Temple of the Exiled God - Part Three

Story by Shakal on SoFurry

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#3 of Temple of the Exiled God

When a God wishes to rid the world of a mortal, it may do so with the snap of its fingers. But what is a deity to do when it seeks to rid the world of another diety?

Originally posted by Jeeves here: Temple of the Exiled God - Chapter Three

Temple of the Exiled God - Part Three

White wolf and black jackal stood face to face, their bodies practically bare. Clothing was ultimately unnecessary, as were the jewels and precious metals which they donned as one of many pandering efforts to appease their mortal subjects' perceptions of them as gods. Yet still, around one wrist Wepwawet wore an ornately carved, golden band. It twinkled in the ethereal light of the pocket dimension in which the two deities stood, drawing Anubis' gaze.

"Cute little trinket."

He spoke softly, but the mocking tone to his words was clear. The god of war and the hunt bristled, growling defiantly, and glared down at Anubis' crotch; at the jackal's thick, swollen and dripping erection.

"We all like to show off in our own ways."

Anubis chuckled, following the wolf's gaze and idly reaching out to stroke his rampant hard-on.

"This? Oh, I'm sorry. It's just a part of who I am. But... oh... I suppose it must feel rather painful for you, having to see this. Knowing what it represents. Here you stand, not only before the lord of the underworld; the god of death and funeral rites, but also god of sexuality and desire. Duely appointed by Ra and Maat themselves... passing over... now, remind me, who was it that wanted this responsibility? This power for themselves? Oh yes. That's right. You."

With that final word, Anubis gave his cock one especially tight squeeze and grunted as a thick trickle of pre-cum oozed out over his fingers.

A realm away, in the mortal world, a whole village froze in the midst of their daily goings-on, only to topple, shrieking and wailing in mindless pleasure, to the ground. Touched, however briefly and incidentally, by the sex god's lust. A miracle which none of them would ever forget, and a new source of ever more focused, devoted worship for Anubis himself.

Wepwawet felt the change too. His eyes widened, and he bared his teeth for a moment as he felt that village, that tribe which for weeks he had been goading towards conflict and war with a neighbouring settlement, let go of their violent urges. Their minds filled instead with the desire to procreate. To bring new life, rather than to destroy that which already lived.

"You know... whenever you snatch followers out from underneath my grasp, you do yourself a disservice too, right? Nothing breeds the desire to respect and worship at the alter of a death god more so than war."

Anubis licked his lips, still rubbing rather eagerly at his erection, feeling the subconscious influence of those new devotees as in the mortal realm time passed by. As the village recovered from their spontaneous, simultaneous orgasms and began to praise. To herald the miracle which had just taken place, and seek further favour of that blessed and oh so pleasantly motivated god. Husbands and wives. Men and men. Women and women. All those of age to desire and want, they flew to the nearest pair of arms that would have them, and set about one another where they stood. In the streets between houses. In the marketplace. A vast, singular orgy in honour of their new patron deity.

"I disagree."

He shivered in pleasure, closing his eyes and focusing in on the lives of those mortals. Their feelings. Their desires. Initially his contact with them had been a happy accident, but now he was aware of their presence. Aware of their former devotion and allegiance to his rival. Now he had a vested interest in watching them, and bringing them wholly into the flock.

"War breeds a fear of death, which does tend to lead to offerings and sacrifices in my name. But peace. Life. _Love_and lust... they breed a respect for death. A knowledge that while as certain as ever, death is not the end. Life continues through children. Through the passage of knowledge and emotion from one generation to the next. And it continues in the world beyond. I am not merely the god of death, after all... but the god of the afterlife. I would far rather my subjects welcomed me, so that they might be at peace when I come to welcome them, than fear me."

Anubis paused briefly, chuckling to himself.

"I imagine that if you did have my power... my dominion over sexuality, the world would see desire in a very different light. Not as a means towards new life and pleasurable gratification, but as a tool. A force to promote conflict, to sow discontent and mistrust. Brothers cuckolding brothers. Generals fighting within their own camps for the finest whores. An orgy of violence and bloodshed. Sex as a sport."

Wepwawet licked his lips, the white wolf smirking from ear to ear.

"Stop... you're making me horny."

He stepped forward, towards Anubis and the jackal's dripping, quivering erection.

"Which rather neatly brings me to the reason I'm here, in fact. Fun as sparring with you, fighting you may be... I come not as an envoy of my own dominion, but as a supplicant to one of yours."

His eyes twinkled as they met with Anubis' own, and the jackal's hand on his cock ceased its motion, curious, intrigued even as he watched Wepwawet reaching out with one of his own paws. Fingers trembling as they moved ever closer to the jackal's erection, and finally settled upon it. Wrapping themselves tightly around the thick, knotted length and squeezing with surprising tenderness.

