The tribe's new life.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#6 of Secret Lovers.

Started this one last night and finished it this morning. The tribe has to move on after Joel's death and the destruction of the fox tribe village. Jayce makes a smart choice to help protect his own tribe.

Several days had passed since the feline tribe had attacked the fox tribe. They waited for a day before they set up a funeral for Joel and wrapped his body in some clothe before putting him in a grave. Isabelle felt sick to her stomach every time she went to her fathers grave and sat down beside it. Jayce had no real choice but to watch her and let her grieve in anyway she could. The wolf tribe welcomed the foxes with open arms and had set about expanding the village for more huts. The fox cubs joined the pups to learn their lessons as the mothers slowly grew accustomed to how they tended to the young. The warriors quickly took up with each other and began forming new hunting parties to send out. Koren watched her son in silence during the last few days, seeing the guilt in his eyes. She moved up behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders, whispering to him. " Do not blame yourself for this had no way of knowing one of Joel's own fighters would turn like that...Or that an attack would happen. You helped save almost all of them from the village...Isabelle isn't going to blame you for Joel's death." Jayce lowered his ears and looked down at the ground as he shook his head some. " I know mom...but it kills me seeing her like that...if we hadn't been at the lake all night maybe-" Koren tightened her grip on his shoulders and growled a bit. " Hush child...if you had been there to begin with chances are that not only would Joel be dead but so would you and possibly Isabelle! Your going to be looked to for decisions on what to do now by the foxes...your mating ceremony with Isabelle is tonight. After that you will become the first chief of a combined tribe...You need to get rid of this guilt your now carrying. I'm sure Joel saw something in you that made him relax and make his choice when he your going to have to step up and recover from what happened. Isabelle needs that from you as well as the others." Jayce nodded and turned to face his mother, looking at her before hugging her tightly. Koren gently pet his head as she returned the hug, kissing his forehead softly then nudging him to go sit with Isabelle.

Jayce slowly walked up to Isabelle, settling down in the grass next to her. The fox looked to him, her ears low against her head. She looked utterly heart broken and it made him feel worse. Jayce gently pulled her to him and hugged her tightly as he whined softly. " Isabelle I am so sorry...I didn't mean for this to happen to you or your tribe." Isabelle hugged him in return and nuzzled her face into his neck as she held onto him. It took her a moment before she spoke softly. " isn't your fault. Your not the one who was jealous like that...your not the one with an evil heart who turned his back on his tribe like this. You saved so many of my tribe...Daddy...daddy knew he wouldn't make it." Jayce stood his ears up and looked at her after he pushed her back a bit, looking a bit stunned. Isabelle looked him in the eyes and nodded a bit. " One of your fighters grabbed me before I could reach him...he knocked that..big grey lion back long enough to tell me to get out...that he loved me. He told the wolf to help me escape and take the others." Jayce lowered his ears more and pressed his forehead against her own as he held her tightly. Isabelle closed her eyes as she began nuzzling him a bit. " It isn't your fault Jayce...and don't you dare think it." The wolf finally cracked a small smile before nodding as he began to gently rub her back. After a while the two returned to the others, settling down among the fighters who were talking of what to do with the felines.

"Calm down everyone...look for now we need to train all of you to fight harder then ever...we also need to do more patrolling of the boarder. Hell we can even set traps in places to be sure. For now though..everyone needs to continue to rest and heal from the other day." Jayce kept his voice calm as the fighters looked at him. They all gave a nod of agreement and went back to talking softly. Isabelle held onto Jayce's hand for a moment before letting go and heading into Korens hut where the two had been sleeping since the day they arrived. Korens hut was large on the inside and had enough space to keep them all comfortable. Koren was laid back in her own bedding and let Isabelle join her. The vixen had gotten into the habit of napping with the wolf for more comfort while Jayce was tending to the others. Koren whispered softly to Isabelle as she gently pet her ears. " I know it hurts little one...It feels odd being without someone after they have been there all your life." Isabelle nodded as she nuzzled into the wolfs side with her eyes closed. " You need to sleep keep getting up in the middle of the night and pacing around in here and outside. I know your having nightmares. It happens but you know your not alone...Jayce and I will help you in every way possible." Isabelle looked to Koren and smiled faintly before she nodding. She laid her head back down as she remained curled up against Korens side. She soon fell right to sleep after Koren began rubbing her back like she would if Jayce was sick and needed comfort in some way. Soon Jayce came into the hut and looked at them before smiling some, whispering so he wouldn't wake Isabelle. " The hunters are going back to the fox village and see the damage...find anyone else that might have been killed in the attack so they can be buried...then they will go hunting as well as patrolling the boarders." Koren nodded some and motioned him over to take her place. Jayce nodded and moved to Isabelle, wrapping his arms around her slowly while Koren got up. " You two need sleep and rest...go ahead and sleep son. I will wake you in a few hours." Jayce nodded and watched her leave the hut before nuzzling his face into the back of Isabelle's neck and falling asleep soon after.

