Jayces first real day.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#3 of Secret Lovers.

I'm on a roll with it. XD I'm trying to pace it and do it day by day for him before I whip out some big drama for them. Anyway I hope you all enjoy. ^.^ Remember Adults only!

The birds chirpping outside the hut woke Jayce who groaned and rubbed his head some. He stretched out a bit, feeling the warmth from Isabelle's body next to his own. He smiled, remembering where he was. He had no problem with the foxes. In fact he was already used to their scents and sounds. He looked to Isabelle who was facing him. She was still sleeping soundly beside him, looking more rested then she had the day before. Jayce wagged his tail, unable to stop it as he reached over to run his fingers through her hair slowly, feeling the softness against his hand. Isabelle let out a soft groan in her sleep and cuddled into him a bit more, taking in a deep breathe before letting it out with a sigh. Jayce chuckled softly and laid there a bit longer before getting up without waking the vixen. He left the hut, stretching out with a groan before looking around. The females and cubs were already out of their huts fixing food of the tribe. The cubs were playing with toys made of wood and bone. One cub, a little female about the age of five came running up to him when she saw him. Jayce slowly knealt down so he was level with her and smiled. The little fox stared at him with big blue eyes before she spoke softly. " Your a wolf?" Jayce nodded a bit as he spoke gently. " Yeah Im a wolf...Im not that scary huh?" The fox shook her head and giggled a bit before her mother called for her to come eat. The little fox grabbed Jayce's hand and pulled him towards the females and other cub. Jayce looked a bit floored right along with the mothers. The little fox smiled up to her mother, a young fox with light tan fur. " Mommy! The wolf is nice!" The female looked at Jayce and smiled a bit before offering him some food. Jayce smiled back and took it as he thanked her softly before hearing a soft giggle from behind him. He turned his head to see Isabelle was walking to them. " Well your already making friends with the cubs." Jayce blushed and smiled as his tail wagged behind him. The little fox cub let go of his hand to go eat while Jayce gently bumped noses with Isabelle who smiled and murred happily to him. " You slept well?" Jayce nodded a bit as he split the food with her while they sat down. " Yes...better then I have in some time actually...it is nice having you beside me." Isabelle blushed and giggled again before eating.

By the time Jayce was done eating Isabelle had moved off with the females to get the cubs washed up and headed off to do chores. Joel came out of his own hut with a yawn, rubbing his eyes before looking around. He saw one of the cubs had lingered behind with Jayce, showing him one of the toys they played with. Joel watched him intently before relaxing seeing Jayce was being gentle with the cub and even playing with her before a mother fox ran up to grab the cub, fussing at the cub for not coming when he was supposed to. Jayce grinned some as he sat there a bit longer. Joel moved up and was standing beside him when Jayce stood up. " I haven't seen the cubs interact with an outsider like that before...they usually shy away." Jayce looked at him and smiled some. " I make it a point to spend time with the pups of my tribe...like your tribe all the mothers care for them as a unit...if a mother is in her first pregnancy they all band together more to help her get through it...the cubs all act as siblings until they are old enough to know better." Joel couldn't stop a grin forming on his face as he watched Jayce. " I am a hard ass that much I can admit...Isabelle is happy. I can see it when she smiles to you. I just have that fear of something going wrong with her ending up hurt from it...after losing her mother like we did it is hard to trust any male...even the ones from my own tribe with her heart and her life." Jayce looked at him with a bit of confusion before he was starting to ask what he meant. Joel stopped him and sighed. " Isabelle will tell you when she is ready..." Jayce nodded and watched Joel move off to get his warriors up from their huts.

Jayce stood off to the side watching Isabelle and the mothers getting the cubs washed and their fur brushed out. He smiled and left to explore the village as well as the surrounding lands. Nick had snuck off from the others and was following him at a distance. Nick was already thinking of how he could get rid of Jayce and come out the winner and next to take over the tribe. Jayce walked for a while, making sure to keep the village in sight for now. When he returned the females were in the center of the village with each other, brushing out their own fur and hair. He grinned and moved up to Isabelle, sitting beside her as he gently took the comb from her. Isabelle looked at him, her ears standing up a bit as he began to brush the comb through her hair gently. She closed her eyes and relaxed, her tail curling around his leg. The other females blushed and giggled as they watched the two. Jayce smiled as he began brushing through the fur along her neck when he was done with her hair. He made sure her eyes were still shut before slipping a bright purple flower into her hair beside one of her ears. The other females giggled again. Some of the females who had mates all giggled more. Jayce spoke softly, making Isabelle open her eyes to look at him. " Your tribe acts a lot like mine..." The foxes around them all looked at each other then to him while some of the male wolves that stayed behind with him, joined them while nodding in agreement. Jayce smiled as he looked to the other females. " You all care for the young as a group...even those who don't seem to have one of their own yet...and you all converse like this to groom...the only thing different are the hunting parties...we have females that hunt with us." Isabelle raised a brow as one of the other males nodded again, speaking in a rough but soft voice. " He is right...his hunting group in our tribe has mostly females in it...they usually bring back large rabbits and such while he takes down the bigger prey...then again we have ranged weapons such as bows to help us." One of the fox warriors walked up, standing by a female that he had mated with a few months before. " We haven't needed weapons. At least not to hunt...we have traps set up for rabbits...nets in the waters for fish...but the weapons to take down larger prey like that buck would be of great help." Isabelle seemed to be beaming with the tribe starting to converse with no tension. Joel watched from a distance, watching Isabelle with a smile on his face. It had been a long time since he saw her that happy. He soon approached and looked at Jayce. " Then maybe Jayce would be willing to show you how to make the bows...and to use them...as well as train females who want to help more."