"Before I say anything further that makes you feel I am hostile... let me express my reason for calling us together. A movement against my own instincts, I will admit, but one which I feel is ultimately best for our pantheon. I wish to call a truce on our unspoken conflict. To breed companionship instead of animosity."

Tilting his head curiously, Anubis eyed up Wepwawet with suspicion. Much as he wanted to believe the wolf, much as putting an end to their feuding would certainly lift a weight from his mind, he couldn't help but think that there was sure to be some sort of catch. Some unspeakable action which he would have to help the other god undertake in order to _bond_them. War and death often went hand in hand, after all, but never pleasantly so. But if that was the case, and if Wep's intentions were dark and hostile, then why was he not appealing to that side of Anubis' personality? Why instead appeal to the portion of the jackal god which was intrinsically linked to life and happiness?

"Tell me then, Wep... what is it that you want from me?"

The wolf's hand around Anubis' shaft tightened its grip. It began to squeeze and rhythmically rub at the jackal's member, from the tip right the way down to its already partially swollen knot. Wepwawet felt Anubis shudder against his touch, and smiled tenderly.

"Exactly what you seem most eager to give, these days. Yourself. Your body. This."

He stepped closer to the jackal, his other hand following the path of the first and dropping even lower, cupping and tenderly embracing Anubis' swollen, rather heavy balls.

"I wish to set aside our violent past in the truest way possible. To prove to you my sincerity by worshipping at your altar. I want to be with you, Anubis."

Much as he wanted to remain wary, the jackal couldn't help but shiver in excitement at the thought of what Wepwawet was proposing. It wasn't every day that he got an offer from another deity; not some minor, lesser spirit from some obscure pantheon seeking to upgrade, but a fully fledged god every bit as powerful as he himself, to share in such an intimate union. Sex was, after all, a very much mortal concept. And yes, while in their current forms they were perfectly capable of performing sexual acts in the manner of mortals... as had already been felt by some in the terrestrial realm, the influence of such divine pleasure could reach far and wide. Bridging not only countless miles, but whole layers of reality.

Anubis took a step backwards, his cheeks actually burning with slight embarrassment at how nervous he suddenly felt. He swallowed thickly, and lowered his hands to grasp at Wepwawet's wrists, peeling the wolf's paws away from his aching crotch.

"What you're asking... it cannot be done at a moment's notice. We will need to prepare a place. A... a sacred area where we will not be disturbed, and where the mortals of our world will not be too affected by the result of our passion."

Wepwawet grinned, running a hand through the snowy white fur between his ears in a casual, knowing manner.

"It's already taken care of. Believe me, Anubis. This may be coming out of nowhere for you, but it's something I've wanted for a long, _long_time. I approached you now because everything is in place. Because I know that I can begin to reconcile our differences this very day. That is, if you'll accept my offer. If you'll accept my body, and accompany me to a place where I might give it to you wholly."

Watching the wolf, keeping his eyes firmly locked with Wepwawet's own, Anubis searched for any signs of malice. Any potential betrayal which might have been lingering, unable to remain fully hidden, in the outer reaches of the other god's subconscious mind. He sighed softly. Reading the mind of another deity was not like reading the mind of a mortal. Sure, you could catch glimpses and vague feelings, but it was like trying to map all the stars in a galaxy with the naked eye. The mind of a god was simply too far reaching. Too infinitely complex to be read cover to cover as one could a mortal.

But then... if indeed Wepwawet's wishes were sincere, that was all part of the fun. Anubis could not be surprised by a mortal. He couldn't be teased by a mortal, because at all times he would know exactly what they were thinking of doing to and with him. With a god as his lover, however, every moment would be an adventure into the unknown. The possibilities, and the pleasures, equally limitless.

Whether or not Anubis believed Wepwawet remained to be seen. But the jackal wanted to believe his fellow deity, and for now at least that was enough.

"Alright, Wep. Where is this place you've set up for us? Take me to our love nest, and I will show you the benevolence one can find by devoting themselves to my craft."

Stepping forward once more, the jackal placed his arms around the bare body of the wolf standing before him. He felt Wepwawet's own arms encircling him in return, reaching down and clutching at his firm buttocks. Pulling him closer still, Anubis' erection grinding up against another thick shaft of hot, immortal flesh. Wepwawet's own rapidly swelling cock.

"Take me."

He closed his eyes, whispering playfully into the wolf's ear as he felt the pocket dimension around them beginning to dissolve and dissipate; Wepwawet carrying them both to a new realm. A new place, where their passion could be shared at long last.