Isabelle felt something putting pressure on her throat. She wiggled and squirmed before reaching for whatever was putting the pressure on her. When she felt someones arm her eyes shot open to see that large grey lion looking down at her, squeezing her throat slowly while she gripped at his arm tighter then before. She let out a soft gasping sound, trying to call for Jayce. She struggled around before finally looking to her right to look at Jayce, planning on reaching out and grabbing him. When she looked her eyes went wide seeing Nick hovering over Jayce with a bloody dagger. Isabelle looked to see he had slit Jayces throat open while they had been sleeping. She felt tears coming to her eyes as Nick made his way to her, reaching out for her. Right when he would touch her Isabelle let out a scream and sat up in the bedding. " JAYCE!' The wolf bolted up right with his fur standing on end and his eyes wide as he looked around frantically before looking at Isabelle as she sat there with tears rolling down her cheeks and her eyes wide. ' A dream...just a dream' Isabelle looked at Jayce when he grabbed her shoulders. She let out a deep breathe and rubbed her head as Koren came into the hut with her own fur raised.

" What is going on?! Why are you screaming?" Isabelle looked at Koren then lowered her ears as she looked down at the ground while Jayce relaxed and laid back again. " I think she had a nightmare mom" Koren relaxed some and nodded a bit. She waited several minutes before she spoke softly. " Get some cold water and calm is almost night fall and the others are getting food cooking. When your calm and ready both of you come out to join everyone." Jayce and Isabelle both nodded as Koren left the hut. Jayce grabbed Isabelle and pulled her down against him, petting her head slowly as he took a deep breathe. " Tell me what happened Isabelle." The fox shifted a bit against him, her head resting on his chest as she relaxed from the warmth coming from him. she bit her bottom lip before taking a deep breathe and speaking softly. " The lion was choking me...I tried to get you but...Nick had..killed you and was coming for me" Jayce lowered his ears and hugged her a bit tighter then before, rubbing her back for several minutes before he sat up with her. " That won't happen...I won't let it." Jayce gently lifted her head and kissed her softly for a moment before nuzzling his muzzle against hers.

The two took a few minutes, Jayce keeping Isabelle relaxed before he stood with her and lead her out of the hut to the large fire that had been lit while the sun had just finished setting. Jayce sat down with Isabelle in his lap , pulling her so her back was against his chest. A young female wolf wagged her tail as she walked up to them, kneeling down and handing Isabelle some cooked deer meat then handing some to Jayce before moving off to sit with her father. Isabelle smiled some as she took the meat, the both beginning to eat. The longer she sat there listening to the chatter from the village she relaxed and finally pushed the memory of the dream to the back of her head. As the village was relaxing and eating Koren stepped up, getting them to fall silent as she looked around at them before smiling as she spoke. " After tonight I won't be in charge anymore...that responsibility will fall to my son. Tonight he and Isabelle will mate with the village as witnesses. But..they won't be the only ones. A few of you have paired off with foxes from the village. They have asked to be apart of the mating ceremony to become mates with their lovers. And that is fine with me. The cubs are all in bed asleep so everyone can relax and not worry. Finish eating and when the lovers are can begin" The village all nodded with excitement beginning to fill the air. Isabelle turned her head to look at Jayce over her shoulder and smiled when he leaned in to nuzzled his head against her own. Monica soon sat beside them, a large grey male wolf sitting behind her much like Jayce was with Isabelle. The fox looked at Monica and smiled brightly. " You picked a mate?" Monica nodded as the wolf with her spoke. " I'm my big brother." Isabelle blinked and looked at Jayce who chuckled softly and licked her cheek." Mom found him in the woods as a pup and adopted him" Jayce and Koda laughed softly as Isabelle smiled and relaxed, nuzzling into Jayce as she had finished eating.

