Take a Risk. Chapter one.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#1 of Friends to lovers.

DX Sorry for all that Favorited the story and rated it! I didn't know I could make a folder to put all the related stories in. So I decided to fix that >.>;;;; <.< Sorry again! DX I know now! Anyway enjoy the story again! Adults only. Underage? Save your innocence!

The fox let out a soft sigh as she sat at the desk in her room. She had some homework laid out in front of her and was tapping the end of her pen on the paper. She couldn't concentrate for the life of her. She had only one thing on her mind. She looked out the window across the street to the house that her friend lived in. She flicked her tail, seeing the large male fox sitting on his bed with a book. That boy never learned to shut his curtains over the years and she was partly thankful for it. Belle flicked the tip of her own tail as she watched him with a soft sigh coming from her again. Belle had found herself falling head over heels for her friend over the past year and it was driving her nuts. She was having such a hard time thinking of doing actual work because of her thoughts. She had been his friend since they were cubs and pretty much grew up with him. She had boyfriend before and he had girls but it never lasted. Belle shook her head hard and rubbed her eyes as she mumbled to herself. "Belle forget it...no way he would want to be with a scruffy thing like you even after growing up together.." She sighed and lowered her ears. She looked down at her homework and began forcing herself to write out the essay she had been assigned to do over the weekend. Thank god it was only Friday afternoon. Belle hadn't noticed that her friend had finally turned his attention to his window and was now watching her.

The male bit his bottom lip lightly as he watched Belle, noting her ears were low, something she only done when she was sad. Andy shook his head a bit. He knew he should leave her alone due to the homework. He had already had most of his done, usually one to get it started as soon as he sat foot in the house. He rolled off of his bed and pulled his sneakers on. He walked outside after telling his mother where he was going. The fox adjusted his black t shirt and shorts before making the short jog across the street. He didn't even have to knock on the door when Belle's aunt opened the door for him to let him in. Andy enjoyed her aunt, the old fox being kind to him and the other kids of the neighbor hood they were in. Andy was only 19. Belle had just turned 18 the week before. Andy sadly had to work on her birthday at his after school job and since then hadn't had the chance to really talk to her or see her. Her aunt pointed upstairs in silence and the fox nodded with a small smile. He kicked off his sneakers and headed up the stairs. Belle had her bedroom door open and was looking back out the window at his house, a bit sad that he wasn't in his room. Andy grinned and slowly stalked up behind her while reaching into the pockets of his shorts. He pulled out a small box that had a purple silk ribbon around it. He was right behind her when he leaned over a bit then dropping the box down on her pile of homework making the vixen jump in surprise. She spun her chair around and looked up at him, her nose almost touching his. Both blushed darkly and Andy pulled away, wiggling his nose a bit. " Hey Belle...happy late birthday." Belle took a deep breathe and slumped down into her chair, running her hand through her hair. Andy sat on the edge of her bed, watching her. He could help but stare at her. She was the only fox in town with jet black fur with a small patch of white fur on her chest just above the space between her breasts that was shaped like a heart. Belle had jet black hair that was almost down to her lower back but it was streaked with a bright blue color and kept pulled back in a low braid. The one thing about her loved more then anything were her bright lavender colored eyes.Andy himself was just a regular red fox with black markings around his eyes, making the blue color stand out. Belle felt him staring at her and blushed a bit as she finally glanced at him. " Thanks Andy..I didn't think I would get to see you anytime soon with the tests going on in school."

Andy shuffled his feet a bit and shrugged as he looked down at the floor. " Yeah...sorry about that. I hate that we haven't gotten to hang out much but once these tests are over freedom should be in grasp!" Andy made a dramatic pose that made him look silly but it also made Belle smile. To be honest Andy had been avoiding Belle. His body and hormones were going into over drive. He could smell her scent becoming stronger to him the longer he sat there. Andy had to finally stand up and moved to her, gently rubbing one of her ears as she murred and leaned into the rubbing. " I promise Kit...when these tests are done we will hang out at the pizza joint in town." Belle nodded and looked up at him then sighed a bit as he turned to leave. Belle waited and watched him leave across the street from her window. She leaned back into her seat while holding the box he had left with her. Belle stood her ears up and gently pulled the ribbon off the box before opening it. She almost dropped it, seeing a silver bracelet inside with little owl charms hanging from it. She whipped around and looked out the window to see Andy at his own window with a grin and waving before disappearing out of his bedroom. Belle looked back to the bracelet and only smiled before pulling it from the box and putting it on.