When reality began to solidify around the two deities made flesh once again, Anubis instantly found himself smiling. All around them, visible and audible and hanging fresh in the air, was life. They were in a forest; a dense, hot, moist forest. Surrounding by calling birds, rustling tree branches and bushes filled with insects and reptiles and mammals of all shapes and sizes. The jackal god reached out with his mind, and felt people living within the forest; not close, quite a distance away in fact, but people nonetheless. Small tribal groups, living and worshipping in harmony with the nature that sustained them.

Still wrapped up in Wepwawet's arms, Anubis growled with contentment.

"Nice spot. Very primal. I approve."

Rather tenderly, in an action which actually caught Anubis slightly off guard, Wepwawet didn't respond vocally. Instead he simply kissed the jackal upon the nape of his neck, before pulling away from their embrace and taking one of Anubis' hands into his own. Guiding him through the trees, along a crudely cut, footworn path.

Less than a minute later, they emerged from the treeline into a clearing. Again Anubis reacted with surprise, his eyes widening with awe as he found himself staring at what looked to be a vast temple complex. A beautiful structure in design and material, every stone smooth and sharp edged, obviously brand new. Carved with intricate patterns of mortals of all shapes and sizes, engaged in varying and myriad acts of intimacy. The jackal ran his hand over the nearest stone, trembling as he felt a slight surge of power run through the engravings. His erection twitched, and a fresh bead of pre-cum appeared, glistening at its tip.

Wepwawet chuckled warmly.

"A little inspirational, isn't it. All those positions and pleasurable faces. I thought you would approve."

Anubis' touch and gaze lingered upon the stonework for a moment longer, before he turned back to the wolf with a curious smile.

"You built this place just for this? For us? And I mean... you built it. I can feel your power infused into every stone."

Nodding as he chuckled to himself, the wolf stepped forward once more, leading Anubis around the side of the temple towards its main entrance.

"I did. I wanted this place to be something more than another mortal shrine, however grand. This is another of the Great Temples. Now written into the fables and lore of mortals throughout the millennia. It is a temple devoted to sexuality and all things pleasurable. And of course, devoted to you."

The jackal's cheeks flushed. Having a temple built in your honour by mortals was certainly a sign of a god on the rise. But having another god build you a temple... that was something different entirely.

"So... does that mean when we're inside, we'll be alone?"

The intonation of that final word carried its own very specific meaning. After all, just as the mind of a god was not an open book to other gods, so too were the creations of gods unknowable to others who played no part in their construction. In short, if Wepwawet alone had built this place, not even the other gods of their pantheon would be able to peer inside and observe their intimacy. The pleasure, the passion they were soon to share... it would truly be for them and them alone to enjoy and behold.

"No, not alone, Anubis."

Wepwawet paused at the entrance to the temple. Turning to the jackal, taking both Anubis' paws into his own, and planting a soft kiss upon the god's smooth lips.

"For we shall have one another."

Hand in hand the two deities entered the temple; a single wave of one of Wepwawet's paws sealing the door behind them and illuminating the interior of the stone structure with a thousand brightly burning torches. They walked through countless stone corridors, Anubis admiring the carvings and the exquisitely rendered expressions of ecstasy upon their faces, while the wolf in turn seemed to admire him. Occasionally Wepwawet would pause, Anubis very nearly crashing into him, only to blush and whimper with surprising bashfulness as the normally vengeful, powerful war god drew him close, seemingly unable to proceed a step further without first sharing a fraction of his affection for Anubis.

The deeper they travelled into the temple's twisting interior, the more frequent their breaks and pauses for kissing, cuddling and ever more intimate touching. Their bare bodies and erect cocks trembled with delight as time after time they flung themselves at one another, muzzles bumping, tongues entwining, hands groping and crotches grinding at their fellow deity.

"My Lord..."

Wepwawet's murmurs and gasps of passion began to incorporate those words ever more frequently. Praising, worshipping Anubis as he grew ever more amorous towards the jackal. With each repetition Anubis felt himself growing harder. His cock drooling desperately, aching with its urgent need for release. Such intense devotion, so personal and focused, would have rendered the god frantic with lust were it to come from a mortal. But to hear and see and feel it from a being of divinity was more than the jackal knew how to handle. He felt like he was going to lose control. To throw himself down upon the wolf and begin to ride him whether Wepwawet was ready for it or not.

Indeed, if they didn't arrive at the war god's chosen location soon, Anubis feared that he might find himself worshipping at Wepwawet's feet in turn; pleading, praying to the other god for his own devotion to manifest in a more aggressively physical form.


