Camping Adventure

Story by Lukas Kawika on SoFurry

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Striped Charr suggested in a PM that I write a story about my character getting surprise-knotted by a feral wolf. I thought that sounded like fun, so I added it to the list of stories I'm going to write, rolled my dice, and... ended up writing it!

this was a pretty fun story, a lot hotter than I actually expected it'd be. All of Lukas's other encounters with ferals have been... more domestic, more refined. This one's wild, all-natural, exotic, and fun c:

I hope you guys enjoy~

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I've never really been the outdoorsy type, especially where I currently live where there's more pavement, concrete, and short yellow grass than actual wilderness. Back when I was growing up in a totally different place than where I now live, my family would take me, my brother, and my cousins out camping every now and then, to the middle of tall redwood forests, tall enough so that you'd fall over backwards trying to lean your head back to see the tops of them.

Then there was a period of time where life just kinda got too busy to go on any vacations of that sort. My brother moved out, got a place with his girlfriend and got a job, and now I only see him maybe once or twice a year when he comes down to visit; being a student, I don't have the money to pay to fly out to see my family and cousins anymore; Mom still calls every Friday to ask how I'm doing - "oh, Lukas! I miss you! Blah blah blah, how are you and that nice boy doing?" - and I don't tell her that me and that boy broke up ages ago, because she'd faint if she found out how many different dicks I suck on a monthly basis; and then I have no idea where my dad moved to...

But, hey, I still have my friends. Vyndas, fruit bat: kind of a dope, kind of a goofball, seven hundred feet tall (actually he's more like six-two), could probably lift me up by the scruff of my neck and throw me twenty feet with one hand; Lilith, his girlfriend or ex or friend or acquaintance or something, I just stopped trying to figure it out - lioness: about my height, warm all the time, more balls than me, though with this weird power thing where sometimes she prefers to be the one to be stepped on rather than be the one doing the stepping. I've had to deal with her in both cases, and honestly, I don't think I'd be able to say which one is more tiring.

The three of us decided, hey! let's go camping! so we gathered our stuff together, headed out, and only then realized that we need a place to go. I'd never really gone anywhere outside my house around here, so I left it to them to decide: the end result was a pleasant forested area maybe an hour and a half out from my house, warm in the heat of summer but thankfully not without plenty of little rivers and lakes within the shadows of the trees.

The first day after we arrived at the campgrounds went fairly nicely: we spent about an hour and a half moving stuff from the car to our site, and then another two hours setting up everything, which left us maybe one hour before sundown, so we went around and explored the surroundings. We found a funny-shaped tree that Vyn had the idea to build a shelter on, so we wasted the last hour of sunlight doing that, with large sticks and fallen branches and dead ferns we'd found... it was a bit of fun, especially when he lifted me up onto his shoulders to grab something out of a branch overhead, and then less fun when it turned out the thing I was grabbing was a wasp hive. So there was that.

I was the first to wake up the next morning - we'd brought canned beef stew for dinner, so I heated up some of that, ate it, waited for the others to awaken (they'd been up pretty late the previous night - I could hear exactly what they'd been doing from my tent, and may or may not have considered joining in, as I knew Lilith would like that), then gave up and decided to check out one of the lakes we'd passed by on the way to building our 'shelter'.

This area has fairly steady temperatures that range from 'hot' at midday to 'warm' at midnight; as such, I felt perfectly comfortable walking through the forest with a pair of shorts on and nothing more, save for some shoes of course. Towel over my shoulder and eyes on the treeline to catch any glimpse of the lake's water sparkling in the morning sun, I probably wouldn't have noticed if I were being followed.

After a while though, I did find it, so after stepping up along the gravelly shore, kicking my shoes off, and sticking a toe in, I shrugged, glanced around, dropped my shorts - I still had on a pair of underwear, boxer-briefs, beneath; hey, you never know who could be watching - and then waded out. The water was fairly cool, but honestly, it felt pleasant in contrast to the heat of the previous day and the relative warmth of the morning. I tried not to think about all of the fish and big logs and mossy rocks and other things that were likely just a few feet beneath me... even though I'm an otter, I'm not quite a fan of water. I don't like seafood, I don't like clams - which I can explain, as I'm a river otter - and I only enjoy swimming if it's in a pool, or at least if the water's warm and fairly clear. The murkiness of lakewater always put me a little on edge, and because of that I tried not to swim out too far from the shore.

