Confederacy of the Red Nebula

Story by Volcan MacAingeal on SoFurry

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After creating the document, World of the Os-Nadarra, I believed it was time for me to create a similar documentation for the world of the Voyagers of the Mara; the region known as the Confederacy of the Red Nebula, a timeline centuries ahead of our own.

Discover the mighty galactic faction with its own corner of the galaxy, built around a beautiful but intimidating red nebula, and under constant threat of war from an Empire who believe it is their destiny to rule the Universe. See the historical timeline that created the Confederacy from four lesser factions in a time of need, and the history that shapes the worlds all around Felix Kaufmann and his crew.

The Confederacy of the Red Nebula

A detailed guide

Ideological Standpoint :


Alliance of Nations

Current number of factions :


-Rock Belt Sector

-Red Tail Sector

-White Star Sector

-Blue Star Sector

Population :

Approximately 100,000,000,000

Sector Information:

Rock Belt Sector

Primary Function: Industrial, Technological

Capital: Komodia

Number of Star Systems: 4

Number of planets: 35

Number of Space Stations: 7

Populated planets: 14

Faction Leader: Councillor Esmond Zane

Primary supplier of raw materials and resources across the Confederacy, named for the numerous asteroid fields and belts throughout the sector, from which they mine metals and minerals. However, the vastness of asteroids makes this a hazardous sector to live in, as many of the planets are under continuous threats of meteors. Even without this issue, few of the planets are suitable for Agriculture; prior to the forming of the Confederacy, starvation was a regular problem for the native Reptilian species who dominate the population of this sector. Developers on the Gecko home world of Gekkota have created some of the most revolutionary asteroid-mining technology available in the Confederacy, as well as the creators of the highly-sturdy and dense Quintanium Alloy that is used on some of the most advanced ships in the Confederate Armada.

White Star Sector

Primary Function: Economics

Capital: Denver XII

Number of Star Systems: 8

Number of Planets: 59

Number of Space Stations: 16

Populated Planets: 20

Faction Leaders: Councillor Leon Katsaras

The largest of the four sectors, White Star is the only sector that has placed its capital on a Space Station, and it known for being a giant in the world of business; when the confederacy was formed, the sector became the center of trade and economics for the entire faction, trading with neighboring factions such as the small but prosperous Attilaen Protectorate that neighbors the Blue Star sector; this became such a big role that economics could not be handled by the government or corporation alone, and so the Board of Economics, headed by Minister Dale Kormin, was formed, taking the burden of economic affairs off of the government and serving a neutral meeting ground for Corporations. Often the first target of invasions by the Grunikan Empire, due to their proximity to Imperial space, the Confederacy has been forced to concentrate most of its standing military to the White Star Sector, and are supplied primarily by the largest company in the sector; the military supplier know as War Flyers.

Blue Star Sector

Primary Function: Militarist

Capital: Olympus VII

Number of Star Systems: 6

Number of Planets: 31

Number of Space Stations: 9

Populated Planets: 11

Faction Leader: Councillor Dietrich Neumann

Having been a highly militaristic faction during the time of the Blue Star Republic, most of the greatest soldiers and leaders in the Confederacy have been from this region. The highly efficient Confederate Marines -the backbone of the entire Confederate Military, all receive their training at the military strongholds of Olympus VII's moon, known as Bellator Base, which trains up to five thousand recruits per year. But military isn't all that the Blue Star sector is known for; this sector also has the largest concentration of oceanic worlds -most of its inhabitants being Marine morphs, which supply food to most of the sector and to the military. Some scientists theorize that the massive ice fields in the uninhabited zone of the sector were responsible for creating these oceanic planets. The blue sun that provides light to this sector is so bright that all of its closest planets, including Olympus VII, have an average of 19 hours of daylight almost year-round.