Saturday morning left Belle laying in bed with her eyes wide open. She had stayed up late getting the last of her homework done. Now she was battling herself to get up. When she finally did she walked into her bathroom that was attached to her room and took a quick shower. she dried off and got dressed in a short blue skirt and a tight white tank top. she pulled on some sandles before grabbing her bag to head out. She decided to walk around the mall for the day. Andy was already there with a group of friends. They were sitting at the food court sipping on some slushies when one of his friends, a large white wolf grinned and looked past Andy as Belle was walking down along the shops. " Damn dude...When did Belle grow up?" Andy stood his ears up and slowly turned his head with his straw still in his mouth. He almost choked on his drink when he saw her. He hadn't seen her dressed like that before. His friends roared with laughter, making Belle stand her ears up and look over. Andy slapped his chest as he coughed, shaking his head with tears forming in his eyes. Belle by then had walked over and was looking at him with worry on her face. "Andy are you ok?" His friends all snickered and grinned while Andy shifted and gave her a sheepish smile before nodding a bit as he spoke with a strained voice. " Yeah..I..I am good just uh..swallowed my drink the wrong way." Belle stared at him for a moment before nodding some and glancing to his friends, her cheeks turning a bright pink when she realized they were staring at her. She shifted, becoming uncomfortable as she spoke to Andy. " Alright..just um..wanted to make sure. I will see you later Andy!" Belle turned and quickly walked off, his friends letting out chuckles and whistles. Andy folded his ears back and glared at the group before rolling his eyes and standing up. " Great guys..make her feel like an object...way to go." Andy stalked off away from his friend who only shrugged it off. Andy stuffed his hands into his pockets as he walked. He soon spotted Belle going into a clothing store for men and women. He hesitated before quickly following her inside.

Belle was looked through some tank tops and summer dresses when Andy appeared beside her. Belle stood her ears up and looked at him with a blush coming to her face. Andy blushed himself and spoke softly. " Sorry about my moron friends Belle...they don't think with their brains." Belle smiled a bit and shook her head some. " It's...ok Andy...It just...kinda made me nervous is all." Andy lowered his ears and put his hands on her shoulders making her stiffen up a bit. Andy glanced around before grabbing her hand and pulling her to the dressing rooms. He slipped by the woman keeping watch at the returns desk that was right beside the changing rooms. He found a large empty room and pulled Belle in. Belle blushed and backed up against the mirror on the wall. "A...Andy? What are you doing?" Andy looked to her after latching the door. He didn't mean to make her nervous or frighten her. He moved to her so he was standing in front of her. He watched her look away as she blushed even more. He gently lifted her head by her chin and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her softly. Belle went bug eyed, her cheeks flaring up so much the fur on them was turning pink. Andy broke the kiss, keeping his nose close to hers. "A...Andy?" Belle stared him in the eyes for a moment. She was about to say something when Andy went wide eyed and pulled back with a dark blush and his ears lowering. " Belle I...shouldn't have done that. I..I'm sorry!" Before she could stop him Andy unlatched the door and left quickly. Belle lowered her ears and teared up a bit as she sat on the bench in the room, rubbing her arms before looking down at the bracelet on her wrist. Belle sat there for a while before she headed home.

That night Andy was at his window, watching some small kids playing soccer in the street. Belle was in her room, the light was on and the movement caught his eye. He looked up to see Belle in her room with a towel around her body. She had the habit of showering at least twice a day. Andy felt his heart jump into his throat as he watched her. she was pulling her hair back into a low braid when the towel fell from her body, exposing her breasts to him. Andy instantly became hard. Belle bent down to grab the towel and when she stood up she looked out the window and saw Andy with his back to the window. She lowered her ears before getting her pjs on and cutting the light off. She sat down on her bed and stared down at her feet, not realizing he had saw way more of her then he meant to. Belle couldn't stop thinking of the incident in the changing room. She felt a shiver go down her spine when she remembered the feeling of him kissing her, how strong his scent was when it hit her. She bit her bottom lip hard and shook her head with a whine. She finally laid back and let out a deep breathe, falling asleep soon after while Andy was busy trying to get his erection to go away.