By the time the others finished one other couple joined to become mates. Koren looked to Jayce who nodded a bit and smiled some. Isabelle hadn't been paying attention since she was talking with Monica. She went silent thought when Jayce cupped her breasts, making the vixen let out a soft gasp. She blushed as Monica and Koda chuckled, watching them for the moment. Isabelle leaned into Jayce a bit more as her nuzzled the back of her head softly while his hands kneaded into the flesh of her breasts. The fox blushed brightly and closed her eyes with little murrs coming from her. Jayce began licking the back of her ear softly while his right hand slowly moved from her breast and down along her stomach, his fingers pushing through her fur before reaching her pussy and cupping his hand over her. Isabelle let out a soft moan as she held onto his arms gently, her rear pressing into his sheath and making him let out a soft groan. She could already feel him becoming aroused as she ground her rear against him slowly, drawing little growls from Jayce as he nibbled on the tip of her ear. By then Monica was moaning softly as Koda was pushing his fingers into her. Isabelle grinned and relaxed more, pulling her ear from Jayce's nibbling to lay her head back on his shoulder. Jayce kissed along her neck now while he spread her pussy lips open, rubbing her clit slowly with his middle finger, making her moan out a bit more. Jayce let out a groan when Isabelle ground into him harder, making his cock throb as it poked out of his sheath and continued growing until he was fully erect. Jayce shuddered a bit from her grinding, his finger continued to rub and teas her clit before he quickly moved his hand down to push two of his fingers into her. Isabelle let out a loud moan and blushed darkly as she closed her eyes, beginning to move her hips on his fingers.

Jayce let out a groan as Isabelle pressed her rear into him hard from her grinding, the feeling of her ass rubbing along his cock made it throb hard as he began leaking precum. Isabelle bit her bottom lip hard as Jayce was thrusting his fingers into her pussy harder and faster now, the sounds of his fingers moving into her starting to fill the air. Isabelle growled and held onto his arm tightly until he pulled his fingers from her, gently pushing them into her mouth with a grin. Isabelle let out a soft groan as she sucked on his fingers, licking the clean before he pulled them from her mouth and gently pushed her forward so she was on all fours in front of him. He moved up onto his knees behind her, running his fingers through the fur along her ass slowly before gripping her hips and pushing his cock into her. Isabelle let out another moan when he pushed into her, murring as he leaned over her so his chest was once more against her back, his hand moving under her to grip at her breasts as he began thrusting into her with hard, slow thrusts. Jayce twitched his ear when he heard Monica let out another moan of her own and turned his head to see Koda pulling her hips down so she was lowering onto his cock with a soft growl coming from him. Jayce grinned a bit then turned his gaze back to Isabelle, his head lowering to nuzzle against her own as she began pushing back into him. She bit her bottom lip lightly before letting out another moan as Jayce began going faster with his thrusting, the sounds of him thrusting his cock into her filling the air along with Monica and Kodas own movements. Jayce let out a growl and sat up from being lean over on Isabelle, his hands gripping her hips and rubbing into them gently. Isabelle turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder with a small smile. Jayce stood his ears up and pulled out of her gently flipping her onto her back and grabbing her legs, pulling her in closer to him before pushing his cock back into her.