Red Tail Sector

Primary Function: Political, Technological

Capital: Athena II

Number of Star Systems: 3

Number of Planets: 20

Number of Space Stations: 1

Populated Planets: 5

Faction Leader: Councillor Marianna Leone

The smallest of the sectors with few habitable worlds, the Red Tail Sector, named for being on the very edge of the Red Nebula, is a hub of technological development for the Confederacy, having created the insulated hull technology that protects Confederate ships from the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the Nebula. The Red Tail sector is also where some of the finest politicians in the Confederacy are born, including the famous diplomat, Eliza Morgan, who was instrumental in the forming of the Confederacy; during the First Invasion of the Grunikan Empire, she used her own wealth and resources to arrange a summit between the leaders of the neighboring factions, convincing them that they needed to work together in order to survive the onslaught of the Empire -it can be argued that the Confederacy itself began here. In honor of her work, the Morgan School of Diplomacy was founded on Athena II, and the current councillor, Marianna Leone, is the great-great granddaughter of Eliza Morgan, and a regular supporter of the School of Diplomacy

Unprotected Regions

The Fenris Ice Fields - Located on the edge of the blue star sector far from the warming rays of the blue sun or any other stars. Believed to have once been the home of several ice planets, though what became of them is unknown. This region is instead now plagued with billions of ice asteroids, but these asteroids are often mined as the ice is clean and unpolluted, making it a prime source for drinking water for the planets and ships in the Blue Star sector. Larger ships will even carry water to space stations in the other sectors where water is scarce.

Abandoned System - The deserted star system where there are few planets and no life forms to be found. Prior to the founding of the Confederacy, an expedition from the White Star Republic surveyed this region, but before checking the planets, began construction on a space station from which they could harvest the natural resources. But when it was completed, corporations in the system quickly tapped out what little there was, and the station was deserted, spelling a loss for the company that constructed it. This station became a den of rogues for the worst criminals in the galaxy, who reactivated the station, and it became known infamously as The Dirt Palace.

Sentient Inhabitant Species:

Amphibians -A low-diversity race, consisting only of two known to the four sectors; the Salamanders who share a home world with the native Crocodiles and Alligators of Kindynos, and the hostile Gelks of Trident VI in the White Star Sector. The Salamander people are among the greatest leaders in medical research against disease, due to being quite tolerant of illnesses and pollution, but their small frames make them ineffective in combat, leaving defense of the home world mostly to their neighbors.

The Gelks of Trident IV are a non-spacefaring race who, although have developed energy weapons by unknown means, are primitive by nature, attacking any intruders to their home planet. This makes them a regular nuisance to the surviving Mara Colony of the planet, but they have many exploitable weaknesses, such as being intolerant of bright lights, near-sighted and lacking any sort of tactical ability. However, they breed extremely quickly, leaving their warriors virtually innumerable.

Avians -The bird-like species, who founded the White Star Republic. Unlike other races of the Confederacy, all Avian species come from the same home world; they hail from the mountainous planet of Eyrie, which was the capital of the Republic and the White Star Sector of the Confederacy until government was relocated to Denver XII. Known for their keen eye for quality and detail, making the species as a whole quite balanced in skills, but they are known best for forming the Scouting Corp of the Confederate Marines, as they are the only species capable of flight without the aid of a starship or airship. The Avians are also the most varied species in the Confederacy, having five different races -Crows, Hawks, Eagles, Ravens and Owls, each sharing the definitive 'keen eye' but employing it in different ways.

Bovidian -A varied species of horned mammalian species, such as Deer, Gazelle, and Rams, this peaceful race hails from multiple planets equally divided between the Rock Belt and White Star sectors, known by the names of Gazellia, Passiva and Hircum, each race defined by being leaders in individual fields of expertise.

Gazellia is a largely open world, with rich soil and balanced seasons, making it a prosperous agricultural world, but the Gazelle do not stand out much more than Laparia as they have not solved starvation of entire planets as the Rabbits have. However, they are still respected as the farms of their home world feed most of the Rock Belt sector; their planet is the only fertile agricultural world of the region, and is heavily defended by some of the best-trained planetary militia in the Confederacy.

Passivan Deer-folk have a natural aptitude for medicine and herbalist specialties, thanks to their their planet having millions of species of vegetation used in medicines and biological study, becoming home of some of the most promising doctors in the Confederacy, and Hircum is a rough, mountainous planet rich in metals and minerals as well as home to the hardy Rams who make excellent laborers in many intensive fields, especially underground mining.