Lake swimming is considerably different from ocean swimming, too. When I graduated from high school, my family took me on a vacation to Hawaii as a graduation gift. Keep in mind, I'd never swum in an ocean before, so I didn't know how goddamn tiring it is: twice I had to float on my back way out from shore to let the fire in my muscles die down before I even tried to swim back in. Then, I almost stepped on a giant sea tortoise, which almost scared the crap out of me. I got out after that. This lake swimming, though... it felt like swimming in a pool. There were waves, but they were small and gentle, really more impulses than actual waves pushing me another direction. Once I noticed people one of the other banks fishing, though, I figured it was time to get out; my arms had just started to hurt, too, so that only backed up my decision.

My towel, shoes, and shorts had been discarded in a heap by a rock, so after squinting from a distance to see if they were still there, which they were, I got out, shook out my fur, spread out my towel, and lay down on it. I had been kept up a little late, and maybe I did wake up earlier than I should have, and now I was a bit tired... and the sun felt pleasantly warm in the fur of my back and legs...

I may have fallen asleep within, like, two minutes. The dreams that came to me were of tall trees, dim purple lights, a quiet cooing, a - cold, somewhat wet sensation against the bottom of my foot...

Suddenly I jolted awake. From here and at this angle I couldn't see any of the people that I'd noticed fishing before; not only this, but as I looked through the trees further up along the bank, there was no sign of any clearing or pathway or campsite like I thought I'd be able to see. Nobody passed by; no sounds floated through the air to me other than the wind through the trees... and, then, a soft, low growl a few feet behind my left ear.


I tried to stand up, tried to scramble away, but a large clawed paw came down forcefully on the back of my leg, keeping me pinned down. Was this - a person? What did they want? I was in my underwear lying facedown on a towel - I didn't have my wallet with me. I didn't have my phone, nor my camera, nor even my crystal dice set that I spent thirty dollars on. I had nothing that anyone would want from me, except for my sweet, sweet tail - and that's a joke...

...oh. The paw didn't let up, and the growling continued. Honestly, though, they could just ask-

"-Look..." I began and stretched around, but my words and breath caught in my throat when the sight that met me was the muzzle of a big feral wolf rather than the muzzle of a person, as I'd expected. Sharp yellow eyes, the color of honey if you were to drizzle it over the surface of a bright lightbulb; rugged black fur that melded to russet along the length of the muzzle; ruddy pink gums, sharp yellowish-white fangs. Without saying another word, I lowered myself back down to the ground and folded my paws over my eyes. Madre de Dios, I'm gonna die. Sharp points of gravel dug into the skin of my leg through the towel and my own fur, purely by the force with which the wolf held me down. Such strength in a creature... well, probably easily twice my weight, and mostly raw muscle. I'd been beneath a feral before, but those times were all of my own accord. This, however...

After a moment the wolf lifted its paw from my leg, but I didn't try to run. I knew it would be able to chase me down before I could put any distance between us. The crunching of gravel behind me alerted me to its movements as it stalked slowly around, and then the brushing of a bushy tail against my leg. Everything I still had left to do came brightly to mind: I still had to meet Eliana's brother like I told her I would; I still owed my brother twenty dollars; I still had to write a novel; I still owed Mr. Jacobs an apology-

-but, then, again, my mind fizzled out when the wolf's cold, wet nose pressed against the side of my tail, right near the base, and then slid underneath to the back of my underwear. I could feel the little inhalations of breath as it sniffed, as it thoroughly smelled me - God, that's embarrassing. I'd showered just before this trip, and not only that, but I'd just finished going for a swim before as well - to think that I was already musky enough to attract the attention of this beast...