The entire tribe was buzzing over Joel's announcement about Jayce. A few younger females who hadn't mated yet or even picked what they wanted to do stepped up to him, asking if they could learn to hunt. Even Isabelle was wanting to learn it. Nick was fuming at this. To him the females were to stay back at the village and stay out of the way. Joel had retreated to his hut with one of the older females of the group for a while. Jayce chuckled a bit and nodded to those around him. " Yes yes...I will show you...we just need to get wood to make the bows and the strings." The females smiled and giggled as one spoke. " We can take care of the string. The tribe sometimes trades with other tribes for herbs and medicines we can't get ourselves because a lot of it doesn't grow here. So in exchange we make jewelry for funerals or mating ceremonies as well as dream catchers for cubs. so making the string strong enough for the bows shouldn't be a big challenge!" Jayce grinned more and looked at Isabelle who smiled back. " Good..Jayce can take some of the males to get the wood...the females can make the strings." Jayce nodded and took a few male foxes and the wolves out of the village with him. Isabelle remained in the village, sitting off on her own to watch over the others. She didn't have the knowledge of making the strings. Nick moved up to her, settling beside her while she was sipping from a small wooden cup filled with water. " Your unbelievable Isabelle. This has never happened among tribes in years! We have done fine on our own and we don't need him or his friends to help us...let alone combine the tribes and start breeding with them!" Nick kept his voice down enough so she was the only one to hear him. Isabelle folded her ears back and glared at him. " Nick...shut up. You have no say in the matter...your under my fathers rule...it is he who is becoming open minded to the idea...he is the one who decides...not you. After what you tried to do to me yesterday morning..I don't want you near me..Ever...now get away." Nick glared at her. He wanted to slap her but stopped himself. He would get her in due time. He had to remind himself to wait. He stood up and stormed off from her.

Over the next hour or so Jayce worked with the males showing them how to make the bows as well as the arrows they would need while the females worked on the string. When the group broke off to eat their midday meal Isabelle grabbed Jayce and pulled him out of the village with her, getting him to chase her into the forest around the village. When they were far away enough he scooped her up into his arms bridal style, gently holding her like that and kissing her. Isabelle smiled when he set her down, giggling as she held onto his hands in her own, bringing them to her lips and kissing his fingers before she spoke softly. " I love seeing how they are responding...not even a day yet and they seem open...I guess seeing you with the cubs this morning relaxed the mothers...the males relaxed from there when they saw the females weren't threatened." Jayce smiled as he watched her, nodding a bit as he listened to her before pulling her to him and hugging her, kissing her head softly a few times. " Your father surprised me with the hunting idea...He even talked with me some this morning...Isabelle?" She lifted her head and looked to him, tilting her head to the side just a bit. " Yes?" The wolf shifted some, biting his bottom lip lightly before taking a deep breathe as he moved to sit down in the soft grass with her. " What did your father mean by how you two lost your mother?" Isabelle lowered her ears and sighed, rubbing the back of her neck for a moment. she sat with her back against his chest now, leaned into him a bit as she spoke softly.