Anubis growled happily, his clawed feet scratching and curling downward into the stonework as Wepwawet pressed their bodies tightly together once more; pinning Anubis against a wall of particularly hedonistic, debauched depictions. Their muzzles driving against one another in a fevered, deep kiss, and their erections grinding, straining and dripping over the hot, hard flesh of the other. The jackal was mere moments away from throwing his legs around Wepwawet's waist and forcibly _dragging_the wolf's cock into him when once again the other god pulled away, grasping at his hands and leading him hurriedly deeper, deeper into the temple.

"Almost there... so close."

With his mind reeling in pleasure, Anubis didn't know whether the wolf was referring to their location or his own desperately intense sexual cravings as Wepwawet murmured to the jackal with a fevered glance over his shoulder. The answer came soon enough though, as they burst through yet another ornate archway and into a much larger, more open chamber.


Wepwawet pulled his hands free of Anubis' own, only to throw his whole body around the jackal in the most all consuming embrace they'd yet to share.

"This is it. W-where I want to make love to you. To have you make love to me. To have our lust eternally imprinted upon these walls at the very centre of your temple."

Again the wolf kissed Anubis, savagely intense and adoring in every motion he made.

"I... I see great things in our future, Anubis. In the wake of this union, I want to fill this chamber with our acolytes. People who pledged themselves to us, to you not only in life, but beyond. People who will be able to feel what happened here. To know how we touched one another. How we felt about one another. How we screamed and roared in pleasure together. People who will be empowered by that passion and lust; carried from their mortal existence into an endless, undying world of pure ecstasy in the wake of what we are about to embark upon."

Releasing the jackal from his arms, Wepwawet dropped to his knees. He shuffled forward, his muzzle practically level with Anubis' throbbing, drooling shaft.

"Command me, my lord. Ask me to touch you. To please you. To satisfy you, and I shall. All I ask in return, is that you grant me the same bliss as you would any of your most devout servants."

The jackal shuddered, gooseflesh rippling across his bare, black furred body from eartip to toes. He stared down at the wolf's wide eyes and open maw, poised so eagerly a mere hair's breadth away from his swollen cock. He could still barely believe that this was happening. That Wepwawet, after so many untold eons of conflict, had reached out with this olive branch. But for once in the god's eternal existence, belief didn't seem to factor into the decision. There were no mortals involved, after all. No worshippers to consider here.

It was just them. Just two gods; equals in practically every respect. In particular, equally aroused. Equally horny.

Anubis didn't want to think about the wolf's reasoning, or the consequences of what he was about to do any longer.

He just wanted what a part of him, the primal, eternally voracious libido of the sex god, always craved.

Anubis wanted to fuck.

"D-do as you will, Wep. Take me. Love me. Be mine... a-and make me yours."


The jackal didn't even attempt to hold back his moan of relief as finally Wepwawet made good on his promises. With a grunt of pleasure the wolf practically buried his face in Anubis' crotch, nuzzling and kissing at the god's rigid cock and heavy, swollen balls. He began to worship Anubis in the most primal, overtly sexual manner possible, paying direct tribute to everything that was male and erotic about the god's chosen form. Around them, as they began to play, the temple shook. Dust and chips of stonework trembled and fell from the high, ornately carved walls and ceilings. Reverberating with the force of the two gods' will contained in its walls, but ultimately doing its job of keeping the outside world safe from their impassioned fury.

With a muffled gurgle of excitement, Wepwawet's maw engulfed Anubis' erection. Swallowing all that he could of the jackal god, pressing the thick shaft right to the back of his throat; his immortal form not actively requiring breath in order to survive. His trembling hands roamed over all of Anubis that lay within his reach, from the jackal's firm buttocks to his bucking, quivering thighs. From his aching balls to the thick black fuzz at the base of his cock; scented sweet with incense as his sensitive nose pressed against it.

Unrestrained and without a thought for his own sanity, Anubis began to feverishly buck his hips. He grasped at the wolf's maw wrapped around his cock, grunting and whining happily as he felt Wepwawet's tongue lashing at the bulging base of his knot. The wolf's maw was spread wide by his girth, and even then he could feel the war god's teeth tracing along the flesh of his oh so sensitive knot. To any mortal man, this would have been agony, but to the immortal deity it was just another layer of overwhelmingly intense pleasure. Sensation like no other being but a god had ever known. Limitless and devastating as the savagery of the two deities' own power.

"Ah! Ahh!"

With frenzied exuberance the jackal pounded and humped at his lover's gaping muzzle. He could see Wepwawet's eyes staring up at him, wide with shocked excitement as he witnessed the passion of Anubis' raw sexuality for the very first time. They rolled and shook within their sockets with the sheer force of Anubis' thrusting and tugging at the wolf's head, but at all times remained unceasingly focused on the jackal. Drinking in his every motion, every cry, every action he committed towards the cause of his pure, frantic hunt for pleasure and satisfaction.

