Isabelle's Hell.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#8 of Secret Lovers.

Looks like Jayce will have help from a feline to finding his mate. ^.^

A few weeks went by and the tribe was growing. A few female wolves that had been pregnant when the fox tribe arrived had given birth and the village was buzzing over the new arrivals. By then Isabelle had a tall tale baby bump on her but wasn't really paying any mind. With the things going on the idea of her being pregnant never occurred to her or Jayce who was busy training the fighters in the mornings while the females were still resting. No sign of the felines or Nick had been reported but Jayce kept the constant patrols going as he felt worried. Isabelle often woke with screams from nightmares of Nick killing him or attacking her. It was early in the morning and the temperature was rising. Summer was getting a head start and the cubs hated the heat. Isabelle was in bed groaning as she tried her best to sleep longer but the hut was becoming to hot to really relax. She got up with a frustrated growl and left the hut, shaking her head some. She looked around before spotting Jayce with some of the fighters, a few new faces of foxes and wolves that had been sent by Kirk and Zak to help if needed. Isabelle walked to Jayce and smiled to him as he looked to her, his tail wagging softly for a moment. " I thought you would be sleeping longer?" The fox rolled her eyes and smiled a bit more as she crossed her arms lightly. " The hut is to hot is hard to rest comfortably with the heat."

Jayce nodded some as he sighed some, looking around for a moment before grinning a bit." We will have to find a way to keep cool then while in the village." She giggled softly and nodded a bit then kissed him softly before letting him go back to his work. Isabelle walked around the village on her own for a while before Monica and a few other females appeared around Isabelle. Monica put her arm around her friends shoulder as she smiled. " Come on. We are going for a early morning swim to get cooled off and clean our fur." Isabelle looked at her then the others before she smiled and nodded. The group giggled and walked out of the village. They went to a small lake that was a mile or so away from the village. when they arrived a few of the females let out giggles and ran to the lake, jumping into the cool water.

Isabelle and Monica giggled as they walked to the water, stepping into it and both letting out sighs of relief before sitting in the shallows. The younger females splashed and played around while the rest cleaned their fur and relaxed in the water. One wolf who was the oldest of the bunch moved to Isabelle, smiling and placing her hand on the foxes stomach making her look to the wolf with a curious look on her face as the wolf spoke. " Your pregnant Isabelle...your showing now. I know this because I have been in this position three times now." The others stopped and looked over while Monica went wide eyed. Isabelle blinked and was silent while the wolf giggled softly. Isabelle blushed darkly and looked down at her stomach while Monica began smiling big before hugging her friend. The rest of the females became excited knowing an heir for the tribe was on the way and over time they settled back down. None of them had any idea that they were being watched by a group of tigers hidden in the trees along with Nick. He growled to himself as he watched Isabelle and Monica talking. " Isabelle your going to be a mother! Jayce is going to be floored when you tell him!" Isabelle blushed and giggled a bit, rubbing the back of her head before sighing some and nodding a bit as she looked down into the water.

" Y..yeah..and here I thought I was just getting fat." The two of them laughed before they laid back into the shallow water to relax.Nick and the group waited for almost an hour for the females to relax and almost fall asleep before they attacked. The younger females let out screams and took off running back to the village as fast as they could. A few that were fighters stayed behind and took the tigers head on with their bare hands as the air filled with screams and roars. Monica and Isabelle were running towards the village when they were both grabbed by two large white tigers. Isabelle kicked and growled as she tried to get free from the tigers grasp while Monica was fighting just as hard. the tigers covers the girls mouths with their hands that were coated in a mixture of herbs and oils that would make them fall asleep. The last thing Isabelle saw before she was out was Nick walking up to them.

The females that escaped and survived the fights ran into the village screaming for Jayce. The wolf stood up with the fighters as a young fox ran up to him with tears streaming down her face. " Jayce! They attacked us! The felines jumped us at the lake and they took Isabelle!" Jayce folded his ears back and snarled as he gripped the girl, looking at her for a moment before looking to the others. He didn't see Monica among them as well. " Fucking flea ridden...Go get Koda and tell him to get back here now. Tell him hunting can wait. As for you lot...Why in the hell would you go to the lake without any of the males to keep watch?!" The female he was holding onto began crying harder while the oldest one from the group moved forward. " We were hot Jayce...and needed to cool off as well as wash our fur. It was stupid for us to not take protection other then the few female fighters. But that isn't the big thing...Isabelle is pregnant...and missing." Jayce felt his heart drop into his stomach as he let go of the girl, letting her run to the others.