" When I was about 11 or 12 my mom found a injured wolf in the forest right over our tribe boarders...he had gotten into a fight with something...My mother was very kind...and brought the wolf back to the village with the help of some of the males. My father told her she shouldn't have done that...but my mom told him it was alright...she didn't have the heart to leave him to die in the forest. She nursed him back to health over the course of a month...she taught me how to clean wounds and use the herbs some while she was doing it...one night while I was sleeping in the hut under some extra furs to protect myself from the cold...I heard mom screaming outside of the village. By the time I got there the warriors and dad were already there. Daddy had killed the wolf before he got away. They wouldn't let me see mom when I got there. One of the warriors took me back to the village by my fathers orders...later that night daddy came in the hut and told me the wolf had killed mom after luring her out into the forest...he raped her first...before he killed her. It almost destroyed my dad...and it broke me for a long time...he wouldn't let any of the females out of the village for a long time...always had me guarded until I was old enough to fend for myself." Jayce lowered his ears and hugged Isabelle to him tightly, his head resting against hers as he closed his eyes. " I'm sorry Isabelle..." She shook her head and sighed softly then smiled some. " Mom would have liked you...daddy says I'm a lot like her and it drives him nuts sometimes." Jayce couldn't stop himself from laughing softly. The two sat there for a while before he playfully patted her on the ass. " Come on. Lets head back"

When the two returned to the village the females smiled and showed Jayce they had all the strings done. He smiled and sat with them as well as the others, showing them how to put it all together. Nick watched from a distance, his tail twitching with annoyance. Isabelle grinned as she watched Jayce. Even Joel had came out of his hut to watch them. When it was all put together Jayce smiled. " I think tomorrow I can show you how to work it." Isabelle by then had pulled a young female fox aside, a lovely fox with fur a dirty blonde color, her hair long and dark brown while her eyes where a bright green. Both females giggled softly and the female nodded before sneaking out of the village. Isabelle moved to Jayce, whispering into his ear. " Come with me love...we are going to go have some fun." Jayce felt a shiver run down his spine as he gulped a bit and nodded some. He stood up, letting her take his hand and lead him out of the village. Jayce laced his fingers with Isabelle's as they walked, smiling to her. " What are you planning little vixen?" Isabelle looked at him and smiled. " It is a surprise wolfy now come on!" She lead him to a different lake that had a small waterfall flowing into it, the flow from the water fall gentle enough that the tribe went to this spot to swim and bath during the hot summer. Jayce smiled at the sight but blinked when Isabelle let go of his hand and moved to the vixen she had whispered to in the village. She hugged the female and both giggled. Isabelle looked at Jayce and smiled. " This is my friend Monica...we have been close since being cubs." Monica blushed a bit as she looked at Jayce. He smiled as he moved closer to them, nodding to Monica. Isabelle smiled and moved to sit down in the soft grass. The sun was starting to set slowly making the air a bit cooler around them. Jayce sat by Isabelle with Monica sitting on the other side of him as he spoke. " Alright Isabelle...what are you up to?" Isabelle and Monica grinned before leaning over him and kissing each other. Jayce thought his jaw would hit the ground as he looked at them with shock. Isabelle grinned to him and murred after the kiss was broken. " Relax...this happens a lot..." Monica moved over to Isabelle and kissed her again, pushing her tongue into Isabelle's mouth.

Isabelle let out a soft groan and swirled her tongue against Monica's while reaching up and gripping her breasts. Monica was thinner then Isabelle with smaller breasts. Monica moaned softly when Isabelle began pinching and lightly twisting her nipples. Monica pulled back from the kiss and pushed Isabelle onto her back, spreading her legs apart and laying on her own stomach with her head between her thighs. Jayce felt his cock throbbing hard as it quickly became erect while he was watching them, to stunned to really touch himself. Isabelle smiled as she looked up at him before letting out a soft moan when she felt Monica licking her pussy slowly, sucking on her pussy lips gently between her licks before spreading her pussy open to suck on her clit. Isabelle blushed as she moaned a bit louder then before. Jayce twitched his tail as his cock throbbed hard once or twice, precum leaking from his tip. He couldn't sit there long. He moved so he was kneeling by Isabelle's head. She murred and opened her mouth, letting him push his cock into her mouth. Isabelle began sucking on as much of his cock as she could, making him moan out softly while Monica had pushed two fingers into Isabelle's pussy, fingering her hard and fast while she suckled hard on her clit. Isabelle arched her back up with a muffled moan as Monica's fingers thrust into her. Monica sat up, pulling her fingers free from the vixen and sucking the clean before looking to Jayce, grinning. " Lay on your back please?"

