, Nicholas and Michelle."

*Leilani smile got even bigger. The sea otter was happy that she had been successful with this when it came to the fosky and mink. Doing the Dating Naked Series had been such a good idea after all. *

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