Canines -A mammalian race almost as equally varied as the Avians, known for their highly diverse array of skills, and for being wide-spread across two sectors, living mostly on planets that are both open and mountainous with an even distribution of seasons. Foxes, commonly found in the Red Tail Sector, are known for being Charismatic and Political by nature, the most famous of these being Eliza Morgan, the 'Mother of the Confederacy'. The Wolves, found in the outer-reaches of the White Star Sector, are known for being excellent soldiers and tacticians -many of the greatest Captains of the armada stem from this race, including the Defensive Fleet Captain, James Noir. The Labradorians have their own homeworld, and are a highly adaptive and intelligent race, able to be diverse in their most prominent trades, while the Husky folk share a home world with the Wolves -both species living on Lupis Terra, are expert survivalists -especially on cold planets, but also make excellent soldiers for being a very brave and cunning people, and they, along with the Wolves and Labradorians, are found in White Star Sector. Canines make up almost a full quarter of the population in the Confederacy.

Cetaceans -Aquatic mammalian species from the Blue Star sector, consisting of both Dolphin and Orca people, who lived harmoniously together on the planet of Magna Oceanus, the largest ocean planet in the galaxy, which was shared with the once war-like Shark folk, who ruled half of the planet and often came to blows with the Cetaceans.

Making peace with one another during the First Invasion of the Empire, the Cetaceans and Sharks now share the planet equally, and even fought together to protect their homeworld during the invasions, which allowed Magna Oceanus to remain a part of the Confederacy when it formed. The Cetaceans are known for their gentle nature and high average intellect, making them prime candidates for scientists, tradesmen and even political leaders such the people-friendly Councillor of the Blue Star Sector, Dietrich Neumann. The Dolphin species, the smaller and sleeker of the race, are often regarded as being a joyous people, due to a high concentration of positive endorphins in their system, while the Orca are a strong but gentle race that love working with others.

Nocturnians -Closely related to Rodentian species anatomically, the Nocturnian race stands out as a whole for being capable of flight. However, they are not native to the Confederacy; what few Nocturnians can be found there are rescued slaves from battles with the Empire, or descendants of refugees who fled their home world when it was conquered by the Grunikan Empire. Nocturnians are famous for being able to navigate well in dark places, due to echolocation, and dislike of bright lights -owed to the planet having longer nights than days, but they are also famous for being masters of engineering, creating some of the most sophisticated and advanced technology in the known reaches of space. However they are cowardly by nature, and make terrible soldiers; a large contributor to why they remain under the heel of the Empire to this very day.

Primates -Although often seen in the Confederacy, like the Nocturnians the Primate species is not actually native to the four sectors. They come from the regions owned by the Attilaen Protectorate, and consist of only two species; the Ape-folk, and their hairless cousins, the Humans.

The Apes, known for their great strength, endurance and fortitude, equally balance both military and labor purposes, being physically stronger than any other species in the known Galaxy. Humans, however, are not as strong as the Apes -even the strongest human will still be physically weaker than the average Ape. Apes are fearless and powerful, and so they regularly fill the military ranks of the Protectorate.

What humans are known for is being the most adaptive race in existence, able to excel in virtually any field where the apes or even other races might suffer, be it military, labor, science, economics or politics. The Attilaen Protectorate holds an embassy on each capital world of the Confederacy that maintain a peaceful and profitable co-existence with them, the diplomats of the embassies usually being Humans. Many humans have immigrated to the Confederacy over the years, and have become commonplace on several worlds

Reptilians -Survivors of the harshest planets, Reptilians are famous for their ability to live in places that would kill other species, including the disease-ridden planet swamp planet of Kindynos -the home world of the Alligator and Crocodile folk, and the hostile planet of Komodia, which is home to the Komodian people, and the small Gecko home world of Gekkota.