Under any other circumstances, with any mortal being, Anubis would not have behaved nearly so savagely. Not simply for fear of doing harm to their fragile, oh so breakable bodies, but because when it came to gleaning pleasure from mortals he was very much the one in control. At any moment, simply by willing it, the jackal could make one, ten, a hundred or even a thousand mortal men and women fall shrieking and squirming to the ground, clutching at their loins in the most mindlessly overwhelming, messy orgasms of their lives. Indeed by the same token, and by feeding off their desires, he could do much the same to himself. But here, with another god between his legs rather than a mortal maw and a terrestrial tongue, he was as much at Wepwawet's mercy as the wolf was at his.

Thankfully, the wolf's maw seemed as apt at providing pleasure as it was speaking words of war. Anubis could feel himself beginning to rise towards a crest; an almighty peak sweeping higher than the plane of Olympus. He could feel his body losing control. His almighty, godly form rendered as vulnerable and desperately needy as any mortal by the vice of pleasure.


Anubis howled the war god's name. Pleading, worshipping, begging for release from his lover as the wolf hungrily did the very same without words; his actions and passionate ministrations upon the jackal's erection speaking for him.

A deep, powerful rumbling shook the very foundations of the temple as Anubis' eyes widened in stunned bliss, his orgasm striking him just as he had known it would, but catching the jackal off-guard nonetheless. The entirety of the vast structure around him seemed to glow as he came, pumping thick mouthfuls of cum into Wepwawet, whimpering in joyous admiration as the wolf swallowed each and every drop with almost urgent delight. He could feel the temple soaking up his orgasmic energy, he could see the inscriptions and engravings upon the walls rippling with divine power. This truly was a temple devoted solely to him; so much so that even though he was not its creator, it reacted to his essence as much as Wepwawet's own.

Of course, that thought only entered the jackal's mind for a fraction of a second. Between furious eruptions of orgasmic ecstasy that left him reeling, howling and barely able to remain on his feet before Wepwawet's wide eyes and hungrily, happily gurgling maw.

In the wake of the god's almighty orgasm... quite simply, there was no wake. No pause. There was no limitation on the deity's desires, not so long as he had followers and worshippers to fuel him. Short of the sun and the rain, there were few things in this world prayed for quite so much and so often as sex.

Within the briefest of transitional moments, Anubis found his cock freed from Wepwawet's maw. He fell, both muzzle and cock drooling with anticipation, down onto all fours, and glanced expectantly over his shoulder. Sure enough, the wolf knew precisely what he wanted; what he needed. Wepwawet remained upon his knees, shuffling forward and bringing his own swollen, knotted cock to bear against the jackal's rear end. Slipping it beneath the base of the god's twitching black tail, and thrusting forward with a giddy, savage grunt.

Though it had been just a matter of seconds, not even minutes, since Anubis had been crying out in orgasmic bliss, he began to exclaim vocally with excitement once more. Throwing back his head, clawing at the stone slabbed ground beneath him, and howling in ecstasy as Wepwawet began to breed him like some nameless, heat stricken wolf bitch. He couldn't stop himself, and more to the point he didn't want to. The jackal knew that if there was ever a time, ever a place not to hold back with the full scope of his infinite desire, this was it. And it was all thanks to the wolf buried deep inside him. All thanks to Wepwawet, perhaps the one deity in the whole of the Egyptian pantheon which he would have least expected to bring him such happiness and such exquisite physical rapture.

Minutes passed by. Wepwawet howled. Anubis yelped. The two gods shared in the majesty of divine orgasmic pleasure together, and set about one another all the more feverishly in search of the next climax, and the next after that. They clutched at one another's bare bodies. Embracing and kissing as they toyed with, teased and fucked each other senseless over and over again. They laughed, overwhelmed by what seemed to be a shared sense of freedom and companionship unlike any they had felt in a long time.

Hours passed. They clung together. Writhing. Screaming. Cumming. Bodies sticky, matted, divine forms glistening with sweat as even their supposedly eternal endurance was put to the test. As deities they may have been capable of endless feats of cosmic proportion, but in their chosen forms, as close an analogue to flesh and blood as their divine essence could be contained within, fatigue was, it seemed, possible. Not easy. Not something either one of them had ever known before, for that matter. But possible, yes, and now growing ever closer to realisation for the first time.

Time spiralled beyond meaning. The temple shook; stones crafted by Wepwawet's will, designed to last a thousand millennia, cracking and crumbling as the two gods' sexual energy burned through them.