It growled again, a little more forcefully this time - it was enough to make my heart speed up a few notches - and pawed at the side of my hip, around which settled the waistband of my underwear. Its claws dug into my skin- "Aah, aah, alright, here-" so I lifted myself up a little and then tugged them down, just far enough so it could get at whatever it was it wanted. I was humiliated: never before had I been urged to strip naked by a feral creature before... well, okay, that wasn't quite true, but that was a totally different story. This was almost against my own will. As soon as I'd tugged my underwear down, the wolf again nuzzled up underneath my wide rudder tail and resumed its sniffing - God, that nose, ice-cold. I would've recoiled forward out of its range if a heavy paw wasn't again holding me down, and if I wasn't so afraid of what it'd do to me if I didn't let it carry out its will.

I'd had plenty of dogs before who seemed to enjoy shoving their noses in places they didn't belong, or at least places where I was supposed to act I didn't enjoy their noses being while other people were around. Of course, this was a fucking meaty wolf, not a dog, and it nosed and sniffed and snuffled without my urging for it to do so - and then, just when I thought it was done, it lapped its tongue out over my tailhole, the warmth of it presenting a stark contrast to the chill of its nose, with the same sort of moisture... though, admittedly, this tongue was considerably more pleasurable, even with me in my current predicament.

Ha. 'Presenting a stark contrast'. I guess I was the one who was doing the presenting, as I'd just taken the rest of my clothing off so this wolf could nuzzle and now lick at me - and, oh, it didn't stop. If this was all it was going to do, honestly, I was alright with that... I lifted myself up a little to allow it easier access, at the same time swinging my tail off to the side so it could rest its muzzle along it while it lapped its tongue up and over me and pressed its broad, flat surface more firmly against me. Hell, that feeling, as well as the memories it brought up - again, this wasn't the first time I'd been beneath a feral canine - caused me to harden up a little, made me lift my rump up further. Hell, I still didn't know if I was dealing with an alpha male or a bitch - I'd be perfectly happy with either. As long as nobody walked by, I'd be just as content to have a big wolf twice my weight on my back as he plunged into me as I'd be to be six and a half inches underneath the tail of an in-heat bitch...

Well, I soon found out just what I was dealing with. After satisfying its taste for me as well as getting me nice and lubed up, which I had a hard time believing was just a coincidence, the wolf stepped forward and hopped up onto my back, hooking its front legs around my shoulders and then working its way forward towards my tail. This wolf was male - very male, exceedingly male: he thrust sharply forward a few times, giving me a good hint of what would soon be deep inside me as he tried to find my tailhole with the already-revealed tip of his cock, the rest still hidden within a warm-furred sheath. I'd watched videos of dogs going at it before, and my God, they don't bother checking if their partner is alright; provided this wolf wouldn't chew my paw off, I reached back, found his sheath (which, jeez, felt to be at least as wide around as the widest part of my forearm), and directed it towards my tailhole, keeping my paw there to regulate his humps and thrusts.

He growled at the feeling of my paw on his shaft, but - hey, what could I do? Warm, moist flesh, slickened all over with pre and fresh from the inside of his sheath... and, by the feel of it, fairly thick as well. I had to take my time in easing back onto him (that's where the tapered, almost pointed tip of a canine's cock comes in handy) and also put all my effort into keeping him from thrusting all the way, deep into me, because if he was going to enjoy this, I at least wanted to somewhat as well. He hadn't yet nipped at my shoulder or snapped at my arm, so I guess he was alright with it...

'Fairly thick' was a bit of an understatement, actually. This beast was well-endowed, to the point where I had to sink back onto him, take a moment to catch my breath, come back forward half an inch or so, then slide back further... thankfully he remained still and patient for this, though the occasional tensing of his paws on my shoulders showed me what he thought of the feeling of plugging a male otter rather than a she-wolf like I'm sure he'd originally set out to do before he found me sprawled out and already almost naked for him. Fair game, I guess.

I'd had my practice with things under my tail, though, and eventually had managed to take what I imagined to be his full length, with only nominal discomfort. Many times before had I had my muzzle in front of a canine's cock, be that canine feral or otherwise, and the thought of that - thick, reddish-pink in color, veined all over; contoured and glistening with liquid musk, pulsing gently, twitching with each jet of slick pre out the tapered in - six, seven inches in me... oh, it made me shiver. This position wasn't quite the best for starting a romp, but what could I do - get the wolf on his back and ride him? Something told me this feral, this wild creature, wouldn't quite let me do that. My brother's dog, maybe; an untamed beast, probably not.