The Alligator and Crocodile folk, as well as the Salamanders whom they share their home world with, have been known to survive illnesses that have killed other species, their powerful immune systems allowing them to fight off virtually any toxin -even some chemical weapons, which the Grunikans once tried using against them during the First Invasion of the Empire, but the weapons failed. This has led to the inhabitants of Kindynos becoming leaders in Medical Research, even constructing their own university dedicated to the field aboard the orbital space station of Therapeia.

Meanwhile, the Komodians share their world with hostile native species that do not fear them. Komodia also has a closer-than-average proximity to its sun, making it a hot and dry planet, barely habitable, but it has been tamed by the Komodians, and with the founding of the Confederacy, the inhabitants of this world form the heart of the Confederate military as the greatest soldiers in the four sectors. The Gecko people, who are their neighbors in the Solar System, maintain a steady friendship with the Komodians with trade routes that supply water, medicine and materials from their own world to support the Komodian population as well as granting employment in the Asteroid Mining industry.

The Gecko's are an unfortunate victim of rumor, as they are commonly seen working in brothels on various worlds, leading to talk of them being promiscuous by nature, when in truth they are actually quite productive and intelligent; most of the mining equipment used in the Rock Belt Sector was created by the Gecko Folk, and they lead the mining industry. Their presence in brothels is mostly due to them being rather pleasing to the eyes of others, which has left them in high demand as escorts to bring more business to this trade -a fact wich the Gekkotan Government has made several attempts to fix.

Rodentian -Though wide-spread, this species does not stand out much among the species of the Confederacy. The Rabbits are native to the Red Tail Sector, living on a neighboring planet to the Vulpines of Athens II; the planet is known as Laparia, a planet with a thriving agriculture and clean atmosphere, with lots of open space -very similar to Gazellia, but smaller and with soil not as fertile, with shorter growing seasons. Rabbits are also known for having a rapid reproduction rate compared to other species, which has allowed their population to grow, but led to rumors of them being regarded as whorish. Despite this, however, they did not let the rumors bother them; determined to become a respected part of the Confederacy, they tore down their cities and much of Laparia became covered in farmland with the inhabitants moving up to space stations that orbit the planet. The quantity of food it produces has actually ended starvation on multiple planets, which earned them the respect of the star systems for years to come and nearly silenced the rumors.

However, the second species -the Rat folk, are not as respected. They come from the planet of Arouraios, which although is considered part of the Confederacy, rests very close to the Abandoned System. The Rats are known for having immunity similar to that of the Kindynos natives, and are as equally diverse as Humans in terms of skill, but offer little in terms of productivity as their planet, half bog and half plains, has nothing that stands out from others. Many Rats, being poor and without respect from others, have taken to thievery, a dishonest trade which they have proven to be masters of.

Sharks -The only known Subaquatic species to evolve to full sentience in the reaches of the galaxy, developing the ability to live on both land and in water. The Shark race has a natural aptitude for combat, and is rival to Komodians in skill as warriors. They were the heart of combat for the Blue Star Republic and could match the Grunikans in ferocity. They are the least-diverse of the sentient species, as they vary only by appearance and share many characteristics, and they are sometimes accused of being Warmongering, but they have shown an aptitude for industrial practices as well, which has lessened this rumor over the years. As soldiers, their very presence inspires confidence in armies, as a whole battalion of Shark Marines has turned the tide of many battles against the Empire, not the least of which being the Battle of Magna Oceanus where they alone held the line against tens of thousands of Grunikans, and also the Defense of Olympus that kept the Blue Star Republic alive long enough to become part of the Confederacy of the Red Nebula.

Historical Timeline

PC = Pre-Confederacy PCF = Post-Confederacy-Founding

533 PC

Four Factions of the Red Nebula at peace

545 PC

Blue Star Republic makes first contact with Attilaen Protectorate

547 PC

Blue Star Republic opens trade with Attilaen Protectorate

550 PC

Planet of Fungalta destroyed by Planet-Killing asteroid, sending billions of fungal-ridden pieces across the Stella Cadens Sector carrying thousands of diseases spores

553 PC

The Spore Plague hits the Stella Cadens Sector; Gekkota Miners infected, disease spreads to Gekkota and Komodia.