Jayce stared at Monica for a moment before nodding. He slowly pulled his cock out of Isabelle's mouth before laying back in the grass. Isabelle was the first to move, getting on top of him. She straddled him, grinding her pussy along his cock slowly as she ran her fingers through the fur on his chest. Monica smiled and moved so she was straddled over his muzzle. Jayce grinned some wondering what he done for this to happen. He reached up, gently gripping Monica's hips and pulling them down into his muzzle. He pushed his tongue out of his mouth and began licking along her pussy slowly, making her moan out. Isabelle lifted her hips, gripping his cock in one hand she guided it into her pussy as she lowered back down onto him, taking all of him but the forming knot. She began riding him hard and slow once she was filled. She leaned in and pressed her lips to Monica's, kissing the vixen deeply. Both let out muffled moans while Isabelle reached up to grip Monica's breasts, squeezing them gently with her fingers pinching the nipples and twisting them softly. Jayce felt his cock throbbing in Isabelle and began bucking up into her to get her to ride harder. Isabelle let out a grunt and broke the kiss with Monica as she moaned out loudly. Jayce let out a grunt soon after as Isabelle began to ride his cock as hard and fast as she could, the sounds of her pussy moving on him filling the air around them.

Monica laid down on his chest now, keeping her pussy against his muzzle as she began licking at his cock and Isabelle's pussy while she was riding him. Jayce gripped her thighs tightly in his hands as he shoved his tongue into her pussy, swirling it around and licking at every inch of her inner walls that he could reach. He soon found her G-spot and began hitting his tongue against, making the vixen moan out in pleasure. He could feel her pussy clenching down on his tongue as she began moving her hips against it while Isabelle's pussy was clenching his cock tightly with each movements she made. He could tell she was getting close to cumming as she got rougher, slamming her hips down on his while his knot was hitting her pussy lips with each drop she made. Monica was getting close as well and had stopped licking the two of them, unable to really focus on it as she gripped the fur on Jayce's stomach. Isabelle grinned as she looked down at Monica, watching her shaking and wiggling her hips.

Isabelle was fighting off her orgasm as she rode Jayce. Monica was the first to lose it as she came with a loud cry of pleasure coming from her, her juices gushing out around his tongue and muzzle. Jayce licked it up, swallowing what he could before licking her clean. She moved off of him, laying beside them in the grass panting. Jayce flipped Isabelle over and pinned her down. He began pounding into her hips harder then even as he gripped his hands into hers, growling as she moaned out louder and louder. He soon slammed his knot into her and came hard, his cock throbbing with each spurt of cum that came from him. Isabelle arched her back up as she came with him, her hips bucking against him as her juices squirted out around his knot some. They soon went still and began panting hard. Jayce stared down at Isabelle with a slightly goofy grin on his face before he kissed her deeply. Isabelle returned the kiss then chuckled softly. She looked over at Monica, watching her moved to lay beside them a bit closer. Jayce reached over and pet her gently, making her murr happily. He shifted and soon was sitting with Isabelle in his lap, still knotted with her.

Monica sat beside him while he pet the both of them. " Your crafty Isabelle...sexy and crafty." Isabelle blushed and giggled as she hugged him, kissing him deeply. "I thought you would enjoy that." They all chuckled and relaxed together, listening to the crickets and frogs now that night had fallen. When he was able to pull his cock from her he let out a groan, his cock retreating to it's sheath. Isabelle stood up with him and Monica. She took his hand into hers and the three of them walked back to the village. Once there they joined the others at the bon fire to eat dinner. Isabelle and Monica chowed down on their deer meat with giggles while Jayce ate, talking with the warriors when they asked him questions. When they were all done Isabelle gently nudged Jayce and whispered. " I'm going to your hut and laying down my love." She kissed him softly before standing and moving off to his hut, disappearing inside. Monica smiled to Jayce and whispered to him. " Thanks for the fun!" She kissed his cheek quickly before scampering off to her own home. Jayce blushed and grinned some before he went to join Isabelle. He entered his hut, seeing the vixen already asleep on the bed of furs. He smiled and laid down behind her, pulling her against him and falling asleep soon after.

Nick snarled as he paced around in the forest not far from the village. Nick had been stalking Isabelle and Jayce all day, watching their movements. Seeing the three of them at the lake only angered him more as he threw a rock into some bushes. He took a deep breathe and growled to himself. " That damn wolf is going to have to die..." Nick stayed out there to cool himself off before going back into the village. He grabbed a young fox that was known for keeping fighters like him company at night and headed into his own hut.

A Slight Compromise.

Back at the fox village the old fox was dragging Isabelle back. The vixen pulled hard to try and get free from her fathers grasp with tears rolling down her cheeks. " Daddy please let go! Your hurting my arm!" He ignored her and drug her to the center...

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Secret Lovers.

The vixen twitched her ears a few times as she sat in the soft grass on the bank of a crystal clear lake. The lake itself hidden deep within a thick forest. The vixen was only at the age of 24, still young as far as her tribe was concerned but also at...

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Take a Risk. Chapter one.

The fox let out a soft sigh as she sat at the desk in her room. She had some homework laid out in front of her and was tapping the end of her pen on the paper. She couldn't concentrate for the life of her. She had only one thing on her mind. She looked...

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