Anubis didn't know how long he and Wepwawet had been together, how much time had passed since they'd ventured into the temple, as he stumbled, laughing and whimpering with delight, into an adjoining chamber. His cock was as erect as ever, dripping with passionate desire and begging for the now familiar, almost beloved touch of the white furred wolf. Behind him, so very close, he could hear the other god panting with eager excitement. Light, hurried footfalls indicating Wepwawet rushing towards him. To catch him and claim the prize which Anubis had offered the Lord of the Hunt for doing so.

Though standing in the shadows, Anubis made no real attempt to conceal himself, and his cry of frustration as Wepwawet burst into the room and immediately tackled him to the floor was actually closer to a cry of joy. He shook with anticipation as the wolf dragged him upright, pushing him back towards the centre of this chamber. Pinning the jackal's body against a smooth, black stone pedestal, and urging Anubis' legs to wrap around his waist.

Just a few seconds later, the jackal was wailing in ecstasy as he was speared upon the wolf's own thick, divine erection once more. Feeling Wepwawet's paws gripping at his ass, he leaned back, spine arching over the raised, central point of the pedestal and arms supporting himself at its further corners.

"Wep! Ahhhhh!"

He roared in pleasure, crying out in exalted gratitude to his fellow deity.

"Wep... t-touch me. Make me cum, o-one more time."

Anubis didn't know how many times he'd heard that from his followers and worshippers. Pleading for their god to grant them one more mind-numbing orgasm, one more memory that they would carry to their graves and beyond. He never thought he would be the one pleading so desperately for that one last climax.

The jackal's eyes bulged with blissful euphoria as he felt Wepwawet's paw brush against the tip of his twitching, drooling shaft. He waited for the wolf's tender touch. To be squeezed. To be milked and carried over the edge of sweet oblivion once more.

Instead, he felt something firm and cool fall over his erection. He looked up, craning his neck, and staring in confusion at the golden band which until recently had been resting tightly around one of Wepwawet's wrists. The ring of metal which was now falling down the length of his shaft, even passing over his knot, the wolf's hand guiding it to the very base of Anubis' straining, needy cock.

Wepwawet muttered a few words under his breath. Not the impassioned words of a lover, but divine words. Dark, cursed words.

The golden band around Anubis' cock began to shrink and tighten. Smaller than his knot, so tight Anubis thought for a moment that it was not going to stop shrinking until it had given this physical form a rather severe injury. It did stop shrinking however, but before the jackal could rejoice over his seemingly treacherous lover's supposed mercy, he felt yet more bands of metal encircling him. Springing forth from the pedestal upon which he was resting, wrapping tightly around his wrists and ankles and enclosing them in manacles of some dark, unnameable metal engraved with what were clearly the symbols of divine wards.

Anubis tried to free himself. He tried to exert his will, his power. He felt his divine energy flowing through him, and attempted to blast the manacles and the band of gold around his cock loose. Instead, he felt that power seeping away. Not expelled in the violent eruptions he had willed, but drained by the very ringlets of metal he was seeking to destroy. All around him, the temple walls and the inscriptions upon them glowed; the words of devotion and praise scrawled upon the carved surfaces twisting and reforming as they were touched by his energy. Transformed into yet more pictograms and hyroglyphics spelling out further wards, curses, and warnings.

In the blazing, flickering light of the torches and the glow of his own divine magic, Anubis could just make out one of the inscriptions.

'Here stands the Exiled God. Flee, or awaken Death Incarnate.'

A moment after he read those sobering words, he heard laughter.

Turning his head, Anubis saw his former lover. The wolf having pulled free from their intimate embrace and circled around the pedestal to stand beside him, grinning cruelly.

"Thank you..."

The vitriol and delighted fury in Wepwawet's every word and motion was palpable.

"...thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I promise you, I will never forget it. Nor, I bet, will you."

The wolf leaned down, behind the pedestal, and picked something up. He held it out for Anubis to see, and grinned as the jackal's head recoiled in terror as best as he could. In his hand, Wepwawet held a mask. A golden mask inscribed with yet more dark incantations and wards. Gemstones of varied colours rested over its features, two sapphires above the eyes, a ruby over the bridge of the nose, and a ring of diamonds around the sealed muzzle. Most concerning though, were the five jet black shards of obsidian affixed to the mask's forehead.

"You can't do this. You can't hold me here! The others will sense me... they'll..."

Anubis' voice trailed off as he realised what he was saying, and more importantly where he was as he was saying it. A temple constructed entirely by Wepwawet's own divine power. A temple hidden away within one of the world's largest rainforests, and constructed by the Lord of Warfare and the Hunt; a master of camouflage and deception. Just as the wolf had said when he'd brought Anubis here under the pretence of it being their own little love-nest... no-one, not even their fellow deities, would be able to sense them here.