554 PC

Death toll of Spore Plague hits one million; Kindynos requested for aid. Kindynos natives discovered to be immune to Spore Plague.

555 PC

Stella's Vengeance group formed on Komodia by nationalists, accusing Kindynos of starting Spore Plague due to their immunity to it, mistaking it as a sign of chemical weapons used by the Kindynos Military. Civil War Declared on Komodia

556 PC

Stella's Vengeance hits Relief Camp 4859 on Komodia, destroying thousands of credits in medical supplies. Launches propaganda claiming the 'medicine' provided at the camps was the plague. Kindynos Government presents demonstration to Komodia Government, which is released on the media showing their supplies are not spreading the plague and that the source of the illness came from off world

557 PC

Meteorite carrying surviving spores of the plague found on asteroid and brought back to Komodia for study. Kindynos discovers possible cure for the plague and announces development. White Star Protectorate sends relief effort, donating sixty million credits to the research of the cure

558 PC

Leader of Stella's Vengeance convinces supporters that the 'cure' is another attack, and launches full-scale assault on the Therapeia Medical lab. Komodian army responds, resulting in all-out battle between army and terrorists. Death toll reaches more than eighty thousand over a twenty-day battle. Medical lab successfully defended

559 PC

Cure distributed to Gekkota and Komodia populations

560 PC

Cure successful. Spore Plague eradicated. Stella's Vengeance launches formal apology to Kindynos and thanks them for their aid despite their accusations, leaders surrender themselves into custody of Komodian Law Enforcement. Group disbands

562 PC

Komodia, Kindynos and Gekkota sign treaty of alliance. Stella Cadens Federation forms

569 PC

White Star Protectorate narrowly avoids economic collapse by securing trade deal with Stella Cadens Federation, supplying Titanium to Gekkota and Komodia

570 PC

Quintanium discovered by Gekkotan and Komodian research and development teams

573 PC

First Contact with Grunikan Empire by White Star Protetorate.

574 PC

Grunikan Empire brings Fleet near Eyrie, demanding the Avian's surrender to the rule of the Empire. Avians refuse; Battle above Eyrie begins

576 PC

Eyrie taken by Grunikan Empire

577 PC

Escaped Avian Diplomat travels to Laparia and is given sanctuary. Laparian Government contacts Athena II for assistance. Athenian Chancellor, Eliza Morgan, authorizes mobilization of the Athenian Fleet

578 PC

Grunikan Armada advances across broke White Star Protectorate; Wolf and Husky homeworld of Lupis Terra falls under siege

579 PC

Labradorian Government responds to call for aid from Lupis Terra; Labrador Fleet launches counter-offensive.

580 PC

Lupis Terra siege broken. Grunikans launch attack on Laparia; Laparian and Athenians form alliance and resist Grunikan attack, but attacks continue

583 PC

While chasing a Grunikan patrol, Lupis Terran scouting party joins offensive against Grunikan fleet alongside the Athenian Fleet

584 PC

Athenian Chancellor meets with Lupis Terran President and Eyrie Representative. Agree to counter-offensive against Grunikans. Coalition Armada meets Grunikan Armada above Midgard VI

585 PC

Grunikan Fleet at Midgard VI defeated. Lupis Terran President refuses to aid retaking of Eyrie and pulls fleets back to defend home world

586 PC

Grunikan Empire launches new attack on Laparia; Rabbit homeworld taken, and push continues to Athena II. Grunikan ships suffer catastrophic losses due to improperly insulated hulls; EM radiation of the Nebula disables all ships

587 PC

Laparia liberated by Athenian/Laparian Fleets

588 PC

Grunikan Empire launches invasion of Stella Cadens Federation; Gazellia conquered. Starvation crisis on Komodia and Gekkota begins

589 PC

Remnant of Gazellia fleet joins forces with Kodomian, Gekkota and Kindynosian fleets to launch counter-offensive against Empire. Successfully liberate Gazellia, but the Gazellian fleet is left crippled and unable to continue fighting

590 PC

Blue Star Republic responds to requests for aid from Athenian Government and launches attack on Grunikan occupants in White Star Protectorate territory

591 PC

Eyrie liberated; Eyrian Government re-established

592 PC

Grunikans pull all troops away from Federation territory; reinforcements added to main fleet, and launch retaliatory attack on Blue Star Republic; invades outer rim planets

594 PC

Republic loses eight planets to Grunikan Armada; three years of skirmishes begin.