" G..Get in your huts and get not leave the village alone!" Jayce turned to the fighters with him, gathering them up with anger in his eyes. Koda came running up not long after when word finally reached him. Jayce looked at him for a moment before looking to the others. He looked to the fighters from Kirk and Zaks tribe. " Go back to your tribes and tell your chiefs what has happened. We don't know exactly where they have Isabelle...or Monica...tell them to search their lands and beyond if they have to." The fighters nodded and without hesitation took off. Koda looked at Jayce with his ears low as he growled softly. Koren walked up to them after hearing the uproar and panic around the village. she looked at Jayce and frowned. " Is it true?" Jayce nodded and turned to his own fighters. " I only need a few of you. Your to come with me to the lake and we go from there." Koda and about four others left with Jayce while Koren bit her bottom lip with worry.

"Isabelle..Isabelle wake up!" Monica let out a whimper as she shook Isabelle until the fox woke up with a pained groan. "Oh...god my head...what happened?" Monica let out a relieved breathe before hugging Isabelle tightly with tears rolling down her cheeks before pulling back and checking the fox over to make sure she wasn't injured before she answered. " We were..kidnapped Isabelle..The felines attacked at the lake." Isabelle stared at Monica for a moment before going wide eyed and let out a growl as she got up, stumbling a bit before looking to see they were in a hut. She folded her ears back and looked at Monica. " Nick is behind this...I..I saw him before I blacked out." Monica whimpered and hugged Isabelle again, shaking as she laid her head against the foxes shoulder. " They have two huge tigers standing outside the door of this hut. We can't get out." Isabelle was trying to calm Monica down when the door to the hut was pulled aside and there stood Nick. Isabelle narrowed her eyes, her fur standing up as she snarled at him. "You son of a bitch!" Nick folded his ears back and moved to her, pulling Monica out of the way before slapping Isabelle across the face, making her head turn to the side while Monica let out a gasp. Nick grabbed Isabelle on the back of her neck and forced her out of the hut while a tiger reached in and grabbed Monica, pulling her out and following Nick. Isabelle growled and tried to hit at Nick until he pushed her to the ground, Monica soon landing next to her. Isabelle growled and glared up at Nick before looking around when Monica pressed into Isabelle as much as she could. They were in the middle of the feline camp and from what Isabelle could see it was huge.

Isabelle took a few deep breathes as she looked to see a large group of the felines around them, mostly males. Nick grinned some and knelled down, looking at Isabelle while he spoke softly. " Guess you thought you and that mutt could actually relax? Fool...I don't give up on what I want. I know he will come for you..and I will kill the mean time I plan on having plenty of fun with you and Monica." The fox whimpered and huddled into Isabelle more with her eyes shut tightly. Isabelle snarled and moved quickly, slapping Nick as hard as she could. Nick let out a little grunt then grabbed her wrist tightly, jerking her up as he stood up. His other hand gripped onto her throat as he held her still. " Don't push your luck you cock sucker." He pulled her back while the lion Chief stepped up, grabbing Monica and lifting her up. Monica let out a cry and kicked at him. " Let go of me!" The lion laughed and shook his head a bit before pulling both her hands behind her back, binding them with some strips of clothe.

Monica winced from her arms being pulled behind her and whimpered as she lowered her head. The lion grinned and began cupping her ass in his hands before bending her over a large slab of stone that had been set up as a table in the center of the village.Nick grinned as Isabelle tried to free herself to save Monica but he held her tightly, forcing her back against his chest and holding her head by her hair tightly, forcing her to watch. The lion grinned the entire time as his hand came down to slap Monica's ass hard a few times. Monica cried out in pain and tucked her tail between her legs as she felt tears rolling down her cheeks. The lion was becoming erect as he forced her tail out of the way, his fingers rubbing over her pussy slow and rough. Monica wiggled and tried to kick at him only for him to slap her ass, raking her skin with his claws this time on impact. Monica whined and went still as her ears lowered. The lion stuffed two of his fingers into her pussy, moving them around while he held onto her tail with his other hand. Isabelle felt her own tears coming to her eyes as she struggled a bit to get free only for Nick to tighten his grip on her hair making her yip in pain.