"How long have you been planning this, Wep?! How long have you spent with your mind so twisted, that you were rather lock away the aspect of sexuality and desire, rather than have it bound to any other God but you?"

Wepwawet laughed, shaking his head in mocking disbelief.

"Oh, Anubis... I'm upset that you even have to ask. You're even more gullible than I believed possible. How long, you ask? Since the very moment I discovered that anyone but I was being considered to carry that aspect. It was supposed to be mine. It is mine. And now, if you wish to ever know freedom again, you will give it to me."

Anubis opened his muzzle. He was ready to tell Wepwawet precisely what he thought of the wolf's plan, and precisely how much of a fool the other deity was for even attempting such blackmail. Before he could so much as utter a word though, he felt Wepwawet pressing the mask against his furred face. He felt it clinging to him. Binding to him with dark magic. Burning and searing its golden frame into the flesh of his face. Locking his muzzle shut, blinding his divine, all seeing eyes to everything but that which was immediately surrounding him. This room, and the temple itself; so flooded with his power that it was more like an extension of his own being than anything else.

The wolf snarled at Anubis, staring him down with frenzied hatred.

"You take me for a fool... but only a fool would allow you to undermine their strategy with your beguiling words. Only a fool would leave your mind free to roam this realm, and your eyes free to see and seek out your supporters and followers. Only a fool would let you retain even a fraction of your power before telling you what they want. What I want from you."

Wepwawet licked his lips hungrily, glancing down between Anubis' legs to his erect, ring-bound cock.

"I do want your power... I think even the most simple minded mortal could figure that out. But if you think I simply want to bind you here, to wait for you to tire and become bored of existence in chains, you are the fool. We are Gods , Anubis. Time means nothing to us. At least... not normally. Not unless we are placed in a situation which is unbearable even for a single instant. Never mind a potential eternity. The question is, what could I do to you that you would not be able to withstand. What could I do to you which would be so traumatic and horrifying, you would have no choice but to give up. To vacate this realm entirely, and leave all your power to be claimed by me."

He grinned at the masked, bound jackal, reaching out and stroking Anubis' rigid shaft with the tips of his fingers.

"Any ideas, Anubis? Any at all?"

His hands slipped lower and lower down the length of the deity's member. Over Anubis' swollen, pulsing knot, and finally touching the golden ring encircling the jackal's cock.

The ring began to glow faintly with a shining golden radiance. The walls of the temple ceased glowing, the god's power no longer being funnelled solely through its interior. Instead, pouring almost completely into that small golden circle. All of Anubis' power. All of his might and will. All of his mastery as the god of Sex and Desire.

Anubis screamed. He screamed in horrified anguish as pure pleasure poured through his cock and flooded through every last inch of his body. Through his mask only the faintest whimpers and gurgles of arousal were audible, but within his own mind, the god was deafened by his frantic, ceaseless cries. Instantly, he knew something was wrong. Such pleasure, so intense and volatile, should have driven him to orgasm in a fraction of a second. But instead the desire surging through him simply continued to build. His urgent need for release ever more so. His eyes bulged, and his screaming grew even louder and more desperate as he realised the terrible reality that was being forced upon him.

He couldn't cum.

No matter how hard he willed himself. No matter how desperately he wanted to... needed to. He, the God of sex, could not cum.

"Remember, Anubis... all you have to do is leave. All you have to do is abandon this form. This world. This power, and you'll be free. Free to go where you like however you like. To seek new followers, and spend an eternity draining whatever balls you create for yourself into their many warm and welcoming holes. Doesn't that sound nice? Doesn't that sound like a far better fate than spending the rest of eternity sealed away here, pleading for an orgasm that will never come?"

The wolf paused for a moment, hesitating, then continued.

"Well... I say never. I can't be totally heartless though, can I. Everything in this world has to have its chance. Its opportunity to succeed. Even you. So... let me at least tell you this. If a mortal were to find you, and to touch you, you would find release. You would be free once more."

Dryly, Wepwawet chuckled to himself.

"If they were to find this temple. If they were to find a way inside. If they were to find their way past the traps, past the temptations littered along their road, and past my guards..."

With a wave of his hand, a hulking zebra in robes appeared before the pedestal. He reached forward as Wepwawet pointed to the jackal's cock, and grasped it tightly. From behind his mask, Anubis wailed in expectant release... only to howl in anguish as he saw the zebra's eyes beginning to glow. Not a living being. Not mortal any longer. One of Wepwawet's eternal soldiers, no doubt.

"...my unsleeping, unquestioningly loyal, and immortal guards..."

The wolf smirked, pleased with his playful little deception.