Isabelle let out a soft grunt when he pulled her close after being put on her back. She arched her back up when he pushed his cock back into her, blushing when his hands slipped into her own, their fingers lacing together as he held her hands down to the ground on either side of her head. Isabelle stared up at him, her eyes locking onto his own as he smiled to her before he began thrusting into her harder then before but his speed was still slow. He was taking his time with this as he leaned into her, pressing his lips to hers. Isabelle let out a muffled moan as she returned the kiss, her tongue pushing into his mouth to rub against his. Jayce wagged his tail a bit as his tongue swirling around against her own before pulling back to get his breathe. He shifted and began thrusting a bit faster now, the hard impacts his hips made into her were starting to make her breasts bounce between them. Isabelle closed her eyes as she let out a moan, her head laying back as she arched her back up again. Jayce leaned his head in and bite down on her neck firmly as he began pounding into her now. The feeling of her arching and the clenching her pussy was doing to his cock was egging him on as he got rougher with his movements while his grip on her hands tightened. Isabelle wrapped her legs around him when she felt his knot beginning to form.

Jayce finally had to let go of her hands and gripped onto her hips as he sat up now. His cock was throbbing harder now as he looked down at her, his hips beginning to pound into her as she blushed and moaned out louder and louder while her breasts were bouncing more from his movements. Isabelle was arching up a bit more as she pushed her hips against his own. She was getting closer to cumming and began digging her clawed into the ground as she gripped at it. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. Jayce grinned down to her before giving one hard thrust into her, his knot stretching her open and popping in with a loud wet pop sound. Isabelle let out a gasp and moaned out at the top of her lungs when his knot stretched her. She bucked her hips into his as she closed her eyes tightly once more while she was trying to fight off her orgasm. Jayce on the other hand didn't fight it, he gave a few more short rough thrusts into her before he came, his cock throbbing hard with each spurt of cum that was released from him. Isabelle shuddered and bucked against him as her orgasmed hit her hard, her juices washing over his cock and knot, some squirting out around his his knot as she rode out her orgasm. The two went still, panting heavily while Isabelle opened her eyes to look at Jayce. The two grinned before looking over to see Koda over Monica who was on all fours, the sound of him knotting her could be heard as she cried out from her own orgasm hitting her. Jayce and Isabelle both chuckled before he leaned down, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her up so he could sit back with her in his lap.

Soon after Koda and Monica had settled down from their orgasms and Isabelle was relaxed in Jayces lap with his knot still locking them together the rest of the village let out yips and howls of excitement. They had a new chief to guide them now and they were happy. Koren stood up and soon moved to stand between Koda and Jayce. Koda had pulled Monica up into his lap to relax and recover by then while Jayce looked up to his mother who smiled to him. " Your chief now Jayce...I will help you in anyway I can if you need that they have mated everyone can relax and celebrate!" Isabelle looked to Koren and smiled some before she pressed her head to Jayce's with a happy murr coming from her as the two nuzzled against each other.The rest of the night went on as the village celebrated the new chief and his mate. When he was able to Jayce pulled from Isabelle who had fallen asleep by then against him. Koda was with Monica holding her and nuzzling her. Jayce reached over and nudged him, making him look to his brother. " Keep watch if this party keeps going...I'm taking her into the hut to sleep." Koda smiled and nodded. Jayce slowly got up while holding Isabelle in his arms. He turned and carried her into his mothers hut which was now technically his. He laid Isabelle down in the bedding then laid beside her. He pulled her close and gently pet her head, toying with her hair as he laid there watching her sleeping for a while before he himself fell asleep.

Jayce didn't wake until late the next morning when the sounds of the cubs playing and rough housing outside hit his ears. He shifted and stretched out with a groan coming from him before he opened his eyes, gently pulling away from Isabelle who was still sleeping. He got up and walked out of the hut, rubbing his eyes with a groan when the sunlight hit him. He shook his head a bit then looked to see the fox and wolf cubs running around chasing each other while others were wrestling. Jayce grinned and shook his head some before moving to get some water. Koren walked up to him and gently put her hand on his shoulder, leaning into whisper. " One of the patrols spotted the felines at the edge of our lands...Nick was with them. They didn't make a move is like they are watching..planning." Jayce folded his ears back and nodded some then mumbled. " There are other tribes of Fox and Wolf around these lands...I know we have never had reason to interact with them...but we may need to make some friends to get help with this...I'm sure word about Joel's death has spread by now." Koren nodded some as she looked thoughtful while looking to the cubs while the rest of the village was beginning to stir and wake. "That would be a good idea actually...if we can make allies with them and let them know the full extent of what happened and the chance of it happening to them they will be more likely to help in order to survive themselves." Jayce nodded and hugged his mother before kissing her cheek with a smile. He moved to each and every hut in the village, gather the fighters up.