Once I'd moved my paw away again, though, he got right back to work, thrusting fast and hard deep in me. God, I - it made me moan, it made me suck in a gasp only to let it out in a breathy sigh. It was a little painful thanks to his girth, but at the same time I couldn't help but clench around him from the raw pleasure of this, of being actually bred by a wild wolf. Gravel scraped over the pads of my paws as my body lurched forward and back, forward and back with the wolf's thrusts; his paws hung around my shoulders and his body weight pressed down on my back, all of which just added to the experience. I could very well feel the wild heat of his body, the rough coarseness of his fur - and, if I turned my head, the scent of his breath, reminding me full well just who - or, rather, what - it was that pounded me.

God, I'd be sore tomorrow, I could already tell. His saliva, slicker and more resolute in quality than that of a wolf who walked on two legs, served a fairly good job at lubing me up; his pre, which, like most feral canines, periodically shot out in little energetic spurts, did a lot of the rest. It's all an exotic indulgement, playing with a feral - as well as a lot to swallow, literally. Once this wolf finished with me, I knew that I'd be full for a while. I had to readjust my arms due to the sharp gravel digging in my pads as he pounded away into me, bringing both him and myself closer to the edge of orgasm, even though I hadn't even touched myself yet; it was just the shape of the cock as well as the thickness, and the angle at which he thrust into me, again and again and again...

Each little burst of his pre was forceful enough that I could feel it in the rim of my tailhole, spurting out into me - mm, what I wouldn't give to be turned around and feel those spurts against the back of my throat and on my tongue... carefully, balancing both my own weight and his on one arm, I reached down below myself to start pawing off, as... well, ferals don't have much patience for pleasure like you or I do. His panting had gotten faster and heavier, his thrusts deeper - with each one I could feel the warm folds of his sheath under the base of my tail - and more forceful-

and then- God - there was a stretch, a bit of pain; I gasped out and actually ending up cumming from the feeling of him pushing further, deeper into me, stretching me with his knot- and then remaining lodged in me to empty out the last of his load into me while I shuddered all over from the sensation of my own, spattering the loose gravel below me.

The wolf, also panting, remained flumped over me for a moment longer. My arm started to shake under the weight, so I brought my other one back up, but rested my forehead down against the gravel because of the exhaustion; then, once he'd dismounted and turned around, still buried in me, I let my arms give out and just lie there, rump still elevated due to the throbbing dog cock deep inside me. I tried to move, but instead of actual movement was met with a sharp... well, sensation underneath my tail.

I've felt that sensation before. That was the feeling of being knotted, and - I tugged on him again, squeezing a little whine out of him as well as a low moan from my own throat - by the feel of it, a fairly wide knot, too. I'd be here for a while... God, I really hoped nobody would have the same idea as me and decide to swimming today.

~ ~ ~

Thankfully, though, nobody else came - or if they did, they stayed behind by the trees and laughed at me from there. Eventually the wolf's knot receded and he slid out of me, as well as a good portion of his load as well; I, still worn out and starting to get pretty sore, wobbled over and fell onto my side, half-heartedly trying to tug my underwear back up my legs without getting them toosoaked through with wolf cum. The wolf sat patiently by and watched my do this, at one point even leaning over to nose my paw which had fallen limp beside me after I gave up.

Bright yellow eyes, the color of the sun hidden behind thin clouds; after I managed to stand up and get my shorts on and towel over my shoulder, he, too, stood up, wagged a little, kept his eyes on me. With the both of us standing, his shoulder actually came to be about even with my belly button. I looked at him, patted him on the head; he closed his eyes, wagged some more, stepped forward and nuzzled my belly, then my crotch, and then looked at me again and turned and headed back towards the line of trees I assumed he had come from, different from where I'd be going. I was at least glad he didn't choose to mark me as his territory - if filling me with his cum didn't already do that - though... well, I probably wouldn't complain about that. It'd be the extra dip in the lake to wash it off that I'd complain about.

Lilith and Vyn were both awake by the time I made my way back to the camp. The lioness looked me up and down, said "Jesus, Lukas, you look exhausted. Did you swim up a waterfall or something?"

I sat down across the fire from here. "I'm about as sore as if I did..."

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