"...and if they were to be foolish enough to set you free, despite the myriad warning promising almost certain death... then you will be free. But I promise you, Anubis. I swear it, I will ensure it is many thousands of years before any mortal has even the slightest hope of reaching you. And by then, if by some miracle they do manage to release you... I dare say your mind will be so shredded and pureed by your relentless need to cum, that you won't even remember who or what you are."

Taking a step back from the jackal, Wepwawet raised his hands into the air again. He smiled, and gazed down at the jackal's feet. The soft black fur covering Anubis' body stiffening and freezing into stone. Sealing the already immortal deity's form in a state perfectly suited for enduring millennia of silent, unspoken torment.

"Goodbye, Anubis."

The white wolf smiled at his rival and former lover.

"Pleasant dreams."

With a blink of light, he was gone. Leaving the stone still advancing up the length of the jackal's body. The length of Anubis' cock still throbbing and dripping with urgent, unsatisfied desire. His eyes still wide, rolling and bulging in desperation behind the binding, magical frame of his mask. His mind being pushed to the very limits of sanity as over and over again, a wave of focused, what should have been multi-orgasmic ecstasy slammed headlong into him, only to have its most natural and satisfying conclusion utterly denied at the very last moment.

In the depths of the temple. All alone and utterly incapable of escape or contact with another living, mortal soul, Anubis screamed. But even that satisfaction was denied to him. The mask he was wearing muffling his cries to such an extent that not a single echo made it out of that room in which he was bound.

And yet, no matter how many times he failed, Anubis kept on trying to scream in frustration. Just as he kept on enduring those overwhelming, mind-bendingly intense blasts of pleasure. Not merely for hours. Nor days, weeks, months or years.

He endured them for decades.


He endured them as he watched, silently begging, while the first bands of adventurers began to discover his temple. He endured them as time after time, the adventurers failed. Succumbing to the traps littered throughout the temple. Lost to their own desires and fantasies. Consumed by the pleasure which his own divine power was allowing to permeate through every stone of this vast structure.

Anubis endured through it all, for millennia. Not knowing what each new era beyond the temple might bring. Seeing only snippets in the technology of the adventurers who wandered so haplessly into his limited field of vision. Not knowing what had become of his fellow Gods. Not only of Wepwawet, but his entire Pantheon.

At least... not until one day. One day several thousand years after his imprisonment began.

One terrible day, when all at once, the power was his.

Not just the power of one deity. Not just the power of a few. But all of them. Every single god of his Pantheon, suddenly shunting their aspects into the only remaining vessel capable of holding them on this plane of reality.


On that day, Anubis wondered if finally his spirit might break. He still stood there, trapped, frozen in eternally unsatisfied ecstasy, even though his captor was gone. Even though the reason for his imprisonment was now no longer in existence within this reality. And now, with his power enhanced many times over, the force of his denied, failed climaxes grew all the more severe. Brutally intense, and so frequent that they began to overlap and bleed together. One long, constant, endless train of focused blissful agony, destined to continue to the very ends of time.

At least... that was what the jackal feared. What he began to believe.

Until one day, he felt a presence.

Then another.

Two bodies. Two living, breathing mortal bodies, probing at the outskirts of the temple.

Creeping their way inside.

Exploring. Investigating.

Triggering a trap! No , not again...

But... surviving. Living.

Carrying on. Closer.


Anubis watched, his mind not entirely consumed by the pleasure he was facing for the first time in centuries, as two figures entered his room. As they rested. As they looked around. As they approached him and studied him, talking in hushed voices to one another, debating what they might have found here.

Pointing at him. At his cock.

He watched as one of the pair reached out... only to withdraw their hand sharply, eyes widening.

From within his confinement, Anubis knew why. He could feel why. His cock, deep red and not petrified like the rest of him, was dripping. Oozing pre-cum in sheer excitement and anticipation. Overwhelmed by the idea that it might finally be set free, so much so that his arousal was beginning to defy the divine enchantments placed upon him.

He stared, hoping, pleading, as the two mortals spoke once more. Looking at his shaft closely, so near they could practically... no, literally reach out and touch it at any moment.

Then, he heard it.

The words he had been waiting for.

"...Salgrus, I don't know if that's a good idea. We should do more research. Read more of these inscriptions. After all we've seen in this temple..."

The speaker, a black panther, was interrupted by his companion.

"After all we've seen, it's pretty obvious that whatever all those traps and all that _magic_was guarding, is standing right in front of us. And if one of us has to be the first to take a risk and actually touch it, whatever the cost? It might as well be me."

A pair of fingertips, so soft and light that they felt more like a feather than part of a hand, made contact with the thick shaft of the deity.

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