Monica whimpered as the lion fingered her hard for a minute or two before pulling his fingers from her. His cock was fully erect by then, not as big as the fox's or the wolves but thick. He was leaking precum as he positioned himself before shoving his cock into her pussy hard, the barbs along his cock rubbing against her walls. Monica let out another cry as she struggled hard for a moment. It only egged the lion on as he began roughly thrusting into her, the sound of his hips hitting her ass filling the air around them while the males watching laughed. Monica had tears streaming down her cheeks as the lion pounded into her as hard as he could with growls and grunts coming from him. Monica whimpered as she closed her eyes tightly. Nick was holding Isabelle steady and refusing to let her look away while Nick whispered. " She is lucky little Isabelle...those barbs are not sharp like a normal house cats...otherwise her pain would be much more then it already is." Isabelle growled at him and struggled a bit more. The lion smirked to Nick before looking down at Monica. He began pounding into her pussy harder and faster then before, his hand slapping her ass hard at random times to make her cry out. His cock began to throb as he grew closer to cumming. He gripped the girls hips and sped up his thrusts as fast as he could before suddenly pulling out of her and cumming against her ass with a groan. When he stopped cumming he let her go, leaving her bound up as she remained bent over the table sobbing. The tiger walked to the girl and grabbed her, taking her back to the hut while Nick chuckled softly and looked at Isabelle before forcing her into a kiss, his tongue pushing into her tongue and swirling around her own until she bit down making him yelp and pull back. He snarled and slapped her across the face hard before dragging her back to the hut and shoving her into it. "Don't let these sluts escape."

Isabelle grunted after hitting the ground in the hut then crawled to Monica, undoing the binds on her arms and hugging her as tightly as she could, petting her gently as she tried to get her to calm down with gentle coos and whispers. Isabelle felt guilt for not being able to stop what was happening and let out a soft whimper as Monica held onto her and started shaking from what had happened. Isabelle didn't let go of her friend until the girl had cried herself to sleep. As Isabelle sat there with her friend a young deer anthro walked into the hut, shaking a bit with a large bowl of water and some cups. The girl walked to Isabelle and knelled down to set the water down before looking at her. Isabelle stared at the girl then grabbed her arm gently, pulling her close and whispering. " Help us...please." The girl whimpered softly and looked at Isabelle before she relaxed a bit. She looked at Monica, seeing the pain on the sleeping foxes face then looking to Isabelle again before nodding. Isabelle smiled and gently squeezed her arm. " Get out of this tribe...they have to sleep and find my tribe. My mates name is Jayce. Tell him where we are..please." Isabelle kept her voice low as she spoke. The girl nodded again then quickly left the hut. All Isabelle could do was hope the girl survived long enough to find Jayce or someone else from her tribe.

Isabelle stayed awake that night, listening to the sounds of the lions having sex or fighting until it finally fell silent. The only sound coming from the tigers standing guard outside the hut. When the entire camp went to sleep, the enslaved anthros such as the deer included things went still and almost peaceful. The deer slowly left her hut, looking around to see some of the felines were passed out not far away. She bit her bottom lip before slowly and as silently as she could walked out of her hut and off to the edge of the village. When she reached it she took off running as fast as she could through the forest as she headed towards Isabelle's tribe. The deer was half way through the feline's lands when she was tackled to the ground by a cheetah male, both rolling around until he pinned her down and fought to get her bound. The deer cried out as loudly as she could, kicking and hitting the cheetah to try and get free. Sadly in that fight she was killed, the cheetah losing his temper altogether and strangling the girl. He took the body back to his village, setting it down to be buried after telling Nick and his Chief what had happened.

