Outcast of Redwall: Behind the Bushes (part 1)

Story by ShamanSquirrel on SoFurry

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#5 of Redwall: Behind the Bushes

This is based on Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques. All characters are copyright of the author, except for Fengra.

Yes, I know it's short, but I don't have time to write long stories.

Note: This takes place during Sunflash's captivity near the beginning of Outcast of Redwall.

Fengra was a tiny female least weasel who joined the horde of the evil ferret Swartt Sixclaw. She, like all of Swartt's horde, enjoyed tormenting their giant captive, who was a male badger. The badger did not know that his real name is Sunflash, but they always called him Scumtripe.

"I dare you to go in there with him alone," said one young stoat to Fengra. "You know what Swartt said about how big and dangerous he is."

"Oh, I will go in there with him," said Fengra. "I saw his penis, and I desperately want that in me. And he's so big and masculine. Even the golden stripes on his face make me go wild! My virginity is his!"

"Are you sure about that?" said the stoat. "You're so tiny, and he's so huge!"

"Yes, I'm sure," said Fengra.

"It's your funeral!" said the stoat.

At night time, when the other hordebeasts were sleeping, Fengra snuck towards the large cage containing Sunflash, who was half asleep. "Wow, what a handsome beast!" she said, admiring his golden facial stripe and his massive size. She was small enough to easily slip through the bars of Sunflash's cage.

Then Sunflash woke with a yawn, and noticed the weasel. "Wait, what are you doing here alone?" he asked. "You must be one brave little weasel wanting to torment me without the help of the other hordebeasts."

"I'm not here to torment you, Scumtripe," said Fengra. "I'm here to lose my virginity with you. I'm in heat and ready to mate."

"With me?" asked Sunflash. "Why not another weasel?"

"Because I find you so very handsome and I desperately want your penis in me," said Fengra.

"I'm flattered, but, are you sure about this?" asked Sunflash. "Just look at me. I have to be at least twenty times your weight!"

"Not an issue with me," said Fengra. She got into position, raising her hindquarters as far up as she could.

"If you insist," said the badger. "But I'll need to be very gentle."

Fengra let out a high-pitched weasel laugh and said, "Gentle? We weasels like it rough!"

"If you say so!" Sunflash said. The smell of weasel in heat was overwhelming him with lust.

Then Sunflash grabbed Fengra by the scruff of her neck with his teeth. He made thrusting motions and had to curl a great deal due to the weasel's tiny size. His erection was massive, so at first was not sure it would fit in her. But Fengra was in full blown heat, and she was very wide. He managed to fit inside her deeply. Fengra let out a loud moan of pleasure feeling the huge badger member inside of her tight vagina. Sunflash was snorting and growling while roughly and recklessly mating with her, swinging her around right and left while he was still inside her. He felt his climax coming, so he thrust inside deeper, rupturing her cervix and entering her uterus. Then, an explosion of ecstasy filled him as his spooge filled her. He roared with pleasure before pulling out. A mixture of badger spooge and weasel blood oozed out of Fengra.

"Okay, little weasel," said Sunflash. "That was really great! Now get up and tell me how you liked it!" But Fengra wasn't moving. Sunflash picked up the limp body of Fengra and said, "very funny, little lady." Then he felt her chest for a heartbeat. There was none. "Whoops," said Sunflash.

Then Sunflash heard footsteps. Swartt came to his cage, and examined the deceased body of Fengra. "Ha! I told that slutty little weasel to steer clear of ya!" said Swartt. "But she didn't lissen. Don't worry, Scumtripe, you'll still only get yer usual torments. Plenty more where she came from."

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