Jayce sat with the fighters, speaking softly but firmly to them. " Look...I need six of you to gather up and take a message to the other tribes...there are other wolf and fox tribes in these lands. We need to meet with a chief from each tribe. I want to let them know the full extent of what happened the other night and that we need to ally with them. If we do we have a better chance of fighting off the felines when they decide to make another move. Three of you will go to the foxes and the other three to the wolves. Get there quickly and then return quickly to let me know what happens." The fighters all looked at each other then to him before nodding. Six fighters all stood up, two foxes with one wolf to head to the fox tribe while the other group had two wolves with a fox for the wolf tribe. Jayce stood up and walked to the edge of the clearing with the six of them. He stood there and looked to them. " Stay safe on the trip...stay out of fights with rouges living in the forests on the way. And do not show signs of threat to the tribes when you get there." The fighters nodded and turned, taking off into the forests before the two groups broke off, one heading off towards the mountains and the other going deeper into the forests. Jayce turned and headed back into the village as Isabelle walked out of their hut, rubbing her eyes with a soft groan coming from her. Jayce smiled and moved up to her, wrapping his arms around her as he kissed her lips deeply for a moment. When he pulled back Isabelle grinned to him as she held onto him while she relaxed some. " Good morning.." Jayce smiled and nuzzled his muzzle against her own before leading her to get some food while telling her what had happened since waking up.

By late in the afternoon one of the groups, the foxes and the wolf, arrived to a large field that had opened up in the forest. The three came to a stop to catch their breathe. The wolf, a large black and grey male looked into the field. The field was littered with huts and the tribe of foxes were out lounging in the late sun. The wolf who went by the name of Kojack looked to the foxes. A brown female and male, both were twins. The female, Sonja, looked to the wolf and smiled. " Relax Kojack...this will be fine. We won't be threatening to them like Jayce said. They should be curious about why we are here with a wolf." Her brother, Boris, nodded in agreement but he remained silent. Kojack twitched his ears nervously but nodded as he spoke to her. "Alright...lead the way Sonja." The fox nodded and slowly stepped out of the bushes and into the clearing with Boris following her. Kojack moved to follow behind Boris as they made their way into the village. The foxes of the village all jumped up and went on full alert. The chief was a large, young fox. His fur a mix of bright yellow with reds. He stood his ears up when he saw the group and looked to his mate, a small black fox who gave a shrug. The chief stood up as Sonja stopped in front of him and bowed her head in respect to him, Kojack and Boris doing the same. "I'm Sonja...this is my brother Boris...and our friend Kojack. We have been sent my Chief Jayce to ask for your help."The chief stood his ears up as he looked at Sonja then to Boris and Kojack. He looked back at Sonja then relaxed, motioning for the tribe that had gathered to relax while he spoke. " I'm Zak...and tell me what is going on to cause this?" The group sat down and relaxed as they talked with Zak while the rest of his tribe listened with their ears standing up to catch every word that would be spoken as the sun set and night took over.

The attack.

Jayce woke up late the morning after Joel had made his announcement to the tribe. He wasn't sure but he thought they all had some sort of celebration before going to bed. The wolf laid there in silence, listening to the sounds of the villagers stirring...

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Joel's announcement and Nicks plan.

Jayce chuckled softly as he stood back with a few of the male foxes. He had been up since dawn with them teaching them how to use the bows. The females soon showed up to watch in silence so they could learn as well. Jayce looked to them and smiled some...

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Jayces first real day.

The birds chirpping outside the hut woke Jayce who groaned and rubbed his head some. He stretched out a bit, feeling the warmth from Isabelle's body next to his own. He smiled, remembering where he was. He had no problem with the foxes. In fact he was...

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