595 PC

Stalemate over Magna Oceanus

597 PC

Athenian Chancellor Eliza Morgan commits all wealth, both political and personal, to organize a summit on Athena II. Ships dispatched to capital worlds to collect delegates to meet on Athena II

598 PC

Alliance between the Four Sectors is formed; United Fleet forms and launches counter-offensive to Blue Star Republic. Grunikan Fleet eradicated

599 PC

Grunikans launch counter offensive at White Star Protectorate; Eyrie, Hircumite and Passiva Fleets form protective line at boundary. Republic, Federate and Athenian Fleets join the defense; second Grunikan Armada defeated

600 PC/0 PCF

Grunikans forced to retreat. Founding of the Confederacy of the Red Nebula; four sectors form The Four Sectors Council, establishing joint laws and trade deals. Eliza Morgan established as the First Councillor of the Red Tail Sector, Stella Cadens Federation becomes Rock Belt Sector, Blue Star Republic becomes Blue Star Sector, and White Star Protectorate becomes White Star Sector

02 PCF

Attilaen Protectorate invited into Confederacy of the Red Nebula. Attilaen government declines, preferring independence. Agrees to sign treaty agreeing to a fifty year peace with the Confederacy

05 PCF

Official Alliance Day established; certified as holiday

32 PCF

Grunikan Empire conquers independent world of Nocturnia

45 PCF

Second Grunikan Invasion begins

46 PCF

White Star Sector successfully defended. Grunikans successfully take Kindynos.

47 PCF

Grunikans abandon Kindynos due to illness; Kindynos Ministry regains control of planet

51 PCF

Second Grunikan Invasion ends; Grunikans forced from Confederate territory

52 PCF

Attilaen Protectorate signs fifty-year treaty again

60 PCF

Crisis on Athena II; overpopulation hits planet. Natural resources depleted; population can no longer be supported

61 PCF

Starvation Crisis in Red Tail Sector

62 PCF

Laparia takes contract to provide food to other Red Tail planets

63 PCF

Athena II decolonized; all inhabitants moved to space stations provided by Laparians

64 PCF

Laparian government unable to meet yearly quota; starvation death toll rises to two million

68 PCF

Laparia decolonized; all inhabitants moved to space stations. Laparians avoid bankruptcy with bailout package from Lupis Terra and Olympus VII

70 PCF

Laparia landmasses become 95.5% agriculture

71 PCF

Starvation Crisis in Red Tail Sector ends. Laparian Ministry thanked and praised across Confederacy; Laparian Senator Avis Dolan appointed first Councillor of the People, adding a fifth voice to the Council of the Four Sectors

73 PCF

New Minister of Olympus VII publically pushes for Independence from the Confederacy

74 PCF

Majority of Blue Star Government desires to remained part of the Confederacy; Olympus VII Minister continues campaign

75 PCF

Third Grunikan Invasion begins; Grunikans launch surprise attack on Magna Oceanus. Planet suffers catastrophic losses until intervention

76 PCF

Siege of Magna Oceanus broken by Red Tail and White Star counter-offensive

79 PCF

Grunikan invasion broken after three years of skirmishes; Grunikans retreat

80 PCF

Expansion year; Confederacy moves into uncharted areas

82 PCF

Trident IV colonized

91 PCF

Trident IV declared tapped-out of resources

92 PCF

Trident IV de-colonized

93 PCF

Argo II Colonized

101 PCF

Fourth Grunikan Invasion begins. Ithica VII besieged by Grunikan Fleet. Less than a month later, White Star Sector fleets launch counter-offensive and relief efforts to the planet

102 PCF

Ithica VII attacked again; bombarded by Grunikan Armada. Fourth Invasion carries on...


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