Bani Lore! Fire!

Story by The Pink Bani on SoFurry

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#7 of Bani Lore!

the First gen Bani known as Fire! the Hot headed bun bun!

Name: Freah Brimestone (free-ah Brim-stone) "Fire" Generation 1 First Born. "Elements"

Height: 4'' 2' -child- / 4'' 9' -anthro-

Age: 14 plus tp K.16

Fur/Hair: Fire's fur is fire red with a white undercoat. His hair is shoulder length red.

Eyes: Sapphire Blue.

Weight: 90Lbs -child- / 100Lbs -Anthro-

Temperament: Hot Headed, Quick to anger, Dominate, protective. Leader Tendencys.

Favorite items: None

Build: Slender frame, perky butt,

Likes: Kerosene and Water. Burning things. and Poking "Waters" tail to make that "Sizzle" sound

Dislikes: others picking on other banis. being too cold or wet for extended times.

Quirk; occasionally starts small ember flames involuntary, those of which "water" usually puts out. Tastes like Cherry Liquor.

Photo fact: The attached photo is considered a "Danger" shot.


Bio: When Freah was born, he was about the same size as his litter mates. He quickly won the heart of the hospital staff with the little angry face he made when he was held by the nurses. A face that would show a bit of his personality later in life. As a newborn he would warm anything nearby with his fire aura, something the other three newborns would greatly love.

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