Sunday came and went rather quickly. Belle slept in late that day. Andy spent the last day of the weekend playing games and thinking of Belle, his body becoming hot when he remembered the kiss. He had a huge fear he had fucked up his relationship with her from doing that. And could only hope he could make up for it. The next morning at school Belle looked down, her ears low to her head. She had tried several times to get to Andy so she could talk to him but he would turn tail and run off with his friends. She felt her heart breaking as she went towards lunch when she saw him. She folded her ears down more in anger and rushed to him, grabbing him by the arm of his shirt and pulling him into a near by storage room, closing the door and locking it so no one would walk in on them. Andy let out a grunt like yelp as he was grabbed and almost shoved into the room. He landed against a spare desk and shook his head, looking stunned when he saw Belle standing there with anger all over her face. " Belle what the hell is wrong with you?!" Belle had her arms crossed as she stared at him, she was starting to shake. " You Andy! Your my problem! You have been avoiding me all damn day! You...you cornered me in the mall and kissed me then...now you won't look at me! I have tried to talk to you all day and...you run away!" Belle felt tears stinging her eyes and was trying to fight them off. Andy lowered his ears and shifted a bit as he looked down at the floor. " Belle I..shouldn't have done that..I let myself get carried away when I was in front of you...I-" Belle growled and slapped him across the face. He shook his head after a moment and looked at her, tears rolling down her cheeks. " You moron! You don't get it! I enjoyed the kiss Andy! But I didn't like the fact you ran like you had just kissed a monster! And your not coming around me...long before this weekend. I know your tests are important and I know it doesn't take long for you to do your homework...anytime I do see you...your usually with those goons you call friends or have some girl on your arm flirting with you. It...It kills me because I love you Andy! I...I..." Belle couldn't think of her words to say and became frustrated. she turned her back to him, lightly banging her head against the door as she cried silently. Andy sat there in shock, staring at her. He gulped a bit before getting off of the desk. Andy moved to her and gently gripped her shoulders, turning her to face him. Belle looked away from him, refusing to look him in the eyes. Andy didn't know what to say to her. He bit his bottom lip before letting her go and moving to unlock the door after pulling her away from it. " Belle..I love you to...I just don't want to fuck up this relationship...the friendship we have had since being cubs..." Andy pulled the door open and walked out, heading out of the school. Belle stood there shaking with her ears low against her head. She whimpered and took the time to get calm enough to get out of the rest of her classes. She went home and right up to her room. she sat at her desk with tears rolling down her cheeks now. Andy came home later and sat in his room. He looked out his window more then once to see her crying at her desk. He got the pain of guilt hit him and held his head in his hands, wondering if he fucked up either way.

Later that night Belle was sitting outside on the front porch with some tea her aunt had made her. Andy walked up and stood in front of her for a moment before he spoke softly. " Belle...come with me please?" He had his hand held out to her. Belle started to get angry and wanted to slap him away but took a deep breathe. She set her drink down on the table beside her and stood up without taking his hand then motioning for him to lead the way. Andy lowered his ears, putting his hands into his pants pocked. He lead Belle out of the neighborhood then down along a path in a wooded area. It ended at a clearing where the sky was visible as the sun was setting. It was a perfect spot to relax and stare up at the stars. Belle however was just staring down at the ground as she walked with him. She ran right into his back though when he stopped. She stumbled back and rubbed her nose. " Andy! What the hell?!" He turned and looked at her before suddenly grabbing her and pulling her against him in a hug. Belle let out a gasp and wiggled a bit before relaxing with tears filling her eyes again. Andy hugged her tighter then before when she hugged him in return, her body shaking a bit as she buried her face against his chest for a moment. When he finally loosened his grip enough to look down at her she was staring back at him, tears rolling down her cheeks. He used his thumb to wipe them away before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers once more, holding the kiss long enough for her to relax more and return it. She held the kiss with him until they had to pull back to breathe, her cheeks a bright pink as she stared at him for a moment before he sat down in the grass. She moved to sit by him but let out a squeak when he grabbed her hips and pulled her into his lap with her back against him. She blushed and held onto his arms when he wrapped them around her, his head resting against hers.