Nick snarled and went to the hut that Isabelle and Monica were in. He grabbed Isabelle up by her hair, making her yelp out in pain. He drug her back out to the table that Monica had been raped at before. Nick pinned Isabelle to the table, holding one of her arms behind her back as tears filled her eyes from the pain. " You bitch...trying to send a message to that flea ridden bastard? That gets punishment..." Nick growled and used his free hand to slap her on the ass over and over again, the impacts leaving welts under her fur as Isabelle yelped out in pain. Nick slowly rubbed over the welts before grinding his sheath against her, leaning over her to take in her scent. As he ground his cock emerged from his sheath, nine inches long and fairly thick. Once he was fully erect he moved her tail, his tip leaking precum pressed against her rear for a moment. Isabelle was silent now, refusing to give him satisfaction of hearing her begging for him to stop. Nick grinned and pushed his cock a few times, working the tip till it was pushed into her ass. Nick growled and suddenly thrust hard, sinking a few inches of his cock into her ass. Isabelle winced and let out a growl as she bit down on her bottom lip. 'don't yelp...don't cry out. Do not give him that' Isabelle repeated her words in her head as Nick filled her ass with his throbbing cock.

Nick pulled hard on her tail as he began pulling his hips back only to slam back in. He wasn't going to be gentle with her. He began pounding into her now, his hand gripping her ass cheek that he had been hitting and sinking his claws in slowly from his grip. Tears streamed down Isabelle's cheeks but she fought to not cry out in pain as he pounded into her ass faster, his cock throbbing from how tight her ass was. It didn't take long for his knot to form and hit against her cheeks as he pounded in. Nick let out a grunt as he sped up more before he suddenly pulled out, cumming along Isabelle's ass and lower back.Isabelle was shaking soon after as she remained silent. Nick grinned and slapped her ass hard once more before taking her back to the hut and pushing her back inside. She hit the ground with a grunt and when she was sure he was gone she sobbed into her hands. She whimpered and took a few deep breathes hoping that Jayce would find them. Monica was awake and slowly moved to Isabelle, hugging her close as the two tried to recover from their night. Isabelle was unaware but a young female feline, a cross breed between a lion and cheetah had been watching the entire scene unfold from the shadows of one of the huts. She hated the way the females were being treated and when she was certain of her choice she slipped out of the village without being noticed. She headed towards Isabelle's tribe as quickly as she could.

At that time Jayce had reached the end of a trail. He had been following Isabelle's scent until it was to mingled with the scents of the felines. He slammed his hand against a tree with a frustrated snarl. " DAMN IT! Their scents are getting lost in the cats own smells!" Koda folded his ears back and looked at his brother before taking a deep breathe and looking around. " Look Jayce go back to the village...I will keep looking and-" Jayce looked to him, grabbing him by the shoulders as he growled with his words. " No we both keep looking...those are our mates and who knows what they are being put through. I won't stop until I get Isabelle come on!" Koda lowered his ears for a moment before nodding and relaxing a bit when Jayce let him go.

The two turned and kept going deeper into the feline lands to find their mates. The two didn't stop to rest as night turned into dawn. They finally had no choice but to stop to catch their breathe. As they were resting the female appeared, almost running into Koda since she was still running. she let out a gasp and stepped back from them with wide eyes, her ears lowering as she held her hands up to show she was no threat. Jayce and Koda looked at each other then to her before she spoke. " D..Don't hurt me! I'm looking for a wolf named Jayce." Koda blinked and looked to his brother who looked a bit stunned and was silent for a moment before he shook his head a bit and moved a bit closer to the girl. " I'm Jayce...why are you looking for me? " The girl relaxed and took a deep breathe before rubbing her hands together nervously as she looked him in the eyes. " I know where Isabelle and that other girl are."

Making Allies.

Zak sat in cold silence as he listened to Sonja speaking to him while his hands gripped a cup of water. " Chief Zak...a week ago our home was attack...the feline tribe attacked us before dawn. They set fire to the huts and took us all by surprise. Our...

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The tribe's new life.

Several days had passed since the feline tribe had attacked the fox tribe. They waited for a day before they set up a funeral for Joel and wrapped his body in some clothe before putting him in a grave. Isabelle felt sick to her stomach every time she...

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The attack.

Jayce woke up late the morning after Joel had made his announcement to the tribe. He wasn't sure but he thought they all had some sort of celebration before going to bed. The wolf laid there in silence, listening to the sounds of the villagers stirring...

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