Belle sat there in his lap for what felt like forever before she spoke. "A..Andy? What is going on? " Andy took a deep breathe, breathing in her scent before he spoke. " Taking a risk Belle...I don't...I can't stand seeing you cry...I hate when your ears are low and your not smiling...and it is because of me." Belle gripped his arms tighter then before as she listened to him. " I love you Belle...so much. I just..am afraid that we will not be able to turn back if we let this happen." Belle bit her bottom lip and turned in his lap so she is facing him as well as straddling him. She pressed her forehead against his and looked him in the eyes for a moment before she spoke. " But if we don't...then we spend the rest of our lives wondering what would have happened if we had let it happen...those thoughts would haunt us Andy...I love you...I have..been in love with you for over a year now just...been afraid to say it." Belle closed her eyes as she gripped his shoulders. Andy was silent as he thought on what she said, keeping his eyes on hers before finally nudging her muzzle with his, getting her to open her eyes. When she did he kissed her. This kiss was much more passionate then the first one, his tongue pushing into her mouth. Belle shivered a bit and let out a soft groan into the kiss as she returned it, her grip on his shoulders tightening as her tongue rubbed against his. Andy held the kiss with her before pulling back and biting down on her neck lightly, sucking on her skin and making her let out a soft gasp. "A..Andy!" He twitched his ears, shifting himself when he felt his cock coming out of his sheath. He let out a groan as he let go of her neck. Belle took in a deep breathe then gasped again when his hands went under her T-shirt. He was running his fingers through her fur as he stared at her. He was giving her one chance after another to stop him. Belle was nervous since no one had touched her like that before and it was sending shivers through her.

The next thing Belle knew she was on her back in the grass, her shirt completely tossed off to the side. She had no idea when the clothing came off. she was moaning softly at the moment with Andy having his mouth latched onto one of her nipples and suckling on it while he was grinding his cock against her, still blocked by both their pants. Belle blushed and gripped at his own shirt, the hoodie he was wearing soon came off and was tossed along with her shirt into a slowly growing pile of clothing. Belle opened her eyes and let out a gasp when he let go of her nipple by tugging on it. Andy moved his head up and pressed his lips to hers once more, kissing her while his hands kneaded and massaged into her breasts, his forefinger and thumb gripping her nipples and pinching them gently. Belle returned the kiss as she gripped the fur on his sides tightly, making her grunt a bit in pain. He pulled back and sat up, panting as he looked down at her. " B..Belle...Your...beautiful...always have been." Belle blushed darkly and smiled up at him with a soft giggle coming from her. Andy smiled and ran his hands down along her body until he reached the jeans she was wearing. He waited to see if she would stop him. When she didn't he undone them and swiftly tugged them off of her body. He blushed, seeing the white lace panties on her made his cock throb hard in his pants. He gently pressed his finger into the cloth and against her clit. 'Holy shit...she is already soaking wet' was the first thing that went through his mind. His touch made the vixen let out a soft moan and arch her back up as she bit her bottom lip hard. Andy rubbed the fabric against her clit a bit more before pulling her panties off. He moved down so he was laying on his side some, making him more comfortable since his cock wouldn't be wedged between himself and the ground. Andy pressed his muzzle against her pussy, his long flat tongue came out of his mouth, giving her lips a few soft licks that coaxed much louder moans from her. He murred and gently used his fingers to spread her pussy open, licking at her opening all the way up to her clit where he sucked on the nub a few times. Belle bucked her hips and let out a squeak as she gripped at the ground. "Ah...A..Andy..I..it feels..fuck.." The vixen laid her head back when she felt his tongue push into her pussy and begin to swirl around in side of her, licking at her walls while his finger pinched and rubbed her clit. Belle arched her back up, her feet digging down into the ground some as she let out a moan that was louder then she wanted it to be. She relaxed her body and wiggled around against his tongue as she panted with little whimpers coming from her. Andy rubbed her clit more as he pulled his tongue from her, licking his lips before moving to lay beside her. He moved his fingers from her clit and pushed one of his fingers into her, curling up and brushing against her G-spot, making her let out a small cry as her back arched up again. " ANDY! Fuck stop teasing me!" She was holding onto his arm now as she leaned into him a bit, panting against him. Andy only smiled and pushed his finger in further but stopped when he felt her hymen. " Belle" The vixen panted when he stopped, nuzzling her head against his chest some before looking to him. " Belle...you haven't?" Belle blushed and looked away as her ears lowered like she was ashamed as she shook her head no. Andy took a deep breathe and pulled his finger from her, turning her head and kissing her deeply with a soft growl. Belle returned the kiss, the sound of his growl making her shiver with excitement. Andy pulled back from the kiss and quickly got rid of his pants and underwear. Belle blushed when she finally saw his cock. He looked huge to her even though he was only about nine and a half inches in length but he was thick. Andy moved between her legs, blushing as he looked at her.

"Belle...we can stop now if you want...we don't have to keep going." Andy felt nervous as he hoovered over her, staring down into her eyes. Belle bit her bottom lip as she laid there. She wanted nothing more then for him to take her right now and without hesitation she spoke to him. " Go ahead Andy...t..take me.." Andy smiled and nodded then leaned his head down, his lips pressing against her own in a deep kiss as he pushed his cock into her pussy. The thickness already stretching her out more then the vixen expected. She gripped at his sides, letting out a moan into the kiss. Andy continued to push in until he felt his tip hit her Hymen. Andy stopped, breaking the kiss to get his breathe. He panted a bit, his nose nuzzling to hers. Belle was panting softly as well then wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him again. Andy pulled back a bit then thrust hard into her, tearing through her hymen and making her let out a muffled cry of pain as he held the kiss with her. Andy went instantly still and groaned, his cock throbbing at how tight she felt. He broke the kiss and listened to her whimpering in pain. " Fuck Andy...it hurts! your to damn big!" Andy chuckled a bit and shook his head, nuzzling into her as he tried to relax and sooth her. " Relax Belle it will stop hurting soon and pleasure will be replacing your pain..I promise." Belle kept her hold on him and laid there. It felt like forever before Andy before to give slow thrust into her, testing to see if it was safe to start moving. Belle let out a gasp that was soon a moan. She relaxed her body soon after, her hands moving to his shoulders and toying with the fur as she stared up at him. Andy murred and kissed into her neck. His cock throbbed each time he pushed into her, enjoying the feeling of how tight she was. Andy shifted and began to thrust a bit faster into her, making her arch her back up a bit as another moan escaped her. Soon she was moaning with almost each breathe as he was thrusting harder into her, growling into her neck as he nuzzled into her. Andy suddenly pulled out, making Belle whine and look at him. He only grinned and flipped her over onto her stomach, lifting her hips up and pushing his cock back into her. Belle blushed and let out a moan when he pushed back in, her tail curling around his waist as she began pushing her hips back into his own, the sound of his hips hitting her rear making soft thud sounds mixed with the wet sounds coming from his cock pushing into her. Belle soon felt his knot growing and hitting against her pussy lips with each thrust he made. Belle bit her bottom lip as she gripped at the grass under her." H..harder Andy...harder!" He stood his ears up when he heard her and leaned his head down, biting at the back of her neck and making her let out a grunt as he began pounding into her now. He wasn't being all that gentle at this point and Belle seemed to love it. she was clawing at the ground and letting out loud yips and moans to him. Belle felt her pussy tightening up as she began to get closer to cumming. She didn't even try to warn him as he picked up his pace even more, his own hands gripped over hers now as he slammed his hips into her over and over again before suddenly with one hard shove his knot popped into her, locking him there with her. Belle let out a cry from the over sized knot stretching her out and it sent her over the edge. she cried out again as her orgasm hit her hard, her pussy clenching down on his cock and knot over and over again as she bucked into him as hard as she could. Andy let out a feral sounding growl as he shivered, his cock throbbing violently as he gave one last push, his tip against her cervix as he came hard in her.

Belle laid her head back, her eyes shut tightly as she panted hard, her tail twitching with the fur fluffed out on end. Andy was still leaning over her back, his chest pressed into her as he was breathing heavily as well. Belle was the first to speak when she could form actual words. "An..Andy..." The fox twitched his ears and gently nuzzled his nose into her neck as he let out a soft sound to her. " Hmm?" The vixen giggled and began purring happily as she laid there under him. "That...was fun...lets do that again." Andy laughed hard and shifted them so they would be on their sides. He managed to reach his hoodie and laid it over her, watching her as she took in his scent from it. She murred and turned her head to look at him. He smiled and kissed her lips softly before he whispered. " It is going to be a while before I can pull out of you..." She smiled and nodded a bit as she relaxed, enjoying the feeling of him against her and his arms wrapped around her with little kisses to her face and ears. When he was finally able to pull out she let out a soft gasp and almost pouted but was stopped with a kiss. She smiled and with his help got dressed. When he was dressed he moved to her, pulling his hoodie over her body and hugging her to him as he pet her head. " Lets get you home before your aunt decides to turn me into a throw rug." Belle giggled and nodded, taking his hand into hers and walking back to her house with him. They stood on the porch for a moment, kissing softly a few times before she went inside for the night. Andy grinned almost stupidly as he headed across the street and into his own home. He flopped down onto his bed and was out like a light. Belle slept in his hoodie that night, purring heavily wondering what would happen to them now.

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